50 IS NOT OLD | A PULLOVER SWEATER AND A BUTTON-DOWN SHIRT | FASHION OVER 40After a lot of thought and deliberation, I have decided to keep my husband. Also, the fact that none of you placed a bid on him might have also had an impact on my decision. Lol! Go here if you have no idea what I am talking about. He is so funny because he knows that if he does something funny or stupid, that it will end up on the blog. He will do something and then look at me and say, “that’s going on the blog isn’t it?” Lol! Don’t let him fool you; he eats it up! He loves all of the attention, and he likes it when you gurls come to his rescue. 50 IS NOT OLD | A PULLOVER SWEATER AND A BUTTON-DOWN SHIRT | FASHION OVER 40I didn’t tell Joe that I was going to be talking about him on the blog. He doesn’t read my blog daily (?), so there are times that he never knows that I said something about him. However, he must have had a pretty good suspicion that he would be making an appearance because he read it first thing this morning. Lol! He walked through the kitchen and calmly said, “get any bids yet?” LOL! I rolled with laughter; I couldn’t help myself. When he came home last night after work, I told him that most of you ladies had said what a good husband he was for fessing up his deed and for going the extra mile to make it right. He beamed with pride! He may have a few faults, those are the ones that hit the blog, but he is pretty good about going the extra mile and always apologizing if he is in the wrong. I am blessed. (PS: Don’t tell him that I said that)
50 IS NOT OLD | A PULLOVER SWEATER AND A BUTTON-DOWN SHIRT | FASHION OVER 40Is this pullover sweater red enough for you? I love wearing color, it brightens my mood and also my face. This is an old sweater that I bought years ago at Old Navy. I love adding a button-down shirt under a pullover for some added interest. Today, I added a black and white check shirt that is by Isaac Mizrahi under the pullover. I like the effect of the shirt hanging out under the sweater, but you can tuck it in if you prefer.

50 IS NOT OLD | A PULLOVER SWEATER AND A BUTTON-DOWN SHIRT | FASHION OVER 40I added the silver hammered Paula earrings to today’s look. I love the hammered look, and of course, I love the black fringe. These have a 3″ drop, and they are a real statement earring. When I wear a bigger earring, then I will not wear a huge necklace. 50 IS NOT OLD | A PULLOVER SWEATER AND A BUTTON-DOWN SHIRT | FASHION OVER 40I love this necklace that I just received when I was in San Francisco. Rodan + Fields contracted this necklace from a local lady in San Francisco to give to us ladies who had earned the inaugural Level V Circle trip. One side of the necklace is stamped with RODAN AND FIELDS, and the other side (the one that I am showing here) has the longitude and latitude of the home office. I thought that was such a unique gift to give. I just wanted to show you this necklace to give you an idea in case you needed to do a personal or unique gift. I am sure that you will be able to find something similar on Etsy50 IS NOT OLD | A PULLOVER SWEATER AND A BUTTON-DOWN SHIRT | FASHION OVER 40Even though it is winter and cold, I don’t have snow so I can wear these cute cuffed jeans that I got c/o Cato Fashions. Normally, I would wear a cute ankle boot with these jeans, but I wanted to have the Audrey Hepburn look with the flats. I try to style things differently because some of my followers are not in the colder states. I know that it is summertime in Australia and it is even warm in parts of the US, so this look might be something that you could adapt to your area. It is my hope with the blog that you take away something that you can use and make it your own.

50 IS NOT OLD | A PULLOVER SWEATER AND A BUTTON-DOWN SHIRT | FASHION OVER 40Have you seen me post about the 20% off offer that Rodan + Fields is doing until January 31st? If you know anything about me at all, then you know I love to save money, and 20% off will get my attention. Plus, if you order as a Preferred Customer, then you will get an additional 10% off plus free shipping. Insert happy dance here. ? Here is where you can go to see ALL promotions that are currently available. If you are unsure which regimen or product, you would need, then go here and answer a few questions to get a recommendation. Don’t let a 20% savings slip through your fingers!

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    • Tania Reply

      Lol! Julie, it sounds like all of our husbands are cut from the same cloth.

  1. Tania, what pattern of Fostoria are you collecting? I have all of my mother-in-law’s in my attic.

    • Tania Reply

      Sandy, bring that down to enjoy! I collect the American, or what I call, the cubist.

  2. Cheryl peffer Reply

    While Joe sounds like a great guy, I too have one that I can sometimes get on my last nerve. Like the time he backed into my fountain in the yard and smashed it. His response was I have stuff everywhere, how can he get around it all? It was the only thing there ,other than 2 grasses beside it. He offered to buy a new one, I was so mad I refused. Lol

    • Tania Reply

      Lol! I can hear Joe saying something just like that. Hahaha!

  3. For someone who never wore red you are rockin’ it now. I like this look and will try something similar. Hitting road to S Carolina today and that outfit looks comfy for the ride. I wasn’t sure what to wear so thanks for the idea. ?

    • Tania Reply

      Johnna, I am on my way to S. Carolina today too! Maybe we will see each other.

  4. Tania, so glad you decided to keep Joe! I already have my own version, so I didn’t bid. ; )

  5. Tania, I like what you picked today. I like you better in a more classic type look.

  6. Glad you are keeping your hubby. I had one of those already it didnt work for me ! Lol love this outfit!

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