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50 Is not Old is wearing a striped faux wrap dress with bright red espadrillesYears ago, we updated our stove and refrigerator in the kitchen. I’m not sure what we did with the stove, but the fridge was still good, so we put it in a covered area near the pool. We usually keep drinks and popsicles in it for the kids, and it also serves as an over-flow for my regular refrigerator.
50 Is not Old is wearing a striped faux wrap dress with navy espadrillesWe always have a lot of hamburger meat on hand since he will buy 1/2 of a cow and have the entire thing ground into hamburger meat. When I was cleaning out my freezer in the house, I moved some of the excess meat to that refrigerator so that I could put some vegetables, rolls, and pizzas in the house. Joe has been going to the store for me lately, so I asked him to buy me a roast for me to put in my Ninja Foodie. (I LOVE THAT THING!!!) When he came home, he said that they were on sale, so he brought FOUR roasts back. I fixed one, and then I put the other three in those air-tight sucking bags, and I put them in the freezer outside.

Yesterday, my son called me and told me that he wanted to put some veggies in that freezer. I told him to go ahead that there still should be plenty of room. He called me back in just a few minutes to say to me that our refrigerator had quit working, and everything in it was ruined. UGH! Aside from the money lost and the sheer amount of food lost, it stunk so badly that I thought that I was going to be sick. So, does this make your day seem a little better? LOL! Oh well, I see a new refrigerator or freezer in my future.
50 Is not Old is wearing a navy striped faux wrap dressThis dress is perfect for almost anything. I ordered it at the same time that I ordered the loungewear and pajamas from QVC. This is by the brand Cuddl Duds, and you can bet that anything by that brand is soft and comfortable. This dress did not disappoint me in that category. The dress comes in several solid colors, but I love the way the stripes run different ways, and I think that it creates a flattering look. The faux-wrap tie helps to create a waistline, and I sure need all of the help that I can get.

This dress has elbow-length sleeves, and it hits me right below the knee. I am wearing a medium for size references, and I am 5’6″ tall and weigh between 155-160 at any given time. (If this virus doesn’t go away soon, I’ll have to adjust that number upward) This is a super soft stretchy knit, and it is machine washable. Here is the link to the dress.
50 Is not Old is wearing a striped un-tied faux wrap dressI wanted to show you how roomy the dress is before you tie the belt. It is up to you how tightly you want to tie the sash.
50 Is not Old is wearing a navy striped faux wrap dress with silver hoop earringsI am wearing my Avi large silver hoops from Kendra Scott. These have become my go-to earrings when I want to wear silver. I loved them so much that I bought another pair in gold when I caught them on sale. I didn’t get a good photo of my Rue cuff bracelet, so you will have to take my word for it that it is dainty and adorable.
50 Is not Old is wearing bright red espadrillesWho likes adding a pop of color to their outfit? I love doing that, and I will usually add the pop of color with my shoes, my jewelry, a purse, or a scarf. Today, I decided to wear these bright red espadrilles from J. Crew Factory because they are cute and comfortable. Plus, I wanted to wear a heel to give my legs some added length. These shoes are a thick canvas with a jute sole. The shoes run true to size, and I am wearing my usual size 9 in them. These shoes come in a couple more colors, including navy, and they are on sale for under 35.00. You will wear these wedge shoes all summer long. Here is the link.
50 Is not Old is wearing navy espadrillesSo, who doesn’t like adding a pop of color? I know that everyone is not comfortable wearing bright red on their feet. So, I wanted to show you how different colored shoes can change the look of the outfit. These are the slingback Vionic espadrilles in a navy that I wore in yesterday’s post. I bought these shoes because I had heard so many people talk about their love for Vionic shoes. I am still debating whether I like them or not, I like the style, but I can find a similar style cheaper. These shoes are supposed to have good arch support, so that is why they are more costly. So. for those who need good arch support, here is the link. For those who don’t need extra support, here are a couple of shoes that I found yesterday.

50 Is not Old is wearing a navy striped faux wrap dress with bright red espadrilles from J. CrewI hope you enjoyed today’s post. I am sorry that I didn’t get to answer a lot of the comments yesterday. Between the freezer fiasco and me trying to work on our income taxes, I was up to my eyeballs in work. I don’t foresee it being any better today. Ugh! Brighten my day, if you’ve heard any good news, then please share it with me and everyone else. I know that we can all use a dose of good news!
50 Is not Old is wearing a navy striped faux wrap dress with navy espadrilles by Vionic

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Acts 13:32

32 “We tell you the good news: What God promised our ancestors

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  1. Yuck,…so sorry about your freezer! I thought those things only happened to me! Love your outfit and the way you show the different colored shoes–you look smashing,…stay safe from Covid!

  2. Love the Kendra Scott bracelet in todays post. I clicked right over and knew it would work with my two small silver cuff bracelets (say that three times fast) I was thrilled. I’ve been looking for something for awhile now.
    I enjoy your blog. One thing I’ve learned since this covid-19 virus hit us with a pandemic is how to shop online! I think shopping malls are going to take a big hit, even after the pandemic.
    Thank you for the great finds.

  3. Melesa Garrison says:

    I’m so sorry about the freezer and the big, expensive, stinky mess!
    On a brighter note…You look so cute in this darling dress.
    Hope you have a wonderful Good Friday and Easter weekend.

  4. I’m all about soft, comfy, and cute! So sorry about your freezer–ugh!

  5. Really like the dress.
    Are you not selling Plunder any more? You haven’t mentioned Plunder jewelry in a long time.
    Happy, healthy Easter!

    1. I do still sell Plunder, but, honestly, I haven’t loved their latest items. If I don’t like something, I don’t want to promote it to you gurls. I try to only show you things that I am wearing myself.


    1. Thanks, I am so glad that you are enjoying the blog.

  7. Dena McKinney says:

    As always – you look lovely and composed – such a cute combo.

    The whole frig incident stinks (pun intended) – sorry it happened though. I am with you on LOVING my Ninja Foodi – they are awesome. I was all about air fryer cooking and the Foodi (thanks Mom) expanded it to include air fryer + instant pot type cooking, browning all in a single pot. I lose hours watching Pinterest for ideas on how to maximize use of this wonderful tool.

    Stay healthy and positive

    1. I am loving my Ninja. I didn’t think that I would use it that much, but it has replaced almost all of my other pans.

  8. I love the navy and white dress with the red shoes! Reminds me of the month of May with summer approaching and hopefully less social distancing. In Tennessee, we are enjoying watching our dogwood trees bloom and birds singing. I wish you sunshine today!

    1. My Dogwoods are starting to bloom and they look so pretty.

  9. Linda Spivey says:

    This must be the time for the drink refrigerators to go out. Mine went out last week and the new one is being delivered tomorrow. My old one was purchased by my grandparents in 1969 so we definitely got our $$’s worth out of it. I did feel bad about the sanitation workers when they picked up our garbage earlier this week.

    1. You sure got your money’s worth out of that fridge!!!

  10. Elizabeth says:

    So sorry to hear about the fridge and all that food! Love this outfit and I like it better with the red shoes. The pop makes the difference. Normally I think I would be trying to match my shoes but this is a great way to help think outside the box.

    1. I am glad that you liked the pop of color. It is nice for a change.

  11. love this dress and yesterdays outfit also – ordering the white ruffle blouse today super cute and versatile thx for sharing! what a bummer on the frig 🙁 today will be better bunny is on his way!

    1. That shirt is adorable, you will love it!

  12. Monica Ercanbrack says:

    Cute dress I like a pop of color usually with shoes and jewelry.
    I love Vionic’s I have a high arch so they are great for me and I even a cute pair of buffalo print house slippers been wearing then alot lately with working from home.

    1. I prefer the pop of color also! I bet house slippers would be great from this brand. I find myself wearing house slippers all of the time.

  13. Love the dress! Sorry about the fridge incident, we went thru the same situation several years back. The smell was awful!

    1. As soon as I can get the fridge hauled off, then I’ll have to take bleach to the concrete. Ugh!

  14. You are beautiful and I love all of your outfits! You have such an always put together look. DO you have any helpful hints from how to transition from office wear to working from home wear? It seems I need a different wardrobe now. Help!

  15. Sue Epling says:

    Isn’t that always the way,? As soon as you stock up, the freezer dies, ugh. My good news today is the items I ordered online from Belk have started arriving! I muss shopping at the store but lots of great deals online with free shipping at a certain amount. $5.00 tops, $9.00 boots, woo hoo! Stay healthy everyone

    1. We always have extra food in the freezer, and I checked on it a couple of weeks ago. I hate the mess and the expense. I think that people will find that shopping online is waaaay easier than going into the stores. Good job on snagging those sales.

  16. Oh no on your extra fridge. Good luck deciding what to buy. But it is nice having extra space.

    The dress is cute. Thanks for sharing great finds.

    1. I am not in a hurry to buy another one after this experience. UGH!

  17. I love this striped dress & I’m also a fan of QVC… thanks so much! Can’t wait to order!

    1. Pat A Ehly says:

      So sorry about your freezer. That has happened to me before. Be aware you can make a claim to your homeowners insurance for losses. Most people aren’t aware of that. Keep the daily info coming…it is often the high point of our day!!!

      1. I hate it when something like this happens. I knew that we could turn it in on the homeowner’s insurance, but I have to find out what the deductible is, plus, they sometimes raise your insurance the next year making the claim not worth the effort.

    2. I love how cute the dress is, but it is so comfortable also.