50 IS NOT OLD | IS ANIMAL PRINT STILL IN STYLE | 50 IS NOT OLD Good morning everyone! I am so excited that we have entered the last quarter of the year. There are 90 more days left in the year, and there are 90 more days left in the DECADE! Wow! That has to get you a little pumped up to think of all of the possibilities. What can you accomplish in the next 90 days?
50 IS NOT OLD | IS ANIMAL PRINT STILL IN STYLE | 50 IS NOT OLD I found a 90-day challenge from Rachel Hollis that I am going to do. This one focuses on getting up early, adding exercise into your day, drinking half of your body weight in water, giving up a food category that you know is bad for you, and journaling things that you are grateful to have in your life. I am also adding a self-care, or self-development category to my challenge. I started this yesterday, and I feel pumped to know that I am doing something to improve myself. Why wait until the first of the year to start your New Year Resolutions? You can make your changes a reflection of something that is personal to you. If you would like a 30/31 day calendar like the one that I one using to chart my daily progress, comment and I will email one to you. (I can see your email addresses when you comment, so you don’t need to post that in your comment)
50 IS NOT OLD | IS ANIMAL PRINT STILL IN STYLE | 50 IS NOT OLD There is no need to adjust your screens, you are seeing squiggly marks on my dress. Lol! I am listening to “Welcome To The Jungle” as I write this post, that should get me in a good mood. Seriously, Zebra prints are in stores right now, and I love the option of taking a break from Leopard print. Don’t get me wrong, Leopard print is still my favorite, but I also love Snakeskin, Giraffe, Zebra, Cheetah, Tiger, and pretty much most prints. I found this dress on the clearance rack at Cato Fashions, but it is not on the website any longer. You could check out your local store to see if they still have it, or you can check out the dresses that I found below.

50 IS NOT OLD | IS ANIMAL PRINT STILL IN STYLE | 50 IS NOT OLD I love large earrings! I especially like wearing them when I don’t have a necklace that I want to wear, or if my top has a print where the necklace wouldn’t show. That is what happened with this outfit, I thought that wearing a necklace would be a waste. The large earrings become the focus, and a necklace is not needed. The earrings I have on today are a cream-colored pair with tassels. I thought these were from Plunder, but I couldn’t find them on the website. I get all of my jewelry purchases confused sometimes. But, there is a new fall collection that just launched yesterday if you are interested. You can click here to check out the new additions to the catalog. There is not a huge amount of new items, so it shouldn’t take you but a few minutes. Click here.
50 IS NOT OLD | IS ANIMAL PRINT STILL IN STYLE | 50 IS NOT OLD I went with a classic black pump for today’s look. But, I can see this dress looking really cute as it gets cooler weather, with a pair of black knee boots and a jacket. My Energizer Bunny Friend refers to pumps as “old lady shoes,” but I noticed that she has a pair. Lol! They are a classic style that has been around for a long time (hence the old lady part) and they will continue to be around for a long time to come. I have several colors and prints in a pump style, you can wear them with jeans, shorts, pants, dresses, etc. Don’t get trapped in the box of only wearing them with dresses.

50 IS NOT OLD | IS ANIMAL PRINT STILL IN STYLE | 50 IS NOT OLD Are you ready to see what the next 90 days hold in store for you? I know that I am off to a good start, but it will get hard soon. Maybe we can support each other when we feel like we have hit a brick wall. I know that I have started more diets, exercise programs, etc., than I want to count, only to end up quitting before I achieve my goal. I don’t want that to happen to me, or to you. So, every day I am going to post a little about my wins and some about my struggles. Join me, support me, and shout out encouraging words!

Secondly, I want to remind you that I am hosting a ZOOM business opportunity call on Thursday night. I hope that you will join me in this call if you have been curious about what I do, and wondered if it was something that you could do also. There will be no obligation, no pressure, only information. You have nothing to lose, other than spending some time with me. Lol! Download the ZOOM free app to whatever device you want to use. Then go to Join A Meeting and type in 575-241-0946. The meeting will start at 9:00 PM Eastern time, but don’t worry if you are running late. Hop on whenever you can because we will do a recap at the end.

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  1. Lori Trivett Reply

    I would love a copy of the calendar your are using. Tracking always helps me stay a little more motivated. Thanks!

    • Jeanie Weaver Reply

      Love the Zebra dress and the black pumps are not old lady !
      I would like one of the calendars. Thanks !!

    • Rhonda Johnson Reply

      Love your blog and would appreciate a copy of your 90 day challenge! Thank you!

    • Tania Reply

      Yes, that is the rule of thumb. If you way 120, then you drink 60 ounces of water.

    • I wish I could commit to a challenge, so instead, every day that I wake up, I just approach it as a way of starting over or being more conscientious than the day before. I work on my eating habits, organizing, exercising, being there for a family member or friend, tackling paperwork, making appointments, etc.

  2. Hi Tania,

    Love today’s Zebra print outfit!

    Please send me a copy of the calendar you are using.

    Have a beautiful day.


    • Would love to have a copy of the calendar. Tracking does help us to reach our goals.
      Love your blog.

  3. Ava Nickerson Reply

    Always love your style. Good luck with your 90 day challenge – would love to join you and be an encouragement to you!

  4. Good morning love the print. Surprised you did not “pop of color “with your shoes. Bring on the challenge please.

  5. Wendy Baxter Reply

    Hi Tanya – Please email me a 30/31 Calender as your post above – Much Love from Durban SA

    • I not only want the calendar, I desperately need the calendar! I need the help with organization and motivation, this may be the very thing that will get me on track. Thank you for sharing. You look beautiful as always!!!!!!

  6. Outfit is stellar today!
    A calendar would be appreciated.
    Your style and humor are enchanting!

  7. I always enjoy seeing what you’re wearing and what you’re up to in the morning! And who couldn’t use some motivation to improve ourselves? Thanks!

  8. I love animal print as well, and had a dress similar to this, but I donated it last season. I see a new one in my future! I love the 90 day plan and would like a calendar. Here’s to encouraging each other!

    • Love your outfit! I journal daily, but would love your calendar/challenge!

  9. You look beautiful as always!Your 90 day challenge sounds like a great idea and something I would love to try!I would love the calendar you are using.Here’s hoping you have an amazing day!

  10. I just read about the 90 day plan yesterday! Apparently, I don’t get out much, lol. Please send your calendar. I love reading your blog!

  11. I love the dress. The calendar sounds like a great idea. Please, send me one.

  12. Katherine Yvonne Weimer Reply

    Love the dress but a little much for me. Would probably add a contrasting sweater or jacket! Please send calendar. I love this idea!

  13. would love a calendar, thank you so much. great outfit today! I wish you much success in your new challenge.

    • Maria Feist Reply

      Enjoy your blog! Would love a copy of your calendar. Thanks.

  14. Would love to join you in your 90 day challenge. Please forward me the calendar so I can get started officially LoL

  15. Hi Tania! I love the challenge idea and wish you good luck. I would love a calendar and thank you for offering it. Also, I’m trying to grow my instagram account like you are. Mine is: @hobbithouseofpawling. Want to follow each other? ?(I’m trying to start an Airbnb. You working so hard to succeed with Rodan and Fields have been a real inspiration.)

  16. I love the zebra dress and pumps. It is nice to see something other than leopard print! So many fashion influencers style it but I am fair skinned. In my opinion it doesn’t look good on me! The zebra print is something I could wear though. I love the challenge you are doing, please send me a calendar!

  17. 2019 has been one long challenge for me. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January. I caught it early, which was a blessing, but I knew I had changes that needed to be made. I was determined to come through radiation stronger than I started. I joined weight watchers and have lost over 25 pounds, I lift weights or do yoga daily. The exercise helped me not to experience any stiffness or loss of motion in my arm after radiation. I have learned to enjoy every day and that starts with taking good care of our bodies. Good luck with your challenge. You’ve got this!

    • Blessings to you Beverly. I hope the end of 2019 brings you joy and improving health each day.

  18. Beginning the challenge in the last 90 days of the year is genius! I would love the calendar.

  19. Good morning!! I am up for the challenge!! Please email me your calendar!! Best of luck to all

  20. Maggie Fieger Reply

    I’m interested in the calendar! Maybe it will get me motivated. I like the dress a lot

  21. Beth Woodall Reply

    Please send the 30/31 day calendar. Thanks and LOVE the dress!

  22. Just saw in Glamour that snake skin is a huge fall trend! That is one I don’t like. But I do like the challenge, I have to do this for my health and welfare

  23. I like your idea of closing out the year/decade with a challenge. Please send a copy of the calendar.

  24. Hi Tania, Love the dress! I would like a copy of your calendar also. I enjoy your posts!
    Thanks much,

  25. Vivian J Noonan Reply

    Your blog is so relevant, even to this 89 year old. I always find some great new idea that I can incorporate into my wardrobe. Please send me a copy of your calendar. It is never too late to make some changes.

  26. Hi Tania. The zebra print looks great and I’m up for a challenge, so I’d appreciate a copy of the calendar. Hopefully it helps us make healthier choices as the holiday season approaches. Good luck to everyone!

  27. Teresa Spivey Reply

    I could definitely use the motivation of a group! Please email me a calendar. Thanks, lets get healthy and motivated together!!

  28. I’d like a copy of the calendar you are using. Thanks! I continue to enjoy your blog everyday!

  29. Can you send me a copy of the 30/31 calendar. I love reading your blog everyday! Have a great day! Thanks

  30. Rebecca Ballard Reply

    I enjoy your blog daily. I would like to have a copy of the calendar you are using. Love the dress and the shoes. I like the idea of adding boots and a jacket, probably would not have thought of that !! Thank you.

  31. One of the many things I enjoy about your posts, Tania, is that you shop the same way I do in that most of the items you share can actually fit into a non- mega regular woman’s budget…Cato and Target have been my jam for years! My splurges are usually on items I know I’ll keep for just about ever: purses, coats, classic shoes like your black pump. Thank you for being…real! And yes please, I would love to receive the 30/31 day challenge calendar…bring it on!

  32. Let’s get these 90 days going! I would appreciate the calendar. From the comments already posted it would appear you have once again touched a major chord with your followers! I look forward to your posts, and particularly enjoy your Sunday posts.

  33. Reading that there’s 90 days left in the decade was an inspiration! I’d like to have a copy of your 30/31 day calendar – please and thank-you!

  34. Leslie Rushing Reply

    I’d like a calendar and I love your dress! Cato has become my go to store!

  35. I love the dress. I’d like a copy of the calendar. I need the motivation! Thank you!

  36. Would love a copy of your calendar! Best of luck to you. Love the dress!

  37. Animal print has been a love of mine for years! Love your dress and would also love a calendar. Thanks!
    PS I can’t leave the comment without also leaving my e-mail addy.

  38. Love the dress! I would love to have a copy of the calendar. Thanks!

  39. I love all the animal prints!
    Please send the 30-day plan; I am looking forward to positive results!

  40. Thank you for offering to share! I would like a copy of the calendar.

  41. Melesa Garrison Reply

    I was shopping the other day in a local boutique. The owner said she has already gone to market and lined out her shopping for the store and animal print is still in style next summer. I don’t think it is going out. We women just like it too much. Thanks for always doing a great blog. I enjoy your energy.

  42. I also would like a copy of the calendar. Love your blog. Thanks.

  43. I tried this same sort of challenge 6 months ago and I lost 10 lbs, stopped Diet Coke, ate mostly plant based but the dear husband will fry up sausage and bacon so I did give in for a few bites of that now and then. The only problem I had was the walking. I had to stop after 6 weeks because my knee started hurting. Be careful if you haven’t exercised for awhile. Don’t try to go from couch potato to energizer bunny too quickly. : ) Still loving the animal prints.

  44. Maxine Bower Reply

    I really need a calendar so maybe I can be motivated to make some changes. Love the zebra dress. Thanks for your blog.❤️

  45. Sandra L Fields Reply

    Hi there! Please email me a 30/31 Calender as your post above – Look forward to your post. SF Georgia

  46. I would love a copy of your calendar too! I really look forward to seeing your blog every day. Love your style! I think you may have turned me into an animal print fan! ?

  47. Please send me a copy of the calendar.

    You looked pretty in your animal print dress!
    Thank you again for sharing.

  48. Tania, I would love to receive your 30/31 day challenge calendar. What a good idea! Thanks.

  49. Love your blog, love your outfits! I would love to have the calendar.

  50. Michelle Mills Reply

    I’m so glad I found your blog I love it. I would like to receive the calendar also. Thanks for the inspiration.

  51. I would love the calendar. I LOVE your blog it’s the first email I open every morning Thank you!

  52. Donna Ingalls Reply

    That dress looks great with the shoes and earrings.
    I would like a copy of the calendar please. It sounds very motivational.
    Thank you.

  53. Kim Dambach Reply

    Hi Tania! I’d also love a copy of the calendar. Thanks so much. You look younger every day!

  54. Cathi Leibforth Reply

    The dress looks great on you! I would love a copy of the calendar, thank you!

  55. Cheryl Bean Reply

    Hello I would like to receive a copy of your 90 day challenge. I am really enjoying your blog posts and pics thank you

  56. Good morning! I also would love a copy of your calendar. I started seeing your outfits on Pinterest and saving my favorites, and now I follow your blog everyday. I enjoy it so much. Keep up all your good work, and many regards.

  57. I would like to receive the calendar if it is not too late. Thank you. I also enjoy your blog. Thank you.

  58. Kay Kleinhesselink Reply

    I would also like a copy of the 90 day challenge! Thanks!

  59. Carol Waddell Reply

    Your plan sounds great! I would like to try your calendar please.

  60. Love the dress…very figure flattering. I too would like a copy of the 90 challenge. I just retired and so need motivation to stay active! Thanks!

  61. I love everything about this post! Would you kindly send me a copy of your 30/31 calendar? Thank you!!

  62. Sheila Lewis Reply

    I would like a tracking calendar if they are still available. I have been following you for several years and love all your posts. I especially like this zebra one.

  63. Charlcy Green Reply

    Good job on your new life goal! Best of luck! Love those animal prints!

  64. The 90 day challenge sounds interesting and I would appreciate a copy of the calendar. However, unless I am totally mis-reading this, drinking half your body weight in water? How is this possible? A woman who weighs 130 pounds would be drinking 65 pounds of water! Not sure a person could handle that!!

  65. Thanks. Although I am from South Africa I enjoy your blog posts. I need to lose weight so would live a calender and som tips on weight loss at 61. Is your skin range available in South Africa? Thanks

    • Tania Reply

      It is great to hear from you! I wish we were sold in South Africa, but not yet. I’ll send you a catalog.

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