Is Now The Time to Update Your Panty Drawer?

I’ve blogged so many times about great shapewear and bra options lately, but there’s one item that I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned. In all of the years I’ve been blogging, can you believe that I haven’t included one single post on panties? No worry. Today we’re answering the question, “Is now the time to update your panty drawer?” Spoiler alert – it is!

Raise your hand if it’s been a minute since you bought new panties. Did you know that if you’ve had your panties for 6 – 12 months, experts say to toss them? I think I have some pairs that remember pay phones, lol.

Is Now The Time to Update Your Panty Drawer? Boyshorts

Are you a fan of boyshorts? I think they are soooo comfortable! I love, love, love seamless and soft nylon underwear. This is a very affordable package of 5 for just $20 dollars. These have over 15,000 reviews and a star rating of 4.5 stars!

If you’re looking for something with a little more WOW, these lacy boyshorts from Soma are a great choice. They are only $10 dollars and come in lots of fun prints. I love Soma and have always been happy with their products.

Speaking of WOW, these lacy black panties are gorgeous. Gurls, please, for the love of everything, throw out any worn-out, ill-fitting drawers and replace them with something pretty. Even if you’re the only one who sees them, you’ll know and feel so much better about yourself.

Is Now The Time to Update Your Panty Drawer? Hipsters & Bikini

Don’t love boy shorts? The hipster cotton briefs may be more your style. They are cotton and spandex and hit at a nice spot just below the belly button. These come 5 to a pack and are just $17 dollars.

This brand, Kindly Yours, is found at Walmart, but I had never heard of them until recently. Don’t judge me, but I bought a pack at a bin store, lol. They were unopened, of course! Gurls, these are SO comfortable and stretchy. At just $10 for a pack of three, they are also budget-friendly.

I can’t wait to hear about your favorite style of underwear in the comments, ha! If you’re a basic bikini girl – give me cotton Hanes and call it a day girl – these are for you! You can’t go wrong with Hanes, and these are very affordable at just $13 dollars for a pack of 6. At that price, there’s no reason not to update your underwear drawer.

Here’s another nice pair from Soma. I love the name of this color – Hush. Can you imagine calling a store and asking, “Do you have any hush sweaters?” Or “Do these sandals come in hush?” These provide nice coverage, and if you don’t love hush, they come in numerous other colors. Also $10 dollars.

Is Now The Time to Update Your Panty Drawer? Leakproof Edition

*Some period underwear has been controversial. I’ve worn them for years and haven’t had any issues, but you should do your own research.

Leakage? It’s a thing. But it’s not the end of the world! Panty makers have created options for women who need a bit of protection. Knix makes a large variety of leakproof options. How leakproof? These have a built-in pad that absorbs up to 10 tampons worth of liquid. The boxer briefs pictured are orchid, but there are several colors.

Soma has a nice version! These look very nice in black, but they also come in sand. The details say that these have a built-in pad that absorbs up to 5 tampons worth of liquid. Reviews say that they are very comfortable and get the job done. Soma offers these for $43 dollars.

Here’s another Knix option in a bikini style. The inner gusset is very long from front to back, and the pad holds the equivalent of 8 tampons worth of liquid. They are made from a  buttery-soft cotton & modal blend and just $38 dollars.

Okay, Gurls. What did you think of my first panty post?! Let me know if you’ve found something you like!

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  1. Lori Lorenzini says:

    I would like to try Knix but they don’t offer a now show panty that can’t be seen under leggings during workouts or under jeans. I could use the light leakage protection they offer.

    1. Even thought it doesn’t say that it is no show, they don’t show.

  2. K Fletcher says:

    I burst out laughing at your payphone comment!! Thank you for the best laugh of the day!!!

  3. Thank you for this article! I’m realizing that I need to expand and replace my top drawer collection. I’m a SOMA panty fan too – high leg briefs FTW.
    However, it’s time to try boy shorts from a high quality line.

  4. Meta Guin says:

    I’m loving my Knix. I’m 72 and afraid of leaking a little if I sneeze or laugh uncontrollably!

  5. I love Soma panties. However….the boy shorts are a big NO for me. The legs ride up and sometimes roll. Look at the photos, they are much shorter than other boy shorts. It seems they fit a very lean body type best. I’m 5’8 and 148 lbs. for reference.

  6. I’m definitely a Hanes girl but I’m looking for something that is comfortable and will flatten my belly with dress pants. Any suggestions?

  7. Very good post, thanks! I have panties that are so old they remember dial phones, LOL I guess a clear out is in order!

    1. Lol!!! You have some work to do, Diane!

  8. sue koren says:

    I have never been to SOMA – now I will have to check them out!

  9. Loved all the options provided. I’ve been a Soma “gurl” for some time now. The Vanishing Edge hipsters are my favorite. No panty line!

  10. Tania – I like a “granny” panty. They help smooth out muffin tops and they don’t creep down.

  11. Elizabeth Ty says:

    Some great options at reasonable prices. I think this is a much needed topic. However I was surprised you didn’t mention VPL – visible panty line. It is something I look.

  12. Violet L O'Brien says:

    This was very interesting. I gave worn bikinis for many years and I like you am sure some are from pay phone days. Somehow I just forget to check them. By the way, you don’t look like a calico car at all…look great! Have a great day!

  13. Leah Hagedorn says:

    Thanks for the reminder to refresh our panty drawer once a year! Mine needs it. You provided a good selection and price range.

    1. I need to refresh mine too. That’s why I did the post.

  14. Soma makes a no panty line leg that really stays put. Love them.

  15. ok need to throw some away and buy some new😜

  16. I ordered panties a couple of weeks ago. It was the first time ever I ordered panties. I had bought a couple at the outlet and decided I wanted more. I have been wanting to try Soma. Thanks for the options.

  17. Debbie Barber says:

    I was just thinking I need something new and wanted to try a different style. This post came at the right time for me!

  18. Soma Bras huh? I’ll have to try them. As I’ve aged, its been tough to find a good fit! uggg

  19. Yup, definitely time to update my panty drawer! Thanks for all the great choices and prices.

  20. Yes for Soma invisible edge panties. No show and they stay in place.

  21. Love all of these good idea to update panties

  22. Nice options you have found. I am partial to Jockey no panty line panties. So comfortable and so thin, like you’re not even wearing any! Joe looks so young and handsome–he’s still handsome now.

  23. I recently purchased a package of Warner panties from Walmart that are made from the exact material of a pair that I had bought from Belk.. $13.00 for 3 pair at Walmart, $12.00 for 1 pair at Belk. The only difference, the Belk pair has a lace waist band!

    1. I have these too.
      I really like them.
      Monica E.

  24. I purchased bras earlier this year at Soma, I’ll have to try the panties.

  25. Sure wish there were no leak undies when I was a teen! My favorites are jockey no panty line bikinis!
    Love the picture of handsome Joe but I think you met him before 2015!

    1. Lol! I did. That was a typo on my part. It was 1985 instead.

  26. I like a hipster with a wide waistband. So there ya go. HA! Looking hard at that 5 pack and the Kindly 3 pack.

  27. Angela Dixon says:

    Tania, I need to purge the panty drawer. I have some that I still wear and are thread bearing!!! I even tell myself to throw away instead of putting them in the laundry basket! Guess I should just do it! PURGE!!

  28. The first style is so cute & looks so comfy.

  29. I love love love Soma bras and panties!!! It’s all Ive worn for years. Turned both of my daughters into fans too. I love all your content!!!

  30. It’s definitely time to update this area!😁

  31. Oh I love the picture of your husband! I need high leg thigh that doesn’t ride up, can you recommend some?

    1. Ummm, I don’t know of any at this time.

  32. I LOVE this post and feel CONVICTED!!!! I should have new panties!!! Mine are worn out, cute once, but lost their luster ….

  33. Stella Gustafson says:

    I update my drawers 😉. Every now and then when a pair gets where they don’t fit right out they go

  34. Hi Tania! I update my panty draw periodically throughout the year. So I always have some new and some older pairs. I’m a fan of briefs, bikinis and boxers. My fave brand to splurge on is Intimissimi. There’s nothing quite like Italian lingerie!

  35. Michelle Calhoun says:

    I love this post and it comes as I was just going through my panty drawer and tossing some. My favorite brand is jockey, have been wearing them for at least 15 years. I enjoy various styles whether boy shorts, bikini or full brief. Love the nylon, no panty line.
    Thank you for always sharing content and being real!! But most of all for letting your light shine.

    1. Awesome! Great minds think alike!

  36. Great post! I have been a longtime fan of Soma for panties, bras, Cool Nights sleepwear and now their swimwear.

  37. Post today was interesting.