Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing black and brown together with this striped Ruana sweater.Did you know that March is Women’s History Month? It is nice that there is a month set aside to celebrate women in history, and I am sure that there are many great women worth celebrating. But, if I were going to celebrate a woman in my personal history, I would choose to celebrate my grandmother. I think that she is who I take after when it comes to clothing because she is the only person that I have ever known who could out shop me. Lol!
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing black and brown together with this striped Ruana sweater, black t-shirt, and camel pantsI used to spend a lot of time with my grandmother, and I spent the night with her a bunch. She worked when I was younger, and she lived several miles passed where I lived. So, occasionally, I would flag her down on her way home so that I could go with her. She always made sure that my mother knew that I was going, and I would spend the afternoon with her until mom came to pick me up.

However, one time I flagged her down, but I hadn’t asked permission to go. So, when granny asked me if my mom knew that I was going, I fibbed and said that she did. You can imagine that my mother was scared when I was missing, especially since I was supposed to be at a neighbors house. I am sure that they told my mother that I got in the car with my grandmother because it wasn’t long before mom came to pick me up. Let’s just say that I am lucky to still be alive after pulling a stunt like that.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a striped Ruana sweater, black t-shirt, and camel pantsI am looking forward to spring, and I can’t wait for the warmer weather to be here to stay. Even though I see signs of spring, the weather is still nippy for the most part. So, I am styling transitional weather clothing for now. This is the type of clothing that is not appropriate for winter because it isn’t warm enough. And, it is not suitable for spring because it isn’t cool enough.

The outfit that I am wearing is a great example of transitional clothing. The day that I told these photos, it was warmer and the sun was shining, so a short sleeve t-shirt was fine to wear. However, if the weather had been colder, then I could have added a long sleeve shirt. The outfit would have been warmer, but the overall look would have stayed the same. I am wearing a v-neck black short sleeve t-shirt, and I’ll link to several that you would like.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing gold jewelry with a striped sweaterI am not sure how something can be delicate, and also showy at the same time, but these earrings seem to be both. The design is delicate, but the size and uniqueness draw a lot of attention. These are the Sophee earrings, and I think that the way they hang against your jawline is very flattering. The Maggie filigree bangle and the Fallyn link cuff are from Kendra Scott. I have become a huge fan of this jewelry since I have found out that they make items other than the colored stones.

The multi-layer necklace is an old one. This necklace was a plunder posse necklace, so it is no longer available.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a striped Ruana sweater, black t-shirt, ballet flats, and camel pantsEven though these pants are too big on me, I wanted to show you how you could style them. I bought this style pant in this camel color, and also in black. I usually wear a size 10 in pants, but I have noticed that I need to size down when it comes to Chico’s clothing. So, I ordered a size 1, which equals to a size 8. Well, you see the results; they are way too big on me. I sent this, and the black pair back, and I have re-ordered a size .5. I am crossing my fingers that those will fit because I love these pants. Make sure that you look at the black pair (here) since you will also get a good view of the back slit, which makes these pants pretty unique.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a Ruana sweater with stripesI wanted to show you a back view of the Ruana. This sweater is like a wrap or a throw since it doesn’t have arms. The material isn’t sewn, although you could do a seam to make sleeves. I loved the stripes, the coloration of the Ruana, and how the browns and blacks look so good together. I know that some of you might not think that black and brown go together, but this sweater would make it easy to wear the two colors together. This is machine washable, which is always a plus in my book. Here is a link to the striped Ruana.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing black and brown together with a Ruana sweater, black t-shirt, and camel pantsFlats are going to be trending this spring and summer, so you will probably see me wearing these tan/gold colored ballet flats by Tory Burch a lot. I like the way that flats feel to walk in, but I prefer the look of heels. It looks strange to see me in flats, but they are starting to grow on me. Lol! I love the color of these flats because they are a great neutral color. That means that I can wear them with almost anything. Here is the link to these flats, and I will also link to a few more affordable options.

Floral blouse with gray pants worn by Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old's grandmother I told you that she was fashionable!!! Be sure to shout out your favorite woman in history!

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  1. Cute outfit but I can’t take my eyes off the gorgeous spring wreath on your front door! Source?

    1. I bought this at a festival years ago. Sorry!

  2. My grandmother was also very fashionable. After she died, we went to clean out her closet and found she owned 52 tops!
    I love the outfit you are wearing and I love Chico’s.

    1. Judi, it is wonderful to have such great memories. I never think of my grandmother without smiling.

  3. Aw! How you were blessed to have had such a fun (and lovely!) grandma! I hope my grands will feel the same about me someday!!
    Also-I love the way you styled your outfit – I think the ruana looks SO much prettier your way than the way Chico’s styled theirs!

  4. DEANNE HOPE says:

    Love the outfit! That just brings the 2 together so nicely.

  5. kristin greene says:

    Loved the idea of how to blend multi colors. There are some colors I like but don’t look good next to my face this seems like a good way to get both types of colors( one that looks good And a color I like but doesn’t look so good near my face) into one outfit.
    I love to garden and I got that from my grandmother. She was amazing. She could return any plant back to health. She had a green thumb for sure. Loved watching her in the garden.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    My grandmother was extremely fashionable and my Mom was the one who could outshop me. She was amazing.

  7. You just need to adjust the hem length of other items you wear in order to keep a nice proportion (1/3 -2/3) when wearing flats. Otherwise, yes, they can make your legs look stubby. Especially if you wear a high vamp or rounded toe style. Love the ruana. You look great in soft colors.

    1. I am not a huge fan of rounded toes, but I like experimenting.

  8. I love black and brown together. Your outfit looks great. I have never purchased a ruana/wrap because I just didn’t like the look on me when I tried them on. It seemed like I would always need to adjust them and they would likely get in the way. Now give me a cardigan in that pattern/color combo to put with a tee and pants and I would wear those pieces together. Now I am older so that puts my grandmothers in a slightly older generation. I never saw the two of them in anything but a dress and they did not own many. There was a dress to wear for everyday and then something a little nicer for “occasions”. Loved my grandmas but they have been gone for years.

    1. I prefer a cardigan or a poncho-style top, but I wanted to see these colors together.

  9. My grandmother was a lot like yours, she loved to shop and get a bargain. She was very fashionable, always looked put together. She was a classy woman who was so much fun to be around,

    1. My grandmother loved to wear suits, and she always looked very put together.

  10. That would be my grandma too, she would dye her shoes to match her outfit, she is 89 now and still loves fashion!

    1. Wow!!! She was hardcore! I think that is wonderful!

    1. Nancy, I love her outlook. That was a very telling statement!