50 IS NOT OLD | RULES FOR WEARING LEGGINGS | FASHION OVER 40Top of the morning to you. I hope your day is going great and that you have your first cup of coffee handy to read along with me on the blog. I posted yesterday on my personal Facebook about it being my sister’s birthday. But, since a lot of you don’t have FB, or maybe you haven’t sent me a friend request yet, I thought that I would post about my Sis here today. My sister is five years younger than me, and if any of you have a sibling around the same age difference, then you will be able to feel my pain. She was too young to be a friend, and instead, was a huge pain in my rump for my teenage years.
Look at the adoration in her eyes. Lol! Also, look at the waaaay too short bangs on her, and the Marcia Brady comb over on me. MOM! What were you thinking? Lol! Let me think back to the 6th grade when I was home sick. She went to the door and announced to the whole room that I wouldn’t be attending school that day since I was home with diarrhea. Yikes! I could have choked her. Then, she announced to the whole school bus that I wore panties with the days of the week on them. I could have strangled her. She appeared naked at the sliding glass doors when I had a friend over screaming, “welcome to naked city.” I could have choked her. And, when I was old enough to date, she would hide behind chairs, look under doors, and continuously trying to make my life miserable. I could have choked her!
But, time has a way of changing things. My sister is the whole reason that this blog even exists. She annoyed me for two years to start a blog even though I had no idea what a blog was. She was the ONLY person who knew that I started a blog, she helped me learn the ropes, and she is still a huge help to me regularly. She is my Google, and YouTube rolled into one. She has written two amazing books for young adults. One is called Last In A Long Line of Rebels, and the other is Hope In The Holler. They have both won awards and have been picked as Amazon Book of the Month books. She is currently writing and re-writing, her third book. She has two other jobs besides writing, cooks a weekly meal for a neighbor who lost his wife this year, dotes on her beautiful daughter, and even helps her husband with his photography business. She is a giver, an includer, and no longer a blabbermouth. Lol! I no longer want to choke her; instead, I am the one now looking up to her. Love you, Sis!!!
50 IS NOT OLD | RULES FOR WEARING LEGGINGS | FASHION OVER 40I have had a few of you ask for a post with leggings. I haven’t been wearing leggings as much as before, and mostly only for lounging around the house. But, I decided to put on a pair with a print that will make some of your skin crawl. Snakeprint is all the rage this year, and I originally thought that I would wear these with some black boots later this fall. But, because I like versatility, I decided to see if I could come up with some outfit that would work for pre-fall. That time of the year before fall officially starts, but summer is coming to an end quickly. My leggings are a black, white, and shades of gray, so that makes adding almost any color to them easy. Those are all neutrals, so you can’t go wrong with anything that you pick to wear with them. I love adding a bright color with a neutral palette, but remember that you can add the color that suits you best. This is a tunic style tank top that I have had for a while. The color is a bright, vibrant fuschia/orchid. Adding the pop of color makes my face glow, and it feels more alive than a darker color. The tunic style top helps to hide tummy issues that seem to come along with aging. I was giving Joe the lecture on middle-age spread the other day, and telling him that it was a “real” thing.

50 IS NOT OLD | RULES FOR WEARING LEGGINGS | FASHION OVER 40Silver jewelry was called for today. My triple hoop earrings are called the Webber. They are 3.25″ long, which is big enough to be a statement piece, but because they are thin, they don’t draw a lot of attention. The bar-style necklaces are a big trend this year. You can purchase them with wording, or you can leave them plain. The short horizontal one is from Plunder, and you can engrave one for yourself by clicking here. The longer vertical one was a gift, but I have found them on Etsy, here. There are so many ways that you can monogram these necklaces. You can put a name, an inspirational saying, a coordinance, and you can have them one-sided, or multi-sided. These are great Christmas gifts, and they are affordable.
50 IS NOT OLD | RULES FOR WEARING LEGGINGS | FASHION OVER 40My leggings might be snakeskin printed, but my ankle boots have a bling cheetah print. These booties are old, but they are too cute to retire. These are a pair by Kathy Van Zeeland, and they are a dark gray suede with the embellished heel. These have an inside zipper, and they are pretty comfortable for a heel. The only place that I can find these are in places like Poshmark or eBay. Here and here are two listings that I found on eBay and it looked like they had a couple of different sizes. Good luck if you are interested in this particular pair. But, in reality, you can wear any ankle boot, and here is a couple to choose from that have more sizes.

50 IS NOT OLD | RULES FOR WEARING LEGGINGS | FASHION OVER 40How many of you would wear these snakeskin leggings? I bought this pair of leggings a while back, and I have been waiting for an opportunity to wear them. I bought the snakeskin print, and I also bought a snow leopard print at the same time. I don’t have a lot of rules about wearing leggings, but I do try to abide by a few. I like wearing leggings under a long tunic or a short dress. I think they look great that way. I will wear a shorter top with leggings, but only if I also wear a cardigan or a long jacket. No one on earth needs to see my big rear in a pair of leggings; I am keeping that baby covered. Unless you are not going out of the house, you should wear something fancier than a t-shirt with your leggings. You want to be comfortable, but you don’t want to look sloppy. Wear the t-shirt if you want, but add jewelry, a high heel, or a jacket to punch up the look.

50 IS NOT OLD | RULES FOR WEARING LEGGINGS | FASHION OVER 40I forgot to mention my long gray vest. It was c/o Luckybird Clothing Co., and I wore it earlier here.

Ladies, I will be leaving town next Tuesday heading to Nashville. I am hoping to do a couple of blogs ahead because I know that it will be hectic and crazy. I will be tied up all day long, and then we are going to dinners, etc. later in the night. So, I am asking you for ideas. Do you want some “how-to” posts, a series post, the same fashion type posts, or do you have something you would like to request? Example: what to wear to a football game, Octoberfest bound, Who carves pumpkins, shoes for fall. You get the idea. Let me hear from you…

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  1. The information you provided about styling leggings is awesome. Women’s high waisted leggings are so comfortable that you can wear these for any workout activities, or while lounging around the house. These can be paired with any tee, long-shirt, jacket or top with your casual sneaker or heal for a beautiful and stylish look.

    Thank you for sharing this information with us.

  2. I like leggings but I don’t feel comfortable in them. . I think you look great. Fuschia is a great color on you and if I decided to wear leggings I would wear snakeskin. Why not? It is a pretty pattern.
    I would love a post on how you choose what colors to combine. I love your use of color. For ex: it would never have occurred to me to choose fuschia with the snakeskin pants. It looks great!

  3. Oh for Pete’s sake! Those striped shorts sets you and your sister are wearing must have been very popular. I had three – turquoise, pink, and green. Thanks for bringing back a great memory!

  4. I’m both an older and younger sibling so I can relate! They have my heart now although “little” brother is still a little scared of me! ? I like the outfit. Leggings still work for me.

  5. Howdy!

    I love your outfit! I still wear leggings and love the versatility. I’m also quite the sucker for any animal print. I just bought a snake patterned top over the weekend.

    Tania, I love your style. Like any artist, it seems effortless for you. Is it? My bedroom is a disaster area when I’m getting ready to go out. Clothes, shoes and jewelry scattered everywhere. I have to mix and match multiple combinations before I feel like I’ve nailed it! Do you know in advance or is it quite a bit of experimentation?

    Several girls have thrown out suggestions for future blogs. How about a jewelry tutorial? I just never developed a knack for it – takes me forever – the creative gene skipped me lol !

    1. Jo, have you been spying on me? My bedroom looks like what you described also. I have an idea in my mind, but it seldom works out the way I think it will. Sometimes it just doesn’t work, but more times than not, the items don’t fit me as I want. The problem of gaining weight. UGH!

  6. kathieblackwell says:

    Love animal prints, but won’t buy snakeskin! LOL! My fear of snakes won’t allow it! You look great and I love this outfit on you! Legging advice on hiding our rear is on point!! I wear leggings a lot, always with a longer top.

  7. kristin greene says:

    I love this outfit on you. I hesitate to wear it myself, as I am not usually a legging person. But seeing how you pulled together all the pieces to go so well together just might entice me to try it.( I am with you in hiding the bum).

  8. Kristine Thompson says:

    Suggestion…outfit ideas on how to wear booties with skirts dresses. With the cooler/cold months ahead I’m always questioning with of without tights? If you go without tights should you go with black or more neutral color booties?Help please.

  9. Teresa C. Johnson says:

    Would love to see you use more of your vintage jewelry with today’s fashions!

  10. I love your all of your outfits, but I’m more on a Cato or Target budget. Could you style more outfits from these places? Especially love Cato!

  11. Judy Ogle says:

    Looking great. A shoe post would be good, having difficulty picking out shoes for various pants. Going on a bus trip, would you do some group clothing ideas for packing for a 10 day trip?
    Enjoy your trip.

  12. Kimberly Kleinschmidt says:

    I love this look. I am really drawn to the animal prints. Thank you for the blog. Makes my mornings even better.

  13. Charlcy Green says:

    Great post now that Fall is approaching! i love leggings but am SO glad you gave hints on how to wear them in public! No one needs to show their fanny in leggings unless you’re 10 or under. I love the snake skin on you, but have not gotten up the nerve to put that on me yet! LOVE those booties! Too cute! I can SO relate with you about your bratty sister from childhood. Mine was even worse, beating me up, telling my friends made up things about me, etc. But we have made our peace & are friends now too. You girls look so beautiful in that pic together! How about a post on what to take on a pre-fall trip? Or what shoes are hot for Fall? Have fun on your trip & live it up!

  14. michele meece says:

    Have fun in Nashville! Can you recommend some white shirts? I have the hardest time finding white t-shirts and long sleeve button ups that are not see thru…most are too thin.

  15. Hi Tania!
    I’m glad that you “sound” like you’re feeling better! Lol! I’ve been looking forward to your trip to Nashville because I can’t wait to see which Cowgirl boots you picked out!!! All your outfits are super cute!

  16. Other than a pair of black Capri leggings I wear with longer tshirts when I’m babysitting my grand babies, I’m not really into the leggings. One comment I will make is that I totally agree with you on wearing longer shirts or short dresses with them. And even in this situation, you should always!!! always!!! wear appropriate underwear under them. The wrong ones can leave little to nothing to the imagination! Especially if your leggings are a little on the thin side.

  17. Idea for post; I love all the animal prints! How can we combine them without it looking too busy or simply looking unplanned and ultimately no item looks good on you? I am particularly concerned about animal print shows/booties and animal print garments.

  18. Christine George | Believe in Balance says:

    you look gorgeous! I could never pull this look off. I’m too bottom heavy.

  19. You always look so put together! Nice outfit! And great tip about dressing up a t-shirt with jewelry-I forget what a difference that makes. I would also love to see fall outfits with low heeled shoes. Thanks and have a great trip!

  20. It’s my first post to you and wanted to say thank you. I love waking up and reading your posts. Your style is always fabulous! I am heading to Israel in November and need 10 outfits for the trip (mostly dresses/long skirts or pants/tops) as it is a pilgrimage with our church. I loved your post about styling the black dress different ways. Maybe something along those lines, but for a trip?

  21. Nancy Campbell says:

    I’d love to see what you’re bringing to Nashville since I’ll be there too at the same time! I love all your posts, but the one you did with the black swing dress and the different styling was awesome, and I’d love to see more like that.

  22. Kaye Browder says:

    Great article. Some of us look good in leggings because you have beautiful legs but then some of us have skinny legs and wearing the longer tops/dresses make leggings look good. Thank you for your advise. Also what eye products do you use? Especially the eye shadow. Have a great day

  23. Hi, Tania! I’d love to see some new fall outfits paired with lower heels/booties…for those of us who LOVE high heels but can no longer wear them due to health issues. I love stylish outfits but it seems a lot of the footwear are either platforms, high heeled boots, etc..or if I’m able to find something comfortable in a flat or low heel, it tends to look frumpy. Just because we “can’t” wear what’s popular, shouldn’t mean we have to settle for no style. Help! lol

  24. Love love those leggings! I want them! You look adorable

  25. Ann Marie says:

    I love the leggings and booties! As a suggestion, maybe a segment on travel and how to take a few clothing items and mix and match with lightweight accessories to vary the look? I travel quite a bit for work, and I try to pack lightly.

  26. Glad you are on the mend Tania what a lovely post for your sister ? I have 2 younger sisters and as much as they drove me mad when we were younger robbing my clothes jewelry !! I love them to bits and we are heading away for few days next week you look very cute in your leggings I like to wear mine with a knee length boot great for Autumn btw you do know we actually don’t say” top of the morning “ in Ireland ?? have a lovely day ?

  27. Happy Birthday to your sister!
    Is it amazing how that annoying little brat grows up to be our very best friend in this world!

    You look amazing in your snake print leggings!

    Rosemary xoxord

  28. Bridie Nelson says:

    Perfect post for me! You make leggings look so glamorous – not sure I could pull it off quite as well, but agree that leggings and dresses work well.

  29. Great post, Tania. Outfit looks cute on you. For the most part, I’m sitting out this snakeskin trend. I did pick up a pair of very strappy cage booties in snakeskin. Since they are so strappy, there’s not much snake. It’s all I can handle.
    As an idea, how about a black midi length jumpsuit for evening, daytime, work, casual, party, etc.? I’d love to see one paired with light brown knee high riding boots, ankle booties, heels, flats, etc. They are so popular and I picked one that’s a good fabric year-round. Great alone or paired with a sweater, suit jacket, denim jacket, moto jacket, etc. I love the sleek all in one look but definitely dislike the restroom issue, but I can deal with it. Glad you’re feeling better.