50 IS NOT OLD | ARE BOOT CUT JEANS FOR YOU | FASHION OVER 40I am still alive and kicking. No, I haven’t been to the doctor yet, but I have an excellent reason. Let me start by telling you a story that will help you to understand why it takes an act of Congress to get me to go to the doctor. A very long time ago, (I mean a VERY long time ago) my mother and her sister were picking blackberries. They had filled their buckets with berries and were heading back to the house. They had to get to the other side of the road, so they started running across the road.
50 IS NOT OLD | ARE BOOT CUT JEANS FOR YOU | FASHION OVER 40You know that blackberry picking weather is scorching, and my aunt was feeling the effects of the heat. So, when they started across the road, my aunt passed out and fell.  Of course, when she fell, she dropped the bucket of blackberries, and some of them spilled out. My mother turns around and says, “quick, get up, you need to pick up all of those berries.” In other words, momma dearest thought that the only reason that you needed to go to the doctor was if there was a bone sticking out, the loss of a lot of blood, or if you had a raging fever than a lukewarm bath wouldn’t takedown. I have to admit that this aversion of going to the doctor was instilled in both my sister and me. But, now that mom is older, she is always saying, “you need to go to the doctor.” My sister and I were laughing about that the other day. My sister’s daughter, Rachel,  is also sick with a cold, and mom told my sister to take Rachel to the doctor. My sister then asked mom, “why, what’s a doctor going to do?” So mom, while you are reading this, remember that you raised us to use the wait and see method of doctoring. You can’t change the rules on us now!!! Lol!
50 IS NOT OLD | ARE BOOT CUT JEANS FOR YOU | FASHION OVER 40I bought this mesh sweater earlier in the summer. I found it on the clearance sale when I was shopping on the Loft Outlet website. It was a final sale, so I knew that I wouldn’t be able to return the sweater. I don’t remember the price now, but I know that it was too good of a deal for me to pass. So, I ordered a large in the sweater to make sure that it would fit, especially when I wear a shirt with sleeves. It is a little big on me, but I can deal with something being a tiny bit big, but I can’t stand something to fit me too tight. I like the mesh style since you get a peek of what you are wearing underneath, but it still adds a different color to the look. I have on a simple navy cami that you can pick up from almost any clothing store.
50 IS NOT OLD | ARE BOOT CUT JEANS FOR YOU | FASHION OVER 40You can’t see in my photos, but the sweater has a tiny gold metallic thread in the material. So, I decided to add the gold Stormy necklace, which is the shorter one with the monogrammed “S.” The longer necklace is called the Vienna. It reminds me of a horse’s bridle, and I gave one of these to my horse-loving niece. She loved it and then proceeded to tell me all about the type of bridle bit that this resembled. I was tickled that she liked the necklace, it is fun to give gifts to someone if it means something to them.
50 IS NOT OLD | ARE BOOT CUT JEANS FOR YOU | FASHION OVER 40I know that all of you have been eyeing my handbag. This is a Louis Vuitton Batignolles bag that I bought a couple of months ago. But, you know me, I can’t stand to pay full price, and I love a deal, so I bought this off of a website called The Real Real. This is a luxury consignment sales website, but what I like about this website is the fact that they authenticate their items. They employe over a hundred experts to make sure that the products that you buy are real and authentic. This is a great way to get clothing, handbags, jewelry, etc. that you might have thought were previously out of your price range. I was thrilled with my purchase, but let’s not tell Joe because he hasn’t noticed that I changed bags yet. Lol!!!50 IS NOT OLD | ARE BOOT CUT JEANS FOR YOU | FASHION OVER 40 My dark denim jeans are by Kut From The Kloth. I fell in love with this brand over a year ago, an I highly recommend this brand. They are premium denim, and they wash and wear great. This is darker color denim than I usually wear, but I have heard that the dark denim is considered more dressy. So, what do you think? Does this look dressier because it is a dark color? This pair is a bootcut, and it is a high rise waistline. I am wearing my usual size 10, so these run true to size. Here is the link to this pair, which happen to be on sale! Woot! Woot!
50 IS NOT OLD | ARE BOOT CUT JEANS FOR YOU | FASHION OVER 40Gurls, let’s chat for just a second. Some of you commented that you didn’t like the R+F portion of my blog. So, I am going to explain why I post about these products and this company in hopes that you might not feel quite so “annoyed” in the future. First off, I honestly love these products and what they have done for my skin. Next, I can also say, that this business has changed my skin and also my life. I have confidence that I never had before. I am willing to go outside of my comfort zone which would have never happened before. There are many, many more reasons why I love this company. Because of an occasional one-paragraph blurb at the end of my post, there are hundreds of my customers who have used these products and are thrilled with the results. And, there are over sixty women who are thrilled that they have become a business partner with me, some for the discount, and others for the business. I am proud of the fact that I have helped hundreds of you with your fashion choices, and I am equally proud that I have helped hundreds with their confidence, skin issues, and financial security.

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  1. I enjoy your blog and tips. Also, love styling the same items different ways. It helps us gurls be more recreative as well. As far as R&F blurbs….go for it. It helps your business…why not put it in. Following someone’s blog for years gives us the feeling of knowing “YOU” and trusting in your choices for skin care, makeup, styling, etc. The reader always has the option to scroll down or no longer follow you. LOL. I have considered R&F and it’s not the price that stops me….I’m just trying to go cleaner with less chemicals since having cancer. Continue to blog your way to making US GURLS beautiful!

    Have a blessed day.

  2. I’m new here and loving it! I love jeans, but I do not like the “stretchy” fit jeans as once you wear them about an hour, they look a size too big and just plain sloppy. What happened to the jeans that didn’t stretch and were the best girdle a girl could get? Would you know of stores that actually sell those? And I am tall so finding jeans is always a challenge too. I absolutely LOVE your style!

  3. I was raised the same way as you about going to the doctor. I laughed at loud when you said a bone sticking out. We had that too along with blood spurting from your body.

  4. OMG, I bought that mesh sweater earlier in the season in white and blue. I LOVE it and bootcut jeans are my gig!!! LOVE your outfit today.

  5. Writing a blog is not for the thin skinned. I’ve had three. I’m telling you the comments are sometimes unbelievable. God is great, ice tea is good and people are crazy!
    I love this look. I always wonder how to style these mesh sweaters. Now I know. I do think dark wash is dressier. It keeps my wardrobe down when I can dress up my basics in different ways.

    1. Three blogs! Wow! That is impressive. I don’t have thin skin at all, in fact, I am pretty dense. Lol! I shake things off very quickly and move on. Taylor Swift doesn’t have anything on me. Hahaha!

      1. OMGosh. No. I didn’t mean you. I Meant people in general who blog need to have one. I had a blog on gardening on the Gulf Coast, my spiritual journey and one I called, Running On Fumes, about getting older. It’s a lot of work but so rewarding.

  6. I agree with the others that the dark wash bootcut jeans look great on you! I have several pairs in the various washes and will occasionally wear the dark wash with heels (red if I’m feeling sassy) on date night.

    So glad you’re on the mend! I’ve read the opinions from the other gurls and tend to agree.
    I’ll throw this out there – your mom was basically right, the body is remarkable and MOST of the time can heal itself with rest and common sense. If you listen, it will tell you. Having said that, as we get older our ability to heal diminishes – if we aren’t careful we can be quickly overcome by something we could have whipped when we were 20. I’ll bet your mom realizes that now. 🙂

    Anyway, I’m so glad you feel better!!

    1. Mom called me today and said that she had changed as she got older. She now goes to the doctor, but she goes the Vet way more often. Lol! Boy, thing sure have changed, or she likes those animals better than she did us. Lol!!!

  7. You can please all of the people some of the time, you can please some of the people all of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time. I think bloggers need to have this quotation nearby at all times to remind them that their path will be rocky. Since the R&F news is usually at the end of your post, perhaps readers that are not interested in the products could skip that part of your posts.

    1. Carole, I learned a lesson early on one day from an Instagram post. There were some very negative, and somewhat hateful, comments. I kept my mouth shut! Several followers came to my rescue and called the person out for being rude. I have been extremely blessed to have great readers and the comments are always nice. I understand the difference in an attack, verus just having a difference of opinion. We are not all the same, and that is fabulous. Wouldn’t the world be a weird place if we all looked and dressed alike?

  8. Boot cut jeans are my absolute favorite type of jean and I have always thought that they are very flattering on you too. 🙂

  9. I love the darker wash jean and the boot cut looks great. I have straight leg, skinny, and boot cut. Love them all! This is a pretty outfit you are wearing.

    1. Of course, you can. The only thing that is a subscription is the Plunder Posse. And, even that you can purchase and then cancel since there are no enrollment or cancellation fees.

  10. Love Kut from the Kloth brand. This is a cute outfit, definitely something I’d wear. As someone else said, this is your blog so write what you like. For myself, I used to purchase more clothing when I first started following you in early 2018. Loved the Nordstrom Trunk Club in particular. They seemed more my style. Last item I purchased was a long midi black sleeveless dress from Old Navy – which I love. So, it’s been a while. I do enjoy the one item worn different ways, as it’s always good to get more ideas and mileage from my existing wardrobe. Sometimes focus seems more on R&F and little detail on the outfit. I’m not interested in R&F as it was the clothing that made me want to subscribe. Then I thought perhaps that’s the more profitable portion of your blog. You’ve got to make a living. I own a few Plunder items including the chain you’re wearing today with the horse bridal. I call it my Ralphy chain because it looks like something RL would sell. I wish plunders website was better, those pics are so darn tiny. Most of their offerings are too chunky and over the top for me but ever so often I see something I will get some use out of & enjoy. Quality is very good. Please go to the doctor. Someone else mentioned pneumonia. I also know someone who waited too long. Don’t play the old tapes as an excuse to not take care of yourself today and seek proper medical attention. It’s so incredibly dangerous. Be well.

    1. I love Kut From The Kloth also. They are of great quality. I loved the convenience of Trunk Club, but they could never nail my style. I ended up sending almost everything back. Then I realized that I could basically do my own Trunk Club since Nordstrom doesn’t charge shipping. Doing that has worked out great.

  11. Thanks for the consignment link, Tania. I love a good deal! Also, my coworker had cold symptoms that wouldn’t go away and when he finally went to the doctor, it was discovered that it had caused fluid around his heart. You’ve been sick for a while. It may be something that won’t go away without medication. Your followers want you around to keep us stylish and laughing!

  12. Love the dark, boot cut jeans on you! I do think they are dressier and I often wear them to work. With the right foot wear and accessories I think they can take you anywear. For fall I bought two pairs of Belle from QVC (black and burgundy), and another black pair from Cato! Love your blog and I do think you might want to check in with a Dr, you have been sick for a while!

    1. Deborah, you are right about dark wash jeans being great for work or a date night. They are dressier than a light wash jean. I promise that if I get worse, I will go to the doctor. I am actually feeling better.

  13. I don’t buy R&F because of the price, but I always read that part of your blog in hopes there will be a special that brings it to a more reasonable price. Please keep us informed. Your skin is beautiful!

    1. Haha, people make me laugh. They always have something to complain about. Write what you wish. On the fashion note, I cannot wear boot cut jeans. You look great. I

      1. Oh, Cheryl, I hate that you are missing out on boot cut jeans. They are great to wear, especially with a boot. Lol! I think that people might not be aware that what they don’t like, someone else actually loves. It is all about balance.

  14. My 54 year old cousin dies of Pnemonia because she delayed seeing a doctor. I know that sounds extreme, but go to the doctor. <3 I love your outfits. You look great.

    1. Heidi, I understand, and I appreciate your comments. I really don’t feel bad, and I did go to the doctor a little over a week ago. They said that my lungs were clear.

  15. Love the dark wash jeans Tania! Gives it a classy look, not a fan of light wash, ripped jeans at our age. This is YOUR blog, write what’s important to you! (I don’t care about the jewelry part – I just skip it!).
    Be well!

    1. Dark wash jeans are dressier, but I still prefer a medium wash. They are my compromise between a dark and the faded look.