Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing white cropped jeans with a floral top, a long blue cardigan, and Tory Burch ballet flats

Happy April’s Fools! So, I asked Alexa to give me an April Fools Prank, and here was her response. “Take an old mayonnaise jar and clean it out. Fill the clean jar with yogurt. When someone walks into the kitchen, take the jar out of the refrigerator, grab a spoon, and start eating out of the jar.”

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing white cropped jeans with a floral top, a long blue cardigan, and a brown belt with a Tory Burch ballet flats

I am not sure how funny that prank is, but it might get you a strange look or two. The only April Fool’s joke that I really remember was when I was a child. My mother came into my bedroom to wake me up for school. But, when I woke up, she said, “guess what? It snowed last night, and school has been called off!” I was so excited until she said, APRIL FOOLS! Not funny, mom…not funny!

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a floral top from J Crew

This floral top is so feminine, and it is the perfect color(s) for Spring. The ruffle neckline gives the top an extra feminine touch, and I like that you can either chose to tie the front or leave it open. The pastel colors are so beautiful, and it will look great with so many colors. I chose to add white pants, and I think that brings all of the colors out nicely.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is showing the back of a pair of white cropped jeans with a floral top, and Tory Burch ballet flats

I wanted to show you how long the top was in the front and back, but I chose to tuck it in so that you could see my pants. I also saw that this shirt is made with organic cotton and grown without chemical fertilizers and pesticides from non genetically modified seeds. That is something that I hadn’t seen in an item’s description before. I am wearing a large in the top, and it is loose on me, but not overly big.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is leaning against a door in white cropped jeans with a floral top, a long blue cardigan, and Tory Burch ballet flats

I wanted to add another layer of color to my outfit to give it some extra dimension. Every time you add a layer, you add more interest to your look. This beautiful shade of blue looks great with the floral top. The longer cardigan hits me at thigh level, and I love this length since it covers my backside nicely.

This cardigan is a shaker-stitch material and has a textured finish. With the crazy weather of spring, this sweater is a nice weight to help with the transition. I am wearing a medium sweater, and it is the perfect size for me.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing white cropped jeans with Tory Burch ballet flats

I have started to really embrace this white pair of cropped flare jeans. The length of these pants is fabulous with flats or heels, and they look equally great with sneakers. The flare and the frayed hem add modern touches, which keep us all looking relevant and HIP. Do they even say “hip” anymore? Lol! The jeans are on sale for 50% off, so now is a great time to add them to your wardrobe. Normally, I wear a size 30 in jeans, but I had to size up to a 31 in these. I actually like sizing up when I wear white jeans, so that worked out perfectly.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a floral top, a long blue cardigan, and carrying a Michael Kors tote

The Isla tote from Michael Kors is great for Spring and Summer. The rope handles are not something that you see a lot, and I LOVE the linen-colored canvas tote. This bag is stylish and casual at the same time, and it will go with any outfit you choose, other than something very formal.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old has both hands in her white cropped jeans, and wearing a floral top, a long blue cardigan, and Tory Burch ballet flats

I love the brown and brown combination of my belt and ballet flats. I’m not sure that I’ve ever worn this combination before without brown being in the outfit. My belt has sold out, but I have the Madewell in black that I linked to below, and I love it. I ordered a large when the jeans were lower cut, and I had to order a medium for the high waist jeans.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is leaning against a door wearing white cropped jeans with a floral top, and Tory Burch ballet flats

You can’t go wrong with these Tory Burch ballet flats. They are pricey, so I will have to wear them for several years to get my money’s worth from them. Lol! I will admit that I love wearing these flats, though, and I think it is the gold emblem that I love. It adds a touch of elegance to the shoe, which isn’t easy to accomplish with a pair of shoes. Here are some more price-friendly options.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing white cropped jeans with a floral top from J Crew, and Tory Burch ballet flats

I didn’t add much jewelry, but I did grab these new earrings that make a big statement. The Natalie hoop earrings have a Bohemian flair to them, and they remind me of a rattan basket. Since I am a Longaberger basket fan, these earrings spoke to me. Here is an up-close photo so that you can see the design.

Do you think that they look like a rattan basket?

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing white cropped flare jeans with a floral top, a long blue cardigan, and Tory Burch ballet flats

This is the last week for me to celebrate Joe’s Birthday. He told me that I couldn’t make a big deal out of his birthday. I don’t think that announcing for the entire world to see is making a big deal. Lol! So, randomly, each week, I am going to pick a winner for a gift. The gifts will vary in size and price, and I will pick the winner from the comments that I receive during the week.

This week’s winner is…..Vicki!!! Keep commenting, and you might be next week’s winner.

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  1. Cindy Marroquin wrote:

    I really like how your hair looks. It’s not so polished. I like it looking a little tussled and modern.

    Posted 4.7.21 Reply
  2. Lou Tuma wrote:

    Just love your outfits!!! I can always find something I like!

    Posted 4.6.21 Reply
  3. Suzanhe wrote:

    As usual, you have assembled a lovely outfit. Thank for the inspiration.

    Posted 4.4.21 Reply
  4. Melanie wrote:

    I’ve been hesitant to wear brown with white, but it looks great! Confidence in your style adds a lot, too!

    Posted 4.2.21 Reply
  5. Norma wrote:

    Love this outfit,thanks for sharing.

    Posted 4.2.21 Reply
  6. Teresa Funk wrote:

    I love your blog. It has inspired me to step outside my comfort zone fashion wise!

    Posted 4.1.21 Reply
  7. Nancy M. wrote:

    Great spring outfit! The colors of the blouse are so pretty. I think it looks best with the sweater. I also love that you are wearing white pants. I always hesitate wearing white pants this early, but why the heck not!

    Posted 4.1.21 Reply
  8. Lynn wrote:

    I Love Love Love your Blog! You are younger than me but I love the outfits you put together. Refreshing!! You bring a smile to my face every day, thank you!!

    Posted 4.1.21 Reply
  9. Paige wrote:

    Love the jeans, but pretty sure they’d make me look stumpy! On the plus side, my DH just installed a full length mirror for me, so I can see and maybe take and compare pictures. This might result in lots of clothes going Bye bye!

    Posted 4.1.21 Reply
  10. Charlcy Green wrote:

    ! I love those jeans on you and they make you look very thin. The blouse and sweater look very nice too. Happy Easter Tania!

    Posted 4.1.21 Reply
  11. Lorie wrote:

    Perfect top for spring and summer as it is made of cotton. Looks great with the white jeans or would be a hit with blue jeans too!

    Posted 4.1.21 Reply
  12. dianeh820 wrote:

    Gorgeous blue sweater/cardigan! Have. To. Have. It.

    Posted 4.1.21 Reply
  13. Asa B wrote:

    That is such a versatile top with all those gorgeous springy hues! 🌺🌸🌼

    Posted 4.1.21 Reply
  14. LISA CASTRO wrote:

    I must have that shirt! looks great with the white pants.

    Posted 4.1.21 Reply
  15. Angela wrote:

    When my daughter was in sixth grade, she tried the mayonnaise trick. She cleaned out a Miracle Whip squeeze bottle and filled it with vanilla yogurt. She got it out at the lunch table and began squeezing it into her mouth. Lol, nearly made some of the kids sick until she told them it was an April Fool’s prank.

    Cute jeans….I’ve almost ordered them twice but then changed my mind. I’m not sure if I would like the flair at the bottom. Now that they’re on sale, I might try them.

    Posted 4.1.21 Reply
  16. Beth wrote:

    Adorable spring outfit…love the earrings!

    Posted 4.1.21 Reply
  17. Joy M. wrote:

    Love the top and cardigan! So ready for spring clothes!

    Posted 4.1.21 Reply
  18. Betty Sanders wrote:

    LOVE this outfit, especially the 100% cotton top!

    Posted 4.1.21 Reply
  19. Marcie W. wrote:

    Such a pretty outfit. You look great with the blouse tucked in and the colors look great on you.

    Posted 4.1.21 Reply
  20. Janet wrote:

    Tell us a little about your Longaberger collection. I estimate that I have about 100+ and still love them as much as the day I bought them!

    Posted 4.1.21 Reply
  21. Annette wrote:

    Oh Tania, not loving the floral top. Too busy. Everything else was lovely.

    Posted 4.1.21 Reply
  22. Susan wrote:

    Love the floral top. So springy

    Posted 4.1.21 Reply
  23. Cindy P wrote:

    That outfit on you looks great! That is the first pair of the crop flared pants that I have seen that I am actually tempted to order. I’m a big fan of the fringe hem rather than the big distressed holes in denim. Just a bit worried about ordering the right size based on the reviews. Happy birthday Joe for the final time!! Wait a minute it’s actually April today! 🙂

    Posted 4.1.21 Reply
  24. Carol S wrote:

    That is a very pretty outfit. So pulled together and polished for something so simple. Especially love the blue cardigan. And the brown belt and shoes are a nice, unexpected, compliment to the look.

    Posted 4.1.21 Reply
  25. Penny wrote:

    Very pretty top and cardigan for Spring!

    Posted 4.1.21 Reply
  26. Sharon wrote:

    Darling outfit..it suits you..love everything about it..I’ve been searching for a light blue sweater but think a shorter crop will suit my frame better..I’m off to order those jeans and probably that top..tell Joe happy Birthday 🎊🎁…

    Posted 4.1.21 Reply
  27. Judy C wrote:

    I love this outfit. I’m definitely going to try these jeans. Love the blue cardigan but it’s sold out in my size. Bummer.

    Posted 4.1.21 Reply
  28. Arna wrote:

    I love the blue cardigan. I have a few from Old Navy, and I like them all. I am still not sold on the crop, raw edge jeans. I just don’t think I will feel comfortable in them.
    Think spring!

    Posted 4.1.21 Reply
  29. Gayle wrote:

    LOVE everything about this outfit from head to toe. Why do I always want everything? LOL The colors in the top are perfect for spring.

    Posted 4.1.21 Reply
  30. Janice C wrote:

    Very pretty spring outfit and the gorgeous colours of the top and cardigan are very flattering!

    Posted 4.1.21 Reply
  31. Coolie wrote:

    Those white jeans are perfect on you. Tucked in top makes the outfit so slimming when you added the cardigan. Blue is your color!

    Posted 4.1.21 Reply
  32. Stephanie Chambers wrote:

    You look awesome in the cardigan and blouse tucked in. Great outifit!

    Posted 4.1.21 Reply
  33. Fiona wrote:

    I was unsure about cropped flared jeans but they suit you.
    Really like the whole outfit.

    Posted 4.1.21 Reply
  34. Sheryl wrote:

    When I read the headline – white flared cropped jeans I was skeptical but they are so cute!! May have to order a pair! Have a great Easter!!

    Posted 4.1.21 Reply
  35. Sandy wrote:

    Another cute outfit and I was in ON yesterday but did not see that cardigan 🙁 Love the baby blue color and the blouse sleeves look cute sticking out of the cardigan.

    Posted 4.1.21 Reply
  36. LuAnn wrote:

    You look great in the pretty blue colors!

    Posted 4.1.21 Reply
  37. Debbie P wrote:

    Having trouble embracing the crop leg flare. I like the crop straight. They look cute on you though.

    Posted 4.1.21 Reply
  38. Kathy wrote:

    I would give an award that those are the best white jeans I’ve ever seen.

    Posted 4.1.21 Reply
  39. Carolyn wrote:

    Love this outfit!! The top is great, love the colors in it. Your outfit is very “put together” ❤️🤗. Hope Joe had a great Birthday month, mine is this month!! Like the idea of celebrating all month— yessss!!!

    Posted 4.1.21 Reply
  40. Christine F wrote:

    You ALWAYS look good in blue!

    Posted 4.1.21 Reply
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