50 IS NOT OLD | GREEN WITH ENVYMan alive, Monday was a no good very bad day. The sun was shining and the birds were chirping but that didn’t change the fact that I had to go to the doctor. Yuck, yuck, and yuck again. You all know what I mean, yep, that once a year dread that all of us women have. I can’t decide which is worse, us women having to go to the doctor or that poor doctor having to do the examinations all day long. ?50 IS NOT OLD | GREEN WITH ENVYI think my doctor is an old hippie. He wears a lot of turquoise jewelry and has a long solid white ponytail. I am not sure that qualifies him as a hippie but I just get that vibe from him. He always makes a comment about my hair every time I go. I am pretty sure that is his opening line for every room he goes in. Lol! While you are sitting there with less coverage than you would like, he wants to strike up a conversation. I am sure this is supposed to relax the patient but I would rather just get everything over with and go on my merry way. At least that is over and done with for another year. BTW, men don’t have it any easier. Just ask them about getting their prostate checked. ?50 IS NOT OLD | GREEN WITH ENVYI am pretty sure that when you started reading my blog you never dreamed that we would talk about OBGYN visits and prostate exams. Lol!!! I apologize to all those who thought you would only get fashion tips on this blog. Obviously, you haven’t been reading it very long. Hahaha! What about my new jacket? Is this green enough for you? I love this jacket!!! I have never been much of a “green” person and I don’t have a lot of this color in my wardrobe, but this bright spring green HAD to come home with me. It is so bright and cheery! If you look closely you can see the darting that makes the jacket have a more fitted look. I have the cuff turned up on the sleeves because I think a 3/4 look is much more flattering. This is by Denim & Co. and I bought it at the overstock store in town. It is on clearance at QVC for 13.11 (here) but they only have it in XS and S. I am wearing an S for your information.

50 IS NOT OLD | GREEN WITH ENVY These Lorelei earrings seem to go with almost anything. They are on a long wire dangle but I recently bought different size wire dangles in three different colors so that I can change the length if I want it to be shorter. These are made in a floral design with tiny little seed pearls surrounding a larger pearl. 50 IS NOT OLD | GREEN WITH ENVY The matching bracelet is called the Lucinda and the one on the right is called the Selma. It is hard to imagine now that I put off ordering the Selma since I wear it quite often. I love that it has so many different colors and styles so it matches a lot of things. The green design looked perfect with my jacket. I don’t think I have ever worn the Lyric necklace before. My mind is bad so excuse me if I have. Lol!  The Lyric has pretty soft pastels beads and dangles and the center are rhinestones. I actually have two parties open right now. I opened a new one but I forgot that the old one quite ready to close. Pick either one if you want to place an order. tania8 or tania950 IS NOT OLD | GREEN WITH ENVYThe navy blue top is by Logo. I really like that it has a chiffon ruffled hem and pockets. I love pockets even though I never put anything in the pockets, not even my hands. This is a sleeveless tank top and it will be perfect to wear all summer long. This is a perfect example for you ladies who don’t want to show your upper arms. You can always wear a cardigan or blazer over your sleeveless items. This exact one is no longer available.

50 IS NOT OLD | GREEN WITH ENVYWhite jeans!!! Does everyone have a pair? If not, then set down and get out your credit card because summer is coming and you NEED a pair of white jeans. In fact, you might need two pairs. That is so that you would have one available while the other one is in the laundry. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | GREEN WITH ENVYToday is the day you can finally get your hands on the new Active Hydration Serum. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and I love how dewy my face feels. Mind you that I have always had drier skin so I was pretty pumped when they announced this product. My Energizer Bunny Friend was also pretty happy because she has acne prone skin but she could still use this. People with oily, sensitive, acne-prone, or dry as can be skin like mine can all use the same product. That is pretty amazing. It self-adjusts to what your skin requires. Joe says “snake-oil” but he hasn’t tried it yet. I am begging him to try but he is resisting. He can’t wrap his mind around the fact that it works on all skin types. It is a good thing “HE” is not a dermatologist. Lol! I refused to only use the product on half of my face so instead, I only put it on one hand.  50 IS NOT OLD | GREEN WITH ENVY 50 IS NOT OLD | GREEN WITH ENVYI put the serum on the bottom hand as I was going to bed. The photos are taken when I got home from work the next day. This is only after one day’s use. You can really see the difference. There is a virtual launch on FaceBook tonight if you want to watch and find out more about the product. Email me and I will add you to the group. If you want to place an order, I am offering a special for any Preferred Customer (New or Existing) of a $20.00 discount through Saturday. Check it out at

Here are some quick facts about this new amazing product:
 Balances oily skin.
 Plumps Wrinkles & Reduces Fine Lines.
 Creates Visible Firmness.
 Creates Added Brightness.
 200% more hydration after FIRST use.
 Self-adjusting to YOUR skin type.

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  1. Kris Ronchetti says:

    I have been reading your blog for awhile now, and have to tell you I love the outfits. You have given me many different options to add to my closet. My husband says …””you need more clothes?”” LOL. Please leave information where you purchased your outfits, (if you can). I love your take on life – thank you so much. A fan from Southern California.

  2. says:

    Love you in this outfit,I agree everyone should give white jeans a try,at least 2 pr.I can never wait to pull them out,I like Old Navy for them too

    1. I agree. I need a new pair this year so I made order them online.

  3. Love the green, against the blue, it is pretty. And the white makes the whole outfit w/the jewelry ~POP!
    I just got in the LUCINDA and the necklace, had gotten the earrings before. Can’t wait to use them all together.
    Love Plunder…

    1. I love that set! It is beautiful and so well made.

  4. Lynette Warren says:

    I finally bought my first pair of white jeans this spring because of YOU! I love how they look on you. Loving my Hydrations Serum too by the way,

    1. Would I steer you wrong??? The Hydration Serum is amazing!

  5. Charlcy Green says:

    A cute, cute jacket that looks so great with the baby ruffled top! I love the pockets on the jacket! I am sorry you so detested your OBGYN visit! But at least you’ll be healthy now for another year!

    1. Charlcy, it is one of those necessary evils. Lol!

  6. Just love the green jacket. Green is my favourite colour.!!.

  7. The green is smashing with the blue! I’m on the hunt for the jacket!

    1. I really loved the cut of this jacket. It fit very nice.

  8. Love the jacket! I just ordered a green top from Gap yesterday…great minds…AND, yes, everyone neeeeeeeds a pair of white jeans. I’m still trying to convince my sister, who says every time she has ever worn white pants, they attract dirt like a magnet.

    So jealous of your outlets. But my bank account is not. : P

    1. Brandye, send her to my blog and I will work on her too. Tell her they sell white jeans everywhere. She can buy a pair every year. Lol!

  9. Melesa Garrison says:

    This green is one of my many favorite colors. I ordered it after I saw you looking so cute….It’s all your fault! Lol

    1. You can’t fuss since if it was only 13.11. Haha!

  10. Anita patrick says:

    Love the green jacket. Love the green with navy and white jeans. I have all those pieces…not exact. It’s a go to outfit.

  11. Glenda Braun says:

    Love the green and blue. I am with you on the doctor visit. Just get it over lol.

  12. robjodiefilogomo says:

    I always feel that we are lucky to be able to have the medical care—besides we always have the choice not to go!
    But, oh how I love the green & blue paired together!! Nice, Tania!

  13. Ok. White jeans and hydration serum. It’s going to be an expensive week!

    1. But you will thank me later, Brenda. Lol!

  14. Sondra Koons says:

    ??? Well, I certainly got my laugh in for the day! Thanks Tania. You look great in that green blazer. I’m so tempted to get it and that price….!! You should wear green more often!

  15. How funny, my appt is today! I Agree, YUCK! You have my favorite combo on today. Green and blue. Love it.

  16. This color of green just pops and looks really good with the navy! Yes, white pants are a summer must! Looks good on you!

    1. Thanks, Paula! You just gotta have a pair of white pants!

  17. Dang girl, you get the best stuff at that overstock store – sure wish we had one here! That green is one of my favorite colors and I love combining it with blue,lovely!

    1. Kellyann, I love going there. Some days I leave with multiple bags and some days I leave with just a smile. Lol! You just never know.

  18. That shade of green looks great on you Tania and what a bargain! Thank you for sharing the savings with us. I would get addicted if we had an overstock store in our town. Oh My Word!!! speaking of OBGYN… lucky day is today ?. I’m like you, I just want to get it over with. However, I do need to have yearly exams and so thankful I am healthy. ~Lisa~

    1. My goodness, Lisa. We do seem to have a lot of similar things happen to us. Haha

  19. Love the navy and green together. I’ve never been much of a green girl either, but my tastes seem to be changing. I feel your pain on the doc appt, I dread those! We are the same age, and I was told I only need that every 3 yrs. Yay. It’s the little things, amiright?!

    1. Wow! You lucky girl! Every three years would be heavenly. Lol!

  20. $13.11 wow what a bargain! The green, navy and white look spectacular together and look fab on you.

    1. I know a bargain when I see one. Lol!