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How To Rock The Mob Wife Look

Have you heard of the mob wife aesthetic? How and why this became a trend on TikTok is beyond me, but it has! Basically, you can pull this look off by wearing all black and a fur coat. If you really want to lean in, pair it with chunky jewelry, big hair, and sunglasses, plus be sure to paint your nails red and put on a red lip! I am sure you all have a black outfit. If not, just ask my sister to send you some; that’s all she wears, lol. Today, I’m going to show you how to rock the mob wife look by giving you some great faux fur coats!

This is not your everyday outfit! I’m not even sure where you would wear something like this, but I am committed to showing you the latest trends, and you can decide if and where to wear them.

This black Belted Maxi Dress is one that would be worn to many different events. It is a gorgeous, classy dress, and the material is a nice weight. The wrap belt was a little difficult to figure out. I wrapped it around the front, around the back, and then back to the front where I tied it.

Chunky, statement jewelry is everywhere right now. The bigger and gawdier the better. Plus, layering lots of bracelets is on trend. I’ve always liked big jewelry, so this is a trend that I’ll be wearing.

I have a lot of vintage fur coats that would look great for the Mob Wife look. This white Faux Fur Leopard Coat kind of reminded by of Cruella de Ville, and I couldn’t help but add it to my cart. You have to admit, this coat is gorgeous, and would look great all winter long.

How To Rock The Mob Wife Look – Mid Length

This is perfect for the mob wife look, or just if you want to look great and keep warm. This faux-fur coat has a large collar and an oversized fit. It comes in black, brown, sand, and grey. The reviews say it’s soft, silky, and shiny. Not bad at around $65 dollars.

I don’t know any mob wives, or at least I don’t think I do, but I imagine that a faux leopard print coat would be one of their favorites! It’s a good length, hitting at just above the knee. If you’re not a fan of the print, there are several others at the link. You know I love anything leopard!

How fun is this? I love the shaggy texture and the white looks fabulous. Imagine this with a great pair of sunglasses! This comes in several other colors including a gorgeous deep green. Not only is it pretty, it would actually keep you warm!

How To Rock The Mob Wife Look

If you don’t want to wear a full coat, this shawl would make a beautiful alternative. There are several different options if you don’t love the black and silver, but I think I’d wear this to every dressy event in the cold months. One size fits all.

Here’s another alternative to the full fur coat. I swear, this looks and feels like real fur! I think this soft beige would go with a ton of outfits, but there are several other options. If you want to stand out, go for the bright red! I can see wearing this fur vest with jeans and boots in the fall, even when the Mob Wife look is no longer the latest trend.

This could be one of my favorites! I love the length of the vest and the large collar. It just looks expensive. Imagine wearing a pair of sleek black pants and a black shirt underneath along with these sunglasses. Add some red lipstick and you will look amazing!

How To Rock The Mob Wife Look – Short Jackets

This herringbone fur jacket from Via Spiga is a more subtle version of the mob wife aesthetic than some of the ones above. That doesn’t mean it’s not stylish. Nordstrom always has their pulse on what’s trending! Available in black, grey and cream.

Hello, Beautiful! This coat would be great for a dressy look, but honestly, I think it would SLAY with jeans. It has a notched collar, side pockets, and a front hook and eye closure. Speaking of the collar, I love the drama of the wide lapels. It’s a bit pricier than some of the others, but this is a coat to keep for years.

Who says a mob wife can’t be soft and feminine? This is the shortest jacket on today’s post, and I think it would be a great option for my petite readers. I love the pink, but it does come in a standard brown if you’re looking for something darker. Available to XX-L from Nordstrom.

What about it, Gurls? Are any of you ready to rock the mob wife trend?

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  1. Tania….I’ve found your site recently! You’re absolutely gorgeous! 50 is not old! You are a great inspiration! I’m an “immature ” 63 year old! I refuse to act and dress “old”. God bless you and your family.

    1. Sandra, I was 55 when I started this blog. I’m now an immature 63 year old too. Lol!

  2. Ooh, Tania, this post is fabulous & right up my alley! I just love that white faux leopard coat & you truly rock that outfit!

  3. Mary Carol says:

    Love the fur coat and mob wife look. Reminds me of Beth and Rip from Yellowstone tv show.

  4. Tania, you have opened my eyes I didnt know this was trend. I do the tictok.But I will say it has old hollywood glam to it. The big hair, red lips , heels and fur. I can remember my grandma with the faux fur coat and hat to match with heels.

    1. I love the old Hollywood glam style!

  5. so much fun to read this post. Thanks

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  6. Tammy Mejdrich says:

    Oh my goodness, how fun is this!! Love it! Did you ever watch the reality show ‘Mob Wives’
    on VH1? This post makes me want to watch it again! LOL! I already have a leopard coat and a faux fur coat jacket but I may need to order the first coat in the post, Love it!!

    1. Lol! I don’t think I ever watched that.

  7. Hi Tania
    This is an everyday look for a lot of my aunts and cousins…and I don’t think they know of this trend LOL.
    I sometimes indulge!
    Oh and Married to the Mob is a funny movie from the 80s. You might want to see it! 😊

    1. I had forgotten about that movie!

  8. sue koren says:

    Shades of the Godfather!

    1. Exactly! Or, Joan Collins. Lol!

  9. sue ann koren says:

    I wonder how long this trend will last.

    1. Not long with the fur coats. But, you could still create the look with black ankle pants and statement jewelry.

  10. What a fun post! Just what I needed for a good chuckle!

  11. Karen Nau says:

    Last Fall, I attended a late afternoon wedding, which was held at a horse ranch. Since it was a cool afternoon/evening, many ladies had these BIG Mob Wife coats. They looked stunning! I had on my Jackie O classic tweed coat, but I am 5′ 2″ with heels, so it was ok. It was very retro, which always makes a comeback! One of your Easter dresses, the blue with lace was my Mother of the Groom dress. Which I wore, with a vintage sheer embroidered flower blouse unbuttoned to hide my upper arms.

  12. You look amazing in that first coat! Love it but it would look so bad on me.

  13. Kathleen McDermott says:

    FUN Post! You look stunning in the top photo. You could wear that to any dressy event. I love the name of the trend (nod to Sopranos) and love the look. Not my style, but glamorous and intentional – welcome respite from the overly casual aesthetic of the world today. I miss people dressing up!

  14. How fun is this trend! You look like a million bucks in that black dress and leopard coat.

  15. I have never heard of the Mob Wife look but you sure looked the way I imagine them in the first outfit!!!

  16. Love that coat on you!!! That is a perfect Las Vegas outfit. You don’t look like a mob wife, you look like the Boss!!! I’m a big fan of a furry coat. Just went out for a fancy dinner in town for my niece’s 21 birthday. All the girls had on furry coats. Mine was pink. I thought I looked good and my husband told me I looked like a pink teddy bear 😜

    1. Lol! Husbands! They say the darndest things.

  17. Love the “flower bouquet” your friend sent you. I don’t think I would ever wear this “mob” look. It looks like it’s a celebrity thing.

  18. Wowser, this vibe is so fun! My favorite is the long line vest version; suitable for many months of wearing.

  19. Well I’m pretty sure I couldn’t pull off this look but you look fabulous! You could definitely pass for a mob wife!!!!

  20. I love the black dress! It is beautiful. I am wondering if you are wearing nude hosiery? I have been reading where nude hosiery is gaining some momentum again. Thoughts?

    1. No, I didn’t wear hosiery. Sheer, very sheer, hosiery is making a comeback because of the royals.

  21. Tania!!! I’ve been waiting for this!!! I can’t even tell you how much I love this trend! You are totally rocking it!!! Happy Thursday❤❤❤

  22. This was a fun post today. Some of the coats looked so soft! The first pic at the top of the post today looked like you were wearing a black crown with your outfit! LOL It’s just your light fixture though, but maybe would fit in with the mob look!

    1. I’ve noticed the light fixture before, and it sometimes does look like a crown. Lol!

  23. Ha, I love that you did this! Of the many styles that fall within my personal style, what’s being called Mob Wife right now is definitely one of them! I actually have all of this stuff 😄 thanks for the timely reminder to dig it out and have some fun with it!

  24. Not sure I could pull this off, but you do and look beautiful!

  25. I heard about the mob wife trend. Leopard print is supposed to be back on trend because of that trend. I wonder what mob wives wear in spring and summer when it’s too hot for fur.

    1. They say that what Blake Lively wore to the Super Bowl was a Mob Wife look without fur.

  26. Delanie Collings says:

    Oh my! When I first heard of the Mob Wife fashion trend, I must say I was taken aback. Especially since it seems to replace the Quiet Luxury trend. Your version, though, is fun and not at all over the top. I love all the faux fur coats and wish I lived where it was cold enough to own all of them!! Funny story: waaay back in 1978, I bought a pink faux fur coat that was about hip length and quite full. I want to say “puffy” but I don’t want to confuse it with a “puff coat”. Back then, we called it Fun Fur and it sure was!! I wish I still had that coat. I think a baby or two threw up on it and it had to go. Shame, but fun (fur) while I had it!!

  27. Susan Mckenzie says:

    You totally pulled off the mob-wife look!! I love all of the fur coat/vest options!!

  28. Wow those are some big coats! LOL

  29. Tania, I am trying to be open minded about the mob look but it just isn’t me. I do love the notched collat jacket though.

  30. Oh my gosh, what a fun trend! love all the faux furs. this is an easy trend to have fun with on occasion!

  31. Different but not for me thx

  32. Karen Daniel says:

    No I would not wear the faux fur coat or jacket, being 5 ft 0 it would overwhelm me at any length. I just gave away my mom’s furry jacket as I hated the loud big huge look on me! Not a fan of the mob wife name of this look. But it does look great on you!

    1. The name is not the best, but I didn’t name it. Leave it to TikTok. Lol!