50 IS NOT OLD | ONE DRESS WORN FOUR WAYS | FASHION OVER 40 Have you heard the saying about, “into each life some rain must fall?” That is how I felt on Sunday. First off, we decided NOT to go to the beach after all, at least not yet. My daughter is in visiting from Alaska, and she didn’t want to go to the beach. Since we don’t get to see much of her, we didn’t want to leave her. This is a prime example of why I refuse to pack until the morning that I am leaving to go somewhere. Things like that happen a lot at my house. We want to go, but we don’t want to go either. We need to get a coin that says “go” on one side and “stay” on the other. Lol! We still might go for a few days later this week, but I kind of doubt that will happen.
50 IS NOT OLD | ONE DRESS WORN FOUR WAYS | FASHION OVER 40 I didn’t mind staying home since that meant that I was going to get to go to church and take Emersyn with me. She loves going and is always ready and waiting at the door when I pull into the driveway. Joe had a headache, so he decided to stay home yesterday. I got busy playing on the computer and let the time get away from me. I knew that I had to hurry to get to church before the singing started. I hopped in the car and went to pick up Emersyn. I noticed the tire pressure icon was on when I backed out, but the only thought that went through my head was, “these chilly mornings have already started messing with the pressure in the tires.” WRONG! I went to church, but as I was leaving the church, I noticed the pressure icon again. This time, I paid attention to how the car was driving, and I noticed that it had a slight shimmy. So, I pulled off at a gas station and got out to see if I had a low tire. I didn’t have a low tire…I had a flat tire. Whoops! I called Joe to come and check it out to see if adding air would fix the problem or if I needed to park the car. He decided to fill the tire with air, and I drove the car home. It is time for a new set of tires anyway, so I am sure that will be happening later today. I guess he is good for something, after all. Lol!
50 IS NOT OLD | ONE DRESS WORN FOUR WAYS | FASHION OVER 40 I just had to show you a couple of my new jewelry items that I was gifted in Nashville last week. This gorgeous necklace was a gift from R+F for reaching the top 2% of the company. This is a necklace by Kendra Scott, and it is the first piece of Kendra Scott that I have ever gotten. I love the length of the necklace, and I also like that it has stones in light blue and opal. The other gift that I received was a Bead Bracelet with a beautiful blue heart charm from Tiffany’s. When my friend, and R+F leader, Valerie, found out that I was going shopping at the mall in Nashville, she asked me if I could swing by a store and pick up a few gifts that she had purchased. I, of course, said yes, and she called the store to let them know that I would be picking up her purchases. The store was Tiffanys, and she told me to keep quiet about the gifts because they were some surprise gifts for a few people on her team. We went to a team dinner the next night, and boy was I surprised when she called my name to the front of the room to receive my bracelet. I had no idea that I was getting anything, and I was even the one who picked it up. Lol!!! I told her that she was sneaky, sneaky. Hahaha!
50 IS NOT OLD | ONE DRESS WORN FOUR WAYS | FASHION OVER 40 Today, I want to show you how you can take a simple dress and wear it in multiple ways. I wore the dress to church like the first picture above. It was hot, so I didn’t add anything extra to the dress. But, once I went to take my pictures, I decided to show you a few versions that will make it easier for you to shop your closet. My jersey swing dress is from Old Navy, and it was one of the items that I picked for the capsule wardrobe. (Here) I added a white blazer that has a blue and black stripe to my dress to change the look. The blazer was one that I bought from Target back earlier in the summer. I also changed my shoes to a cute floral print pump from Old Navy. While neither of these exact items is in the stores now, here are a few similar items that I liked.

50 IS NOT OLD | ONE DRESS WORN FOUR WAYS | FASHION OVER 40 I switched it up a little by adding a multi-colored kimono to the swing dress. This kimono has lots of colors that work well for spring, summer, and fall. If it were cooler when I wanted to wear the kimono, I would wear something with a long sleeve, and it would work fine. Because there is a lot of black in the kimono, I added a cute pair of black dress shoes with a crisscross at the ankle.

50 IS NOT OLD | ONE DRESS WORN FOUR WAYS | FASHION OVER 40 The last look might be a little too far outside the box. I added a crewneck sweater over the top of my dress to create a sweater and a skirt look. Whew, it was way too hot today to be taking these pictures. Lol! I saved this look for last because I knew that this look would be overly hot for the temperatures today and I didn’t want to be sweaty for the other photos. Could you see yourself wearing a sweater over a dress?

50 IS NOT OLD | ONE DRESS WORN FOUR WAYS | FASHION OVER 40 I hope you enjoyed the different looks today. I love helping you to get your creative juices flowing to come up with different looks in your closet. Once you start seeing the possibilities, you will see more and more different looks every day.

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    • Tania Reply

      Marcia, that is funny because I was afraid that no one would like the last one. Lol!

      • pamreynolds24 Reply

        Tania, I love all the looks. I love shopping my closet. I have that same sweater. I believe it’s from Old Navy and I’ve had it a couple years. Lol Btw, love that you also will wear a sweater over a swing dress. ❤

  1. Oh, I love this post! I wear a sleeveless sheath dress almost every day to work. Its hard to find ways to switch them up. Keep shining Tania!

    • Tania Reply

      Mary Lou, this post must have been especially for you!!!

  2. DEANNE HOPE Reply

    like the looks. I love the black tassle necklace where did you get that.

    • Tania Reply

      Deanne, that necklace is probably 6 years old. I think that I bought it at Cato Fashions. It is so heavy though, that I rarely wear it. It makes my head hurt because of the pressure on the back of my neck.

  3. What a great wardrobe extension! I love the look w Kono and sexy black shoes! Way to go on achieving top 2 percent!! That bracelet sounds lovely! You rock!

  4. I really like the dress with the kimono and black shoes. The beautiful colors of the kimono pulls everything together.

  5. That dress is so classic. I wonder what it would look like with a long cardigan and leggings with boots?

  6. Love this post – it gives me some great ideas to “repurpose” some of my summer dresses into fall/winter. I would definitely do the sweater over the dress and then add tights and boots as we just had a big dump of snow here over the weekend! Waaayyy too soon! But it supposed to be mild, so slushy roads in the forecast 🙂

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