50 IS NOT OLD | LOOKS FROM THE FIRST POST TO PRESENT | 50 IS NOT OLD I love it when the grandbaby gets to come over for the afternoon. You can bet that something crazy will happen at some point in the day. Emersyn went to church with me on Sunday, and she usually spends the rest of the day with me after that. Because of the flat tire that I told you about on yesterday’s blog post, we didn’t get to go out to eat. So, instead, we came home and fixed us a few bites for lunch, and then we headed to the pool with Ashleigh.
50 IS NOT OLD | LOOKS FROM THE FIRST POST TO PRESENT | 50 IS NOT OLD Ashleigh and Emersyn swam and cavorted for over an hour before I finally joined them. The water was cold, in my opinion, and they laughed and splashed me to get me wet. Emersyn tried to dunk me, but that didn’t succeed. Instead, she got dunked by me. Lol! Then we went inside to bake some chocolate chip cookies. I might have eaten a couple of cookies, Emersyn might have eaten a few cookies, Ashleigh might have eaten a few cookies, and I sent four more cookies home with Emersyn. That left two cookies for Joe when he came home. However, I forgot to tell Ashleigh the plan, and she came home and started eating a cookie. I looked over and said, “are you eating dad’s cookie?” She said that he could have the other half that was left. I told her not to bother since he could have the last cookie. “Ummm, I already ate that one,” was what she said. LOL! I should have just eaten the last little bit and not even let him know that we fixed them. Don’t feel too sorry for him; I’ll make him some cookies in the next few days.
50 IS NOT OLD | LOOKS FROM THE FIRST POST TO PRESENT | 50 IS NOT OLD This tie-front top is an old one that I had when I first starting blogging. In fact, I think that I wore it on my very first blog post. (see here) I love a timeless print, and blue and white will be around forever. The tie-front might be a fad that disappears before long, but you can tuck in the tie part if the trend ends. I don’t like to tuck in my shirts since my tummy is the largest part on me, but I will occasionally if I am wearing a blazer to hide the side bumps.

50 IS NOT OLD | LOOKS FROM THE FIRST POST TO PRESENT | 50 IS NOT OLD My jewelry is simple! I am mixing silver and gold together, and that is something that I wouldn’t have ever done a few years ago. The Dallin hoop earrings and the Vienna necklace are my two gold pieces. The Silver Bar necklace is one that you can customize. You can add up to 9 characters on one line, and it is adjustable from 17.5 to 20.5 inches.
50 IS NOT OLD | LOOKS FROM THE FIRST POST TO PRESENT | 50 IS NOT OLD My jeans are Kut From The Kloth with a bootcut hem. I love wearing the bootcut hem in the fall so that I can add some cute boots under the jeans. These are the Natalie style, and I am wearing my usual size 10 in these, so they run true to size. The Kut From The Kloth jeans are some that I had never worn until about two years ago, and now I find that they are some of my favorite pants. I also have some corduroy pants by this brand. Here is the link to the jeans. I hope you like them as much as I do.
50 IS NOT OLD | LOOKS FROM THE FIRST POST TO PRESENT | 50 IS NOT OLD See the two women below with me? Those are my business partners, and they also happen to be my daughter and my daughter-in-law. I “gifted” both of them this business for their birthdays, and it was up to them if they used it only for the steepest discount on the products, or if they wanted to work the business. Both of them have decided to work the business, but each has a different reason. One only wanted to earn enough money to take the family on vacation to Disney, and one wanted to use the money for a trip to Australia. Both have made more than enough to accomplish those goals, but now the goals have changed. They now have learned to dream bigger, and their goals reflect their belief. They have their entire lives in front of them, and they don’t want to be locked into a 9-to-5 job for the next 40 years. They saw the opportunity to be their own boss and relish in the potential to live life on their own terms. No longer are their lives lived based on the circumstances life handed them, instead they are only hindered by their imaginations.
Maybe this sounds intriguing to you. If you are even 1% interested in what I do, then you owe it to yourself to get the most information that you can. Maybe this is not for you, but you think that your daughter or granddaughter might be interested. You need to join me on a ZOOM call this coming Thursday night at 8:00 pm CST. ZOOM is a free app that you can download to any device. ZOOM allows us to talk and see each other, which allows you to ask questions if you wish. To join the call, you download the app and then hit the Join A Meeting button and type in this number: 575-241-0946 Remember, knowledge is power, and you can never have enough knowledge. This is an easy-going simple call with NO obligation. I hope to see you there!!!

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  1. Carla wrote:

    Do your girls have health insurance and retirement with these jobs??

    Posted 10.1.19 Reply
    • Debbie wrote:

      Sometimes you give us a “rear view” so let us see the back off your next outfit, please! I really want to see the back of your new haircut to show my stylist! ? Thx!

      Posted 10.1.19 Reply
  2. I think it s such a wonderfull story about the businesses you gave to your daughter and daughter in law. What a fantastic oppurtunity! And poor Joe……

    Posted 10.1.19 Reply
  3. Debbie wrote:

    I was ready to order this blouse after I saw the first picture!! Oh well, I will look for something similar. LOVE your new hair cut. So flattering on you!!!

    Posted 10.1.19 Reply
  4. i’M BACK ! What a fun time to have with the family. We have enjoyed a wedding (I have now gained a son in law) followed by a 4 week holiday to France and Spain. Now to catch up with everything.
    Regards – Jill stylishatsixty

    Posted 10.1.19 Reply
  5. Charlcy Green wrote:

    That is incredible that both your girls could also be successful in R & F since you live next door and are SO successful at it! WHERE do they get the clients since they know the same people & don’t have a blog? I just don’t know enough people who would be able to buy the expensive products, but I wish I did. I could use the extra income, but I’ve thought & thought of ways to be able to sell these great products & I just can’t find anyone interested. SO cool that you can wear the same top & it still looks great! Shame on yall for eating all the cookies! Heehee

    Posted 10.1.19 Reply
  6. Jeannie wrote:

    You should be so proud of yourself…Looking good 4 years ago but even younger & glowing now!

    Posted 10.1.19 Reply
  7. evegptE wrote:

    She ate the last cookie first. ? I like this casual look. I don’t dress up much any more so I love posts like this. Cookies are the thing I love cooking and by cooking, I mean buying a roll and baking them. Quick and easy from clothes to cooking. That’s my style now.

    Posted 10.1.19 Reply
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