50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO STYLE A SHERPA PULLOVER | FASHION OVER 40There is a lot to be said for semi-retirement and being able to work from home. It has been freezing, at least for our area, so Joe walked through yesterday and said, “you want to go to the beach?” It took me about two seconds to agree. Lol! I don’t care if it isn’t swimsuit weather, it will be practically perfect to me. A glance at the weather forecast told me that it would be 65 today and I think Joe sees golfing in his future. I see a few days of quite time for me! Am I the only one that welcomes the quite?50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO STYLE A SHERPA PULLOVER | FASHION OVER 40 Joe thinks that he is going to drag me around with him on the golf cart to watch him play. In the summer I like getting out and enjoying the scenery while he plays. But, I hate the cold, and in the shade that 65 will be freezing so, I think that I’ll let him go and chase the little white ball all by himself. Lol! I will sleep, lay on the couch, play on the computer, walk on the beach, or go shopping. The threat of shopping is the only thing that will keep Joe from making me go with him to play golf. I will say that I will go with him golfing if he will go with me to the outlet stores. Hahaha! That makes me laugh because I know that he would rather wash dishes than he would go shopping. I have news for him; I would rather he washed dishes than go shopping with me too. He is like taking the Game Warden hunting; he never thinks that I “need” anything. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO STYLE A SHERPA PULLOVER | FASHION OVER 40 I bought this black sherpa pullover the other day at a local boutique in town. I love the sherpa trend, at least then I have an excuse for looking plump and fluffy. Lol! My daughter received a brown one for Christmas last year, and she looked like a cute teddy bear. Lol! I normally try to brighten up my look if I am wearing black because it can be too harsh against my skin. Today, I added a buffalo plaid button-down top from Old Navy that I bought before Christmas. The shirt brought the red against my skin and helped give the outfit more dimension. 50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO STYLE A SHERPA PULLOVER | FASHION OVER 40My earrings look like white and gray swirled marble. I like the small squares, they are enough to be noticed but not too large to feel overwhelming. The Lydia bracelet has “blessed,” and it is shaped like the handle of a spoon. It is super cute, and it adjusts from 6 to 9 inches. I have not been in the mood to wear as much jewelry lately, and I don’t like this. I love jewelry, and I hope when spring hits that I am back to my usual accessorizing self. Lol!
50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO STYLE A SHERPA PULLOVER | FASHION OVER 40If you have a hard time wearing high heels, then a wedge heel might be the answer for you. A wedge heel is more supportive and is easier for most people to wear. This pair of ankle boots are a couple of years old, and they came from Old Navy.

50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO STYLE A SHERPA PULLOVER | FASHION OVER 40It was a little bit nippy when we left Grundy, but the sherpa kept me nice and warm. I decided to stay in the same color family and styled black jeans with this look. This is an old pair from Old Navy, and I like the fit of these jeans, but I am not a fan of the patched knees. I do like the faded look, so I found a couple that is similar to these but without the faded knees.

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  1. Wendy wrote:

    We are heading to the beach tomorrow. We love it anytime of year. The winter time is for peace and quiet, good oysters, and SHOPPING!! Have fun!

    Posted 1.23.19 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      I am sure that Joe will be eating Oysters very soon. He loves them.

      Posted 1.23.19 Reply
  2. Rebecca Purdie wrote:

    Ice here in Greensboro NC.
    2 hour delay for school!?
    I love fluffy puffy soft jackets.
    Enjoy the beach.

    Posted 1.23.19 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      There was plenty of ice when I left Grundy.

      Posted 1.23.19 Reply
  3. Connie r. wrote:

    My kind of trip. Quite and shopping!! Enjoy your time away. When I get to walk the beach I feel so close to god. Walking and praying. Peaceful and serene. Love your Sherpa. So comfy. And I know exactly what you mean about husbands shopping. Better alone.

    Posted 1.23.19 Reply
  4. Janet wrote:

    I can always count on you to jazz up a plain outfit! That’s my style! I laughed when you said it was freezing and then said is wss 65. It was 10 below yesterday! ? We pull out shorts and sandals at 65! All relative I guess.

    Posted 1.23.19 Reply
  5. Sheryl wrote:

    My daughter lives in MB and told me about the 65 degrees, enjoy. I’ll be there in three weeks.

    Posted 1.23.19 Reply
  6. Margo wrote:

    I like your patches denim.
    Outlet Malls!!! Start the car?????, enjoy!

    Posted 1.23.19 Reply
  7. Cheryl peffer wrote:

    We have a foot of snow, it’s been in single digits and today it’s 40 and raining. The beach and 65 sounds wonderful.

    Posted 1.23.19 Reply
  8. Johnna wrote:

    I too love some peace & quiet and the beach is perfect place for that. Even if it’s a little cool. My daughter has several Sherpa pullovers and they look so warm and comfy. I borrow hers from time to time. I may have to break down and buy my own. We could travel together cause my husband would golf with Joe and we’d read, chill and shop. Lol!!

    Posted 1.23.19 Reply
  9. Cindy wrote:

    I’m in Crescent Beach( north Myrtle) it’s been pretty chilly and windy, today it’s really windy,but warmer.I hope February will be warmer.My husband is a golfer too,but hasn’t gotten in as much as he would have liked since the weather has not cooperated ! I drop him off and I go shopping til he calls to pick him up…if your staying at Avista your right down the street.The walks on the beach are relaxing but you have to bundle up,and the sound of the waves breaking are calming. Have fun..

    Posted 1.23.19 Reply
  10. Charlcy Green wrote:

    Wow, I’m jealous! Enjoy the beach and your hubby!

    Posted 1.23.19 Reply
  11. Sue E. wrote:

    It must be the day for quiet time! My husband left early to golf and I am still in my pjs getting caught up on TV shows I recorded. If I get cleaned up and dressed, I may venture out! Cute outfit, I love the sherpa♡

    Posted 1.23.19 Reply
  12. Sheron Davis wrote:

    Cozy and keeping warm is the best thing to do with the cold weather. Where I live in Ontario Canada it is -20C or rouvhly -40F freezing weather outside. To keep cozy like you I like layering clothes, sitting next to our gas fireplace with a cuppa of tea or hot chocolate drink. Our evenings get a lot colder then -20C so under two big comforters we go and add a hot water bottle. Then dream of sunny hot temperatureS in the summer with the air conditioner on……Lol!

    Posted 1.23.19 Reply
  13. Your patched jeans are fabulous. I wish we had an ‘old navy’ I would be in there now searching for a pair. Teamed up with your ‘sherpa’ you look super cosy.

    Posted 1.24.19 Reply
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