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Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a white sweater and a black and white gingham blazer with dark wash skinny jeans and black pumps Are you following me on Instagram? If not, then go right now (HERE) and follow me because there are times when I share things in my “stories” that never hit the blog. That is especially true when I find a sale that is a TODAY ONLY sale. I can’t get that on the blog for all of you to see, but I can put it on my stories and give you a heads up so that you can save some money. Plus, that is where I will share some cute videos or tutorials.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a white sweater and a black and white gingham blazer with skinny jeans and black pumps Over the weekend, Emersyn came to spend the night, and we started having a conversation about her outfit. I decided to video her since she was wearing a Dracula cape and knee socks, but I had no idea the direction the conversation was going to take. When I asked her about the socks that she was wearing, she told me that they were her “mom’s mom.” So, I said that they were her grandmother’s socks, but she said, “NO!” Then she explained to me that her “mom’s mom is mostly my aunt.” I once again explained that her mother’s mother was her grandmother, and she told me, “I don’t get that,” and then she walked off. Lol!

Our conversation continued with me explaining that since I was her grandmother and her father’s mother, then her mother’s mother was also her grandmother. I believe that she might have given me a “whatever” and possibly an eye-roll. I went back to videoing her, and she started ignoring me at this point. “Emersyn,” I said! I am talking to you,” and she said, “I know…and I want you to stop!” LOL! All of that last part was said in a sing-song voice. Hahaha! You would have to have seen the video to find it funny. Writing it out doesn’t do it justice.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a white sweater and a gingham blazer Gingham is one of my favorite prints, especially in the spring and summer. Maybe it is because it reminds me of going on a picnic, but there is something about this print that I love! When I found this black and ivory blazer in a linen and cotton blend, I knew that it was something that I wanted to style for all of you. I could see this blazer looking great with an all-white or an all-black outfit. The blazer would also look great when worn over a bright-colored top such as hot pink, red, or light blue. I was undecided on what size to order in the blazer since I sometimes wear a 10, and sometimes I wear a 12 when it comes to jackets and blazers. I ended up ordering a 10, but it is a little tight through the shoulders, so it will have to go back. HERE is the link to the gingham linen blazer.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a white sweater and a black and white gingham blazer with gold jewelry by Kendra Scott My gold Elle drop earrings (HERE) are in an Ivory Mother-of-Pearl. Mother-of-Pearl is a genuine shell material produced as the inner layer of a shell and is also what makes up the outer coating of pearls. I love the iridescent sheen that it has, and I love that it is something that can be worn with almost anything. I added the gold triple-strand Elisa necklace in the matching Mother-Of-Pearl. (HERE) I like that this necklace is shorter, but I also want a longer necklace in this same color, so I ordered the Reid necklace (HERE), and I am hoping that I like it when it arrives.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing dark wash skinny jeans and black pumps The jeans that I am wearing are by Wit & Wisdom. I have fallen in love with this brand of jeans, and they fit and feel like a dream. They hug you so tightly, but they don’t feel tight if that is even possible. These are a jegging, so they are supposed to fit tighter than regular jeans. The website suggested to go down one size, so I am wearing a size 8 instead of my usual size 10. If you would rather your jeans not fit this tightly, then order your normal size, and you should be fine. I wore these jeans un-cuffed today (the inseam is 30″), but if you would like to see how they look cuffed, then check out this postHere is the link to these jeans. Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a white sweater and a black and white gingham blazer with dark wash skinny jeans I am wearing a white bateau neck sleeveless sweater today from Chico’s. I have a similar sweater that I have worn for almost twenty years that I love, but it is a little dingy and stretched out from so much wear. So, when I saw this very similar version, I immediately ordered it since I know how much wear I will get from it. This sweater is a basic item that will you will wear over and over again with blazers and cardigans. Plus, it looks nice when worn alone, which I will do once the weather gets warmer. This sweater also comes in navy if you are afraid that you couldn’t keep the white clean, and it is machine washable. I am wearing a size 1 in this, which is equal to an 8-10, and I think that it fits me perfectly. HERE is the link to the sweater.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a white sweater and a black and white gingham blazer with dark skinny jeans and black pumps Okay, it is time to let the BIRTHDAY week begin!!! Honestly, I am not one that celebrates birthdays, mostly because I feel like they are just another day. But, I had decided to celebrate, but with a twist. I am not the one who is going to get the presents….you are!!!

This week I will be having a giveaway each day through Saturday. So, make sure that you sign up for my email subscription, and leave a comment about the topic of the day. Today’s topic is body positivity! What do you like the most about your body? Is it your smile, your long legs, your eyes, or are you like me and think that it is your hair? Subscribe to the email, and leave a comment to enter, PLUS, if you share my post on Facebook, then you will get an extra entry. The prize for today is a pair of Lilly Pulitzer sunglasses, and the winner will be announced tomorrow.

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Psalm 139:6

Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high, I cannot attain unto it.

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  1. Tinia McLaughlin says:

    I love your hair! Mine drives me crazy but I have embraced the God given “highlights” and no longer color my hair! I am loving that! My eyes are my favorite on my body….not the shape but the color, which is green. They remind me of my grandmother. I am the only person in my immediate family who does not have dark brown eyes.

  2. Hi, do you have the uk measurements too

    1. No, I’m sorry, I sure don’t.

  3. Susan Hawkins says:

    Love your blog

    I live in the UK so I’m not familiar with most of the brands you wear. But I get plenty of inspiration and ideas.
    I suppose my eyes are my best feature.

  4. Mitzi Hamilton says:

    I love this blog…heals and jeans are just not my thing at any age. I think a cloud stepper in denim or a flat sandal would have look fabulous…but, to each there own.

    1. I am so glad that you are enjoying the blog!!!

  5. Just came upon your blog as I was looking for Madison Matthew clothing (I picked up several of the tunics shopping in Oxford, MS while attending Ole Miss football game and fell in love with the brand). I’m turning 58 in August and am getting ideas/inspiration from you today – love your chic, classy yet modern sense of style.

  6. Tania, your outfit looks so great on you! The blazer is fantastic! Have a great day:)

  7. Happy Birthday Week to you. My nails are great… Plus my fingers are nimble enough to play my piano.

  8. Happy birthday week! My husband has always commented on my legs so that is my best body feature! The 60’s are going to be a great decade for all us 1960’s babies!

  9. Heidi Thomas says:

    Happy Birthday to you!! ??
    I like my hair and the fact that I can try new haircuts/hairstyles. ?

  10. Happy Birthday! I just turned 60 too! Body positivity is such an important topic. My hair is my favorite cuz I love all the options. I am wonderfully and beautifully made. ?

  11. Yvonne Terry says:

    When I was younger I wanted to be taller than my 5’2” frame. Long legs just seemed so much more elegant in stylish outfits. . Since I’ve hit the 60 mark, I’ve decided to be thankful for the frame God chose for me. I have friends that say being shorter gives a feeling of youth. I don’t want to waste my remaining years trying to be someone else and not enjoying me. Love your blog and all your style tips!

  12. Happy Birthday Week, Tania! I just turned “60” in March and I’ve survived it, Pandemic, and all! I so enjoy reading your blog as you inspire me in many ways! You are adorable, inside and out! I would say my best feature would be my blue eyes and, also, my smile! Blessings!

  13. Janet Batchelor says:

    Happy birthday week Tania!!! It’s definitely my hair. Twelve years ago I lost all my hair during chemo and it was not a good look on me lol. I determined then, I would love and appreciate my hair when it came back no matter what, and I still

  14. Love your style Tania. You inspire me.
    Best feature my hair too

  15. Julia Purtill says:

    Cute outfit of the day! I like your hair AND your eyes!
    I think on me, my legs are a best feature. Love your family stories!

  16. Good evening
    New subscriber here. Been following your post for awhile. Love your selection of clothes. Have copied many. Lol I guess what I like most about my body is my eyes. I love to wear makeup and experiment with different shades to make my eyes pop.
    Have a great birthday.

  17. Happy Birthday Tania! Always love to read your blog and see how you put outfits together, as well as to hear about your life and family….you make me smile! I would say my eyes (blue) are my best feature. Thanks for the chance to win!

  18. Happy birthday week! I love your posts & look forward to them! I have no “favorite” body part, but I do love myself as a whole and I enjoy learning from you & others on how to be my “best self”!

  19. HBD! I will be following you into the next decade in less than a year. My best feature is my salt and pepper silver hair!

  20. Sabrina Guerrero says:

    I like my smile, it’s warm and want most people complement me on. Thank you for being so positive and sharing with us. Happy Birthday Week!!

  21. Debbie Surowiec says:

    Hi Tania! Happy Birthday week! I like my legs! Enjoy celebrating your special day!

  22. Sally Osmond says:

    Happy birthday week. Glad to see you embracing a new decade. Love waking up and seeing what you have on. I was very overweight as a child and suffer from low self-esteem so this is a hard question for me. I guess my face is my best feature. I’ve been told I’m pretty, but I like my hair.

  23. I used to think my hair. But if I let it grow out it’s a mousy brown. I’m shocked it’s not gray and I’m 70. My daughter does my color so will be back to normal soon. So for now I’d have to say my eyes. They are sky blue. I have really long eyelashes. So long that if I use cheap mascara I get streaks on my readers lol. I use They’re Real and it’s awesome. So my thing I like best is my long lashes and baby blue eyes.

  24. Marilyn Estes says:

    Hey Tania thanks so much for reverse birthday week and a chance to celebrate your big day. I would say my best feature is my smile. When I smile my wrinkles seem to disappear. Lol Hope you have a blessed Birthday week.

  25. Elizabeth Higginbotham says:

    Your posts are killing me!! I want every single Kendra Scott piece you show! I guess my fave feature is my eyes. Right now, they’re the only thing that shows with a mask covering the rest of my face!

  26. Jo Lynn Kegler says:

    Another trip around the sun! Happy Birthday To You!
    I would have to say height. I’m 5’10” and long slender legs!
    Have a great birthday week!

  27. Happy Birthday week to you! You sure don’t look like your age! I look forward to your emails everyday. I think I would have to pick my eyes as a favorite feature, big and brown to go with my dark eyebrows and hair.

  28. Krista McManus says:

    Happy Mother’s Day and birthday to you pretty lady! My hubby is also celebrating his 60th this week, as of tomorrow! So…what an awesome time to be turning 60! ?
    I would have to say my best feature and my favorite, is my eyes!
    Well hope you have an amazing Birthday week! ???

  29. I like my eyes. And I have to say that I just subscribed to your blog! I’ve seen you on Pinterest for years, and I follow you on Instagram, too!

  30. Happy birthday…I am a May baby too! I would say my favorite thing about my body is my thinner build, but I have to give the credit to my mother and good genetics!

  31. Susan Weicht says:

    The calves of my legs are a nice shape

  32. Happy Birthday! I guess my hair would be my best feature.

  33. I think my shapely legs are my best feature!

  34. Lynette Stock says:

    You and I would be in the contest for the best smile. I was voted prettiest smile in high shool, so I’ll trust the masses because I think its my best asset, too!

  35. My favorite feature is my hair, which won’t hardly hold a curl but is pretty darn near indestructible, very thick, and a shade of silver, naturally, that garners many compliments.

  36. Julie Wychor says:

    Love all things gingham! I struggle with body positivity, and I’m working to lose weight so I will feel better about it. But I will say my neck because it’s long and still looks youthful, no turkey neck yet! ?

  37. Happy Birthday, Pretty Lady! 60 sure looks good on you!!! I guess, I would say my smile. My husband says I can light up a room with my smile!

  38. Hi Tania!
    Love your outfit today looks great! I like my hands and my very own easy to grow long fingernails!! Remind me of my mother’s hands.

  39. I would say my hands. They remind me of my grandma’s hands.

    Today is my birthday.

  40. I’ve never been into tanning and have always avoided the sun! I would have to say my skin.
    Happy Birthday Tania!

  41. Diane Sobotta says:

    Happy Birthday Tania! My daughter is a May 14th baby and has been forever my Mother’s Day gift!

    I’m most proud of my smile. A year ago at age 58 I finally spent some money on myself and invested in Invisalign braces. Never thought twice about braces for my kids. Best investment I recently made for myself…?

  42. Happy Birthday Week!!! Body positivity…I like my hair (most days) and my eyes.

  43. Happy birthday Tania! You look amazing! I love your posts on Instagram and look forward to seeing you every day.
    I suppose if I chose one thing it would be my legs. Okay, maybe my hair?! ?
    Enjoy all the fun things your birthday will bring to you!

  44. Joanne W. says:

    Happy birthday Tania! After thinking long and hard I think it would have to be my smile. Thanks for the lovely giveaway opportunity.

  45. Laurie Sible says:

    Happy Birthday week! I look forward to your posts everyday. You have definitely become an inspiration to my wardrobe. Love the stories you share about your family. I would have to say my eyes are my favorite.

  46. Windy White says:

    Hi Tania! Love your blog. I’ve bought several things from your links. Keep up the great work and happy birthday! You DON’T look 60, girl friend!

    I like my feet. Is that weird? LOL! They are the same size as yours and I think they are just right. ?

  47. Love your checked jacket. Looks good with the jeans.

  48. Deborah Wood says:

    Happy Birthday! I always look forward to seeing your post. You are so vibrant! Definitely gives me ideas on keeping it fresh! Very good solid choices! Great idea with keeping it positive. So I do think my eyes are pretty.

  49. Debbie Wade says:

    Happy birthday week! I know we all would say that we don’t like anything about our bodies but I will have to say that I like my legs. I am around 5’11 and so I have a lot of leg to show! Lol!

  50. Wow!! At the comments today!! I love your dressed up Jean outfit today and I love the Lily Sunglasses!! Great idea to give away for your big 60!! You’re going to love being 60!! Can’t really explain it but you’ll love it!!
    The think I like best about my body at my age is I still have a butt!! Not big and not small but, def not flat and I’m happy about this!!! ?? so there you go!!
    Have a great birthday week Tania!! Thanks for having such a fun blog!…. Cindy

  51. I am my worst critic. People compliment me on my hair and smile. Guess I’ll stick with that.
    ( love Lilly? )

  52. Susan Herman says:

    Happy Birthday! I will be 60 in a few weeks too! I like my shoulders the best, I do weight training a few times a week and they have gotten stronger. I also read that a women’s shoulders are the last thing to age, so show them off!

  53. Margie Dautrich says:

    Happy Birthday week! I always celebrate for a week, too! LOL My favorite is my double dimples. I smile a lot so they are visible often! 🙂 My confidence has been low due to hair loss from Lupus but if you can look that good at 60, I gotta get my act together at 58 (59 in July) Thanks for the inspiration!

  54. Amanda Grindle says:

    I just turned 50 this year and I have finally learned to be happy with my shape and size . I have been called “stocky” but I have embraced my “athletic” build . It is nice to have muscles at age 50. ?

  55. I love the gingham blazer! I think it is my legs. My hair is good but desperately needing to be trimmed so hopefully things will open soon!!

  56. Kari Mcmillan says:

    Happy birthday!!! Eyes would be my favorite thing.

  57. Joanne W. says:

    Happy birthday Tania! After thinking long and hard I would have to say it is my smile. Thanks for the lovely giveaway opportunity.

  58. Joanne W. says:

    Happy birthday! After thinking long and hard, I would have to say that it would be my smile. Thanks for the lovely giveaway opportunity.

  59. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK Tania! I am chuckling to myself thinking that my gut reaction to reply “NOTHING !” would not be positive at all – so as a positive twist I will say that it all comes together to make me – me! Embracing my petite – perfectly imperfect self !!

  60. Happy Birthday!??? Love seeing what you are going to wear in your posts!
    Psalm 139 …you are fearfully and wonderfully made, wonderful are your works!
    Not sure what I like best in appearance, but am thankful for a God who loves me for me!

  61. Wow! You already have a TON of entries but I’d still love to throw my hat in the ring. Happy birthday week! It’s my daughter’s 16th birthday today!
    I’d have to say that my eyes have always gotten the most compliments over my 60 years. And who doesn’t love a smile? It hides my jowls. Have a great day!!

  62. I’d have to say my legs. Even when I gain weight my legs are long (31”inseam!) and I love them. Chubby and all!

  63. I guess it would be my hair. I’ve always had red hair and hated it most of my life. Only after I became more self confident in 30’s did I learn to love it.

  64. My hair is my favorite, of course right now I’m in need of a hair cut. My granddaughter talked me into letting my hair go grey a few years ago, and she was right. Happy Birthday week!

  65. kristin greene says:

    I love wit and wisdom jeans too. It’s great to find a jean that fits your shape well! I so want to be entered in today’s drawing. My fav body part are my legs. I like wearing dresses that only go to my knees.

  66. Happy Birthday Week. I would say my shoulders are my best feature.

  67. Have a FABULOUS birthday the whole month of May. I would say my smile. I have been told my whole life I am photogenic.

  68. Melesa Garrison says:

    I love your eyes and you always have super cute hair. Happy Birthday week too:-D My husband says he loves that I have an hour glass shape, which is sweet, but I’m not sure about that. I just know how to dress to make things look presentable. Lol…I think my smile and maybe my eyes. God is good and I’m thankful that I can get up every morning, but we should recognize good things about ourselves without being arrogant.

  69. This outfit is beautiful on you! I agree your hair style is great on you and the way it frames your face. My favorite body area is my feet. They are small and dainty. Happy Happy Birthday week!!!

  70. Happy Birthday, Tania! Yes, celebrate all month long if you can. (I just finished spending my birthday money thanks to your blog.) As for what I like about myself…I also have good hair. Blessings!

  71. I love following you each day, you always make me smile! For years I have had a love/hate relationship with my hair, LOL I hate to take all the time to style it, but I love it when I am having a good hair day. Over the years, I have worn it short, think pixie, to long (where it is now) and I always get complimented on it.

  72. I have always appreciated that I have nice long legs, and the older I get the more I appreciate them. I liked today’s look and I love your hairstyle. This time of quarantine has helped me to decide to quit coloring my hair and just see what color it really is. Especially since I will have a 3 month start on it by the time I can go to see my stylist. It’s something I’ve been contemplating for a while anyway. Hope your birthday week is great!!

  73. I love your Emersyn stories! I have a 6 year old granddaughter who is quite entertaining also. On Saturday, we gathered to celebrate Mother’s Day outside with take-out. My granddaughters (the 6 year old and her 10 year old sister) their mother and myself were sitting at one table and my sons and my husband at another one. I asked my son to take some pictures. Brooklyn said “yes, take one of the mothers….and the future mothers…that is, if I decide to have children”. Love our grandbabies!

    BTW, I have always received compliments on my blue eyes.

  74. Elizabeth says:

    Happy Birthday! I have to say you have awesome hair. Thanks for making us all think of something positive about ourselves. I would have to say it would be my smile.

  75. Happy Birthday week Tania!! I love your blog so much, and I love the Talbots blazer!! You always look beautiful! I would say that I like my size. I have always had a lean body, thanks to my genes. It’s not perfect, and I do carry extra weight around my middle as I have gotten older, but I’m still pretty small.

  76. I like my eyes. They are brown with flecks of gold. I love the jacket you are wearing today.

  77. LISA CASTRO says:

    Good morning!
    I would have to say my hair, it seems to be the most commented part of my body. Love your blog!

  78. My hair is my favorite thing I like about myself. As a natural red head I would always get comments growing up. But with this virus my hair is quickly going down the list as my favorite part. I need a color & cut ! How does your hair continue to look beautiful? Have a wonderful day.

  79. Sara Grant says:

    Love your blog and it’s nice of you to do a give away. The top thing I like is my smile. I have great teeth and full lips. I get compliments from dental hygienists and even though they don’t include the “at your age” part I know what they mean. My mother had nice teeth and beautiful teeth and full lips as well and she lived up to age 92. I’m 58. 🙂

  80. Happy Birthday! I would say my smile is what I get complimented on. I try to greet everyone with a smile.

  81. Happy Birthday. You look great! Love the blazer but sizes are going fast and you may not get the size you want. I am grateful to have slim thighs and behind. I would look so much better 20 pounds lighter but these times are not helping.

  82. Kara Haines says:

    Hi Tania,
    Thank you for your posts. I really enjoy your blog. Happy Birthday week. Do you have any bathing suit suggestions? I have the hardest time finding bathing suits.

  83. Happy birthday week Tania! I love your blog and look forward to reading it every morning. I like my legs.

    1. Karen from Como says:

      Happy Birthweek! I am most often complimented on my hair but those should really go to my colorist. She is the bomb! My favorite body part are my eyes. There are hazel and seem to change with the seasons.

  84. Jean Diffenderfer says:

    Happy birthday, Tania!
    I’m still working on a good style for my hair, but I love the silver-white color it is! It reminds me of my daddy, who had hair the same color.

  85. Happy Birthday week!! My favorite part of my body is its strength. This body has brought 5 wonderful children into this world, suffered serious injuries, numerous surgeries, and still serves me well each day. My body is not perfect by society’s standards but my body is real. And I love it.

  86. Happy Birthday week & month! Celebrate BIG! I love my overall health. After being on a 11 month weight loss journey, I have lost 28 lbs. Add healthy eating with an exercise program, and I am feeling really good about life! I love your blog. I am not sure how I happened upon your blog, but you have been a blessing to me!

  87. Susan Radtke says:

    Happy Birthday week. I guess my favorite feature are my blue eyes since they remind me of my father.

  88. Good morning.
    Love your sincerity and enjoy reading your blog and especially your blogs about your faith.
    Body positivity – I am mostly happy with my whole body; especially for someone who is 68 y/o. I mostly like that my body is still “lean” looking, even though I do have some “extra weight” around my mid section. I have to add that I can thank a good gene pool for this body shape.

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday this week.

  89. Happy Birthday, Tania! How sweet that you’re giving gifts! I’m self-conscious about my body but I like my collar bones because I think they look elegant in a ‘V’ neck shirt.

  90. Jill Daugherty says:

    Hi, Tania! Body positivity is so important and we can wake up each day and choose to have a positive or negative attitude about our bodies. The one constant for me is my smile! I can go completely naked or be colorful with a beautiful lipstick. It’s the one thing that you can do to spread joy to others. It not only makes you feel more attractive, but you can elevate the mood of everyone around you. I love Marilyn Monroe’s quote, “A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear.” ❤️??

  91. Becky Smith says:

    Happy Birthday Week! I have always liked the very dark brown color of my eyes, the shape of my legs (although I am quite short), and the delicate bones in my hands.

  92. Thank you for styling casual to dressy! We all need options and ways to expand our wardrobe. While I have great Rodan + Fields skin and lashes and look younger than my actual age (WooHoo), my hair is my best part. I am a natural auburn redhead; I am a unicorn! ❤️

  93. Happy birthday week , you are a very kind and generous person, and always look so nice and put together. Luv your blog!
    I love my height !

  94. Shirley A. says:

    First I must say I enjoy your daily posts. I think my smile is my favorite body part. Enjoy your day today. ❤️

  95. I’ve been told I have beautiful eyes. Bright blue. Enjoy your insights.

  96. Happy Birthday! I think my best feature is my eyes.

  97. Body Positivity: I would say my eyes but I get MANY compliments on my hair! It is similar to your cut Tania but shorter! I have had many instances where people stop me and ask if they can take a picture of my hair to take to their hairdresser or ask where I get mine cut. I can proudly say that my daughter is my stylist and have referred many clients to her! Happy Birthday and welcome to my decade!! Thanks for keeping us looking young!!!

  98. Marlene Stevens says:

    Happy Birthday Week Tania! ?
    I love reading your emails every day for inspiration about not only clothes, but life.
    I would say my smile is a positive for me ?

  99. This outfit looks awesome on you! I think what I love most about my body is the changes I’ve put it through in the last 3.5 years after starting a daily workout regimen. I have defined arms, abs and muscles that I didn’t even know ever existed. Oh and my eye lashes after using Lash Boost!

  100. Lynn C Woodruff says:

    I do have great cheekbones! 🙂
    Happy day to you!

  101. Charlotte says:

    Happy Birthday! I would say that I like my legs best.

  102. Happy Birthday week Tania!! I would say my eyes as my husband said it was the first thing that he was attracted to . . . and that was 48 years ago when we started dating!! Yay – he still loves my eyes!!

  103. Haunani Shipper says:

    I would normally say my best feature is my hair, but I’ve taken the leap during no-stylist lockdown and am letting it transition to its true color — white around the face and a mix of gray and near black elsewhere. Anyone else going gray? So instead, I’ll say my heighth — at 5’7″ I rarely have to worry about clothing being too long or short. Happy birthday!

  104. Kathy Elliott says:

    Hello and Happy Birthday from Iowa! The thing I love most about me is my smile! Smiles make the world go round!

  105. Donna Ingalls says:

    Happy Birthday to you! Have an amazing week. Celebrate in style.
    My favorite body feature would have to be my brown eyes.
    That gingham jacket is beautiful. Thanks for the helpful styling tips.

    1. Meant to add……this is my birthday week also…May13!

      1. Happy Birthday!! you look amazing and still staying young!!… thanks for all the tips and tricks and fashion sense!!

  106. Happy birthday week! I would say my eyes are my best feature.

  107. Sheryl Podey says:

    Just curious—what is a bateau neck sweater? Hope your Mother’s Day was grand! I would say my best body feature would be my skin color. I am in a constant battle with my weight and have lost a couple pounds during the lock down so that is encouraging! My hair is in much need of the salon. Maybe next week they will be open??

  108. Happy Birthday Week! ? ? ?
    I would have to say my hair. It was similar in color to yours until I did my own root touch up….it’s now brown. I SO miss my stylist!!!

  109. Reading your blog is a part of my daily morning routine! I like my hair and my smile. Happy Birthday week!

  110. Let the Birthday Week begin! I’m going with my eyes also! They are the windows to the soul!!!! Love your outfit today!

  111. Good morning Tania and happy birthday. I do hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day as well. I guess I am like a lot of the other ladies and say my hazel eyes are my favorite feature as they change from green to blue to grey depending on what I am wearing.

  112. Happy Birthday week!! I am going to say that I love my whole body. it is not perfect by any means, but in order to really love others you have to love yourself, right? My body has gotten me this far, and I try to eat right and exercise daily, so even I still want to lose weight, I love it anyway!

    1. Happy Birthday! I hope it was a great day! I would have to say that I like my feet the best. I’ve always worn a narrow shoe and age hasn’t changed them much.

  113. Hi Tania, Happy Birthday week! Your email is always the first one I click on every morning! I just love your style! I’ve been living vicariously through you lately, as I’m not getting out of my yoga pants very often! My best feature would be my eyes. My husband comments often that he loves my blue eyes, especially when I’m not wearing makeup (most days now!) and he can “see them better.” Men haha!

  114. Happy Birthday! I love birthdays because I love presents. I guess my favorite part of my body is my hair.

  115. First I’d like to say Happy birthday week to you! I also love that jacket so much! I guess since I paid a lot of money for braces, I’d have to say my smile is my favorite.

  116. Happy Birthday Week. I think I would have to say I love my eyes the most.

    1. Angela Hefel says:

      I love my curves! My weight goes up and down but no matter what size I am, I love the skin I am in.

  117. Happy Birthday. I, too, would have said my hair but at 73 years old I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and had to start chemo. This past Saturday I got my my hair cut (buzzed) and it was really traumatic for me. But, then later I realized it’s Just Hair. So I put on my daughter’s cap and said “What the heck, it’ll grow back, sometime!” Then my daughter and I walked (2 miles) through our neighborhood and I didn’t feel self-conscious at all. So, now my hair or lack of hair might still by my strongest asset. Love your posts everyday!

  118. I would say my long legs. And I really love that jacket on you. I might have to invest in one of those!!

  119. Happy birthday week!! That is a hard question, I think I would have to say my smile. I hope that when I meet people they see that my smile can brighten their day! Because usually when you smile at someone, they smile back ?

  120. Connie r. says:

    Had to think hard about his one. Since staying quarantined I have gain weight. I am being more sedentary even though I walk every day. I think people are drawn to my open personality. Never met a stranger. I like my face and smile best. Enjoy your birthday! Love the jacket today. Can’t go wrong with a classic blazer.

  121. Janet Brooks says:

    Hi Tania,
    Happy birthday week! If I have to choose what I like best, I guess it’s my eyes. I’ve been using Lash Boost and I’m really happy with the results.

  122. Linda Ziccardi says:

    Happy Birthday! I am vertically challenged (5’1) but blessed with long legs. Enjoy your week-maybe you should make it a month? Celebrate you!

  123. DEBORAH GILBERT says:

    Happy Birthday, Tania! I’ve always been complemented on my skin. I guess that would be my best feature.

    1. Your blog brightens my day. I look forward to reading it everday. Thank you for adding style and smiles to my day. I think my best feature is my hair.

  124. Lucy Tillman says:

    Love your hair too, but you have a beautiful smile! I think my best feature is my smile.

  125. Happy Birthday week, Tania! After two months in quarantine there isn’t a whole lot I love about my rapidly expanding body. But I have always liked my legs. I was blessed with thin ankles and my calves are shapely. Now to get the rest of me thin!

    1. Happy birthday week! I like your outfit, especially the blazer. Your granddaughter is a scream.
      While I would like to more toned, I for the most part, like my body. But my favorite feature is my blue eyes. People always assume because I’m a brunette, my eyes will be brown, so I love the exclamations when they realize they are blue.

    2. Pam McCroskey says:

      I would have to say, like you, my hair would be my favorite. Especially since I was able to FINALLY have a cut and color. ?

      1. My eyes. I love your hair and your blog! Happy Birthday!!

  126. PS. Your granddaughter is hilarious!

  127. Happy. ? Birthday! You are still young, lol since I am 76. I say I am not old, just older than I used to be! My best feature is my small waist. Love your styles! I think you coild wear anything, you have such nice legs!

    1. Gina Samia says:

      Hi Tania. Happy Birthday Week!????

      This is one of the toughest questions you could ever ask me. My self esteem has been slipping away over the last couple of years, and when I saw the couple of pictures my 10 year old took of us yesterday, I wanted to run and hide. I cannot blame it on the quarantine. It is a daily struggle, and I try to avoid pictures and mirrors. So, with this long explanation, if I had to pick something, I will go with my back. Luckily, I still have some muscle tone there from working out.?

    2. Kaye deane williams says:

      Happy Birthday Tania!! I’ll be a member of your club next month as I was born in 1960 also!

      I used to be pretty happy with myself and never thought much about what I “didn’t” like about myself until around age 55. Things have never been the same inside out!! You have inspired me to get off the couch and get busy so that I can feel comfortable in my clothes again and feel better about myself. You always look so good and I’m attempting intermittent fasting, so I will be able to answer this question better in a couple of
      months hopefully. But I do need those awesome sunglasses to hide my puffy eyes LOL!!

  128. Kathie blackwell says:

    What I like most about my body is that all of it is my gift from God and that all of me is beautiful because I belong to Him. It took me a while to get to this point…I did not always see the beauty in myself. If I have to choose the feature I like best about me, it has to be my hair. Have a blessed day and keep on shining.

    1. My favorite feature about myself would be my eyes. Big and brown!! BTW….I love that you have started sharing a verse of scripture with us each day.

  129. Hi Tania! Love your emails. I look forward to them each day to see your outfits. You always look so nice. What do I like most about my body???? Hmm… that’s a tough one. I have to think about that. I’d say maybe my eyes. I think when you look at someone’s eyes you can tell a lot about a person and I hope when someone looks at my eyes they can see that I am a kind person because that is what I try to be every day.
    Hope you had a nice Mother’s Day.
    Stay safe!

    1. I think my smile is my best feature. That being said I really think it’s a package deal. My face, eyes and smile look pretty good.

    2. Marvella Hill says:

      Happy birthday week! My eyes are my favorite of my body. I hope you had a nice Mother’s day. 60 is not old!

    3. Happy birthday! I really hope you celebrate for a whole week. Why not? It’s become known in our house when Mama’s birthday rolls around, I want to be pampered the entire week. I might treat myself to a facial or massage (or both), or simply ask someone to bring me a cup of coffee. For a mom of three boys it just feels special.
      My favorite body part is my jawline. It looks just like my Daddy’s did. When I am not fluffy, a dimple in my chin is visible, just like my Daddy’s.
      Thank you again for your wonderful blog and keeping it real.

  130. Happy birthday week Tania ? I agree your hair is perfect style for you! I think mine is my hair too! I was a hair stylist for years and always feel good if I have a good hair day! ?

    1. Love your new hairstyle! As for me, I like my eyes. They sparkle when I smile. ?

    2. Sabrina Gruenewaldt says:

      Love your posts! I am happy with my hair! I can straighten or let it dry natural and leave a little curly. All depends on my mood and how much time I have to rush out the door…LOL. Have a wonderful birthday!! 🙂

  131. Love the gingham blazer!
    I am a fan of Wit and Wisdom, too!
    Body positivity…I think my feet look good in sandals…Lol! I’m also pretty okay with my size.
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Happy Birthday!!

    1. Happy birthday week! Hum! I don’t think about it too much but I do like my feet, I feel like my toes are all the perfect size and I like my eyes: they are hazel and growing up I always wore unattractive glasses but now that I wear contacts you can see them better.
      Mostly I am pleased with how I look apart from a couple of spots lol!

      1. Debora Robillard says:

        Happy birthday, Tania! Welcome to the 60 club, it’s an amazing privilege to be a member. What I love about my body is it’s strength. Having overcome cancer, not a day goes by that I don’t marvel at that and appreciate how resilient our bodies are. Enjoy your special day!???

    2. Happy Birthday ??? yes you’re hair always looks amazing!! I would have to say I love my hair too! Have a Fabulous Birthday week! ?

    3. Carol Ann Hull says:

      Happy 60th Birthday to you! Thank you for all of your great fashion/beauty ideas/tips. My body positivity feature would be my hair. People always seem to notice that about me and say nice things which makes me feel good about me?

  132. My eyes are what I like most about my body. Especially, since I have been using Lash Boost and have my eyelashes back!!!

    1. Good morning Tania, I like my waistline and fairly flat tummy for my age! And people tell me I have a great smile. Thanks for all your helpful posts.

    2. Fletcher Kelly says:

      My hair! But your haircut is super cute❤️

    3. The favorite thing about my body is my blue eyes. Those sunglasses are so cute!

    4. Tammie Lowry says:

      My smile! A smile can say so much! It says, “Hello” without saying a word. If you see someone without a smile, give them yours.