50 Is Not Old | Taking Care Of YourselfI believe in taking care of yourself, both mentally and physically. The physical aspect is easier for me to tend to, things such as hair and nails are a must. But what about the mental aspect? How do you change a bad attitude?50 Is Not Old | Taking Care Of YourselfEverybody goes through the blahs occasionally. I call days like that a “No Good, Very Bad Day.” Those days are sometimes weather related, sometimes family related, and sometimes work related. I can’t do anything about the weather, families will also find a way to get on your last nerve (love them anyway), and work issues can sure weigh on you mentally. 50 Is Not Old | Taking Care Of Yourself

I also think the way you dress affects you also. I know when I watched “What Not To Wear”, Clinton & Stacy always were saying that the way people treat you is based a lot on the way you dress. They had to deal will younger women who wanted to wear clothing that was cut down to “there”, up to “there”, and was missing “there.” Lol!50 Is Not Old | Taking Care Of Yourself

But just because we get older, doesn’t mean we get wiser in the fashion department. We use the excuse of, “it’s comfortable.” In Clinton and Stacy’s world, that was a dirty word. Yoga pants, sweatpants, sweatshirts, and t-shirts, not to mention pajamas, are all part of the “what not to wear” philosophy. But I am just like you, if it is a Saturday and I am just knocking around the house, I usually have on a pair of jeans or yoga pants, and a t-shirt. If I leave the house, I will change my clothes, or just add some jewelry depending on what I have on. This is to make the outfit more representative of me, not for other’s sake, but for my sake, This is how I want to be viewed. This is what I want people to see. We all have that power. 50 Is Not Old | Taking Care Of Yourself

I have the dressing part down, but I have been lax on the exercising part of taking care of myself. I have ever excuse in the book from I don’t have time, to the class is too late, too early, too long, etc. What is really boils down to, is I am saying I am not worth taking the time. So tonight my BFF Sandy and I went to a beginners exercise class. We were taught about technique and how to properly exercise without causing any injury. This is just one more step to saying I matter, one more step to “feeling” good about myself. Exercise is a wonderful mood booster!!!50 Is Not Old | Taking Care Of YourselfTake today’s outfit for example. This is easy peasy, and not expensive at all. It is a laid back, but still looks nice, kind of outfit. I bought this top back in February when I went to Florida for a few days. Sandy and I spent all four days at the outlet malls. Haha This top however, was purchased on the way to Florida, when we stopped overnight to see my sister. The last time I wore this top, it was in a completely different way, I wore it with pink. Orange and pink together????

Coral Top: Similar | Similar | Plus50 Is Not Old | Taking Care Of YourselfJust to see what a different purse would look like, I took a picture with the turquoise patent leather Dooney & Bourke. Not good, not bad, just different. The printed navy and white capri’s are from Cato. I must have bought them last year, I really don’t remember.

Printed Capri Pants: Similar | Similar | Plus50 Is Not Old | Taking Care Of YourselfMy Chloe & Isabel necklace just fit perfect with this neckline. With the hanging tie, I didn’t want to wear a longer necklace. I also have on my Michael Kors boyfriend watch that was a gift from the girls at work. And finishing out the outfit, is a pair of Tommy Hilfiger between the toes sandals.

Navy Sandals: Similar | Similar | Similar

Gurls, you can’t take care of others, if you don’t first take care of yourself. Treat yourself to a manicure, pedicure, or a spa day. Dress how you want others to perceive you. And, somehow manage to get a tiny bit of exercise in for you mental and physical well being. I need you gurls to stick around for years, and years, and years.

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  1. Lynn wrote:

    Wise words. hope this is not too personal, but do you have a budget that you spend on clothes and yourself. Everyone is different and I know your kids are grown and you work, but wondering.

    Posted 6.3.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Lynn, I need to have a budget amount set, but I don’t. I don’t buy very often, but when I do get an opportunity is go shopping, I buy a lot. I buy at discount stores such as TJ Maxx, Ross, and Marshall. I buy at Old Navy, Catos, and Maurices. Then the nicer name stores like Talbots, Loft, and Express I buy at the outlets. Of course having the QVC overstock stores (3 of them) in town, doesn’t hurt either.

      Posted 6.3.16 Reply
  2. I had not noticed youre blog links. I ll be checking the ones I dont know. So nice to meet new bloggers.
    Will I Bee sering you later on Fancy Friday?

    Posted 6.3.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      I plan on being there Nancy!

      Posted 6.3.16 Reply
  3. Connie R. wrote:

    You are so right today. I work a demanding standing up job 5 days a week. Yesterday was one of my days off. I get so tired that I don’t want to even get dressed but when I finally do its like a light bulb to my mind goes off and my mood picks up. I have also found that any hobby (I love going to thrift stores) that I do to come out of my routine the better mentally and physically I feel. Might not be getting a lot of exercise but time just for you is very important. I thank you for the reminder. Outfit is cute. Love the sandals!

    Posted 6.3.16 Reply
  4. Audrey wrote:

    Great post, as always. The chunky necklace with your outfit is nice. I looked at several Joan Rivers pieces at the QVC Outlet and was tempted but didn’t know that style made my heart sing. Still thinking about them so will try a statement piece one day.

    Totally agree about your exercise comments. I am not a fan of it but must do something most every day to keep my weight down. After dropping quite a bit it’s a must to not regain but why can’t it be more enjoyable? Please share with us what you find that makes it all worthwhile. I am still looking for a ‘fun’ exercise where time flies, not to mention how to tone my tired skin!

    Have a wonderful day!

    Posted 6.3.16 Reply
  5. That coral top is such a wonderful pop of color and looks so good on you! Color is a great mood booster and yes, so is exercise. It is sort of like a fountain of youth for the body. I agree with your advice today!!!Love seeing your outfits and reading your words everyday! Thanks!

    Posted 6.3.16 Reply
  6. Hi Tania. I have only just discovered your Facebook page and blog after having to spend some time off work after spinal surgery. The surgery was unsuccessful, and I have gone from being someone who runs 10km a day to someone who can’t even stand long enough to do the grocery shopping. Exercise is a terrific form of relaxation and mood changer. However, I can report that just recently your blog has been doing the same thing for me. It gives me a laugh and often puts my situation into perspective. I love your outfits, even if the seasons are reversed! Many thanks.

    Posted 6.3.16 Reply
  7. Cynthia Prather wrote:

    Love your blogs. A couple of comments or questions. One is you wear a lot of loose fitting tops. I tend to wear a lot of tops that fit my body more, but not tight. Years ago after watching What Not to Wear I began wanting to show my shape more. I also tend to feel more sloppy or frumpy with loose fitting tops. But, after seeing your tops I’m thinking maybe I need to try some and see how they look and feel. My second one is more of a question. I tend to wear mostly flats or very low heeled shoes. I like to walk a lot and I guess I’m always ready for a walk. I’ve noticed you wear more high heels. I was just reading where it was recommended to wear higher heels. Do I have to give up my flats? Thanks again for your blog.

    Posted 6.3.16 Reply
  8. Talia wrote:

    I absolutely agree. As someone who has always exercised, it is the fastest way to self-confidence, strength and a positive attitude/outlook. I am a firm believer in taking care of yourself – dressing well, eating well and maintaining our bodies spiritually, physically and mentally. Good for you for taking an exercise class!

    Posted 6.3.16 Reply
  9. Sandy wrote:

    I love love love the outfit you always look great!! Now for the exercise – well you know – I needed that and Thank you for going with me! I will have to work on the going out in public not caring what I look like!!!

    Posted 6.3.16 Reply
  10. I needed this today! I keep putting off signing up for that swim class. Your words have encouraged me!

    Posted 6.3.16 Reply
  11. Loryl wrote:

    Love the look today! I’m a sucker for happy colors and that top definitely fits the bill. I find now that I’m retired I need to get some exercise everyday or I feel blah. That doesn’t mean I go to organized classes, although those are great. I garden, walk the dog or even cleaning have great benefits. I track my steps. I know I feel better about myself mentally and physically when I do.

    Posted 6.3.16 Reply
  12. Patty wrote:

    One of my favorite color combos and such true words!

    Posted 6.3.16 Reply
  13. Kelly Blair wrote:

    Love those colors together, your top is adorable. Thank you for all the inspiration.

    Posted 6.3.16 Reply
  14. Rebecca Purdie wrote:

    The outfit looks good on you. I’m not a fan of orange/coral but when ever I wear it I get tons of compliments about how well it looks on my brown skin (African American). I do love bright colors and wear them a lot.
    You are truly an inspiration!

    Posted 6.3.16 Reply
  15. Diana wrote:

    Lynn, you’re absolutely right…we need to take care of ourselves inside and out!!! I just lost a friend to suicide this past week. While our friendship was still young I had no idea what she was going through mentally. She was there for me when I lost my sister and mom last year. In her honor I will do the same for others by taking better care of myself inside and out. Thanks for your post. I’m so happy I came across it on Pinterest..love the outfits and encouraging words!!!

    Posted 6.5.16 Reply
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