A Black velvet jacket, a red v neck sweater, and gray jeans from Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old If you have followed my blog for a while, then you are used to me talking about my family. I talk a lot about my kids, my grandbabies, and I love sharing all of the crazy things that Joe does and says. My sister is also another favorite topic of mine, but you hardly ever hear me mention my brother. Today, you are going to see me act like a rooster, and crow to the top of my lungs about my father and my brother.
A Black velvet jacket, a red sweater, and gray jeans from Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old My father has been a contractor ever since I remember. He is the reason that I have a love of homebuilding, and I love seeing blueprints come to life. He has been a contractor for a major log home company in Tennessee for a long time. My brother has always been talented in many areas. My mother refers to him as the “smart” one of her kids. (maybe not out loud, but we know how she feels. Lol!)

My dad had a health scare three of four years ago (thankfully, he is fine now,) and my brother moved back from Georgia to help him run the business. Together, they have built some amazing homes, and some of them have even been featured in log home magazines; one of them was even in Russian. I want to share a couple of photos of one of those homes and ask for a small favor from you. Seventy-nine homes were nominated for the BEST HOME of the year, and the home that they built was one of those! That is amazing, but now I want them to win. Lol! Soooooo, I would love it if you went to this link (here) and voted for home #33!!! Thanks in advance. 😘
A Black jacket, a red v neck sweater from Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old This entire week is going to have red in it in some way. After all, this is the month of LOVE and red it the color of love. Yesterday, I wore a bright red blazer, but today I decided to do a red v-neck pullover instead. For those of you who have a hard time wearing red, this might be an option. The blazer is the prominent color, so the red doesn’t compete with your skin tone. The v-neck sweater is one that I bought from Target earlier in December. However, that particular sweater has sold out in red.

A Black velvet jacket, a red v neck sweater with a leopard clutch from Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old My jewelry is all going to be an “inspiration,” and not a “here is a link to purchase.” since most of it is vintage. I love my vintage jewelry, but I don’t wear it a lot on the blog since you can’t buy it. I do like that it is unique and that you don’t see everyone wearing the same thing as you though. My necklace looks like it is from the art-deco era, and the carved bracelet is bakelite. I buy most of my vintage jewelry at vintage fashion shows that my mother and her friend have, but you can also buy it on Etsy and eBay.
A pair of gray jeans and black pumps from Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old Black pumps are my go-to shoes! I think they are classy and sexy all at the same time. Lol! If you don’t own a pair of pumps, go and get a pair right now. I know that you might not be able to wear the ones with higher heels, but you can still find a pair that will work for you. Mine are by Coach, and I have had them for a few years. These run true to size, and I am wearing my usual size 9.

A pair of gray jeans and a pair of red pumps from Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old I wanted to show you a different take on the shoes, so I added a pair of red pumps. This is a way that you can see how changing your shoes can change the look of an outfit.

A Black velvet jacket, a red v neck sweater, and a vintage necklace from Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old I carried this Selena clutch in yesterday’s post. I wanted to show you how the clutch looked using the gold chain as a shoulder strap. Yesterday, I carried the clutch without the gold chain. Here is the link to the clutch, but I’ll also link some others for you to see.

A Black velvet jacket, a red v neck sweater a leopard clutch, and gray jeans from Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old Finally, my faded gray jeans are a pair of my all-time favorites. This is a pair of Rockstar jeans from Old Navy. I love the faded color, and these are a great alternative to wearing black or blue denim. I am wearing my usual size 10, which is what I normally wear from Old Navy.

A Black velvet jacket, a red v neck sweater, a leopard print clutch and gray jeans from Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old

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  1. Voted. It’s a beautiful home. I struggled to find jeans that fit for a long time. I have small hips and flat seat so if womens fit my waist they were way too big in hips and seat. Men’s are cut smaller in that area. So I buy men’s jeans. Thought I’d throw that in for those who might share my problem.

    • Tania Reply

      Wow! I have never thought about men’s jeans for that reason. Probably because I don’t have a flat seat or small hips. lol!!! Thanks so much for voting!

  2. Lisa Walker Reply

    Congrats to your dad and brother! That house is gorgeous and got my vote.
    I enjoy your blog and all the stories and your classy style. You look great in red!

    • Tania Reply

      Lisa, thanks for voting. I appreciate your kind words! 😘

  3. Monica Ercanbrack Reply

    Loving all these Valentine outfits.
    What a beautiful home, I have always to live in a long home.

    • Tania Reply

      Monica, I have wanted to live in a log home also! I tried to talk them into coming to VA and building me one. Lol!

    • I love your outfit today red looks so good on you , I voted the home is gorgeous.have a great day

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Ava. I hope they win too, but it really is a huge honor just to have been nominated.

    • Gorgeous home, I voted!! I have a special place in my heart for contractors as I married one♡ You look really classy today, love your ensemble!

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Amy! I do like the red shoes also! They add pizazz!

  4. Voted…beautiful home. Does someone live in this house yet? Looks like beautiful views also.

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks for voting! Yes, someone lives in the house. It has gorgeous views, and it is off of the beaten path.

  5. Nikki Cooper Reply

    Beautiful!! I’m amazed at talented home builders, you should be very proud They have my vote

  6. Voted! ✅ Beautiful home, I’m excited for them…I hope they win! Love your Galentine’s Day outfits.

  7. Voted…and that is a BEAUTIFUL home!! Wow, you and your family are SO talented!! I truly hope they win!! Love all of your outfits this week too!

  8. I love the look of pumps, but have trouble keeping them on my feet. Are there any brands that I could try that would feel more secure? If I buy them at my regular size they seem to slip when I walk normally. If I buy them a bit smaller size I get blisters.

  9. Nancy Onorato Reply

    That gorgeous home deserves to win! I voted – done & done.

  10. Brenda Lynch Reply

    Voted-the home is beautiful. And I am loving all the red, one of my favorite colors!!

  11. Voted! Love the outfit with the red shoes. I don’t wear red but thinking about it now.

  12. Angela Cooper Reply

    Voted for beautiful home #33! Keep us posted “when” they win!

  13. Voted!
    Love the grey jeans and from Old Navy, who knew! I’m looking for light pink jeans, not see through. Any suggestions?

  14. Voted! LOVE log homes. My husband & I live in a small log home currently & hope to one day build our dream log home! Good luck to your father & brother.

    Thanks for all the inspiration : )

  15. Beautiful homes! Good luck to them! I’m wearing red jeans today. Trying to wear some pink or red this month. It’s fun!

  16. Christine S Reply

    Voted! #33 is a beautiful home!! Love the red v neck sweater and red pumps. Thanks for always showing links to lower heel shoes.

  17. Debbie Wade Reply

    Voted! Loving all the red. I think I will have to start wearing more of it!

  18. Voted. Is this something we can go back and vote again tomorrow?

  19. Voted! Absolutely gorgeous home. Red is definitely your color. And there is nothing sexier than a sleek pair of pumps!

  20. Voted! Lovely home. What a talented family you have! Was interesting that you did not link or mention your blazer today😏I enjoy your posts and think your outfits are very wearable. I appreciate that.

    • Tania Reply

      Whoops! I forgot to see if I could find any links for the blazer. Mine is an old one, but I usually see if I can find similar ones.

  21. Voted!! Their expertise is magnificent!! They are using their God given talent to bless others with a beautiful home!!!

  22. Annette Harrison Reply

    I voted. Fantastic house. No wonder you are so proud. Just to let you know, I usually don’t comment, but I absolutely love your blog. Very seldom do I ever not like something you have on. I am 75 years old & love to get ideas from you daily. Keep up the good work.

  23. voted and hope they win! gorgeous home – as a realtor think that floor plan is a winner! they are very talented, and have a gift for sure!

  24. Donna-Jane Pollock Reply

    Voted! Thanks for the tip about skinny jeans and what to wear, I’m always struggling to find pumps that are comfortable enough to wear all day!

  25. Stacie J Kreitman Reply

    I voted, the home is beautiful. I also LOVED your galentine outfit. I have a large bottom, so the grey might not be the best choice for me with a dark blazer, but it looks fab on you.

  26. Voted! Love your blog, love your ideas, love your personality! Hope #33 wins. 🏆😍

  27. DEANNE HOPE Reply

    Gorgeous home. I will vote. Love the outfit today also with the red and the animal print. AND GO CHIEFS!!!!! I am wearing red everyday this week to honor the Chiefs Kingdom!!! I like the old Navy Rockstar jeans I will have to get that gray pair.

  28. Done 🤞🏻Fabulous house and you look pretty good too Tania 😆

  29. Kathy Bachman Reply

    Voted!! What a beautiful home!! I know that you use Rodan and Fields, I do as well and love the Lash Boost! I was wondering what mascara you like, I’m struggling to find one that does not clump especially on my bottom lashes

    • Tania Reply

      Kathy, I like Benefit Cosmetics mascaras. I like They’re Real, and I just started another one from them, but I am not home and I can’t remember the name. It has an orange/peach colored top. Lol!

  30. This is my firirst time commenting. I am new to your blog. I too voted for #33, happy to do it! Your father and brother are very talented.

  31. WOW beautiful homes. I love that style of home. I voted for their home. Thanks for your blog.

  32. Voted! Let us know who wins. Love the red with leopard print combo today and yesterday.

  33. Voted! love your hair. can you share with me how your stylist cuts your hair? also, can you show the back of your hair?

  34. Voted! Beautiful home and beautiful outfit too! I really enjoy your blog.

  35. Voted! What a beautiful home. Btw, I am enjoying my necklace from your jewelry auction on Too Much Stuff.

  36. I Voted! Did you tell your dad & brother that the Gurls are going to try to help him win?!

  37. Voted! What a stunning home! I also enjoyed seeing pictures of some of the others that are in the running as I absolutely love log homes and lodges.

  38. I voted! My husband & I have lived in a post & beam log home for 30 years in PA & we love it! Good luck to your dad and brother – hope they win.

  39. Angie Chronister Reply

    I would love to wear pumps but I am taaalll! My husband is not. lol

  40. Kelly Palmer Reply

    I voted for #33. What a beautiful home it is! Since I have red hair I don’t feel comfortable wearing red clothing especially near my face so I am thinking that maybe I should try a pair of red pants, shoes or accessory.

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