50 Is Not Old | Low MaintenanceAre you a low maintenance or a high maintenance type girl? We all know the high maintenance kind; the one’s who have to have the latest fashions, the latest hairstyle, the latest makeup. Do you have to have a manicure and pedicure regularly, does the thought of roughing it send shivers down your spine? 50 Is Not Old | Low MaintenanceI think high maintenance women have gotten a bad rap.  To me, it says they think they are “worth” the extra effort. Most of these women refuse to settle for anything less than the best. What’s wrong with that?50 Is Not Old | Low Maintenance

I am guilty of “that” type of  maintenance, but I think that falls under personal pride.  Where I am not high maintenance is in attention. I am not one of those women who need lots of attention from Joe. I am fairly laid back when it comes to birthdays, anniversaries, and even Christmas.  If I need a present, then I will go buy it for myself.  We don’t go out very much; we choose instead to stay at home.50 Is Not Old | Low Maintenance

With all that said, I still need “some” attention.  I can remember a couple of years ago, I must have been feeling sorry for myself, because I told Joe, “I am low maintenance, not no maintenance!” He thought that was hilarious! LOL!  Over the years since, anytime either one of us is feeling a little deprived, we will once again repeat the “I am low maintenance, not no maintenance” mantra. Lol!50 Is Not Old | Low Maintenance

Today’s outfit falls into the low maintenance category. I wore this top on the blog back in October, under the post “What Not To Wear.” I think I did much better this time, let me know what you think. I bought this fringed poncho top in Juneau, Alaska back years ago when I was visiting my daughter. I love the top! I really do like to wear it all the time, since it is just so easy to wear. It hides a multitude of body issues, and would work for a lot of you. However, those who are the petite side, might find this a little difficult to wear.

Fringe Poncho Top: Similar | Similar | Similar50 Is Not Old | Low Maintenance

I chose to wear white crop leggings this time with the top. It definitely goes with the low maintenance vibe. This leggings were purchased at Walmart, but you can pick up a pair almost anywhere. Most of them come in a one size fits all, but some come only in S, M, and L. I have on a L, but I also have a M and they fit about the same.

White Leggings:  Similar (in every color under the sun) | Plus

50 Is Not Old | Low MaintenanceHow do you like this wooden tassel necklace? I told you in this post (I am wearing the stripe pattern necklace w/red tassel) that Kay & Star had let me pick out another item to style. THIS boho necklace is my very favorite item yet from them… That is saying a lot because I have loved everything that they have sent me. But, I really, really love this huge tassel necklace. It is wooden, it is long, and it has a huge, really fluffy tassel. The tassel alone is 8 inches long, and the overall length of the necklace is 37″. This is not your typical necklace; this is really noticeable. I chose the dark lush brown color because I like to get a lot of wear out of an item. This necklace can be worn all year round! I think this would even look great with a black outfit, or something really dressy. Now the wheels in my brain are starting to turn and think about what to wear with it next time. Everything I have received from Kay & Star has been high quality, and very, very pretty. Remember to check out Kay & Star’s Etsy shop, you know they are going to sponsor the next giveaway which be coming up this time next week.

50 Is Not Old | Low MaintenanceYou thought I had forgotten about my suede fringe sandals didn’t you? How could I have forgot, these things are too cute. I bought them a couple of weeks ago and just now got around to wearing them. These are by Sole Society, and they are not very expensive at all, under $40.00! What I like about them is they zip up the back. I hate trying to put on shoes that have those little closures on the side. I can never see how to get them on just right. Everything about these shoes is just cute, and I thought they fit in with my whole boho theme.

The WINNER from the Facebook Plunder Designs giveaway is Karen Gifford. I sent you a PM. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

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  1. Can I just shop from you closet! I love the outfits you wear!

  2. I think you did a great job with the outfit. I like it much better with the leggings. The necklace is very cute.

  3. First time visitor (via Wardrobe Wednesday at Kimba Likes) and just have to say, love the name of your blog! I will be 50 on my next birthday. I adore those shoes!

  4. Is almost 60 old? Some days I feel it, girl! Old, that is. I need you to come dress me…in the most G rated sense. I love this outfit but need someone other than my PrinceCharming to critique how it would look on me. I have big “girls” and grown daughters, and the former make all my tops stick out so far. I feel like I look like I am wearing a tent. You look just amazing…whatever amount of maintenance you are! Everything is perfectly put together. And if you can look this fabulous and still be relatively on time for wherever you are going, you have my ultimate admiration. Gorgeous.

  5. Hey Tania..you look smashing! Us 50 year olds can rock it like the young gals.. ha! Uh oh I think I’m in that “high maintenance group..oh well what can we say! Thanks for inviting me to the link up on email…glad to find your blog and connect here!!


  6. robjodiefilogomo says:

    I’m pretty low maintenance, I think—but it is funny how everyone’s definition is different!
    I love your top, but I liked it in the post where you said what not to wear too. I think the difference is today’s is more casual (can I tell you how much I adore those sandals?) and the last outfit you appear a little dressier.
    But sometimes, I think we’re all too critical of ourselves because when it comes right down to it—you rock!
    thanks for hosting!!

  7. Thanks for continuing to inspire us!!!! Loving your beachy waves hair!

  8. Rebecca Purdie says:

    I’m new to your blog. What I have seen so far is absolutely beautiful. I’m 52 and always looking for great fashion ideas.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. I’m definitely low maintenance – maybe a little too low :)! This is a great look on you – love the colors and the fringe on the bottom. So pretty!

  10. It’s so important to take care of yourself. When you look good you feel good. I have my hair cut and colored every 6 weeks; gel manicure every 3 weeks and a pedicure every other week just so I can have my feet massaged. I turn 65 in August and I work one full time job and 2 part time ones. I exercise by walking with weights as much as I can. I think it’s just maintenance , not high or low. My doctor loves me since I am on no meds and my weight has been exactly the same for 20 years. I figure I must be doing something right so why change. Love the outfit today. When I shop now I ask myself WWTS (what would Tania say?) ; answer always is get the bright colors, skip the black!

    1. You go, Linda! I feel energized just by reading your comment. In my 40’s, I was in better shape and health than in my 20’s. Have to admit, the menopause years when I hit my 50’s did a number on my weight and that’s still a struggle, but otherwise I also make it a point to stay active and work hard. Keeps us gals young.

    2. And here I whine occasionally that I am working full time and trying to do the blog at night, while cooking etc. I think you just gave me a much needed “smack.” Haha I need to quit my whining, get up off my rear, and then go exercise. YOU are an inspiration!

    3. Linda – you are amazing! I’ve worked one full time job and a part time job and it was really hard! Also, I love your attitude! It is just maintenance, not high or low! Perfect! If we don’t take care of ourselves, who will??

  11. I agree “high maintenance” sometimes gets a bad wrap. I always say I’m 58 not dead!! I get regular monthly haircut and color, pedicures, eye/ lip waxes and facials when needed. I dress in age appropriate current fashion and always try to look put together. I do this for me! Because as you said we’re worth it.

    1. I should have put that commercial on the blog, “Because I’m worth it”.

  12. Tania, I’ve been following you for quite a while and what I love about you is the beautiful colors you wear! You’ve been quite inspirational to me! I’m going to try to link to you for Wednesday’s Wardrobe. Forgive me if I don’t do it correctly!

  13. Melesa Garrison says:

    Girl, you hit it out of the ball park today. I love your outfit ! I wore a poncho today too 🙂
    hmm…Am I high maintenance? I definitely like to get my nails done and I have my haircut and color every 4 weeks, without missing. I don’t have to wear the best of everything, but I do like to be in style. I’m 53 and I think I dress age appropriate, but not like an old lady! Love your blog…God Bless You

  14. Love the mantra Tania. It’s one my husband and I should definitely adopt. Love the tassel necklace. Is it heavy?

    1. The necklace is not heavy at all. I don’t like heavy necklaces, they feel like they are cutting off my circulation at the back of my neck. This one did not bother me at all.

  15. I really like the poncho with the white legging! Great bag, too!

    I’m just starting to take better care of myself again – it’s so important yet so easy to forget…

    And I love the low maintenance vs. no maintenance distinction!

    Thanks for hosting!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

  16. Can you please do a tutorial on your new hairstyle. It is really adorable.

  17. kayandstarcreations says:

    Jordan and I were curious how you would style the necklace and all I can say is Well Done – you must be taller than me – I absolutely love the top – I have a couple of that ponchos – I love all ponchos – they just feel cozy to me and you are right they elevate leggings. What is more comfy to wear than leggings and a poncho. Anything with fringe is a win too. It’s fun to see the “hippie” boho look from the 60’s re-introduced to look so chic. I follow blogs to look at what women wear but I READ yours because you always brighten my day. I think you should write a book – you are funny, real and informative. I’m a huge fan

    1. I swear, you are the sweetest thing! You guys are so talented, your jewelry is really, really special???

  18. I am high maintenance, but I maintain myself! haha! I do my own mani/pedicures, but do have my hair colored by a professional. I like putting my best foot forward. Makes me a better person to be around as well! 🙂

  19. I agree the the phrase “High Maintenance” has gotten a bad wrap ! I guess I am high maintenance .. But it’s about me feeling good about myself and putting my best foot forward . I stand taller and smile more when I have taken care of myself . Thank you Tania for making me feel I’m not alone ..?

    1. That sounds great! I didn’t link-up at all yesterday, I was running crazy. I will put you on my Tuesday list, thanks so much for the invite.

  20. Sheila @ Making the Most of Every Day says:

    That’s a great boho top and the necklace is perfect with it! As busy as that top is, you can still see the necklace! Most necklaces would be lost in the print. That turquoise looks so good on you!
    Making the Most of Every Day

  21. This outfit is so great! Love the flowy top with the tight fit of the leggings! (Also, LOL about the “low maintenance not no maintenance comment! I just might have to share that with my husband!!)

  22. Again I will echo all of the above comments, this outfit is by far one of my favorites!!!

  23. That top is beautiful, the similar ones do not even hold a candle to the one you are wearing. Bummer!

  24. Doreen Bednarski says:

    Well once again, perfect outfit, especially on you. Couldn’t criticize a single thing except, why didn’t you get me one too! Haha! Seriously, I’ll pay you back. Have to get sandals like that for sure. I also love your hair like that also. You really have the hang of the beach wave thing. I keep trying but I’m not there. The ends keep sticking way out. Thanks for all of your inspiration.

  25. Melanie W. says:

    I love this outfit!!! It’s so free spirited! Next up on my shopping list is some white capri leggings. 🙂 Also…I absolutely love your hair with the little beach wave. It really looks cute!!!

  26. Love this outfit and those sandals are darling, but they are sold out, boo hoo. I’ve got to try to do my hair like your’s- so cute!!

  27. Anne cross says:

    I am new to your blog but am wondering, do you ever post photos in a hang around the house outfit? When I have off of work and am cleaning, baking, running a quick errand, I like to look nice but don’t want to ruin a nice outfit with stains, etc. I also like to squeeze in a workout.

    1. Yes, I have a few post that i am in jeans and a t-shirt. The outfit today was actually a run around the house outfit. I put this on after I got home from church, and ran to the grocery store, and then laid back the rest of the day. Leggings are just so darn comfortable. Thanks for following:)

  28. I love the out fit, but I love everything you wear! Loving the hair,I’m from Texas and I like big hair! Lol
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  29. kay and star is about to get several orders from me! Thanks for the introduction to their Etsy shop. The bracelets look lovely and will make great gifts for my son’s teachers! Perfect timing!

    1. You will not be disappointed! The bracelets are really, really nice. I was just amazed at the sparkle they produce.

  30. Great outfit! I am going to order the leggings from Amazon today from your link. Looks like they are one size in either regular or plus. Does anyone have a suggestion for a size 14? I am tempted to try the regular sizing since colors are adorable but don’t want to look like a sausage.

    the poncho look is lovely. Haven’t tried it on my 5’2″ frame yet but considering it. Just ordered a cold shoulder top from QVC similar to what you had yesterday. Also an Umgee top similar to what you had in April. Should be fun to try new looks!

    I am going to check out the other links today, too. Looks like some great ideas. Have a wonderful day!

    1. Wow! Audrey, you are on a shopping roll. You go gurl! I would probably order the regular leggings in a XL if they have that. If they are one size fits all, then they really will. Good luck, let me know how they turn out.

      1. Much to my husband’s horror, a few packages arrive each week with new clothes. Of course, I can justify a new fun wardrobe after losing around 80 pounds and trying new styles is such a treat. You’ve given me a lot of inspiration so I can go from my old frumpy to looking great! Now the hard part – keep off the weight and stay in one size.

  31. You are always so stylish and definitely polished. Great look, lady!

  32. I LOVE everything about your outfit today…and the necklace actually makes the poncho even better looking! By the way, your hair looks great today! This is definitely a “Tania Day”! Don’t you just feel it?

    1. Thanks Marie? I “like” the idea of a Tania Day!!! LOL!

  33. EvaMarie Blanton says:

    Where and how do you store all of your jewelry? Sometimes I get overwhelmed, am I too organized?

    1. I have about three different spots that I store my jewelry. I keep meaning to take some pictures of them, but it is dark in my bedroom, so I keep putting it off.

  34. vanityandmeblog says:

    I am so envying your weather ! Think of me wrapped up for winter in the UK ! I love that you like a bargain like myself & you are looking fabulous here x

  35. Im not 100% sure I like the outfit, but what I love are the fringe sandlas. On Saturday night I bought online fringed ankle strapped sandals on heels. As a mother of three children with no social life I have absolutely no idea when or where I’ll wear it, but…I liked them so much, having them on watch list for almost a month and suddenly…they were on 40% sale! I couldn´t believe my luck and of course I could not resist them 😉 At least I think I deserve them for my devoted 24/7 service to my family (haha) and that is I think even stay-at-home mums must keep them maintained (even though high-maintanance is not the centre of their lives)

    1. 40% off is really hard to resist, especially if you have already been looking at the item. I hope you enjoy your sandals.

  36. Love the outfit. Haven’t been sure about the poncho/tunic look for myself but it looks fabulous on you. I try to be low demand on my high maintenance needs (if that makes sense). Clothes, nails, hair, makeup … it’s all part of the upkeep that keeps me purring like a finely tuned engine.


  37. High maintenance all the way. I am worth it and don’t mind spending the time. Hate it when retired women quit trying to look their best.

    1. I totally agree. We put ourselves on the back burner ALL the time. There is nothing wrong in taking care of yourself.

      1. shelbeeontheedge1 says:

        Grrr. For some reason I can’t post a comment unless I reply to another comment! But anyway, maintenance is required here as well. I think you and I may be cut from a similar mold though…because I don’t require much attention at all either. But I do put time and effort into looking my best. Now onto your outfit…this poncho top is Fab-U-Lous! It is so unique and fun. I absolutely love it. And that giant tassel necklace is just about everything a low maintenance girl could need!


        1. I hate it when technology gets the best of me. That drives me nuts!!!! Thanks for persevering???