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Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing the perfect leopard print top with a pair of black ankle pants and red suede pumpsGurl’s, I have a sweet tooth a mile wide! I am not sure if I have ever met a sweet that I didn’t like. I like cookies and cakes, as well as pies, candy, and ice cream. Incredibly, I am not 100 pounds heavier than I am. The way that I control my intake of sweets is to keep them out of the house. I hardly ever bake, because Joe and I can devour a whole cake by ourselves in a day or two. We will have some for breakfast, and then every time that we walk past the sweet, we will take just a nibble or two. Lol!
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing the perfect leopard print top with a pair of black ankle pants and red pumpsOur latest obsession has been Oreo cookies. A friend of ours asked on Facebook one day if they made a “similar” version of Oreos because he was going broke paying so much for his. The next day or two, Joe came home with a “similar” version that he had found at the store so that he could take a photo to send to his friend. We, of course, had to try the cookies to see if they tasted the same. They tasted just as good, and that was when the obsession started. I try to limit myself to only eating two cookies, but that hardly ever works. The next thing that I know, I’ll be back getting two more. Lol! So, we agreed, neither one of us would bring Oreos anymore into the house. Guess what Joe brought home from the store tonight? If you said a bag of Oreos, then you would be wrong. He brought home TWO bags of Oreos. Lol! Oh well, that ought to last us until Monday. Hahaha
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing the perfect leopard print top from Chico'sI know that most people like “casual Friday,” but that is not how I am rolling today. Even though this outfit is comfortable, I doubt if anyone would call it casual. This is the perfect date night look! It is dressy and sharp looking, but there is also a hint of sexiness that I am sure your significant other would appreciate.

This top was part of my Chico’s try-on haul (here), and when I walked down the hall in this outfit, it good an affirmative response from Joe. I’ve stopped searching because I have finally found the perfect leopard print top! This leopard print blouse is lightweight, and it has a relaxed fit. It is flowy, and it has a lot of movement in the material. The top buttons halfway, so it is a pull-on style. The buttons are hidden behind a placket, so they don’t show. That is a feature found in higher-end clothing. I love the feel of this top, it is silky against your skin, and it is made from 100% polyester. The bishop sleeves are the unique feature of this top, and they make a huge statement. I am wearing a size 1 in this top, and it fits me great. Here is the link to the top.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing the perfect leopard print top with gold jewelry from Kendra ScottI am sitting here trying to remember where my necklace is from. I thought it might have been from Stella and Dot or Chloe & Isabelle, but the hanging tag only had a heart on it with no wording. Maybe it is from Premier, but either way, I am sure that it is no longer available since it is several years old. The bracelets are from Kendra Scott, and they are the Maggie Bangle and the Fallyn cuff.
The Lonnie earrings were a Kendra Scott gift with purchase, and they are not on the website. However, the ones below are very similar.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing the perfect leopard print top with a pair of black ankle pants with back slitsIt might not be the most flattering of poses for me, but I wanted you to see the cute back slit on these pants. You might think that I am crazy, but I think that tiny slit elevates the entire look 100%. It is different and unique, and I think it is just the right amount of sexy. The pants that I am wearing are a size 1 from Chico’s, but they are too big on me. I have sent them back for a smaller size, but I haven’t gotten the smaller ones yet. I am crossing my fingers that the smaller size works because I really love these pants. Here is the link to the pants.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a leopard print top with a pair of black ankle pants and red suede pumpsNormally, I would let the leopard print shirt be the star of the show, but I thought that the outfit needed a pop of color. So, I added my Michael Kors red suede pumps, and I loved the whole look! What do you think? Were the pumps a good addition, or should I have gone with a black or neutral pair instead?

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing the perfect leopard print top from Chico's with a pair of black ankle pants and red suede pumps

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Another great outfit and I think we could rival your sweet tooth in our family. Those two bags would be gone even quicker. I too don’t keep sweets around for that reason and for Lent I give up all sweets. If only I had that willpower all year round. Tootsie Rolls and jelly beans are my favorite. Lucky for me I like the “cheap” stuff. I can easily pass on a fancy dessert.

  2. Another winner!!! I really love everything about this outfit. The pop of red is like the cherry on top of an oreo icecream sundae ?

  3. You look so good in this outfit!

    1. Julia Purtill says:

      Cute outfit! I’m out of high heel age but they look good on you!! My sweet addiction is Lofthouse brand sugar cake cookies with thick icing. I literally crave them. I freeze them to slow me down but I can microwave one in 10 seconds so what’s the point?! Gah!

  4. Love this outfit. Shirts that skim over the body are my fav. Is this see through? I love most any bright color like red, green, blue with leopard but red does say date night.
    I need to get more familiar with an 8″ cake pan and forget the 9×13. We have an eat it til it’s gone mentality when it comes to sweets.

  5. Tania, no matter what ensemble you have put together, you always look Classy, and Sophisticated at the same time. Yes, those are the right Pumps to wear. I have seen many women try to walk in heels, and have such a hard time. I know as a man I am no judge, but I know what looks awesome on Women, and You Truly Rock Whatever Style you display! Keep up the Good Work Girlfriend!

  6. Love the look today. Leopard print & red shoes are 2 of my favorite fashions.
    I love sweets so try not to have them in the house. I made my sister a german chocolate birthday cake but that morning she wasn’t able to get here. So now I have the cake…which I could ignore but I LOVE the coconut pecan frosting. So…nibbles!!! I think I’ll freeze it!

  7. This is pretty! I like that the print is a cooler shade. Do you know your body type? I’m an apple and colored shoes are in my rules. Not heels due to knee issues, but love the red!

  8. I love this look! The red pumps are the perfect addition to this outfit.

  9. Tania, I loved your ON try on session yesterday and love your post today as well.
    Thanks for showing us how to style all the items.
    You are the greatest!

  10. This is a great outfit! The red pumps say, “I’m sassy!”

  11. kristin greene says:

    Love the outfit! Love your smile and your sharing. I too have a sweet tooth. Not sure why God did that too me with a slow metabolism too.
    I totally vote for the red pumps but like the idea that that changing shoes would give another look. I like versatility in my wardrobe. Tanks for bringing up other options. I just love your skill of putting outfits together?

  12. Becky R Bernard says:

    You wear that look wonderfully, it looks like you have dropped 2 sizes! I may try this look. Love the fit of the pants!

  13. Absolutely gorgeous, Tania. I can see why hubby approves! I totally get the Oreo problem. I have that addiction too, so I don’t bring them home very often. They are just so good and like you said, you can rarely eat only two! Ha, ha. Have a great weekend. – Amy

  14. I really like your outfit today. The leopard shirt fits really nice and l love those slacks with the slit up the back. I really like you in more tailored clothes. I chuckled about the Oreo story too! Your blog is a pleasure for me to look at every day. Thanks

  15. You hit a home run with this outfit. You look stunning. No need to try on anything else.

  16. You look nice in this outfit! However, I can’t wait for the animal print trend to end. It is everywhere.

  17. Love, love, love the outfit!! I am right there with you on sweets. I eat them until they are gone, thinking that then I won’t buy more. Wrong!

  18. Absolutely love this outfit! It is so classy with the red shoes. Really like your hairstyle too!

  19. Erny Little says:

    You hit this one out of the ball park……I love the look and those red shoes!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE…..

  20. Sarah Horn says:

    I love your outfit , you look beautiful! Red shoes are perfect !

  21. Love the outfit. Looks great on you. Very flattering. If you love Oreos – don’t (do) try the mini-Oreos. So addictive and you really feel like you’re not eating many cause they’re so tiny! ?

  22. This is one of my very favorite looks ever! I love leopard print anything and I always pop it with a splash of red! Love the pants. Might have to get me a pair of those!!

  23. Barb Steppe says:

    If you love Oreos you should try them deepfried!! Love the outfit with the red shoes!

  24. Shirley McInroy says:

    Love the red shoes. Makes the outfit pop.

  25. When I was pregnant with my first child, I ate an entire package of fudge-covered Oreos in one sitting. I’ve never done that before or since, but oh, they were so good at the time.

  26. I totally understand about the Oreos. Haha.
    Your outfit today is great! One of your best.
    The red shoes are perfect and complete the outfit.

  27. Wowza! You look fabulous in this outfit!! Love the red shoes with it too!! I can’t keep sweets in the house either. I have all sorts of self control when it comes to just about everything but chips and sweets….if they’re around, I eat them!

  28. You look amazing in this outfit! love it. I am a sweet whore, so I never can have sweets in the house, I too would just take a nibble until the whole thing is gone….why cant sweets be good for us??

  29. I love the whole outfit!! Especially those pants!! My hubby has an Oreo thins obsession!! There is always an abundance supply in our pantry, lol…. I don’t bake often, so I’m ok with that!!

  30. I love this outfit!! Especially with the red pumps! ❤️❤️

  31. This entire outfit looks beautiful on you!❤️

  32. Oreos have been outlaw in my house!! I will eat an entire package in a day…especially the birthday Oreos! Something about the sprinkles in the cream ?

  33. This outfit is perfection! I’ll be ordering both pieces today! Thank you. By the way, we love double stuff Oreos but try not to keep them in our house. Once we start we can’t seem to stop. ?

  34. Monica Ercanbrack says:

    Love, love this outfit I would definitely wear this especially with the red pumps.
    I don’t think the necklace is premier they usually have little gold tag on them ( used be a jeweler) and the pants are really cute the little slit in the back..
    We are also the same way with sweets lol.

  35. I love red shoes. Perfect for date night. Black patent leather heels would like nice. Or go casual with flats and edit the jewelry.

  36. I am with you on the Sweet part. I don t bake pies for the same reason. You are looking very well in that gorgeous blouse! Hope to see you on my Fancy Friday linkup party!