Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is proving that you can wear a moto jacket no matter your age in this beautiful blush look

I bet a lot of you have had a motorcycle or “moto” jacket in your closet at some time in your life. If you are like me, then there are still moto jackets in your life, and they make you feel 10 years younger. Wearing moto jackets is not limited to your age, and they are not limited to leather or faux leather. Moto jackets can come in various styles, and while we have all seen their edgy style, they can also be feminine.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a zebra print top with a pair of blush jeggings and carrying a Tory Burch tote

Wearing a moto jacket in the spring was not something that I had considered until recently. In the past, I only wore my heavy and bulky leather motorcycle jacket when Joe and I went for a ride on his Harley. They were great for keeping me warm, and they add a little extra protection from the wind, rain, bugs, and the pavement if you happened to take a tumble. Plus, the only way I was introduced to moto jackets in my childhood was in the movies. I thought that when you wore a motorcycle jacket that you were edgy, a rebel, and a “bad” girl.

Now, I have started to view this jacket style as a fashion statement instead of a necessity for riding a motorcycle. The moto jacket is not just for rebels or bad girls; they have become a wardrobe staple, even for us ladies over 40. Or, in my case, waaaaay over the age of 40. Lol!

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a zebra print top with a pair of blush jeggings, a blush moto jacket, and carrying a Tory Burch tote

I think that my outfit today is very feminine and stylish. This might not have been the look that you were expecting when you clicked on my post, so I hope you are pleasantly surprised. When it comes to wearing a moto jacket, you have to decide the “look” you want to achieve. You can wear a moto jacket with anything from a fancy dress to distressed jeans. So, I guess the question is…

Why Should Wear A Moto Jacket

1. A Moto Jacket is Timeless

As I mentioned, I remember seeing moto jackets when I was a child, and that was a long time ago. They are still just as popular today and probably even more popular than ever among women. I know some women who have been wearing moto jackets for over 15 or 20 years.

2. A Moto Jacket Has No Age Limit

Once, a moto jacket was reserved for people who actually rode motorcycles, but that is not the case anymore. Women, as well as men of all ages, are now wearing moto jackets. If you are in your 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, or more, you can still wear a moto jacket without fear.

3. A Moto Jacket is Modern and Youthful Looking

Today’s moto jackets are modern-looking and come in all kinds of styles and colors. I have mentioned several times in my blog; a moto jacket makes you feel 10 years younger every time you throw it on. You might not want to feel younger and more youthful, but I know that I sure do!!! Some people tend to view women over 40 as irrelevant, old, stuck in their ways, or frumpy! 😳 A moto jacket is one way to tell them to “kiss old Nelly,” aka, (kiss my rear), and remember, those same people will one day be our age.

4. A Moto Jacket Can Be Worn With Anything

Yes, a moto jacket truly can be worn with anything. Of course, a leather moto jacket looks edgy with distressed jeans and boots, but that is not the only way to wear one. Try wearing a moto jacket with a dress and heels, a maxi dress, or even with an evening dress. If you’ve got a few thousand dollars burning a hole in your wallet, then you can even buy a moto jacket by Chanel, and I guarantee that it will make everything look fabulous.

Here are some of the looks that I’ve worn in the past.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is over 40 and still looks young and fabulous in this black top and cheetah print jeans with the Faux-Leather Moto Jacket from Chicos

Pleated Hem Top // Ryder Statement earrings in gold // Beckett Statement necklace // Ryder Multi-Chain necklace // everything else is sold out

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a neutral outfit consisting of a leopard print camisole with a suede moto jacket

taupe suede moto jacket // Straight jeans // Taupe Leather Ankle Boots // Leopard Print scoop-neck shell

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a leopard print top with a pair of black distressed jeans, and a black leather moto jacket

Leopard Print scoop-neck shell// (similar) black distressed jeans // Leather Lambskin Moto Jacket (limited in size) similar ones below

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a black top with a pair of black jeggings, a cream moto jacket, and carrying a leopard print tote

Cream Faux leather jacket // Reptile Ankle Pants // everything else is sold out.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a zebra print top

For today’s look, I started with this beautiful zebra print sleeveless top. I hesitated about ordering this top when I read the description because it called it a lightweight twill. Twill sounds stiff and hard to me, and that wasn’t what I wanted to wear against my body. Instead, this top is very silky and flowy, and it feels amazing, so I am not sure if I am crazy or if they are. Lol! The top is semi-fitted, so I ordered a large to make sure that it didn’t show lumps and bumps. I can’t say enough about this top; I love everything about it. It comes in several colors, so I am considering ordering one in white since that I something that I am always needing. AND the top is 40% off right now!!! Click here to see more zebra print items.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a pair of blush jeggings

I wanted to give you an idea of the length of the top from the back view, and as you can see, it is nice and long. It covers most of your backside and hits right at my hip.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a pair of blush jeggings and carrying a Tory Burch tote

I LOVE the color of these jeggings! I would have called this blush, but the website calls it Pale Azalea. They are much more creative with their color names than I am. Lol! These pull-on jeggings (yes, I said pull-on) are comfortable and chic looking. I love the jeggings’ style, and they are the perfect length to wear with flats or heels. They are available in tall and petite also, and up to a size 4X. I am wearing a size 1 in the jeggings since I wanted them to fit somewhat loose on me, and I think these fit me well.

Here is a sweater that I have that would look FABULOUS with these jeggings. I just haven’t had time to put it on the blog yet.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is carrying a Tory Burch tote

Handbags are my thing! I know a lot of you love shoes, but for me, it is handbags and jewelry. This mini canvas tote by Tory Burch is my latest handbag obsession. I love the color of the leather trim, and the canvas material is gorgeous for this spring and summer. The tote is a great medium size, even though they have it labeled as mini. The only downside to this tote, other than price, is that it is one large compartment instead of separated areas. But, if you love handbags as much as I do, then this one should be on your radar.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a zebra print top with a blush moto jacket, and jewelry by Kendra Scott

Ahhhh, finally, the moto jacket that I am wearing. First off, I love the longer elongated style of this jacket. Many us gurls like to have extra coverage of our backside, and this jacket does the trick. I love the large lapels and the placement of the seams that make this jacket super flattering. But, can we talk about this color??? The Pale Azalea color is pretty on the jeggings, but it is gorgeous on the jacket since it brings warmth to your face.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is looking at a blush moto jacket

The moto jacket is enhanced by a modern asymmetrical zip front, even though I will probably never wear it fully zipped. I am wearing a size 1 in this jacket, and it fits great.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a pair of blush jeggings, a blush moto jacket, and carrying a Tory Burch tote

Here is a look so that you can see the length of the jacket and how well it covers your backside.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a pair of blush jeggings, cream flats with a bow on top, and carrying a Tory Burch tote

Don’t these little sling-back flats match my handbag almost perfectly? This was one of those happy accidents since I didn’t do it on purpose. I should have just kept my mouth shut and let you think that I put a lot of thought into the purchase. Lol! The bow adornment on top of the flat is adorable, and it gives the shoes a unique detail. The pointy toe will elongate your legs, and you know that I love that look. But, it is the tan insert on the side of the shoe that sparked my interest. I am wearing my usual size 9 in the shoes, and I think they run true to size.

I also ordered these mules, and I love the neutral color. So, if bows are not your thing, you might like these instead.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a zebra print top with a pair of blush jeggings, a blush moto jacket, and is proof that you can wear a moto jacket at any age

Speaking of loving jewelry, here is what I am wearing today. The large AVI hoops you see me wearing ALL of the time, the Rebecca multi-strand necklace in white howlite, the Beckett link bracelet, and the Natalie Hinged Bangle Bracelet.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a zebra print top with a pair of blush jeggings, a blush moto jacket from Chicos, and carrying a Tory Burch tote

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Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a zebra print top with a pair of blush jeggings, a blush moto jacket, cream flats, and carrying a Tory Burch tote

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  1. Ellen Sviatko wrote:

    Do you usually wear your moto jacket all day like a blazer or take it off like a coat?

    Posted 4.8.21Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      It depends. I’ll wear it all day long unless I get hot. 🤣

      Posted 4.8.21Reply
  2. Lynda Schneider wrote:

    Love the color of this jacket and jeans! Are you using self-tanner? if so, what brand?
    Thanks Tania!

    Posted 4.5.21Reply
  3. Nancy M. wrote:

    Lovely! I wouldn’t think twice about wearing any sort of Moto Jacket. I agree, they do make you look hip.
    This color makes a very pretty outfit!
    Thanks for the suggestion of the “non-bow” flats. Just ordered!
    Happy Easter Tania!

    Posted 4.3.21Reply
  4. Angie wrote:

    I love jackets and I LOVE all your moto jacket looks! Thank you for showing them in one post. I’ve upped my collection of women’s trucker jackets in different colors, fabrics and lengths, but after seeing the moto photos, I realize it’s been a mistake in avoiding them. You explain and show great ways to wear them. I can just picture you on a Harley hanging on to Joe, lol!

    Posted 4.3.21Reply
  5. Chris wrote:

    Love this outfit, especially the color! Love the purse and shoes too! Perfect for spring!!! Have a Blessed Easter!!!

    Posted 4.3.21Reply
  6. Rhonda wrote:

    You look beautiful! I always like your posts but this one hit it out of the park! That color is lovely on you and your makeup pops! Thank you for all the effort you put in to these posts.I love it!

    Posted 4.2.21Reply
  7. Denise wrote:

    I bought that sweater and jegging combo that you mentioned. I love it! I also love the jacket with those jeggings! YOU have such an eye for putting together items, meanwhile I have to see it in a picture or on a dummy!

    Posted 4.2.21Reply
  8. Gina Ryals wrote:

    That outfit is gorgeous and you look amazing.

    Posted 4.2.21Reply
  9. Joy M. wrote:

    Love today’s outfit. It reminds me of when we used to wear pantsuits. I sometimes miss them because they made it so easy to dress for upscale events that were suitable to wear pants to. I really wish you would stop it with all the cute handbags!

    Posted 4.2.21Reply
  10. Kim wrote:

    Love the color of today’s outfit!

    Posted 4.2.21Reply
  11. Gayle wrote:

    Love this outfit and that color is so pretty. The shoe and purse are great too.

    Posted 4.2.21Reply
  12. Charlcy Green wrote:

    Tania, I love this outfit! The color is beautiful and the cute flats are perfect! But tell me what you’re doing to spice up your makeup cause you look like you have a great tan?!

    Posted 4.2.21Reply
  13. Mich wrote:

    I Absolutley love this outfit. The color is gorgeous on you.

    Posted 4.2.21Reply
  14. Sharon wrote:

    The pointy toe flats look great. Much more flattering than any of the other flats you’ve worn recently.

    Posted 4.2.21Reply
  15. Deborah wrote:

    Love the colors!

    Posted 4.2.21Reply
  16. Maureen wrote:

    I am loving your blog! I am so glad I came across your site on Pinterest. I am learning so much about fashion. Love these looks! I have owned a black faux leather jacket for over a year and have never worn it. Now I know how to style it.

    Posted 4.2.21Reply
  17. Leanne wrote:

    Love this look and I LOVE that floral sweater! I’ve had my eye on it, but it’s only available in size 0 now. If you have it, how is the fit? I might be able to wear the 0 if it fits on the larger side. I usually wear a small in tops, depending on the fit. Thanks.

    Posted 4.2.21Reply
  18. Sharolyn wrote:

    Love that color! Beautiful on you.

    Posted 4.2.21Reply
  19. LISA CASTRO wrote:

    That color really makes your blue eyes pop. Very pretty!

    Posted 4.2.21Reply
  20. Coolie wrote:

    Love the review of your moto looks Unfortunately they do not have that taupe moto in my size anymore. The zebra tank is though!!

    Posted 4.2.21Reply
  21. Elaine wrote:


    Posted 4.2.21Reply
  22. Karen wrote:

    Love the whole outfit beautiful!

    Posted 4.2.21Reply
  23. Tammy Gravis wrote:

    Wow, you just get better and better. Beautiful outfits and love the pink jacket.

    Posted 4.2.21Reply
    • Beth wrote:

      I love this outfit on you! I happened to be in chicos earlier this week to return something & saw that jacket. Even though I’m about the same coloring as you, that color fell kind of flat on me. It didn’t stop me from having the store order me it in sage green – can’t wait to get it!

      Posted 4.2.21Reply
  24. Ellen Fitch wrote:

    This outfit is fabulous! But OMGosh! That bag is to die for! I’m new to your site, but look forward to a new style each day! Keep them coming! Ellen

    Posted 4.2.21Reply
  25. Karen wrote:

    Love the color!

    Posted 4.2.21Reply
  26. LuAnn wrote:

    Looks so chic!

    Posted 4.2.21Reply
  27. Sandy wrote:

    Enjoyed the look back at the motto jackets. I’m kicking myself now as I saw one a couple weeks ago on the sale rack but didn’t think I needed it. Now I’m wishing I had at least tried it on. Have a nice weekend.

    Posted 4.2.21Reply
  28. Julie wrote:

    I read and love your blog every day, but I have to say today is some of my favorite outfits.I love all of the jackets, handbags, shoes, and pants. Oh and zebra tank!!!!

    Posted 4.2.21Reply
  29. Ann H Pavlicek wrote:

    Joe, the party is over. No more celebrating! Ha! I hope you enjoyed your birthday month. You have a fun wife. Take care of her.

    Posted 4.2.21Reply
  30. Fiona wrote:

    Love all the jackets. I have a grey sort of Moto jacket and love wearing it.
    Great outfits. Have a great Easter.

    Posted 4.2.21Reply
  31. Debbie P wrote:

    Love the whole outfit!!! Especially that bag!!!!!

    Posted 4.2.21Reply
  32. Monica Ercanbrack wrote:

    Very chic today!!
    Liked all the outfit in your Moto post.

    Posted 4.2.21Reply
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