50 IS NOT OLD | A GUIDE TO WHIMSICAL STYLE | FASHION OVER 40Today, I want all of you to think about the most comfortable outfit you own. Now, I want you to think about some of the stylish outfits that you own. Are any of the outfits that you thought about on both of your lists? Today, I am about to change that for you, and you are going to thank me. A while back, I did a blog post with (this) shirt. I thought it was adorable, and I tagged the store owner on Instagram to let them know that I loved the shirt. This is a small family owned company out of Mississippi, and Jan reached out to me to say thanks. She then asked if I would be interested in doing a couple of posts showcasing some of their other clothing items. I love helping small businesses, so I immediately said yes.

50 IS NOT OLD | A GUIDE TO WHIMSICAL STYLE | FASHION OVER 40I want you to feel this top. It is part of the Stevie collection, and it is so amazingly soft! I usually don’t care for high neck tops because it draws attention to my round face, but this top is an exception. The reason is, this top has the adorable gathering soft pleats around the waist, which draws your attention downward. This top has a Bohemian flair with its flowy nature. I love it because it doesn’t show all of my lumps and bumps.
50 IS NOT OLD | A GUIDE TO WHIMSICAL STYLE | FASHION OVER 40And, this cute handstitched flower adds a touch of whimsy to the outfit. The top is 93% Rayon with just enough spandex to help it hold its shape well. I am wearing a medium, and I have plenty of room with this top.50 IS NOT OLD | A GUIDE TO WHIMSICAL STYLE | FASHION OVER 40 I paired the top with these cute Stevie Collection wide leg pants. These also have the billowy Bohemian flair with the large ruffle at the bottom. I have seen this style pants by other brands with a huge price tag, so I was thrilled when I found these. The pants also have a touch of whimsy with the addition of colorful oversized buttons. I want you to think of yoga pants and how comfortable those are. That is these pants, except these, have style, and you will want to wear them out in public. Lol! These pants run large, and I am wearing a small for sizing purposes.
50 IS NOT OLD | A GUIDE TO WHIMSICAL STYLE | FASHION OVER 40I decided to give you a different look at how these pants could be worn. I added a plain black tank top to the look and then added this flowy Stevie Collection vest.
50 IS NOT OLD | A GUIDE TO WHIMSICAL STYLE | FASHION OVER 40I love the shape of the vest and how it is longer in the front. I think that is a flattering style, as long as the item is long enough in the back to cover my rear.
50 IS NOT OLD | A GUIDE TO WHIMSICAL STYLE | FASHION OVER 40Why yes, my rear is covered. This vest is just as soft as the top that I styled in the first photos. It is 97% Rayon and 3% Spandex and is machine washable. My photographer was even oohing and ahhing over how soft the vest felt.
50 IS NOT OLD | A GUIDE TO WHIMSICAL STYLE | FASHION OVER 40And, just like the top earlier, this also has a handstitched flower to give a little interest as you walk away. How cute is that???
50 IS NOT OLD | A GUIDE TO WHIMSICAL STYLE | FASHION OVER 40Here is an up-close photo of the buttons at the bottom of the hem. 50 IS NOT OLD | A GUIDE TO WHIMSICAL STYLE | FASHION OVER 40The company is called the Luckybird Clothing Company, and they feature made in America clothing. You should also be sure to check out all of their t-shirts which have a whimsical touch to them. I think that I am going to HAVE to have this HOME t-shirt. I wish that it would look as good on me, as it does on these models. The great thing about working with small business owners, like Jan and Gary, they are great at customer service. Plus, they appreciate the business. They are offering a 10% discount at checkout by using the code TANIA10 just for my readers!

Be sure to say hello to Jan and Gary, and as a bonus from me, I will be giving away one of these HOME t-shirts to one lucky winner. Comment below where you are from, and you might win a shirt. I will be announcing the winner on Friday.

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This post is sponsored by Luckybird Clothing Company, and I will receive compensation, but the opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Shelby, NC is the place to be! Love both outfits and love your blog (new follower).

  2. Gwen Ewing says:

    Hey Ya’ll! I’m from OHIO!!

  3. Donna Ingalls says:

    Great shirt. Love your blog
    I live in South Carolina

  4. Hey, Tania! I really enjoy your posts and I would absolutely love one of those HOME T-shirts….so very cute! I’m from the tiny Eastern Kentucky town of Sandy Hook.

  5. Love the black with the vest. Looks stylish and comfortable. I’m from Burlington Washington.

  6. Sandy Smith says:

    Macon, GA where it is hot as hades!

  7. Connie K. says:

    Kentucky gal here!

  8. Paula Jenkins says:

    Hey, Tania!! Thank you for introducing this new company. I had never heard of them. I love their clothing and will be ordering from them for sure! 🙂 Well, I know you are from sweet “Virginny”, but, you may have heard that “Carolina girls are the best in the world!!” (I hope you have heard that beach music song) Lol North Carolina that is!! haha

  9. Hi Tania, I’m from Hamilton Massachusetts. Love reading your blog every morning and thank you for introducing me to the Read Scripture App. ?

  10. I’m from Northeast Nebraska and that HOME t-shirt is so cute!

  11. Hey, I’m from Johnsburg, Illinois. Love your style and enjoy reading your blog daily!!

  12. I’m from Hugo, Minnesota, just northeast of St.Paul, MN.

  13. Collinsville, OK..right outside of Tulsa

  14. “ My Ole Kentucky Home”. Versailles, Kentucky ❣️

  15. Rochester, New York! I found your blog in May and I’m obsessed!

  16. Hi,I’m a southern girl that now lives in the Pocono Mountains in Pa. and I’ve actually had the pleasure of meeting you!

  17. Home for me is Somerset, Kentucky, which is located in the south central part of the state. I loved the cow shirt when you featured it on your blog because my husband and I raise cattle.

  18. Traci Fuller says:

    I’m from a small town in Oklahoma. Love the tshirt!

  19. Sandy Ladd-Russell says:

    I’m from Kentucky and I love this outfit! Sandy

  20. I’m going to have to check out this company since I too am in Mississippi! Thanks for telling us about them!

  21. I live in Bailieboro, Ontario, Canada. As always, your outfits are cute!

  22. Melissa Currie says:

    Hi, I’m from Phoenix, AZ! Love the look! 🙂

  23. I’m a Mississippi girl currently living in Florida. The Mississippi Gulf Coast is where I grew up and where I will always call home.

    1. Luv both of those looks, just my style! I currently live everywhere and nowhere. Recently sold our home, gave away all of our possessions, and are traveling around America in an RV.

  24. Hi there friend!! I am from Longwood, Florida where it is almost always some form of hot!!! Love that cute T-shirt!! Love that you are always supporting small business and fellow entrepreneurs!

  25. Leslie Mulkey says:

    I love whimsical. I find it is harder to pull off as I get older. My city is on the state line of AR and TX. I work in Texarkana, Texas and live in Texarkana, AR. It’s a unique place to live.

  26. Indiana, Love the cute little touches on the clothes.

  27. Love both looks! I live on the coast in central CA! It’s foggy right now, but it will be sunny in a couple of hours. 🙂

  28. Valerie Sturgill says:

    Greetings from Ashland, KY!

  29. Checking in from Scottsdale, Arizona where it is 114 today! ? But it’s a dry heat ? Clothes here have to be cotton and loose ☀️

  30. Janet Brooks says:

    I’m from Pittsylvania County, Virginia. Love the shirt!

  31. Jana ? Taylor says:

    Hi from Roseville, California

  32. Love all of these. Will have to check them out. I’m from Illinois.

  33. Hi! I live on a farm in rural Kentucky and joke that I’m at least an hour from everywhere! LOL I’ll be going on vacation week after next and would love to let everyone I see know that I’m a proud Kentuckian. Thanks for your tips, Tania!

  34. Brenda Ray says:

    Hello from Fairhope, Alabama!

    Always love your outfits Tania!

  35. Nancy Scott says:

    A BIG shout out from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada! Love your style, and all of the fun!!! Brings a smile to my face each morning which is sooo important! Love the t-shirt, and havent even looked yet to see if they deliver to Canada!!!!

  36. Very cute! From California, 🙂

  37. What a fun outfit today. I especially like the pants with the black tank & vest. Going to have to have one of those tees. I’m from Kentucky.

  38. Hello from this ALABAMA girl. I would love to win the HOME t-shirt! The first outfit you are wearing is my favorite!

  39. Kelly Palmer says:

    I love the outfits and they both look so cute on you! I am from Monroe, Georgia 🙂

  40. San Antonio Texas! Very cute clothing choices! Love that little hand sewn flower ?

  41. Good morning beautiful lady, I must say you have the cutest things to enlighte your followers.
    That is the cutest shirt n best, perfect for summer, love the flower details, buttons on the pants the whole thing, adorable.
    You are a pleasure to follow, inspiration to us all young ladies, I have change a lot of my styles of clothing after I started following your posts, for that I am very grateful Tania.
    Have a very Blessed Day??

  42. Calgary, Alberta, Canada! Just finished up Stampede week here, so these outfits looks so comfy! A nice change from the jeans and cowboy boots last week. If you do ever get up to Banff, you should come to Calgary for the Stampede first. 🙂

  43. Super cute items!! I ordered the vest in mauve, can’t wait to get it.

    1. Mandy Saxton says:

      Love you blog and your style. Born in Idaho, Dad in military, transplanted to Arizona in 1980. Home is definitely Southern Arizona. Cute outfits!

  44. Maxine Bower says:

    Really cute top! Texas!

  45. I live!!!! Let me correct that mistake from above!!!

  46. I’m live in a little community called Sunshine in Bostic, North Carolina!!! Love it here and love the “HOME” shirt!!!

  47. I was born in Brooklyn, NY – raised in New Orleans, LA and now live in Atlanta, GA! New Orleans will always be HOME for me. Love the vest outfit on you!

  48. DEANNE HOPE says:

    Kansas!! Home of the Royals and the Chiefs!!! Love the comfy clothes.

  49. Sherry Jackson says:

    Marion, MI…HOME for 26 years now…moved from Los Angeles, CA !! Love your outfit, esp the pants. LuckyBird clothing has some adorable clothing !!

  50. I would love to win the T shirt!! Home for me is a farm in Northern Alberta.

  51. Born in Ohio reside in Texas. Cute and comfortable outfits!

  52. I’ve lived in three places in the last year – Buhler, KS; Hutchinson, KS and now Bella Vista, AR. Loved them all!

  53. Mary Colette Roman Szeszycki says:

    Iowa City, Iowa!!!! Home of the Hawkeyes!!

  54. I’m getting ready to relocate to Florida, and would love a shirt to reflect my new HOME! These outfits look so comfy, which is my #1 requirement, lol!

  55. OH-I-O Buckeye girl here!! We live in the small town of Louisville, (“Lewis vil”) not to be confused with the other Louisville in Kentucky, although I’d be happy living there too!!! Cute clothing line♡

  56. Susan Hughes says:

    Minnesota susie in the tundra

  57. Sue L. Petersen says:

    Tilden, Nebraska, 25 minutes from Norfolk, home of Johnny Carson. Those pants look great on you! I love both the short sleeved top and the vest.

  58. Judi Andersen says:

    That home shirt is so cute! Texas,

  59. HI! Another fun post! Home for me is the great city of Boston, MA. I live right in the heart of the city and can see the Cheers bar from my front window!

  60. Love both outfits. The details are so cute! I’m a transplant from Bowling Green, Kentucky. I live in Yulee,, Florida, and work on Amelia Island. Have a great day everyone!

  61. Kimberly Kleinschmidt says:

    Godfrey, IL I love the whimsy….

  62. Really cute without being to “little girl” or “sloppy hippie”.

  63. Pamela J Gotto says:

    Checking in from Wisconsin!

  64. Karen Miller says:

    Hoosier born and bred…I live in Fishers, IN! Cute top and pants! Looks very comfy.

  65. Kim Runnels says:

    I am from Mize Ms. Home the famous Smith County Watermelon. Small town of 600 but this weekend is the watermelon festival where there will be several thousand in our small town. Loved both outfits on you but my Favorite one is vest.

  66. Grew up in Pampa, Texas and now reside in Las Colinas (DFW area). Today is my parent’s 58th anniversary and HOME is always there.

  67. I’m from North Carolina. And I ❤️ Those pants!!! Both outfits are cute!

  68. Good morning from Seattle! Land of the Space Needle, Starbucks, Amazon, and Microsoft. I love where I live. I can go shopping, biking, swimming, fishing, kayaking, and hiking within five to 30 minutes from where I live. My home is the great Pacific Northwest.

  69. Kelli Torkelson says:

    I am from GEORGIA and would love to win this cute t-shirt for my daughter.

  70. Park Hills, Missouri
    I love, love the vest.

  71. Kelli Torkelson says:

    Hello- I am from GEORGIA! Would love to win that cute shirt for my daughter.

  72. Hello, from Columbus, Georgia.

  73. I’m from central California. Love that you are supporting this small family business. The tshirt is adorable! Your blog is an inspiration on many levels!

  74. Merri Lynn says:

    Abilene Texas where its hotter than hot right now!

  75. I’m from Pembroke Pines, Florida! I just ordered that vest!

  76. Meredith Russell says:

    Austin, TX yay! ?

  77. I’m from Illinois–a Chicago suburban girl! These outfits would be a fun addition to my closet! Enjoyed reading this company’s website, too! Thanks!

  78. Cynthia Mains says:

    Hi, Tania! I am from Kentucky.

  79. Paula Buchanan says:

    Duluth, Minnesota and I love these feminine outfits!

  80. College Station, TX…home of Texas A&M

  81. Crystal Messick says:

    Delaware all my life.

  82. Beautiful! Lots of times I’ll buy a plain sweater, jeans etc and add a little embroidery or appliqué! Love the blog!

  83. Cute t-shirts! I’m from Northern Virginia!

  84. Tania I absolutely love the all black look with the beautiful vest. The attention to detail on these items make each piece unique. Thanks for sharing!

  85. Nancy Gaddy says:

    Greeneville, Tennessee

    Love these outfits on you!

  86. Crossville, TN. Loving the shirt.

  87. Lynn James says:

    I was a stuck in a rut middle age teacher until my 26 year old daughter said, “ Mom, you need to follow this blog. This woman has great style! “ I did and you ignited my fashion spirit again! Thank you so much. ~Lynn James, Florida

  88. I live in Jonesborough, TN, not far from you, Tania!

  89. Kelli Monte says:

    Avon, Indiana…love both outfits today!

  90. Judy Robertson says:

    I am from New Mexico. My husband and I are both fifth generation cattle ranchers. The cows enjoy my fashion!?

  91. Brenda Howard says:

    Boone, North Carolina, enjoy your style and outfits!

  92. Savannah, Ga. the outfits look so comfortable!

  93. I love the outfit with the vest. I’m going to try and order the wide leg pants.

  94. I’m from Notasulga, Alabama. Love those pants. They look so cute and comfy. ❤️

  95. Cute outfit
    Tami- Florida

  96. Love the outfit! Love that T shirt too?I’m from South Charleston, Ohio

  97. Donna Lever says:

    Both versions are cute interesting how the second one is so much more sliming!

  98. I’m about an hour east of Chicago in Michigan City, IN. Born and raised, I’ve live here all 51 years of my life. Even though I live in farm country, I’m less than 15 minutes from the Indiana Dunes National Park and famous “singing sands” of Lake Michigan. I love ruffles and button details of today’s whimsical outfit.

  99. Enjoying your blog from Boston, Massachusetts! Adore your style.

  100. Andrea Nine says:

    LOVE that outfit especially those fun vibes pants. I am from the Hoosier State…Indiana!

    1. I am from Baldwin, Michigan. It’s in the central northern lower peninsula and a lovely place to live. I would love a HOME t shirt!! You look lovely as always Tania! Have a great day!

  101. OKLAHOMA!!! All of my life!!

  102. Patti Belew says:

    Kansas City,Mo. I liked both stylings of the pants.

  103. I’m from Loveland, CO. I live in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

    1. Willa Parker says:

      I am proud to call Arkansas home! Go Hogs!!!
      This company has some really cute shirts. I would live to have one!

  104. Ann Claire says:

    I’m from Eastaboga AL.

  105. Maryjane Fender says:

    Hi, I’m a retired teacher from Rineyville, KY, close to Ft. Knox where my husband did two stays. This looks great for subbing or ladies lunch!

  106. Lori Trivett says:

    Home right now is Macomb, MI. I was born and raised in Kansas and met my husband when he,was stationed in the Army there. He was born and raised in Wise County in South West Virginia. No matter where the Army sent us every two to three years we always make our new state or country home.

    1. Marcia Albrecht says:

      I’m from Mexico…….NY! Which has a river that flows between it and the hamlet of Texas! We say we are from upstate New York but then most people think we are in Westchester county so it’s more like central NY – in the curve of Lake Ontario.
      Cute outfits but I absolutely LOVE the HOME t shirt!

  107. I’m from New York. We’re about an hour and a half (depending on the traffic! Which my husband drives to work in every day!) from Manhattan. But we’re really soooo far away! I live across the street from a 900 acre thoroughbred rescue horse farm and down the road from a home with chickens, pigs, goats and ducks. I love my HOME. I also loved those pants! You looked great in the second outfit!

    1. Chris Falk says:

      I’m from Lakeville, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis-St. Paul! Loving that summer is here… Finally it is in the 90s! ?

    2. Deb Hackney says:

      I’m from Virginia! ?

  108. Donna Cress says:

    Hi, I live in Delphia, Kentucky.

    1. Jamie Brown says:

      Hi Tania, I’m from Chattanooga, Tennessee. I love the vest! It can be worn with many different outfits.em

  109. Susan stokes says:

    Like you Tania, I am from a small town but I am in a place called Nuneaton, in Warwickshire,England. Love reading about your style and your family life

  110. Betty CartergC says:

    Kentucky. Love these outfits.

  111. Libby Lancaster says:

    I live on Vaughn’s-Grove Little River Road bear Fairview, Kentucky! Home to hundreds of Horse and Buggy Mennonites, the Jefferson Davis Birthplace monument,and a lot of good old regular folks. Love your whimsical look!

  112. Jeanie Weaver says:

    Knoxville, Tennessee ! A place I love .

    1. Kay Garner Blaauw says:

      Love the one with the vest on you. Both look comfortable. Live in Hiram, Ga

    2. Michelle Mills says:

      As the song says “My Home’s in Alabama”. Roll Tide!

  113. I’m from Texas, love the outfit both ways.

    1. I’m from the great state of North Carolina! I really love calling it home! <3 I would love to own that shirt! In case I do, I'm a fluffy girl who needs a 2X. I may be fluffy, but I'm still a fashionista!

    2. Lisa Owen says:

      I love that the clothing is made in the USA! I’m from Mobile, AL and now live in Greensboro, Ga.