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Effortless Fall Style Ideas for Women Over 50 and Beyond

Don’t you love it when an outfit comes together seamlessly and effortlessly? I’ll be honest, it doesn’t happen that often, but when it does, I try to replicate the look again. I’ve found that it seems to be easier with certain brands, and I doubt that is by accident. Today’s effortless fall style ideas for women over 50 and beyond are all from Talbots, and I think you’ll see a theme.

Fall Style Ideas for Women Over 50 and Beyond – CHIC

I like to look modern and youthful in my clothing. Most of the time, I will incorporate trending items to achieve that look. However, I also want to exude confidence and grace, and dressing in classic styles is what I reach for to make that happen. The AUDREY CASHMERE SWEATER and PORTLAND TROUSERS are classic pieces that can be worn for years, and I feel amazing in this outfit.

I rarely “need” a DOUBLE BREASTED BLAZER for work or professional meetings, but I like to have one on hand for any just-in-case moment that might arise. If I was going on a job interview, this would be something I would wear. The sweater and blazer run true to size, but I sized up in the trousers, and they fit great.

I kept on the AUDREY CASHMERE SWEATER and PORTLAND TROUSERS, but I changed out the blazer or a DOUBLE FACE WOOL BLEND DUSTER. This is what I mean by effortless styles. I kept the bones of the first outfit and added a different, completer piece. The duster is the same color as the sweater, and that makes the outfit sooo chic! I knew the duster would be oversized, so I ordered a medium, but I needed a small since it is still too big. The length of the duster is perfect for wearing with pants, jeans, or dresses, and it is incredibly soft to the touch.

Fall Style Ideas for Women Over 50 and Beyond – CASUAL

Since it started raining outside, I moved my photo shoot indoors so I could show you the rest of my fall style ideas for women over 50 and beyond. Talbots jeans are always a good fit for me, and the quality is great. STRAIGHT LEG JEANS will always be in style. They look great with loafers, pumps, or boots. I added this Paisley button-up shirt which is perfect for fall. You could add the duster to this look, and that would bring out the burgundy in the shirt.

I went for a more casual look by adding this gorgeous RIBBED HALF-ZIP SWEATER VEST. Sweater vests are trending this year, so this casual look will show that you pay attention to the latest trends. Don’t forget the tassel loafers, they are also a big trend this year, and they are also very comfortable. I love the horse bit detail across the foot; it elevates the look of the loafer.

Fall Style Ideas for Women Over 50 and Beyond – CLASSY

When my husband saw this outfit, he said, “You are keeping this outfit, aren’t you?” The answer is yes and no. I’m keeping the sweater, but the pants are a tad too big for me. I’ve already got a smaller size on the way to me because I loved the look too. Once again, this was effortless. I could also wear this outfit with the double breasted black blazer or the burgundy duster.

This rich burgundy color is one I can’t get enough of this fall. I think it is my favorite color at the moment, and this turtleneck fits great without choking me. I hate when turtlenecks are too tight, and I have to keep yanking on them to try and loosen them up. I just received this Long Strand Necklace in Teal Mix, and you’ll see me wearing it a lot this fall. It is the perfect length, and I love all the fall colored stones.

Fall Style Ideas for Women Over 50 and Beyond – CLASSIC

You can’t go wrong with a Johnny Cash outfit! Black on black is a classic look. It is slimming and helps to elongate your body to make you look taller. I have this CHARMING SHELL in multiple colors because it fits nicely, and I love the wide straps that don’t show my bra.

I was sure I wouldn’t like the WESTON PANTS because they are pleated in the front. Pleated pants are trending, and I keep seeing them everywhere. I carry most of my weight in my stomach area, so pleats are normally my friend. However, I LOVE these pants, and I think they look amazing. The Slender Leather Belt gives some definition between the shell and pants and adds a touch of chicness.

I have an old argyle sweater set that is almost identical to this pattern. That sweater set is one of my favorites, but it doesn’t fit me anymore. So, when I saw this V-NECK ARGYLE CARDIGAN, I immediately placed my order for it and the matching sweater vest. The cardigan fits great, but the vest was too big because I ordered it in a large.

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  1. Meta Guin says:

    Loved the Talbots items! And they are on sale! Have fun in Livingston! I live in Lebanon, TN.

  2. Tania, I love the double breasted blazer. I am so pleased this look is back in style. Thanks for showcasing.

  3. Susan Wiley Grim says:

    Is Joe your photographer? If yes he does a very nice job.

    1. No, Susan. He is NOT a good photographer. Lol! My DIL took these for me.

  4. Wow! You look so classy and elegant in all of them, as usual. I definitely want the black and white sweater.

  5. Joyce Saylor says:

    love to see all the different looks for fall. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Karen Starnes says:

    Love the burgundy color for fall!

  7. This is great. Love your ideas. Looking forward to some more. I am 75 but still like to dress in a chic style. I’m a 14 in pants and a large for tops.

    1. I love it! That’s awesome I’m glad that you find these post helpful!

  8. These are classy outfits. I don’t blame you for falling for Joe; what a handsome gentleman you’ve married.

  9. sue koren says:

    I love Talbots – just wish they weren’t so expensive

  10. Gail Thomas says:

    Wow, I need to go shopping!

  11. Cheri Rupp says:

    I have been enjoying your posts so much. They have helped me see how to use the clothes I have and feel up to date! Thank you so much.

  12. Love the Talbots clothing, I want one of everything, especially the berry colored coat! Your husband is right…you look fantastic in Talbots clothing!

  13. Very classy outfits. Love the rich burgundy color.

  14. Mary Ruth Harden says:

    All the effortless outfits are very attractive. Thank you for reminding us that looking amazing can be simple.

  15. Love the burgundy. It’s so pretty. Great inspiration in this post. Thanks!

  16. Pamela Marvin says:

    Love the black and white outfit.

  17. Classy! I love all of these outfits and combinations!!

  18. Robin Bloch says:

    Love what you’ve done with the burgundy pieces! Burgundy has always been my favorite color!

  19. Leah Hagedorn says:

    LOVE the pleated black pants with V-neck Argyle cardigan sweater. Thanks for expanding my choices, Tania! You look so sensational I’m going to try the pleated pants too.

  20. Susan Wiley Grim says:

    Love the plummy shades, reminds me of wine🤷‍♀️

  21. I love your Joe stories; you are a wonderful couple. I’ve been married to my guy for 34+ years and it’s the laughter that has made it such a great time. Keep that humor going!

    1. Mary, it will be 37 years for us in November. Wow! Time flies when you’re having fun.

  22. Kristine Reis says:

    My go to brand is Eileen Fisher. I love that you can pull out any two or three pieces and have a fabulous, easy outfit.

  23. Suzonne Johnson says:

    I’m loving the vests!

  24. These outfits are beautiful. It’s time for my favorite fall closet update.

  25. so thankful Talbot’s make most of their items in petite sizing. looking forward to trying on the great outfits you modeled for us.

  26. it’s amazing that by adding a third piece the outfit can be casual or more business like! thanks for these ideas.

  27. Love the Audrey sweater and pants outfit with both blazer and duster. Very sharp. Your husband is a handsome man. I enjoy your emails about you two.

    1. I’m glad that you enjoyed the post today! Thanks for commenting.

  28. I love the colors in these outfits. It makes me a little less sad to say good-bye to summer.

  29. Love the argyle sweater! So chic!

  30. Yes, yes, yes for every outfit!!!

  31. Rosanna Lockett says:

    I love this burgundy color and it looks great one you!

    1. Burgundy might be my favorite color this fall!

  32. Kathleen OBrien says:

    just one more reason to love reading your blog, I’m also an industrial engineer, although that was in a,”previous life”, I say. I retired from that years ago, and now do something completely different. it’s fun to take a peek at your life. and I really enjoy your style, and love your great tips. I especially love your Bible verses, they encourage me every day.

    1. Thank you, Kathleen! I’m so glad you enjoy reading the posts. Especially the Bible verses!! ❤️

  33. KN Charlton says:

    Very classy and stylish. Now if there was a place to shop around here other than walmart!

  34. You met Joe way back in 2015? Per your title on this post. Somehow I figured you met him before that. Lol. Never assume, I know! Love your stories and all you do to put together your blog. Love that maroon colored duster!

    1. Deanna, that was a typo. I met him in 1985, just 30 years difference in the two dates. Lol!

  35. Love the black and white sweater! I see so many ways to wear it!

  36. Gorgeous. The burgundy is definitely a winner. Thank you for sharing these great ideas!

  37. Wow! I love every look today but especially the wool duster with the cashmere sweater.

  38. I love burgundy, I’m ready for fall. Very nice photo of Joe.

    1. I love bugandy since it goes with navy, beige, gray, black and everything else. If you buy a duster in burgundy the options are endless.

  39. Nice photo of Joe. I love burgundy, I’m ready for fall.

  40. Always love your outfits! And your husband is quite handsome!

  41. Thanks for all the good ideas for Fall clothing updates ! I love the length on your hair too 😊

  42. Karrie Knutson says:

    Your reviews and especially your pictures of items help me decide and priorize what I want to purchase. Plus based on the sizes you purchase I know what size I need to purchase.

    1. Glad I could be of help! Thank you for commenting.

  43. Jenniffer says:

    I love the argyle sweater!!

  44. That rich, burgundy color is perfect on you and one my favorites. You look great in all the styles.

  45. Ginger Hiller says:

    You look very nice in all of the outfits, Tania.

  46. Janice K Salz says:

    You met Joe in 2015?

    1. No, I messed up. It was 1985, not 2015.

  47. I like all the outfits..you look great in everyone of them.

  48. I just love the very first outfit. turtle neck perfect pants and heels! not only do look FABULOUS but effortless and oh so chic. you have a talent for dressing for sure.

  49. Angela Dixon says:

    I have a burgundy sweater in my cart thinking of ordering it. I too love the outfit with the Hampshire sidewalk ankle pants. You can’t go wrong with Talbots!

    1. I agree! Talbots is awesome. ❤️

  50. I love your style and the classic pieces you show, but I also like the modern pieces you throw in!
    And look at you catching a young little thing like that! I thought you and Joe had been together for longer than 8 years! 😉🤣

    1. Gine, we have. Lol! I goofed up. It was 1985 instead.

  51. Fall is my favorite! Love all your fall styles!!!

  52. Linda Conner says:

    Hi Tania, Was your picture of your precious husband from 2015, or much longer ago?
    You both are so cute! xo

    1. It was much longer ago. It was 1985, not 2015.

  53. The paisley top with the jeans looks so nice and the vest with it also. You and Joe make a nice couple.

  54. I love Talbots. I need to try on the Weston pants for sure. Like you I shy away from pleated front pants but since you said you liked them I’ll give it a try. Love the burgundy colors they are showing. That duster is great.

  55. Talbots has become my “go to” shopping place. I bought a lot of clothes at Dillard’s when I worked, but they have a new buyer (according to my sales gal at my local store) who has TERRIBLE taste. The clothes she is putting in their stores look like Melissa Gilbert collection from Little House on the Prarie. I had those years with Gunne Sax, in my 20’s. I love these outfits. We have my husband’s 45th year college reunion this fall. Great ideas. 5 days with folks I only see once every 5 years, so I gotta look well dressed…..lol!

    1. Yes, Talbots is a great place to shop. I have always been happy with my purchases from there! ❤️

  56. Like the top from Talbots.

  57. I love me some Talbots!! Love the colorful shirt with the vest. You are giving me some great ideas! 🙂

  58. Rosemary Di Gioia says:

    Beautiful choices!!! Would you be able to do similar looks for less money please?

    1. Maybe. However, if you watch closely, Talbots has great sales, and you might get these at a huge discount,

  59. I love every outfit! The burgundy turtleneck is gorgeous with those gray pants. I love the purple outfit too. So many wonderful choices!! Thank you!

    1. Yes, that was one of my favorites! Thanks! 😊

  60. The hubs has great taste! Before I read your comment, I liked that outfit the best ( burgundy turtleneck and grey trousers). Burgundy is your color!

  61. My favorite outfit is the ribbed sleeveless vest! I thought it was adorable!

  62. Jill Cage says:

    My favorite is the button down shirt and jeans combo – classy!

  63. Robyn Ferguson says:

    I think I need a burgundy top,or sweater! Such a beautiful color on you Tania :).!

    1. I’m loving this color this year.

  64. Tania, Thanks for sharing such beautiful fall clothing choices.

  65. Patricia Konze says:

    Love the sweater vest. Going to stop by Talbots today!

  66. Such beautiful classics yet fairly “easy”! Love the argyle

  67. That burgandy is beautiful! I also love the “cocoa powder” in the shirt (Loft) and shoes (Target) on one of the Office Inspo in today’s email. Time to shop! Maybe that will “will” fall to appear in my part of the country – still very much summer temps!

    1. I’m so happy that you found some outfits that you like today. I hope it cools off for you soon!

  68. Linda Shearer says:

    I love these classic styles and you look really good in all of them. Thank You for posting

  69. You met Joe 8 years ago? Or is it too early for me?!!!!!!!!!!! The first picture is stunning!
    And like the idea of the argyle sweater with full pants! Fall colors are my favorite!

    1. Pam, no it was much more that 8 years ago. It was really 1985.

  70. Cheryll Sampson says:

    Love today’s outfits, particularly the burgundy which I have in turtlenecks and a long cardigan. Since I retired, I don’t dress up every day, but I still wear my work sweaters with jeans. Good picture of Joe, but you met him before 2015, didn’t you?

    1. Yes, many years before. It was 1985, not 2015.

  71. Greta post. Fall is my favorite

  72. Stella Gustafson says:

    Love the outfits. And is there something different about your hair. Good job on the inside pictures

  73. Love these colors too. Anxious to get to Talbots to check all these great fall looks.

  74. Mary Kinard says:

    I love the burgundy color!

  75. Janice Wooldridge says:

    Love the rich burgundy’s

  76. These colors are beautiful. So ready for fall. They all look great on you!!

  77. My favorite piece from today is the double face wool blend duster. It looks great. Thanks

  78. I LOVE Talbots!!! They make it so easy to put outfits together from head to toe. Love all the looks!!!

  79. Ann Pavlicek says:

    I love the burgundy color! It looks so nice with both black and gray. Classic pieces with last forever.
    Nice picture of hunky Joe!!!

  80. Very classic looks and they all look beautiful on you! That’s a nice looking picture of Joe, I definitely can see why he captured your heart! You may have the year wrong that he graduated from college, if not he certainly looked great in 2015!!

    1. Sherli Morgan says:

      Dawn – I thought the same thing about the 2015 date! Lol

  81. Wow that burgundy turtleneck sweater looks very good on you.
    Thank you so much for this autumn ideas.

  82. Laura Crenshaw says:

    Love the dark plum colors! And most of all thank you for always sharing His word! 👆❤️

  83. Louise Logan says:

    Such classy outfits!! Love the burgundy sweater and duster and the beautiful silver grey pants!

  84. Hi Tania, love the burgundy sweater too! I just bought a burgundy sweater dress from Amazon and I love it! Also the Johnny Cash outfit is a class act! And Joe sure was / is a handsome guy!

  85. I appreciate that you tried something out of your comfort zone. You look great in those pants!

  86. You have a way of putting together outfits that make you look polished.

  87. Cindy Kemp says:

    I love these classic looks from Talbots. Thank you for showing these great beautiful pieces.