50 IS NOT OLD | PEARLS GO WITH EVERYTHINGI think I celebrated too much yesterday. I can tell you this, my ways of celebrating has changed over the years. I started the celebration with going to church. Our church has two services, one starts at 8:45 and another one at 11:00. Joe and I went to the 11:00 service and I expected it to be packed on Mother’s Day but it was actually kind of empty. I don’t know where everyone was. Joe and I then went to lunch and then he headed off to golf. Joseph, Kayla, and Emersyn came over for just a short time. Emersyn wanted to take a nap and she was cranky. I tried to get her to lay down with me but she wasn’t having that. However, after she left I decided to take a two-hour nap. How is that for a celebration, Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | PEARLS GO WITH EVERYTHINGI guess that is what happens when you turn 57. No partying, no drinking, no carousing. Haha! I am going to tell a quick story on Joe. I was telling him that I was going on a diet starting Monday. I didn’t want to diet on my birthday but I was going to start the following day. He came to give me a hug goodbye since he was leaving to go play golf, and he said, “You feel good.” He should have just left it at that but of course, he didn’t.”  “You have just the right amount of chunky.” WHAT! I am sure he thought that was a compliment. I told him that I was putting that on the blog. Just the right amount of chunky. Lol!!!50 IS NOT OLD | PEARLS GO WITH EVERYTHINGIf you saw the picture of me and Emersyn at her pre-school graduation then you already saw me in this outfit. I wanted to be comfortable because I knew that I would be stooping and picking her up. It is still a little chilly in the mornings so I decided to wear this short sleeve cardigan over a long-sleeved white button-up. This is a style that I see my DIL wear all the time and I always think it looks great on her but I forget to try it. Today, I took the plunge. Let me hear your thoughts.

50 IS NOT OLD | PEARLS GO WITH EVERYTHING Pearls, pearls, and more pearls.  Pearls go with anything and everything. I have on my Priscilla earrings that match the Paris necklace. I didn’t wear the Paris because I wanted something a little longer. Instead, I went with the Lottie and even then I have on a necklace extender to make it longer for me. The Lottie is one of my favorites and it must be one of everyone else’s favorites too because it is currently on backorder. Lol! Put it on your “wish” list because you will want to get this necklace. I’ll let you know when it becomes available again.  50 IS NOT OLD | PEARLS GO WITH EVERYTHING I wore this floral design Lucinda pearl bracelet the other day. It is rapidly becoming one of my favorites because it will go with anything, dressy or casual. The magnetic pearl bracelet is set in a silver-tone and it was a special purchase but there is the same bracelet but in gold-tone and it is called the Amanda. 50 IS NOT OLD | PEARLS GO WITH EVERYTHING This one IS my favorite. I think this is my favorite item that I have gotten from Plunder. It is called the Ashley which is easy for me to remember since that is my daughter’s name. My daughter spells hers differently though. I like the spring colors and the dangling pearls. I actually have two parties open right now. I opened a new one but I forgot that the old one quite ready to close. Pick either one if you want to place an order. tania8 or tania9 50 IS NOT OLD | PEARLS GO WITH EVERYTHING This is the first time I have worn these stripped ankle pants. They remind me of the seersucker look but they are just normal pants. I bought this pair at Old Navy a little while back. This type stripe just “looks” like summer to me. I like this look, it is casual and classic at the same time.

50 IS NOT OLD | PEARLS GO WITH EVERYTHINGI love a nice fitted white shirt. This should be a wardrobe staple for everybody. You can wear it alone with pants, shorts, or skirts and then you can wear it under a sweater, cardigan, and blazers. It is so versatile that you can wear it all year long. I suggest buying a nicer shirt since it is a classic that will last you. Unless you are a messy eater and drop food on you all the time like some male person that lives in my house but shall remain nameless. Lol! Here is a nice plus size shirt that I couldn’t get to show the picture.

50 IS NOT OLD | PEARLS GO WITH EVERYTHINGThe winner of the Plunder necklace giveaway from last Friday is Maureen!!! Maureen, I sent you an email letting you know that you are the winner. Just send me your address and the necklace will be on its way.

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  1. Love the outfit and your celebrating is my kind of celebrating. Peace and quiet.

  2. you are as cute as you can be… and an inspiration to a new blogger!

  3. I love that pearls-at-the-collar thing you have here. The whole outfit is great but that pearl necklace is fantastic.

  4. Love your outfit. You always look beautiful in everything that you wear. I ordered the necklace and one of the bracelets that you have on yesterday. Also ordered the leather cuff with pray on it. You are such an inspiration. Thank you for all that you do. Your email is the first one that I open every morning.

    1. I love that pray pendant! It looks good on so many of the items!

  5. I love the navy and pearls!

  6. That was funny – sounds like something my husband would say. They mean well but it sounds awful. So I definitely give him a hard time about it when he does that! That color of blue looks really good on you. I liked the white shirt and the pants too. The old navy pixie pants don’t seem to fit me well, always tight in the bootay!

  7. Deborah Todd says:

    Glad you had a nice birthday and Mother’s day. Sometimes all you need is a little nap time to recharge!! Love the outfit with the pearls.?

  8. Really like the outfit funny girl!

  9. I like this outfit except the sweater seems off some how maybe if shirt sleeves were more fitted it would look better. I love the touch pink. Glad you had a good birthday/ Mother’s day

  10. NIKI HEATH says:

    Just want to let you know that I received a batch of Plunder for my birthday and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE every piece of it! so fun for sure…I hooked!

  11. Camille Buchanan says:

    Love the outfit. I am always partial to navy and white together. so timeless. The outfit could be worn in so many situations. I have a collection of pearls. I am in the process of getting them restrung into something more current – adding some extras – so they are a little longer and make a statement like the one necklace you are wearing. I know have a picture to show how I want the end result to be! Thanks for that!

  12. You look terrific. Sounds like a perfect celebration to me. I love naps!

  13. Rhonda Ragain says:

    Love, love this outfit!!! Your face is radiant! I adore navy blue and white and the pearls just set it all off! Chunky, I don’t think so….perfect. Have a great day and enjoy the weather!

  14. Susan Stancliff says:

    Love love the outfit! And pearls go great with everything, including jeans. No chunky for you missy. You look fabulous! What is your diet going to be? I am getting a little “chunky” myself!! I am glad you had a great birthday and mothers day.

  15. You look fabulous ! And you are not ” chunky ” ! Men ! Lol . Pinterest is where I found your wonderful blog and outfits . I look forward to all your new posts 🙂

  16. Barbara McKone says:

    Glad you had a nice Birthday/Mother’s Day . Love this outfit and the pearls ! I agree there is so much you can do with a good white shirt ! Happy Monday and have a great day Tania ?

  17. Such a classic look. I would definitely wear this. Love!

  18. Laura Jordan says:

    This outfit is high on my list of favorites that you’ve styled!

  19. Cherie' Nottingham says:

    I think this is one of the sharpest outfits yet! And geez, I can’t see that you need to lose an ounce. Seriously, you look just great. Happy belated birthday, and many more!

  20. robjodiefilogomo says:

    I’ve been trying to wear my pearls with my casual outfits lately!! In fact, I just wrote an article last month or so for Sixty + Me about wearing our pearls!! Hah–pretty soon, you can join that group too!!

  21. Kim Dushinski says:

    Love this post! Pearls are one of my favorites and I laughed right out loud about Joe’s loving, but LOL-worthy comment. Husbands…so cute.

  22. I like the outfit especially the pants. That sounds like a lovely day to​ me especially the nap!

  23. Happy Mother’s Day, and you look great! Your story about Joe’s comment reminds me of when I was dieting and asked my husband if he could tell I lost weight. His response was “Oh yeah, you look MUCH less massive than you used to!” He couldn’t understand why I didn’t appreciate that lol.

  24. I love this classy and sassy look! You look amazing! Chunky you’re not! Joe was letting you know he loves you just the way you are. I love your Joe stories.

  25. Sondra Koons says:

    I actually own a pair of seersucker pants that I love, but have struggled to come up with a different way to style them! This is perfect! Love it! So crisp & clean, preppy but with a touch of modern style!

  26. I LOVE this outfit!! And Joe’s wrong, you aren’t chunky!! Yes m’am pearls go with everything ?

  27. You look fabulous Tania!
    Love that statement pearl necklace.
    Happy belated young lady!

  28. Hi Tania! The contrast of the pearls and navy blue is just so striking! Really love that! I am surprised, tho’ that you want to lose weight! You look great and looks like you are already much smaller than you were when you first started your blog, right?

  29. Love the outfit, grown up preppy I call it. I wear sleeveles button downs with short or long sleeve tops and cardigans and the accessories change the mood as well as sandals, flats or heels. Your celebration was even bigger than mine, I didn’t leave the house! ? happy Monday!

    1. Haha, Christina. We are a couple of party animals! ? ? ? ?

  30. I cannot get enough pearls. They are classic and do go with everything. I haven’t tried the sweater shirt combo. However, I have a couple sweaters that have the blouse sewn into the sweater if that makes sense. A two hour nap sounds good to me. Sometimes we need a little down time. ~Lisa~

    1. It is funny how a little indulgence can become a habit really fast. Lol!

  31. Anita patrick says:

    I L O V E. The ooutfit.

  32. Sometimes a mid day nap is the best present you can ever give yourself! We went for brunch which was lovely but the weekend before I went shopping with my daughter which was like a Mothers day present even if she got most – haha! see my post it might make you laugh 😉

    LOL Yvonne

  33. There are many different ways to celebrate, and you just chose the “quiet route”, 😉 The outfit looks great and those pearls do it well. Looks good. Glad you enjoyed your mother’s day/birthday!! I took a slight nap too!! LOL

    1. I am thinking mine was a little more than “slight!” I somehow managed to still go to bed at 10:00 and sleep all night long.