50 IS NOT OLD | PRACTICALLY PERFECTNo, I am not talking about my outfit. This is one of my very favorite sayings of all time. I use this saying whenever anyone asks how I feel. My answer is, “I’m practically perfect in every way!” Joe has his own saying, he says, “I’m twisted steel and sex appeal!” Hahaha50 IS NOT OLD | PRACTICALLY PERFECTIt is funny when I tell people the saying, you can just see this look come over their face. They don’t know how to react to what I just said. Lol! The saying is from Mary Poppins. Did you know that? She was using a measuring tape to measure the children when she comes to stay with them. The tape for each child said something like, extremely stubborn and suspicious, or does not put away their things. Then the children want to know what the tape would say if she, (Mary Poppins), was measured. The tape then says, “Practically Perfect In Every Way.”50 IS NOT OLD | PRACTICALLY PERFECTI love the colors in this outfit. This is one way that I wear black. In fact this is black, black, and black. BUT, if you notice, next to my face is color. The orange is the main color of the sweater, so that brightens up the whole look. This sweater is many years old; it is one of my very favorite clothing items. I like the yellows and the oranges, and it even has some lime green mixed in. The pattern is pretty cool, with swirls, dots, and circles. The top is by Joseph A, and I have no idea where it came from.

Printed Sweater: SimilarSimilarSimilar | Plus50 IS NOT OLD | PRACTICALLY PERFECTI chose to wear a black tank top under my cardigan. This is an old tank top that I bought at Victoria’s Secrets years ago. I like this tank because it is long. Some tanks are way too short. You can’t see because my pants are black, but the tank is below my cardigan by about three inches.

Black Tank Top: Karen Kane | Talbots (Misses, Petites, Plus)50 IS NOT OLD | PRACTICALLY PERFECTThe ankle pants are by Old Navy, they are Pixie Pants. This type is the skinny, or the stretchy version. When I purchase that version, I will go up a size. If I purchase the twill Pixies, I order true to size. The shoes are a Marc Fisher gladiator sandal called Maribell. These shoes are not expensive, they just look it. They are manmade material, but I really like this sandal. I know some of you mentioned you were going to order this pair, let me know how you liked them if you did.

Old Navy Pixie Pants: Plus50 IS NOT OLD | PRACTICALLY PERFECTI kept the jewelry pretty simple for this look. I am wearing a vintage three ball drop necklace that I bought at the vintage fashion show last month. My black bracelets are the By The Book bracelets. I have 5 of these bracelets, but these two are my favorites. They are Philippians 4:13, and Jeremiah 29:11. I’ve carried this purse so many times, you probably have looked at it all you want. If you are curious about the purse, then look back a week or so, and you will find plenty of links to similar ones.50 IS NOT OLD | PRACTICALLY PERFECTSo, for the next week, when someone asks how you are, tell them you are “Practically Perfect In Every Way!” Say it a few times, say it till you believe it, because I think every one of YOU are “Perfect”, just like you are.

Speaking of “practically perfect in every way,” have you seen Deborah from Fabulous After 40? She is once again featuring me, along with a couple other ladies. as styleblazers over 50.  Check her out!


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  1. I use that same quote from Mary Poppins! Love your style and sense of humor.
    Star M.

  2. Love your ideas as I was reading about your outfit I realized I have several sweaters I can do this with …dont know if I would have ever thought of it own my own….Thanks Be Blessed!!!!

  3. Another absolutely stunning look. I love the sweater and the sandals! Oh, and I think you are having a great hair day as well!

  4. I agree. You are such a positive person it is uplifting to read your blog. Your style is different and always has a change up. You give information ( sunless tanning, great post) and keep us laughing.

  5. Like you if I wear black I always wear color near my face. This outfit is very classy. Now I’ll be humming the music from the Mary Poppins stage play for “Practically Perfect”. You always put me in a great mood. Keep up the good work!!

  6. you look great-love the outfit,love the shoes-love you-i am still laughing at your husbands ‘sex aooeal’ remark-how are they sooo vain ???

  7. I am new to the party and you look Fabulous!!

  8. “I’m fine, thanks! How are you? ” – typical Southern reply! lol….Today’s outfit is one I relate to in many ways. Most of us own black tops & pants, and probably a colorful print cardigan (or we should!). It’s a good outfit to put together! Love it! I love “wild” colors, but usually I will wear a “basic” color (white, black, navy) to “calm” the colors down! 🙂 Love black sandals w/gold trim! Almost perfect in every way!!!

    1. Yep, that is a Southern saying. I say that a lot ?

  9. Super duper outfit! Love the colors to “perfection”. Thanks again for giving a positive spin on helping me to start a difficult day. Blessings to you!!

  10. I love Mary Poppins! She’s a great character to quote. Beautiful outfit too. I am so glad I found your site!

  11. I love the shoes. I ordered mine and the are fsbulous. Thank you for the suggestion!

    1. Good? I’m glad you like them.

  12. Going to have to try those Pixie Pants. You look great as always.

  13. hinesley7 says:

    Agree. Practically perfect in every way. One of my favorite outfits of yours ever. So cute!

  14. Vicki Schenk says:

    You have “sold” me on print cardigans. I never owned one but when I saw how great they looked on you, I HAD to find one for myself. Now I have FOUR of them! Thank you for turning me on to them and helping me take my outfits up a notch.

    1. Fantastic❤️❤️❤️ You are well on your way, just buy about 10 more?

  15. Perfect as usual- especially love the sweater- P.S. I have found that brand sweater at Marshalls many times.

    1. Maybe that is where I bought it. I shop at Marshall’s too.

  16. This outfit is “PERFECT” I want it in my closet!

  17. Love this outfit and your hair too! 🙂

  18. I love your cardigan and the colors are so flattering!

  19. This has to be my favorite of your outfits. The orange sweater is so lovely. I would wear this outfit anywhere.

  20. That’s the only way I wear black, too, keeping color at my face. Love the look and reminds me of how Joan Rivers liked to dress, using the blank canvas look. When I need to look professional, I dress very similar to your outfit.

    Have a great day. Be practically perfect in every way!

  21. Thanks Tania. During these times of such confusion and disarray in our political and physical world, i have come to count upon your positive start to my day! Just as healthful as a glass of OJ and as bright as your gorgeous cardi! No Pressure! LOL! Thanks, Lovey! From debs xxx ????

    1. Oh my goodness! No pressure at all!!! So, do I need to change my saying to, “I’m as healthful as a glass of OJ?” Haha

  22. Love that necklace!

  23. I so look forward to your fashion blog every morning… That and my coffee and I’m good for the day!!?

  24. What a great saying -Very positive. This outfit is a fabulous, classic look and so slimming.

  25. I have been wearing the Pixie pants for awhile now and just love them! Love your blog…starts my mornings off practically perfect in every way! 🙂

  26. This is the way to wear black–and as always, the colors you chose are great for you. I am partial to warm colors.

    LOVE “practically perfect in every way”! I’m going to borrow that idea! Thanks again for such an uplifting blog that is also “practically perfect in every way”.

  27. Karen Harris says:

    Love everything about this outfit! I think it is visually slimming and the splash of color is positive and uplifting.

    1. Karen Harris says:

      It’s practically perfect in every way…

  28. You look beautiful as always! Macy’s always carried the Joseph A line.

  29. I love the “By the book” bracelets which I found from your blog. I purchased 3 of them, one for myself, my sister and my good friend. What braxelets are kn your other hand?

    1. I picked up that bracelet at the same coffee shop in Marietta, but it doesn’t have a name on it. The one I am wearing said “pray.”

  30. I have never been to an Old Navy in my life, but since you talk highly of them I went on Monday. I found a wonderful pair of khaki ankle pants. I will definitely be going back!

    1. I guess I found Old Navy while I was shopping for my teenagers years and years and years ago. Lol!