Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a yellow top with a blue floral design, azure blue shorts, and platform espadrille wedge shoes by Micheal Kors

I’ve been waiting for months to be able to say these words…”I’m getting my hair done tomorrow!” The last time that I was at the hairdresser’s, we discussed how to keep my hair from looking shabby if they shut down the salons. It turns out that the salons were all closed down a couple of days later, so I was fortunate to have been one of the last ones to get their hair done.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a yellow top with a blue floral design, azure blue shorts, and platform espadrille wedge shoes

We decided to color my base color and not to add any darker lowlights that would show a line when they grew out. Plus, the style of my cut looks good worn short or in a longer length. So, we cut it reasonably short, and it has been growing all this time. Then, to try and combat my gray from showing, I have also been using a shampoo for gray hair occasionally. That keeps my hair from looking brassy, and it also brightens my highlights to a white/silver look. I am fortunate that most of my gray is on the sides and not the top where I part my hair. If you lift up the sides of my hair, you might get a whole different picture of how gray I have gotten. It is funny how you have sections or patches where your hair goes gray. My best friend in high school had one spot that turned gray, but she parted her hair in a way that made it look like it was a highlight, so it looked cute and modern. So, now I am faced with the question, do I cut my hair or continue to let it grow???

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a yellow top with a blue design

How cute is this top!?! I have fallen in love with this bright yellow top with the different shades of blue floral print. The print reminds me of the Ming Dynasty blue and white vases for some reason. The top has a split neckline with a small button/loop closure and a little flutter sleeve. The top hits me right at my hips, so you can wear the blouse long or tuck it in. When I ordered the top, I had in mind to wear it with white shorts, but it would also look great with jeans or navy pants/shorts/skirts. I am wearing a size medium, and it fits me great. HERE is the link to the top, which is from Loft.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a yellow top with a blue floral design and silver jewelry

Here are a new pair of hoop earrings from Kendra Scott. These are very lightweight, but they are still large enough to be a statement. They are silver, but they also come in gold and rose gold. I love the iridescent crystals that give a small amount of sparkle to the earrings. HERE is the link to the hoops. The bracelets that I have on are the Logan (with the pearl) and the Chariot (with the gray moonstone) from The Styled Collection (HERE).

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a platform espadrille wedge shoes by Micheal Kors

These linen colored platform espadrilles are a pair that I bought last year. They are by Michael Kors, and they are the perfect neutral for summer. I love the gold zipper detail that makes the shoes look dressy and luxurious. I am wearing my usual size 9, and these fit me perfectly. HERE is the link to these shoes.

The Carla Jute espadrilles from Target look almost identical to these. I’ll link to those below.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a yellow top with a blue floral design, azure blue shorts, and espadrille wedge shoes by Micheal Kors

Even though I meant to wear this top with white, I think that it looks great with these azure blue shorts from Loft. These are the 6-inch Riveria shorts like the ones that I wore in (this) post. This color is no longer available, but there are other colors that you can choose from HERE is the link to these shorts. I like the 6-inch length, but this length might be too short for some of you, so I’ll link to some longer lengths in the same color.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a yellow top with a blue floral design, blue shorts, and platform espadrille wedge shoes by Micheal Kors

I just ordered in a lot of clothing from Talbots, and a box just arrived from Chico’s. So, hopefully, in the upcoming week, you should see a lot of new items hitting the blog. But, I was wondering, would you like to see some more casual outfits? Would you like to see t-shirts and jeans, leggings and long tops, or knit shorts and tanks? What about swimsuits? Would you be interested in seeing some of the ones that I’ve bought this year?

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old wearing a yellow top with a floral design, azure blue shorts, and platform espadrille wedge shoes by Micheal Kors I judge how much you like an outfit by the comments left, the shares on Facebook, and the number of pins on Pinterest. Let me hear from you! Do you like this outfit???

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  1. Colleen wrote:

    I love this outfit! Love the colors and the style

    Posted 6.4.20 Reply
  2. I can say it too!! I am going to the hairdresser tomorrow!! Haha, enjoy!

    Posted 6.4.20 Reply
  3. Elizabeth Higginbotham wrote:

    I beat you to those KS earrings this time ? (unless you subliminally planted the idea). I love everything you show but it would be great to see maybe very casual shorts and tanks while still looking put together. If my face is put together, I’m on my way!

    Posted 6.4.20 Reply
    • Leann wrote:

      I would love to know how you style your hair! Always looks so nice. Casual and put together clothes right now and yes a swim suit would be great. Even though where I live they say they won’t be opening beaches

      Posted 6.4.20 Reply
  4. Bonita wrote:

    I’d like to see casual outfits with capris. (Don’t look in shorts & Texas is too hot in the summer for jeans. ?). And also, I’d love to see options of shoes with multiple different outfits….what options to wear with a casual dress, etc. with a low heel or no heel. Thank you for your blog! I really enjoy it.

    Posted 6.4.20 Reply
  5. Heidi wrote:

    We just recently went to a more relaxed business casual attire at the office. I would like to see outfits that still look professional for the office but with jeans. Love your outfits you have shown so far with denim.

    Posted 6.4.20 Reply
    • Fay Beach wrote:

      I love the blue and yellow combination on you.
      I would also like to see some business casual attire for the office and maybe some lower heel shoe options.
      Thank you so much, i love your post!

      Posted 6.4.20 Reply
  6. MaryAnn wrote:

    To answer your question, I would love seeing swimwear as well as casual everyday wear as I wear uniforms to work so I don’t need many dressier outfits and casual is the way I roll. Things that would be nice are cute outfits for around the house but also look nice to head out to the store or wherever. Another idea are outfits to pack for weekend or short getaways. Items that match and interchange well to limit the amount of things you need to pack.

    Love your blog and look forward to hearing from you each day.

    Posted 6.4.20 Reply
  7. Sherli Morgan wrote:

    This outfit is so cute. Love the yellow & blue together.

    It’s already so hot here in the Texas panhandle – it was 98 here yesterday. So break out the shorts!

    Have a ball getting your hair done. I haven’t tried to get in – I have a bob that has grown out beautifully & started going silver over a year ago. I’ll get around to getting there!

    Posted 6.4.20 Reply
  8. Kathy wrote:

    I would vote to letting your hair grow! It’s a good style for you and I like the longer length.
    I live the outfit as the color combo is perfect. I won’t buy flutter sleeve tops. They don’t look good on my arms and appear juvenile on me. I would like to see Tips with sleeves and skirts which are a cool option in summer for me. Best to you! Kathy

    Posted 6.4.20 Reply
  9. donna92864 wrote:

    I would love to see casual outfits with ankle jeans. I love wearing ankle jeans but struggle with what tops look good with the tighter fitting bottom. And some comfy sandal selections. I love your hair, it looks great for not having it done in a while. I am going on 6 months now, I live in NY and they may open it next week. I want to be first! Stay well, I love your blog!

    Posted 6.4.20 Reply
  10. Mary wrote:

    you look adorable. I could not wear this outfit with my skin tone (pale) but it looks great on you! your hair is certainly nice either way but you have to ask yourself how it will work longer for summer, will it be a pain in the pool season? if the answer is yes, then grow it again starting in September.

    Posted 6.4.20 Reply
  11. Tricia wrote:

    Hi there! I’d love to see swimsuits and casual summer clothes, also sun dresses. I’m in Canada and some of the stores you feature aren’t up here.
    We do have Old Navy though, if you could do a segment on their clothes that wou

    Posted 6.4.20 Reply
  12. Michele wrote:

    I love the outfit, but I don’t wear shorts (too many veins and lily white legs). I also don’t wear any tops that are sleeveless…I wear elbow length sleeves or longer (I have a terrible scar on my arm that I am super self conscious about). So despite loving the outfits you highlight, I wear jeans/pants and any tops I can find that have longer sleeves. I also don’t own a swimsuit and don’t plan on purchasing one. We don’t have a pool and swimming isn’t ever on my agenda. I live vicariously through everyone else. I just re-read my comment and it sounds pretty depressing…sorry about that because I love reading your posts. Looking forward to seeing your Talbot’s and Chico’s purchases.

    Posted 6.4.20 Reply
    • Kathy wrote:

      I would love to see casual outfits with skirts and tops and cute shoes or sandals to go with them. I think your hair looks great at its current length! I’m thankfully getting mine done tomorrow; was scheduled to go in the day that they closed salons in my state, so I’m way overdue. Love your blog!

      Posted 6.4.20 Reply
    • Judy wrote:

      Michelle, I’m with you……no shorts or sleeveless tops. So I wear capri’s and 3/4 length sleeves in pretty light weight summer tops. I think each to her own but think we just have to embrace what we feel comfortable in.

      Posted 6.4.20 Reply
  13. Karen wrote:

    I would love to see casual outfits with shorts and tees. You look great in the shorts. Also I vote for let your hair grow.

    Posted 6.4.20 Reply
  14. Sharon Scott wrote:

    Here in Ontario, Canada we have no timeline yet for salons to open. They are being much slower here to re-open everything. However, I, like you have just taken this “opportunity” to grow my hair longer than I have since I was in High School. Not sure yet whether I will cut it of keep it going either. I would never have had the patience in normal times but since everyone is having their hair moments its a good time. There has to be a silver (or grey) lining in this somewhere.

    Posted 6.4.20 Reply
  15. Arna wrote:

    So much to say about this post! I love Loft tops, and I have those shorts in a few colors. They fit great, and they are a step above denim shorts (if I ever leave the house and need to wear “real” clothes again.) I had my hair done just before everything closed, and we had decided that I was going to grow my hair a bit (so that was good during this time, but the gray!) Since I was working via zoom, no one could see my gray. I had ordered some color to do the roots (my husband was going to help), but I just didn’t mind since no one saw me except my husband and me. My color faded, and that made me realize I liked the faded color better than the darker color I had. I was able to get my roots done and a trim last week, and I was glad to get rid of the gray.
    I am not sure what I want to see in future blogs since I am still working from home, not going out much, and yard/garden work. No need for any “outfits”. I feel like I have missed my whole spring wardrobe. I do love seeing your posts and outfits. I love the colors of this outfit.

    Posted 6.4.20 Reply
  16. Vickie wrote:

    Fabulous outfit!

    Posted 6.4.20 Reply
  17. Adonna wrote:

    Love blue and yellow. Looking forward to see your purchases from Talbots and Chico’s. Those are my main go to stores right now. It takes about two weeks to receive items, usually worth it though. Would love to see ideas for summer wardrobe, since it does take time to get items in.

    Posted 6.4.20 Reply
  18. Mary wrote:

    Blue and yellow super cute. I’ll take the longer shorts please.

    Posted 6.4.20 Reply
  19. kay pryer wrote:

    I would love to see some of the bathing suits and coverups you have bought this year!

    Posted 6.4.20 Reply
  20. Gayle wrote:

    I’ve always loved blue and yellow together – and I love this outfit.

    I would like to see more casual shorts/tanks/tees outfits as well as wearing jeans to work but in a more professional manner to align with business casual. I would also love to see your swimsuits.

    Your hair has done a great job growing out. I have seen pics from the past where your hair is a little shorter/layered and of course your hair how it is now. I must say your hair looks great either way. You can rock the shorter cut as well as the longer length. I have my appt. on 6/19 and can’t wait. Fortunately my sporadic grays are on top of my head and I’m 5’10” so most people can’t see them! LOL

    Love your blog so much!!! It’s the first thing I do when I crank up my laptop in the morning. You are saved in my bookmarks to make access even easier. I’m always going back in time to read your previous blogs since I just discovered you a little over a month ago.

    Posted 6.4.20 Reply
  21. Terry Tatar wrote:

    Your hair looks fabulous…short or long! So go with what makes you feel great!!

    Posted 6.4.20 Reply
  22. Nancy Onorato wrote:

    Tania, this color combination rocks, and you look fabulous! I’d love to see more crops & capris with tees and sandals, as that’s pretty much my summer outfit most of the time. And if you would style some elbow sleeve tees, that would be great. Love you, Gurl!

    Posted 6.4.20 Reply
  23. Ginger Jackson wrote:

    Yes, to all of the suggestions for future posts. I like loose comfy things for home, things to clean in, cook and lounge in. Easy care, and cool fabrics.

    Posted 6.4.20 Reply
  24. Carolyn wrote:

    I vote for shorter hair for you!

    Posted 6.4.20 Reply
  25. Karen Miller wrote:

    I get my hair done tomorrow too! I can’t wait! It’s been since March 3rd!??. Can’t wait to get highlighted and get my long layers cut back in! I have too much hair! I wear a lot of capris..don’t look so good in shorts anymore…I am too heavy. I’ll wear knit shorts around the house, but that’s about it. I like loose dresses too. Anything that doesn’t fit tight around the middle! (Stupid menopause) lol!!

    Posted 6.4.20 Reply
  26. Joanne wrote:

    Haahaa! I am booked in for June 12th with my hairdresser and can hardly wait! Love the colors in this outfit. I love Chico’s and Talbots, excited to see what you will be styling.

    Posted 6.4.20 Reply
  27. Knella wrote:

    Letting my gray grow out was the most freeing and liberating thing I’ve done! Look at all the celebrities that are embracing their gray!

    Posted 6.4.20 Reply
  28. Liz Mesa wrote:

    Hi Tania. I love Loft shirts, but most of the time a little too short for me (long torso). I would love to see some of everything you mentioned in your blog. Summer and casual!! Enjoy your day 😀

    Posted 6.4.20 Reply
  29. Patti wrote:

    Love your hair this length and color too. Can’t wait to see the new cut. The color of these shorts Is beautiful. I like anything casual. Seems like I go more casual places than dress up places. What am I talking about…. I haven’t been ANYWHERE! ?

    Posted 6.4.20 Reply
  30. Joy J. wrote:

    I have decided to quit coloring/covering my grey during this time, since I was basically going to have a 3 month start on it. So I only had my hair cut when I was able to get in to my hairdresser last week. I was getting tired of spending the time anyway. I have been researching shampoos for grey hair. I would love to know what kind you use.

    Posted 6.4.20 Reply
  31. Doris wrote:

    You are so cute! Your hair looks good at this length. I’ve let mine grow and I like it longer.

    Posted 6.4.20 Reply
  32. Cynthia Willis wrote:

    We were definitely reading the same page, I have on navy sleeveless blouse with lemon print in navy background(skirt from Talbots, a year ago) and a yellow cardi from Kohl’s. I love this outfit, it always puts me in a good mood which I needed for a mammo appt today!

    Posted 6.4.20 Reply
  33. evegpt wrote:

    I think it’s great. I would probably wear it with white but because I wouldn’t think to wear it with navy, I’m slow like that.? I want to see jeans and cool tops. Love these shoes but I wish they had a little bit lower heel.

    Posted 6.4.20 Reply
  34. Jeanne wrote:

    You are always so put together. I wish my hairdresser was open??‍♀️

    Posted 6.5.20 Reply
  35. Linda wrote:

    I would love to see the new styles you’ve just purchased especially Chico’s and Talbots. Swimsuits not so much.

    Posted 6.5.20 Reply
  36. Rebecca wrote:

    I love your hair! I had no idea you hadn’t been to the salon. Unfortunately, I had dark brown hair but am totally gray without my hair stylist. When the roots grow it’s quite noticeable. As far as future posts go I’d love to see some cute summer dresses.

    Posted 6.5.20 Reply
  37. Rebecca wrote:

    I meant to say I love the blue and yellow combination!

    Posted 6.5.20 Reply
  38. Kimberly Lester Ratliff wrote:

    I just bought the shorts in milk tan! They had a code and I got them for $30.69!!! Yeah

    Posted 6.6.20 Reply
  39. ksbarbt wrote:

    What a joy it was to see my hairdresser last Friday, I would love to see t-shirts, casual wear. I’m retired now so it’s easy dressing for me, except when we go out to dinner. Which hasn’t been for awhile.

    Posted 6.6.20 Reply
  40. Jeanne wrote:

    Cute outfit. I would love to wear those shoes, but I cannot wear at all… I like seeing casual outfits, or mixed, jeans and tees..

    Posted 6.6.20 Reply
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