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Building A Capsule Wardrobe For Fall

My niece recently decided she was ready to start putting effort into her wardrobe. She loves horses, so she spends a lot of time at the barn, and her wardrobe has become mostly jeans, tees, and boots. That is a great wardrobe for the barn, but she needed to look nicer when she went to the movies, church, or out to eat. The answer for her, and maybe for you, was to create a Capsule Wardrobe for Fall.

What is a Capsule Wardrobe for Fall

You might be wondering what a capsule Wardrobe for Fall is and if you need one. Basically, a capsule wardrobe for fall will consist of fall styles that you can mix and match to create outfits for the entire season. Everyone’s needs can be different depending on your job and social calendar. I work from home, and we don’t have a big social calendar, so I don’t need certain clothing. Many of you still work outside the home, and you need a wardrobe that reflects that.

Building a Capsule Wardrobe for Fall

I want to help everyone with their fall wardrobe, so I’ll be showcasing clothing for a wide range of needs. This will make my capsule appear huge, but you will only need to have one or two items from each category to create your capsule. If you stay home, pick from the items that are casual, relaxed, and comfy. Those of you who leave the home for work will want dressier options. I’m sure everyone will find items you can incorporate into your existing wardrobe to create the perfect fall wardrobe.

A Capsule Wardrobe for Fall

When I think of fall, I think of sweaters, denim jackets, jeans, and boots. You have to have more clothing than that, but those items are always in my fall wardrobe.


Since this is a capsule wardrobe for fall, I’m choosing basic items. Solid colors and neutrals that you can build on with other clothing. The boxy, grandpa-looking sweater seems to be the biggest trend for fall. I’m not a fan of that look, so I tried to find sweaters that are more wearable and not so oversized.

Denim Jackets

You need a denim jacket for fall! You actually need a denim jacket for every season of the year!!! I wear this one from Amazon a lot, but here are some others for you.


There are a couple of trends this fall for jeans; the biggest ones seem to be a straight-leg, wide-leg, and flares are still trending. I did see one report that said flares were going out, but that could have been the huge oversized flare trend from the 70s. I love all of these styles, but the straight-leg and the flare jeans are the most universally flattering.

Shoes and Boots

Boots are always a fall staple, but this year the shaft of the boot is higher, and over-the-knee boots are trying to make a comeback. Chunky soles are still a thing, and flats and loafers are huge this year. Western-inspired shoes and boots are still trending, and white and ivory are another big trend. Plus, clogs are coming onto the scene in a big way, so you have lots of shoes to choose from. Pick what resonates with you, and forget the rest.

I didn’t include sneakers with the shoes and boots, but you need at least one pair of sneakers for your capsule wardrobe for fall. Think retro when it comes to fashionable sneakers. It seems like everything old is new again.

Blazers and Jackets

Oversized blazers are in this fall. I sometimes feel like I’m wearing my husband’s/father’s/son’s clothing. I try to stay away from the huge oversized blazers and pick the slightly oversized ones instead. Leather is still big for fall; everything, from pants, blazers, bomber jackets, etc. Here are a few items that might be of interest for a capsule wardrobe for fall.

Dresses for a Capsule Wardrobe for Fall

I love wearing dresses since they are a one-and-done item. They are easier to wear than a jumpsuit because of the bathroom issue, and they look dressy too. The midi length is my preferred length for fall since it looks great with all types of boots. Here are some I liked, and ALL of them are already in my possession.

It is a lot to navigate, and staying modern-looking takes some effort. Look through your closet and see what items you already have that will still work for this fall. Then, supplement with a few items to complete your fall wardrobe. Pick and choose what works best for you and what looks best for your body shape.

I hope you found this post helpful. Leave me a comment about the style you are most excited about and which one you are going to leave in the store!

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  1. I loved the outfits. I just started wearing leopard any way that I can. I liked it before but never felt comfortable wearing it. I am 75 so I am a little old probably for your clothes but I have decided that I was following you. Thank you for all the time you spending doing this.

    1. Yvonne, you are not too old. My mom is older than you, and she has started to wear some of the clothing I style. My dad has been complimenting her, which is NOT something that has ever happened before.

  2. Love the fall clothes! The tan blazer is one of my favorites. Thank you!

  3. Great post, more work to do..

  4. sue Koren says:

    Definitely need to go through my closet and purge!

  5. I love all the options for jeans!

  6. I so enjoyed this helpful post. Thank you

  7. Thank you for all the fall outfit ideas. Love the outfit you’re wearing with the dress and jean jacket. The cereal sure brings back good memories . Glad you enjoyed it.

    1. Thank you, Brenda. A capsule wardrobe makes figuring out what to wear so much easier!

  8. You’re the best !
    Love the different ways to change an outfit using the capsule.
    Take care 💙

  9. Cindy Phipps says:

    I need new booties, just can’t decide on height of shaft and I also need white sneakers. . .loved the fuschia jacket from JJill. Wondering if I could find a pink raincoat? Thanks for posting

    1. Cindy, white sneakers are an essential!!! I’m sure you can find a pink raincoat, especially since Barbiecore is so popular.

  10. Cheryl Stevens says:

    I cannot wait for the weather to cool down so I can wear jean jackets, blazers and sweaters. It’s my absolute favorite time of the year.

  11. Blazers for the win! Bojo dress starts behind.

  12. I am retired and I loved dressing professionally for work. I too, have become a jeans girl. I enjoyed this post, because we have my husband’s 45th college reunion coming up and I need some nicer things. Jumpsuits are great, but the bathroom issue is a problem. Enjoy your Fruity Pebbles, Frosted Flakes are my go to cereal. Lol!

    1. The jumpsuit/bathroom struggle is real! Enjoy the reunion. 🙂

  13. Cheryll Sampson says:

    Love the blazers and short boots.

  14. Crystal Huffer says:

    Love all of these- but especially the pink utility jacket and the vegan suede wrap dress!! I am going through my closet (WAY overstuffed!) and paring it down to my most loved essentials! I find that I often wear my cashmere sweaters and jeans for the majority of my fall/winter wardrobe- So why store what I’m No wearing!!?? Thank you for all your style advice & ideas !!

    1. Why, indeed! But we all do it. Glad you’re taking the time to go through your closet!

  15. I like the idea of paring my closet down to a classic capsule group. Fewer things, better quality and coordinating. But I’d like to look as good as you do in them! 😁

    1. I’m sure you look beautiful but thanks for the kind words. ❤️

  16. Love the denim dress from Talbots!

  17. I will leave the boho items in the store. I prefer the classic style and I am working on adding a few items for a more casual look

  18. Love the look of the first outfit with the black coat. You look so smashing/classy. I like every piece of that, but all together is really nice.

  19. I wanted to mention that I love the “save or splurge” blogs you have. So many times as I look at celebrities and think I would love to wear an outfit like that, but know that there is no way that I can afford it and it’s nice that you put the work in for me in figuring out how to copy a particular style. Thanks so much. Maybe you could do more of those. I know I would sure love it. I have sugary cereal in my house for my granddaughter also, and I have eaten it for dinner as well!!

    1. Janet, I’m looking at the analytics on the save and splurge posts to see if people click on them, or buy any of the products. If they do, then I’ll continue doing them.

  20. I like the idea of a capsule wardrobe. A few classic ideas can go far with a few different accessories. Kind of the “mix and match” idea. Love it.

    Thank you Tania

  21. Thank you for recommending your ideas for a capsule wardrobe. I have been thinking about this idea a lot lately. Overall I just have too many clothes and it often makes it hard to choose what to wear. I love the idea of paring down.

    1. Yes, it feels good to let go of things you don’t wear anymore. Good luck!

  22. Wish I could throw everything in my closet out and start all over with your ideas!

    1. Don’t get overwhelmed. Slowly but surely replace what you don’t wear anymore!

      1. Susan Wiley Grim says:

        I’m only the hunt for a lightweight plum sweater, it’s still too warm here in southeastern Pennsylvania. I did pull out my new denim jacket for chilly casual brunch spots. Thanks for all of your inspiration Tania. ❤️

  23. Great ideas for a capsule wardrobe.

  24. I love the casual boho dress with the denim jacket. The jacket really makes it a cute work outfit and would cover my upper arms.

  25. loved this post
    love your suggestions and all
    Great options
    keep up the hard work.

  26. Love the dark wash Chambray dress! Could wear with all the shoes & boots, even the white leather sneakers.

  27. Oh, I love the faux leather trench coat – if only it were on sale!

  28. Mary Beth says:

    Tania, I bought the jean jacket from Amazon in a dark wash and then bought the same one in white.
    Love them both!
    Some great ideas for fall today, thank you!

  29. Kat Weaver says:

    Lol I love a good bowl of Lucky Charms!!! But I have to use Almond Milk! Always enjoy your blog bi read it everyday!

  30. I think a blazer, button down shirt and jeans is a perfect combination for just about anything. It’s my go-to outfit. I’m on the fence about whether this or that jean is in or out of style. To me, it makes more sense to wear the one that looks best for your body shape. I mostly prefer just a straight style, but each to her own. I plan to order the Wrangler jacket too! Thanks for all the choices.

    1. I agree, Laura. Jeans, a white shirt, and a blazer are a great go-to outfit! Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  31. …as I sit here with my midi dress and denim jacket on. 😀

  32. Karrie Knutson says:

    I had not heard of a capsule wardrobe. I feel a jacket or blazer could be a kep piece.

  33. Jus so happens I had pumpkin cheerios for dinner last evening.

  34. Jenniffer says:

    So glad you’re doing a capsule wardrobe series!!!!

  35. Love the idea of a capsule wardrobe. Thanks, Tania, for the great suggestions!

  36. One of the reasons why I have followed your blog for so long is that you always give me ideas on fresh ways to wear items I already own. Thank you for encouraging us to start in our own closet and go from there. I also appreciate that you keep us updated on what old trends are still going.

    1. I am so glad that you have been enjoying the blog, Joy! Thank you for leaving a comment!

  37. I think the denim jacket might be the most important piece in the fall capsule! Love all of these ideas.

  38. Stella Gustafson says:

    Love the pink jacket. Wish it got cold enough here and n Florida to wear fall winter clothes

  39. Suzonne Johnson says:

    I love the boho dress!

  40. I agree with your selections. That’s what I have and some. 😊I’m with you on the oversized grandfather sweaters. I’m petite so they would overwhelm me. I like your selections above.

  41. Doris Mitchell says:

    Great ideas for my fall wardrobe – I LOVE capsules, they are so helpful !
    Have a great day.

  42. Ginger Hiller says:

    Fabulous scripture verse! This post is perfect because I am going to give creating a capsule wardrobe my very best effort. I’m over having a closet packed full of clothes and not wearing half of them.

  43. Glada St Clair says:

    I love denim. Shirts, skirts, and jackets.

  44. Krista Preston says:

    Fall looks are always my favorite. Living in the desert it’s also my winter wear!

  45. Maria Good says:

    I have fallen in love with Quince. I placed my first order yesterday and I can’t wait to receive it!!

  46. Chrystalyn Lundgren says:

    Hi love your style,
    I’m not 50, only 40 but I love your style pics!! First time posting here, just wanted to say thank you for the tips & I enjoy reading your blog. I like how you talk about your personal life a little & post a bible scripture. I will continue to follow you well into my 50s & more!! Keep it up. 💜 Chrystalyn

    1. Hi Chrystalyn! I’m so glad that you have been enjoying the blog and have taking the time to comment!

  47. I love these fall looks. I took your advice and got the Wrangler jean jacket and I love it. Now waiting for it to cool down so I can wear it .

    1. Judy, I love that jacket and I have it on today.

  48. Thank you! I was planning to pull items together on a garment rack today for fall, and then pack summer stuff away.
    Q: when it’s Sept 13 but 86 degrees do I wear fall closed toe shoes or summer Sandals? It’s wonky time!!!!

    1. I’d match the shoes to the outfit! If your dressing for fall I would wear closed toe shoes, and if you are dressing for summer I would wear sandals.

  49. I always love your ideas! Thank you for spending time to help us out 🙂

  50. Christal Maria Yowell says:

    I’m a coco Pebbles gal- fortunately I bought a box for my daughter when she was home. I may or may not have purchased additional boxes “for her visits” even though she lives in NYC (I’m in Virginia). I’m so excited about transitioning my closet over for fall. The warm colors and jackets always make me happy.

  51. Michele Behme says:

    Love the midi dress and blue jean jacket. It is so cross functional, dress up or down! Thanks for the capsule post.

  52. I am the worst about buying something that catches my eye and then having nothing to go with it! I need to work on making a capsule wardrobe! Thanks for showing these pieces!

    1. Lol! I completely feel that!

  53. Great wardrobe essentials! Ready for some cooler weather and a bit of rain!

  54. Mary Kinard says:

    Love these capsule wardrobe ideas! Can’t wait to wear sweaters, jeans, boots, denim jackets!

  55. Dana Smithmier says:

    thanks for these!!!

  56. I’m ready for fall !

  57. Louise Logan says:

    Love the dresses! And cashmere!

  58. Sweaters, jeans and boots are my favorite for fall.

  59. Deb Lacey says:

    You always have inspiring photos for me to consider! I LOVE your style.

  60. Bring on fall for these cute options -I can’t wait to wear cashmere!

  61. Lisa Tharp says:

    Thank You for showing the Wrangler denim jacket again!! I ordered this jacket the last time that you featured it. I love a basic denim jeans jacket and this one is awesome!! And the price point is great!! I will wear mine with my basic black dress pants and black jeans for sure! Oh, and your cute pup is quite the photo bomber!! LOL!!

    1. Yes, that jacket is great with everything! Lucy is the best. 🙂

  62. I’ve been trying to put together a mini capsule wardrobe for a trip to Boston early next month, and the dress with denim jacket is what was missing – perfect timing! And I thought I was through shopping, but but now I’m rethinking my tried and true super comfy OC sneakers for something more like those cute Dr. Scholl’s or Birks. Are OC’s even OK for these cute fall looks?
    Summer H.

    1. Boston sounds fun! I think the most important thing is to have comfortable shoes. I remember a trip years ago to Chicago. Let’s just say the blisters were not a good look! I think you’d get a lot of wear out of the sneakers. I wear them all of the time. Just be sure and walk around some beforehand to make sure they are comfortable.

      1. Summer H. says:

        I’ve got a couple of weeks so I think I’ll try out a pair of the more on trend sneaks! Thanks so much!

  63. Pam Plunkett says:

    I’ve been trying to put together a capsule wardrobe for quite awhile. Thanks for the tips! Maybe this year! 😀

  64. Thank you for all the ideas.
    Love your blog,
    God bless!

  65. I am transitioning into retirement, after being a teacher for 30 years! Paring down y wardrobe is a challenge, but I know there is so much I no longer will wear. Loving the idea of a capsule wardrobe. Thanks for sharing!

  66. I’m with you Tania, mot a fan of the oversized blazers and sweaters. Hope that trend doesn’t stick around. BTW, you look fantastic in all your outfits today.

  67. Love all the combinations that can be made from these pieces! Happy to see I have many in my wardrobe already!

  68. Kari Nunn says:

    Love the capsule wardrobe. Trying to Shop one from my closet then purge!

  69. Ah, my dream is always to have a capsule wardrobe…but my wardrobe is full! Fall clean out soon. BTW, I have a 3 piece St. John knit suit from 2004…with the big shoulders that seem to be back. It still fits and is comfy Could/would this be appropriate attire for a fall wedding requesting cocktail attire? Or should I donate this and a young woman could wear it as vintage?

    1. Mudra, it would depend on the size of the big shoulders on the St. John suit. If they are so large that you can’t make it work, then why not still wesr the other pieces with a different top, blazer, etc.?

  70. I always love your posts but I wish more of the dresses came in a variety of lengths as the choices you have are way too long for me and not everything looks good after it is hemmed. I don’t need separate petite only posts, just more size options in the items you post. Thank you.

  71. Denise Morton says:

    I love this post! I especially liked the pink jacket and plaid blouse- and I’m heading to Talbots to try on their straight leg jeans! Thanks!

  72. Love ALL your looks and have copied many of them!

  73. I love fall dressing, so many fun layers and textures. Funny – I am wearing that plaid blazer (and the matching pants)on my blog today – great minds, lol!