50 IS NOT OLD | CASUAL FRIDAY STYLE | FASHION OVER 40Happy Friday! I know that I have been doing a video on Friday’s lately but I had to help out at the lumber company today, so I am doing a normal post instead. I saw that a lot of you commented on the blog yesterday that several of you have had Newfoundland dogs before. I talked to my son in Tennessee this morning, and he told me that Koda is settling in well. He was learning to play with a ball and so far, hasn’t had any “accidents” in the house! Woohoo!50 IS NOT OLD | CASUAL FRIDAY STYLE | FASHION OVER 40 I have a couple of friends who have Newfies, and they are such sweet dogs. They are so well known for the sweet temperament and their love of children, that they are sometimes referred to as “Nannie” dogs. The biggest drawback for the Newfie is their size because they still think they are a lap dog. Haha! One of our friends lived at the lake with his wife and two children. He was laughing the other day and telling us some tales about the dog. In the summer the children will walk down to the dock and go swimming. If the Newfie is around or hears them playing in the water, then he will go and drag them out of the lake. Lol! These dogs are used in water rescue and have a history of working on boats. I can’t wait to watch him GROW up, and if you want to follow along with Koda’s adventures, then you can follow him on his own Instagram account. Koda_j_thenewf50 IS NOT OLD | CASUAL FRIDAY STYLE | FASHION OVER 40You know that normally I am an accessory kind of gal. I love wearing earrings, bracelets, and especially necklaces. However, today’s outfit was worn when we took Koda to meet his new family, and a necklace didn’t work with a dog that big. He got his paw hung in my necklace as soon as I picked him up, so I just took the necklace off and left it at home. I am wearing a no-iron long sleeve button-up shirt with blue stripes. I hate ironing with a passion, so I will try to find the no-iron type if possible. I love the ones from Talbots, but there are plenty of others you can find on the internet.

50 IS NOT OLD | CASUAL FRIDAY STYLE | FASHION OVER 40I did wear a few sparkly bracelets and a pair of earrings. The earrings are called the Jewell, and I think they are exactly that. They have a huge pearl with rhinestones surrounding them. The bracelets are a mixture of current and retired bracelets. The ones that are still available are the Flynn, the Opal, and the Chalon. Plunder Design jewelry is very well made and very affordable which is why I love their items. I can splurge on myself and not feel guilty at all. Lol! To place an order, go here, hit the shop button, pick a party with my name in it, and have fun looking at all of the beautiful jewelry.50 IS NOT OLD | CASUAL FRIDAY STYLE | FASHION OVER 40 I love these light brown (I call Fawn) ankle boots from Old Navy. They are comfortable enough to wear all day long without having your feet aching before the day is over. The block heel is easy to walk in, even for most ladies who are not used to wearing heels.50 IS NOT OLD | CASUAL FRIDAY STYLE | FASHION OVER 40 My jeans are a pair of Earl skinny jeans that I purchased at TJ Maxx or Ross Department stores several years ago. I love wearing skinny jeans at this time of the year because you can wear them with ankle boots or tucked inside a pair of knee boots.

50 IS NOT OLD | CASUAL FRIDAY STYLE | FASHION OVER 40I had that same issue AGAIN this morning where my new blog was not showing up for everyone!!! I don’t think to check to make sure that it is showing up on Joe’s computer because I see it and assume that everyone else can also. Nope! That has not been the case here lately. I do encourage you to please sign up for my daily emails so that you can click on the link and it will take you straight to the post. No more having to remember to type in the name, etc.

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  1. Marceline Miller says:

    Hi. I’m happy that your photo a today answered a question for me — we aren’t necessarily showing skin at the top of booties this year. Last year I was cuffing jeans to show a little bit of skin between the hem of the pants and the top of the ankle boots. Looks like that’s no longer “a thing? ?”. I’m glad, because I felt a little silly with the cuffing but didn’t want to be completely out of it as far as trends.

    1. Marceline, it really depends upon my mood and the temperature outside. If it is warm, then I will still do a cuff and show a little skin but if I am cold, I just leave them down. Lol! So far there hasn’t been a fashion police person show up at my door. Hahaha!

  2. Beautiful picture…did you notice that you and Koda have the same shade of blue eyes that also matches your sweater?

    1. Lol! His eyes have a way of changing. They look blue but sometimes they look hazel.

  3. Did I miss where you talk about the poncho? I like it, it doesn’t look like a sack like some of them.

    1. Beth, it is not a true poncho. It is a sweater with dropped armholes, it is different from anything I have seen before. It didn’t have a tag on it so I don’t know who it is from. I think that I purchased this at QVC.

  4. Wow! The size of his paws!!! I love the way he looked right at the camera?
    Such a pretty, comfy, stylish outfit. I just love jeans!! You NEVER can go wrong with them, they are so versatile. Love the booties too! My favorite color!! They are a must have for me!!??

    1. When I first saw those paws I was like, HOLY COW! Lol! You will love those booties, they are great!

  5. Is the blouse attached to the jumper as one item? It looks super comfy and an added bonus being non-iron. Have a great Friday. Jill x

    1. It is three pieces, Jill. The shirt, a sweater, and then the jeans.