50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR LOUNGEWEAR WHEN YOU LEAVE THE HOUSE | FASHION OVER 40Since you are following a HOT (humble, open, and transparent) blogger, you probably already know that I am not a great housekeeper. Lol! I heard a preacher that I follow use that term, and I thought that was one that I needed to steal. Some of you mentioned that I should watch the Netflix series with Marie Kondo. Dang, you gurls! Now, I am in a cleaning mode! I have already started with a few drawers, baby steps first, and then I will gradually move up to the major things.50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR LOUNGEWEAR WHEN YOU LEAVE THE HOUSE | FASHION OVER 40 I was thinking about all of the things that we accumulate over some time. We work so hard so that we can buy nice things and then we have to build on closets, outbuildings, or even rent storage units, to hold all of our “stuff” that we don’t use but don’t want to part with. I am truly going to downsize my things. I opened my coffee cup cabinet and stepped back to look at it well. It is three shelves high, and there are so many cups in there that I have to stack many cups on top of each other. Joe and I each use one cup in the morning, so that has to make me wonder why I have soooo many stinking cups. And, that doesn’t even include the cups that go with my everyday dishes, my “good” dishes, and my holiday dishes. Plus, the good dishes and the holiday dishes haven’t been out of their cabinet in over 5 or more years. It ALL needs to go, and that brings on its dilemma. Getting rid of all the stuff takes time, work, effort, and those are all the things that I don’t have. I told Joe that I think that I am going to put all of my items in a room and once or twice a month have an indoor sale to get rid of them. Some things will be donated, and I am sure some things my family will want, but it needs to leave my house. I am open to suggestions if you ladies have already been through this process and can enlighten me.50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR LOUNGEWEAR WHEN YOU LEAVE THE HOUSE | FASHION OVER 40 Today I have on an example of how to wear “loungewear” when you are running errands. I love clothing items that can serve two purposes and loungewear is perfect for handling more than one purpose. The navy velour top is part of a set, the bottoms are navy and white polka dot, that I lounge around the house in. This top is so soft and comfortable, and the other morning I put it on to work on the computer for a while. Then, I decided to go and get a manicure, and this was what I wore. I changed out of the polka dot pants and threw on a pair of jeans. Then, to make the outfit look less like loungewear, I added a puffer vest by Crown & Ivy. I am sure that no one was aware that I was out in loungewear, what do you think?

50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR LOUNGEWEAR WHEN YOU LEAVE THE HOUSE | FASHION OVER 40Adding a few accessories also made the outfit look less like loungewear. I added a statement earring of hot pink leather fringe. These gorgeous earrings were c/o Kay & Star, a jewelry mother/daughter team who are on Etsy. They are super nice ladies, and I love buying from someone who I know appreciates the business. I also added the Kelsey and the Sequoia magnetic bracelets. I love the magnetic bracelets because they are so easy to put on and take off, but they are 7.5,” and they are not adjustable. Speaking of a small business owner who appreciates your business…to shop my Plunder website, go here. Lol!
50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR LOUNGEWEAR WHEN YOU LEAVE THE HOUSE | FASHION OVER 40I can’t sing the praises of these boots enough. I love the shaft height, I love the heel height, I love the color, and I love the fit! The only thing that I don’t love is the fact that they are last years model and I can’t find them to link for you. These are the closest that I could find.

50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR LOUNGEWEAR WHEN YOU LEAVE THE HOUSE | FASHION OVER 40I will usually wear skinny jeans when I tuck them inside of boots. Today, I have on a pair by Vigoss that I had forgotten that I owned. Thanks, Marie Kondo for making me look through my jeans because I came across this pair. I buy my Vigoss jeans from Maurices when I catch them on sale.

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  1. I think having read your post that I need to watch this programme. In my loft are 3 full sets of crockery (dinner services) 2 very large boxes of china – cups, saucers plates etc. Glass platewear and many other items These are never used and were my mum and grandma’s. For sentimental reasons I just can’t part with them. When I disappear into the loft I will sometimes unwrap and look at them, then rewrap and put back. How can I part with such memories of my youth!

  2. I will never be a minimalist but over the last couple of years have been working at getting rid of what I don”t need.. Quite a job but it feels so good not to be weighed down by stuff. Giving it to someone who can use it helps to let it go.

    • Tania Reply

      I am with you, Janet. I will NEVER be a minimalist. Even as I typed that I had the thought running through my head, “never say never.” Lol! However, I do want to get rid of the stuff that is suffocating instead of joyful.

  3. Ohhh, you are speaking my love language! LOL. I LOVE to organize and purge — not clean, but constantly rummaging around our things and donating, gifting, and recycling. My husband is the one who is sentimentally attached to EVERYTHING. He freaks out when I want to get rid of the kids’ toys that are broken or that they have outgrown. I can’t do a ton with his stuff without him, but I keep up with the household stuff that is mine or the kids’.

    One thing that helps me purge is donating. Old towels and throws and blankets go to the local animal shelter. The Boys and Girls club will pick up furniture curbside. Clothes can go to women’s shelters, as do toys in good condition. I barter with our accountant and give her all the kids’ clothing as they outgrow it, and she does our taxes for free in exchange for it. We also donate our books to the local preschool for their borrow-a-book program.

    I just bought a clear mail station holder for our kitchen counter to handle the daily nonsense we have to deal with and have folders labeled for every family member; permission slips, receipts to file for FSA reimbursement, official documents, manuals in use, etc.

    I definitely offer all my clothing to my sister and then donate the rest. Honestly, if you don’t cull your stuff at least twice a year, I think it becomes an unwieldy beast! I shop a lot at Old Navy online for yearly trendy clothes and T-shirt staples, but that stuff accumulates, too.

    My big project this winter is to get a scanner and scan our old photos into the computer, and then transfer them to a really great quality digital frame. We only look at the pics on our phones anyway, so the albums aren’t being looked at. Jolynn Shane had a great idea that I’d like to copy. She sends her yearly pictures to Shutterfly-type places and has them turned into coffee books by year and puts them out that way. That’s something we WOULD look at, versus the albums. We don’t get pictures processed as hard copies.

    There’s a site that you can take pics of your kids’ artwork, and they turn it into a cool digital album, versus keeping every cute macaroni/glitter masterpiece they make.

    I am saving the kids’ sports jerseys. There’s a site where you can submit the shirts and they will take the fabric and make a quilt out of it! That would be a cute high school graduation gift to give the kids when they head off to college for their dorm beds.

    I’m with you on the dishes. I inherited my MIL’s Christmas dishes, and while I love them, it’s a service for 8, and we have 24-30 normally over — and use paper plates, LOL. Not sure what to do about that one, but I also have beautiful chintzware china I never use. That’s my bugaboo, dishes! I’m okay purging almost everything else, but I do love dishes and serve ware. How much can you display or use though, honestly? I only host Christmas, and even then, I’m ready to give it up to the next person who offers to host. I’ve done it for 20 years and am ready to hang up my apron within the next 5-10 years, for sure.

    I liked the Netflix series. I never read her books, but it’s nice to take the time to mentally thank your items before you pass them along. Really, what I think when I look at the bags of donations, is how much money I have wasted. Seriously, our mortgage could probably be paid off years sooner if those little impulse buys were rejected instead of indulged.

    I will say, stacking things vertically in drawers DOES help! And I went to the Dollar Tree and got some drawer dividers for the utensil nightmare in the kitchen and bathroom. One room at a time is my goal. I did clothes in early January, linen and bathroom closets mid January, now working on kitchen and pantry.

    Go for the purge! You’ll feel so much better when you can move in your house and don’t have clutter and stacks of crap all over. If nothing else, think of your kids as you age. I had to downsize my grandmother when my grandfather died, and 70 years of “stuff” to go through is exhausting and traumatic. Downsized her house to get her into senior apartment — a big 2-bedroom one! Then to a one-bedroom, then to assisted living housing, and then again to a smaller unit since she now has dementia. So. Much. Stuff. So. Many. Duplicates.

    My MIL died last December, and my FIL could go any time. I’m in charge of purging THEIR house when that happens, and I dread it. The house is PACKED with stuff.

    A good friend of mine worked moving people. It made him a minimalist, seeing all the crap boxed up and moved and stored, over and over again. Definitely food for thought, especially if you and Joe want to take advantage of your rental property and be on the move.

    Rambling, I know, LOL, but yes, do it! You’ll feel amazing as you plow through the stacks. Best of luck, and you crack me up! Keep on keeping it real. You’re so fun to read daily.

    • Tania Reply

      I used to do the yearly photo book but I had a problem narrowing my photos down. I need to start that back again. I also want to start having some of the grandbabies photos printed on canvases to hang on the wall. Everything else (except Joe and Lucy) are on the chopping block. Lol! I just told Joe the other day that I would hate for our kids to have to go through our stuff, they would just chuck it. I would rather get rid of it myself so that I know that someone is using it.

  4. I like the ‘loungewear’. At first I thought you were using the wrong photos!
    As far as decluttering… My SIL mentioned once that we never used our dishes if we had more than 4-8 people – we would use paper plates instead. so I kept 6 or 8 China settings and got rid of the rest! Haven’t missed them! My SIL and I split my holiday china. She used it as much as I did anyway. Anytime we use it for more than 8 people we just borrow from each other!
    Check your local area for places that collect items to benefit the needy. We have an organization that is all volunteer that benefits local residents. It does two things: it sells donated items to the public and the $ is used to help people who need it. They also help displaced families (especially those whose house has burned) collect household items by letting them have donated items to start their new home. They have a ‘boutique ‘ with clothing, household items, and knickknacks and toys and they also have a furniture ‘store’. The public shops at thrift store prices (lots of high end items) and the displaced ‘shop’ for free.
    We also have a safe home for battered and abused women and any children they may have. They provide clothing and necessities and help them find work if they need it. Then they help them find a place to live. Once these women have a home of their own they have a warehouse of furniture and household goods (and more clothing if needed) the women can get to furnish their new home. Your donations are tax deductible and you are helping someone in need.

    • Tania Reply

      Cindy, I love the idea that you share the dishes with your SIL. I normally left family look through my things, sell a few things, and then donate the rest. It is such a long process to get rid of everything though. Ugh!!!

  5. Donna Wood Reply

    I have to admit that when I first saw the title of today’s blog post, I was afraid you were going to be at Wal-mart with your PJ’s on…LOL!!!! You make lounge wear look GOOD, my friend! I’m in the same boat with decluttering. My hubby loves Christmas and goes crazy buying decorations every year. This year, we made a deal……he could buy new stuff, as long as he threw away something old to make the space. It worked out pretty good….now we need to apply that to everyday life as well. Have a great day!

    • Tania Reply

      Funny, Donna, I wondered if anyone would think that I was in pj’s. Joe is not a Christmas guy, but he tolerates my obsession. Since I have been so busy the past few years, he is happy that Christmas has not exploded all over the house.

  6. I love this “lounge” outfit and no, you would never guess the top was from that set. I don’t know the last time we used my china dishes as we always get out the paper plates so I guess I use “lounge wear” when we have guests…holidays I buy the designed ones coordinating with the holiday theme so I feel the table is dresses up a little. I just don’t want to spend that extra time in the kitchen cleaning up after a meal. And, I took it out of my kitchen cupboards because I couldn’t see it taking up a whole cabinet when I only used it once a year so it too is packed in a storage tote downstairs. I guess I hold onto in case I get ambitious and want to use it at some point. Right now we are going through bookwork yearly bundles and tossing what doesn’t have to be held on to for a few years….not a fun job either. I’m needing to watch your hair tutorial again since my hair has gotten a little longer 😉

    • Tania Reply

      It is funny how we have to have things when we are younger and as we get older we learn that we can do without so much stuff. Lol!

  7. Brenda lusk Reply

    I began the the major clean out and downsizing 3 years ago. After the death of our elderly parents in 2013 and 2016 my sister and I undertook the major task of cleaning out their home of 60 years. Their ‘stuff’ was nice and they weren’t hoardersby any means it was just so much of it!!
    Anyway that lit a clean out fire that continues still! I preferred to give to people that could use it over garage sale! Never been a fan of that task! In every task or difficult life situation I look for the life lesson. From this I was reassured that it is a good thing our life’s value is not based on the earthly stuff we own when we take our last breath!

    • Tania Reply

      That is what I am afraid of also, Brenda. My mom has slowly been giving away items for years, but she and dad have a massive amount of things. They make me look like a minimalist. Lol!

  8. Joanne spiewak Reply

    Love the outfit – I do “loungewear” too! I’ve had the clean out bug lately – was feeling weighed down with all my stuff. Was my year to host Christmas with the large family. You’ve heard of a giving tree? I had a giving table. I put unwanted/unneeded items on table in garage. Let everyone pick a number out of a basket and that’s the order they were able to go select an item they wanted/needed. I donated the rest to Salvation Army. Good feeling to give. Love your blog each day!

    • Tania Reply

      The giving table sounds interesting, Joanne. Unfortunately, we have such a small family for the holidays that I wouldn’t be able to get rid of very much stuff. Donating will be where a HUGE chunk of my things go.

  9. Marcia Relouw Reply

    I love organizing! If you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to the process, start small. One cabinate, closet or drawer at a time. Set up some boxes, label them as you wish, (donate, sell, trash). Once you have pared down to just what you need and love, you won’t ever want to go back. I would come and help you if I lived closer.

    • Tania Reply

      That is exactly how I am approaching this task, Marcia! I ordered a few boxes to help with the organization.

  10. I think us baby boomers are all in the same boat now. With “stuff” we’ve inherited from our parents that have passed on, to all the stuff we’ve accumulated ourselves, we’re on overload, as I say! I’m 63 & have been married for 45 years come September. We’ve had to clean out my mother’s home, my MIL’s home & a huge 5 bedroom farmhouse we own. It’s must my husband & his sister, so that’s a lot of stuff to move on. Our children took what they wanted & the rest donated. As for my stuff, this is how I’m purging. My dear sister-in-law put me in touch with a pastor that sells on eBay as a side job. They also have a ministery helping people in their area, low income, etc. Every few months I meet them & pass all the eBay worthy items to them (I’ve told them to keep the profits & use towards their ministery), I donate appropriate items to our homeless shelter & the rest I donate to a thrift store. I also take my gently worn, in style clothing to a consignment shop, where I keep the money earned for my girls only vacation! But here’s another fun thing we do as well. If I come across an items or items I think someone in the family may like I take a picture & text it out to our personal Family Auction Group, as I’m not on FB. Sometimes they even get into a “bidding war” over a basket or a tablecloth! All in good fun, no money needed & there is a good chance that item will resurface on their family auction!! Lol! Good luck with the purging, it’s a very looooong process!

  11. Heather Van Ryn Reply

    I absolutely love this outfit! It doesn’t look a thing like loungewear of the norm. It is very stylish and practical, but stylish first! I also have been watching Marie Kondo. She has a lot of good tips. My twin college age daughters share a one bedroom 500 square foot condo and have been watching her show and reading her book, which we bought digitally so we can share it, cutting down on clutter. We keep working on decluttering and organizing constantly, but her tips are certain helpful. Best wishes towards your goal! Baby steps, I tell myself as I go through one drawer at a time. Keep up the great posts, you are quite inspirational ?

    • Tania Reply

      Heather, I figure that any decluttering I do is a step in the right direction. Joe said that he doesn’t want me to burn out before I get finished. Lol! I probably won’t be finished until it is time to start all over again. Hahaha!

  12. Love your vest and velour top, they look great styled with the jeans and boots and will keep you warm and comfy! Cleaning and organizing…yikes! I need to do that with my closet and storage room. Maybe by spring I will have made a dent in it! Good luck with your “tidying up”! 🙂

    • Tania Reply

      I am not sure if I will have even made a dent by Spring. Lol!

  13. Organizing and cleaning allows you to bless others. I took my china and kept the dinner plates and bowls. I gave all the other pieces and stuff away. I have organized my kitchen to have all the plates, bowls that I love to make different table settings. But I have serving dishes that are glass and colors that match all of them. It sure saves on space. I also gave away 33 Christmas mugs to teachers/doctors office during holidays and I still had about 30. I say get rid of things you don’t use and bless others! There are also thrift stores that will sell your stuff and bless women’s shelters, pregnancy crisis center etc. Just do it!

    • Tania Reply

      I will be giving soooo much stuff away. We have women’s shelters and ministries who cloth and gift items when someone has a fire. I would rather give to them than to get 3.00 out of something.

  14. I found it’s much easier to load up my stuff and donate it all. Any $$$ I would make on garage or indoor sales just isn’t worth the time invested. I never think about those items once they’re gone but every day I do appreciate having negative space in my closets, cabinets, etc.

    • Tania Reply

      That is how I feel too, Dawn. I only keep a few things to sell and everything else is given away or donated.

  15. You know, I once read the best advice for helping to let go of “stuff”. It said to always consider that sometimes the memory of a thing is as good as, or even better than, the thing itself. I’ve used that bit of logic over and over. Getting rid of stuff is so freeing, and makes it easier to actually enjoy the stuff you decide to keep. I like those jeans you found! Good luck, Tania!

  16. A lot of great advice from your readers. I personally enjoy having garage sales and let the buyer name their price. Our subdivision has 2 garage sales per year (1x spring and 1x fall). I try to take advantage of those times and pack boxes all year around in preparation. I also donate to a resale shop which supports local families of domestic violence and sexual assault; I feel that’s a win-win since I’m helping out desperate families & individuals while gaining more closet, cabinet and floor space. Goodwill gets my old clothes. Purging is ongoing. I concur with one of your readers… I only wish I had used my money more wisely…who knows how much good I could have done for others instead of wasting money on “stuff” I don’t even think twice about letting go now. Start somewhere. It will help others and you will better for doing it. I’ll be cheering for you all the way!

  17. I love your website. I have a hard time finding clothing that is not too young. But you always find the cutest clothes!

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