Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a chambray button up shirt and white flare jeans from WalmartI am here to brighten up your day! Reading the news is depressing, and there is only so much that I can take. Joe has always accused me of being an Ostrich. He says that I will stick my head in the sand because I don’t want to see what is happening around me. If I can’t see anything, then it doesn’t exist. Which brings me to what I want to talk about today. I recently discovered that I have a condition called Aphantasia. Don’t worry; it isn’t a medical condition…exactly. And, I want to see if any of you have this also.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a chambray button up shirt, white flare jeans from Walmart, and red espadrillesAccording to what I have read, only 2-3 percent of the population has this condition. Here is the test: I want each of you to close your eyes (after you read this), and think about an elephant. The elephant is pink, and it has green polka dots. The elephant is holding a red umbrella with its trunk, and it is standing in a big field that is full of purple flowers. My question is, how many of you were able to conjure up a picture of the elephant in your mind? Can you see the pink elephant with green polka dots that’s holding a red umbrella while standing in a field of purple flowers? If you can see a picture of this in your mind, then you are in the 97-98 percent of the population. If you are like me, you aren’t able to see the picture at all.

I have memories of what an elephant looks like, I can describe an elephant to you, but I can’t “see” the elephant in my mind. And, you know what, it ticks me off!!! I always thought that it was just a saying about counting sheep before you went to sleep. I never knew that people could actually see the sheep. When they say that athletes see themselves running the race in their mind before they start, I didn’t think that they could actually “see” the race. After talking with a few people, it would seem that Joe, my daughter, and myself don’t have a mind’s eye; while my son, daughter-in-law, grandbaby, mother, and sister all have the mind’s eye. So, now I want to ask you, do you have the mind’s eye and have the ability to conjure up an image in your mind?
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a chambray button up shirt with silver jewelryIf I had a mind’s eye, I could see an outfit that I wanted to wear before I put it on. It would sure save me a lot of trial and error. Lol! I have been wearing jeans this entire week, and styling them with a t-shirt. But, today, I decided to change it up just a little. Even though I am staying at home, for the most part, I still want to look nice. So, instead of wearing a t-shirt, I added a chambray button-up shirt instead. You still get the laid back and relaxed vibe from the look, but it is a tiny bit more dressy than a solid colored tee. I knotted the shirt for a slimline look instead of tucking it in or leaving the shirttail out.

I wore this shirt last month (here) under a sweater. This shirt is lightweight and perfect for layering or wearing by itself. This summer, I’ll roll the sleeves up even more, or wear it open as a cover-up. This shirt has a relaxed fit, so it is not form-fitting. And, I like the faded, worn-out color of the shirt. I am wearing a medium in this shirt, and it fits me great. Here is the link to the chambray shirt.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing silver jewelry and a chambray button up shirtI added my Avi earrings and a new bracelet that I got a couple of weeks ago. The bracelet is the Myles bangle bracelet, and it has a modern style that is eye-catching and different. I also added a necklace that was a gift and my first introduction to Kendra Scott jewelry. Sorry that I keep wearing this jewelry over and over, but I am obsessed with this brand right now. If you have another comparable brand, then let me know so that I can branch out and not get in a rut.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing white flare jeans from Walmart, and red espadrillesI just got these bright red espadrilles today, and I couldn’t wait to put them on. The bright red color made me smile, and I “needed” something to brighten my day. I crossed my fingers that these would fit as I put these on, and almost did a happy dance when they fit perfectly. These shoes have a canvas upper, and he espadrille bottoms. The wedge heel is 3 3/4″ high, but there is a small platform, so I feel like the actual rise is probably 3 inches. These shoes are also available in black, navy, flax, and kelly green. But the best part is…they are only 35.00! Here is the link to the shoes.Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a chambray button up shirt, white flare jeans, and red espadrilles These jeans are the same jeans that I wore in the post that I linked to above. I love these bright white flared jeans from Walmart. These are a high-waisted pair of jeans that have a button-up closure instead of a zipper. The only complaint that I have seen about these jeans is that they are LONG. The regular inseam on these jeans are 33 1/2″, so if that length is too long for you, then you can order the short version. The inseam on the short version is 31 1/2 inches. These jeans also come in several other colors if white isn’t your vibe. Here is the link to the jeans.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a chambray shirt, white flare jeans from Walmart, and red espadrillesDid you gurl’s notice anything different about today’s post? I bet those of you who have been following me for awhile immediately noticed the large welcome sign. I had tried to order a plant for the corner, but they were too big for this space. This sign was at Sam’s Club, and I had my son pick it up for me the other day. I really like the sign, but I need to clean off all of the winter crud that has found its way to my porch. Living beside the railroad brings lots and lots of coal dust. It is supposed to be pretty and warm this weekend, so maybe I will be able to hook up the water hose and clean it off. I still have some older photos already taken with the red tree, so you haven’t seen the last of it yet. Lol!
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a chambray button up shirt, white jeans from Walmart, and red espadrillesDon’t forget to tell me if you can “see” the elephant that I described. I am anxious to see if the 2-3% is correct, or if they haven’t asked enough people to have a good representation.

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Have you done any of the following? Walked into a room and forgot why you went into the room? Have you driven by the place that you were supposed to turn off? Or, maybe you have been telling a story and forgot what you were saying???

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Psalms 31:14

14 But I trust in you, Lord; I say, “You are my God.”

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  1. cute outfit, I can see you standing next to the elephant! the first thing I said to myself was that you had gotten a new sign, I did see them at sams and it looks even better on your porch!

  2. I’m new to your blog. I’ve been following you on Pinterest for sometime. I just followed you on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Love your style, ideas, color and fashion picks. You’ve inspired me to expand beyond a dreary, safe wardrobe of dark colors. I loved your post so much from awhile back with the yellow pants, I had to buy a pair. It may take me awhile to get up the nerve to wear them, though! I also purchased a burgundy waterfall sweater similar to yours that I saw in a number of your posts.

    As for the elephant, etc., I didn’t see a thing. Not a single, solitary thing. Just black. I tried several times. Nothing!

    That’s why I need your blog!

  3. I can see the elephant. I noticed the welcome sign right away and I love it.

  4. Julia Purtill says:

    Hi Tania! Yes I can visualize the elephant as you described it! As a retired teacher that makes me wonder if this is why some learners respond differently when reading text! Well anyway, I like the casual outfits you have been styling and I’m proud of you for wearing makeup! I haven’t in over a week and that is unusual but I do put on lipstick. It is so good to see your post every day. Thank you!

  5. My mind’s eye is so strong it gets me into trouble! I visualize a look I want for myself or in decorating my home in specific detail and then cannot find that specific item! I’m learning to let something that actually exists inspire me. And, yes, I noticed your WELCOME sign right off. Lookin’ good today!

  6. I can slightly see it but I can’t keep it in focus. I don’t dream either. I had a few nightmares but one if them turned out to be, my cat really was sinking his claws in me at the foot of the bed trying to climb up. I didn’t know it was him and it scared the Bejebus out of me.
    I love red shoes. They just take the whole look up a notch. Chambray and denim. Couldn’t live without them.

  7. I noticed the new sign immediately! I can also see the elephant. Probably because I am a huge fan of Alabama football! (Roll Tide) Love big Al the mascot for Alabama!

  8. I cannot see the elephant either. Love your outfit today! I am a big espadrille fan…..so, maybe time to order another pair! 🙂

  9. Melesa Garrison says:

    You look cute, as usual. I have a shirt just like this and I love it bc it’s so soft and cute. Yes ma’am, I can see that adorable pink elephant with green polka dots, holding a red umbrella in the field of purple flowers. Have a blessed weekend, MG

    1. Of course you can see it. ? I am the odd back here. ?

  10. Yes, I can see the elephant. I mentally designed a dress for my wedding & used several patterns to make it. My brother & I can visualize a room as it will be after remodeling. My SIL cannot. I just assumed we could “see” it because our dad was a builder.
    Love all your stories & try on videos. Hope you are all healthy.

  11. I love the scripture verses at the end of your blog! I am so glad you are a Christian!

  12. I can see the elephant! I agree with you regarding the news; why hear it over and over? I’m focusing on faith! I love your blog. As many others have mentioned, you’re so down to earth and a breath of fresh air too! God bless you!

  13. I see nothing! Love your Welcome sign.. stay healthy!

  14. Yes I can see the elephant and umbrella but not the flowers! I don’t know what that means. Maybe I have a bit of that condition? I love the blouse. It looks so comfortable.

  15. OMG!!! I cannot see the elephant at all! I even tried twice but I don’t see a thing. I have never heard of this or visual or sensory learning etc. To get through 63 years without it I guess it’s not that important. But now I’m wishing that I had it. It sounds wonderful in fact.

  16. YES, I can SEE the Elephant……..I know I learn by Sight/Visual rather than Someone teaching Me. It is also Easier for me if I can touch…..In order for Me to learn or remember by Auditory, I have to listen & listen & listen…..Exciting isn’t it? Prayer for Ya’ll, LOVE & HUGGS…..

  17. I can’t see the elephant. This troubled me, because I am a maker and I have to dream up all sorts of things for my shop. I never have a shortage of ideas, and often spend too long on deciding which fabric to use for an angel, etc. Which explains the indecision, and why it helps me to photograph the different options to make up my mind. But I have a hard time believing that only 2-3% of people are like me. Curious to see what your survey finds!
    Thank you for brightening our day!

  18. I cannot see the elephant. I love the welcome sign. I just received a welcome sign for my birthday, but with this virus, not sure I should put it out! LOL

  19. I can see the elephant.

  20. Cute outfit! Love the red espadrilles. 🙂 Yes, I can “see” the elephant. Good thing, too, since I need a mind’s eye to write fiction. It also helps when designing a space. Now I understand why my husband couldn’t “see” what I was talking about when I wanted to remodel. haha

  21. Linda Jackson says:

    I cannot see the elephant ?. However, you are a joy to see and read everyday. Thanks for sharing!

  22. Phyllis Robertson says:

    I can see the elephant, spots and all. I also have very vivid dreams which I can recall if I wake up naturally – no alarm- even later in the day. I have been following your posts for a long time now and I thank you for updating my wardrobe.
    Keep on keeping on!

  23. I can see the colorful elephant. I always make pictures in my mind. I tell my students to do so as well when I am reading to them. Thanks for your blog. It makes my day.

  24. Nancy Onorato says:

    Hello, Gorgeous! Yes, I can see the elephant, and I also only recently learned that not everyone’s brains work the same way. This link talks about not everyone having an internal monologue, but I think it’s along the same lines as visualizing a picture in your head. I found it fascinating (although sometimes I wish the voice in my head would just stop!):
    Love your new welcome sign. Have a lovely day!

  25. You look so cute! I too am an ostrich……I don’t want to fill my mind with negative stuff, so I don’t watch the news. I do enjoy your daily posts. God Bless ❤

  26. Debbie Dawson says:

    Hi! I can see the elephant! Your outfit today is very nice. Chambray clothing is something I’m drawn to. I think it’s the color. I too love Kendra Scott. Have you ever tried baublebar jewelry? I love them too.

  27. people can actually see the elephant? I am a very visual person, I learn that way but I cannot actually see a picture of something in my mind ☹️

  28. Charlcy Green says:

    Hey pretty lady! Always radiant and beautiful in every post! Your hair is so beautiful and I love the flirty cut w a slightly windy look! I noticed the sign right away and liked it! I love a chambray shirt too but you have really dressed it up! I think I’ll dig mine out and try that look today. Yes, I could see your elephant in my mind! Your imagination and always entertaining posts everyday give us something to look forward to in this crazy Q world!

  29. Sue Epling says:

    I was picturing the elephant as I read your words, I’ve always been a visual person! Cute outfit today♡

  30. Elizabeth says:

    I see the elephant! I channeled you this morning and add a pretty cardigan with sparkle to my outfit to add a little style to my jeans and tshirt.

  31. I cannot see the elephant or outfits or what a room will look like if I change the color, this is what I enjoy your posts so much. You make shopping so much easier. Thanks so much!

  32. I can’t see the elephant! I never knew that was a thing!

  33. Ginger Jackson says:

    What a cute elephant! I’ve always seen things in my minds eye, and I also dream in color. Strangely, I never asked my parents or siblings if they did. Love your sign, noticed it right off? I love white jeans, not sure that style would work for me, I might literally pop my buttons!?. Love your style!

  34. I see the elephant!! And I love the outfit today!

  35. I see the elephant. Love today’s outfit. I’m dressing as I would normally each day. I mean, I have all these clothes and all… I enjoy Kendra Scott too. Not everything but the items are well made and should last. I’m somewhat of an ostrich. I am not on Facebook, a bonus these days as I’m not hit all day with negative news. I limit my news time, as 10-15 min will do me. I walk daily, do exercise routines and trying to eat healthy. I made the 3 ingredient crock pot recipe yesterday with chicken breasts. It was outstanding! Thank you to the cook who shared it. I was painting so it was great to not stop & cook dinner. I have a 2 page To Do list. When we get out of this Q, I want to not gain weight and complete all the stuff I never have time to do. Be well all.

  36. Nancy DeVoe says:

    Love this casual outfit! I might just change out of my sweats today! LOL! Just wondering, how do you like the buttons on the jeans vs. a zipper? And no, I couldn’t see the elephant!

  37. Yes, I can visualize in my mind’s eye all you described about the elephant. So interesting how we are all so different—makes life fun. As always, I love your daily blog sharing fashion and family with all of us. Thank you for all you do behind the scenes to make it happen!!

  38. I can see the elephant! But I have always had a vivid imagination.? I noticed your sign right off. The pictures were exceptionally beautiful today!!

  39. I can’t see the elephant. Just like most of the other commenters who also can’t see it I did not realize this until today. It might explain why I love to shop – I can’t imagine it in my mind, I need to see it. Stay safe.

  40. I can only take so much of the news, too. They harp on the same things over and over and don’t tell you good things like how many have recovered. Yes, I can picture the elephant. Thank you for continuing with your posts. It’s a little corner of normal in the craziness we’re in right now.

  41. Rebecca Ballard says:

    I cannot see the elephant! ?? I cannot vision an outfit w/o trying it on. I never knew people could actually see in their mind a story they were sharing. I never dream either. No mind’s eye for me. Cannot wait to share with my family. I am sure my husband and daughter have a mind’s, my son will be just like me.

  42. Marcie Warnock says:

    I can visualize the elephant. I agree with another person’s comments about being a visual learner vs an audible learner. I enjoy your posts and your upbeat vibe. In order to “escape” some of the news coverage (my husband is watching), I have been sewing face masks for local medical facilities…and listening to some old CD’s from years ago.

    Everyone stay well.

  43. Theresa Lummer says:

    Hi! Yes! I can see the elephant. I love that you are wearing white! It’s a bit too chilly here in NJ to pull out my white pants yet, but seeing you wearing them gives me hope. Thank you! I love the shoes! I am off to order them right now! Thank you! Have a wonderful day! By the way, I am with you and will not watch the news. I figure if there is anything I really need to know someone will tell me. You are a blessing, a ray of sunshine. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    1. I don’t have to watch the news, Joe is obsessed, so I get plenty of information send my way.

  44. Merri Lynn says:

    Yes, I can totally see the elephant. I think it’s the difference between a “visual” and an “auditory” learner. I could always do well on tests because I could “see” my notes in my head BUT if you tell me something, I can’t remember it at all. This is the reason I can’t listen to auditory books and get anything out of them…or tell you the words to most songs. Unless I actually SEE the page, the picture or whatever, it just doesn’t stick in my head. Sad but true because I would love to be able to multitask while listening to a book. Anyway….love your blog, love your new sign and thanks for being a bright spot every day!!

    1. I can learn either way. If I listen to something, I’ll take notes also, so that gives me a visual reference also.

  45. I can see the elephant spots and all. I think as an artist I always picture things in my mind. Not sure if you could really be an artist without that ability. I guess this explains why some people are not good at art!

    1. Debby, that is why I can only draw or paint from a picture, card, etc. I can’t see anything in my mind.

  46. Not only can I see the elephant just as you described him, I can also picture him roller skating or tap dancing! ? I also have such bright vivid dreams, that I quite often take melatonin to get a good nights sleep. Especially during this time of added stress. Thank goodness I had recently stocked up. I have been doing some organizing, spring cleaning, and catching up on random paperwork to keep from getting immersed in the news. Thanks for giving us all a daily positive outlet!

    1. Joy, you really are ruining it in aren’t you? ? I am so jealous right now. BTW, i do dream in color and can see when I dream. But, when I am awake… nothing.

  47. I can see the elephant. Noticed the Welcome sign immediately and I love it. Thank you for continued blog posts during this difficult time for all.

    1. I want to be uplifting and sometimes that is a struggle. Whew! I am glad that I am an optimistic by nature. It would be a difficult time if I wasn’t.

  48. Karen Miller says:

    I can see it! I have never heard of someone not being being able to see pictures in their mind. Now i’m curious and going to ask my son and hubby. Love your outfit, the red espadrilles are really cute!

    1. Karen, you’ll have to let me know if your family Has the mind’s eye.

  49. I can see the elephant ? Check out pandora jewelry. I am enjoying the various jeans you show us. And on a side note, I am having a terrible time with my nails as well. I have never worn artificial nails; I think my problem is age and wear and tear on the nails. I have only recently started wearing gloves when I do the dishes. I would love a post that helps with nails. Surely you and I are not the only ones struggling!

    1. Karen from Como says:

      I cannot see the elephant. But my son is dyslexic and can see 3 D in his head. He can see all sides of that darn elephant!

    2. I am trying hard to get the mail issue straightened out. It is an uphill struggle.

    3. Michelle Mills says:

      I noticed your sign immediately. My daughter has one and I love it. No, I can’t see the elephant and I’ve never counted sheep. It’s hard for me to walk into a store to look at clothes and “see” how it might look with something I have at home. I have a hard time putting things together in my home because I can’t visualize how it will look, paint colors, placement, decor etc.. I thought something was wrong with me because most people are good at that sort of thing. Thank you for sharing!!

  50. I don’t see the elephant either. What I do see tho is about once a month, out of the blue, I will see a dress, sketched on paper, as if I was the designer. Weird, huh?
    And instead of counting sheep, since I can’t see them anyway, I either say the Lords Prayer over & over, or sing the song 100 bottles of beer on the wall til I fall asleep ?

    1. Maybe you are supposed to make that dress. You might have an inner designer inside.

  51. I can see the elephant! You are so much fun and I look forward to seeing what you are wearing and talking about every day!!!!! Love the Welcome sign! Thanks for cheering us up in difficult times!!!!

    1. I am so glad that my blog can be used to cheer others up. That makes me happy. ?

  52. I can see the elephant exactly as you described. I am surprised you said you can’t since you can paint. I think you showed us a painting you had done and it was beautiful, I would think you’d have to “see” it in your mind to paint,?I am teaching myself watercolor painting and am having trouble since I can’t “visualize”. Thanks for wonderful blogposts!

    1. I can only paint things that I can see in front of me. Pictures, cards, etc., but not from memory.

  53. I cannot see the elephant, no matter how hard I try! My brain just says an elephant is grey!?. I have never been able to visualize what things could be or could look like.??

    I am still loving your blog. You keep it real and are genuine. Have a great day.

    1. I can describe the elephants for you from memory, but I can’t see it. Strange, huh?

  54. I can’t see the elephant…but I did see your welcome sign! Noticed it right away and it looks great! The white jeans are cute. I’ve never owned a pair of white jeans…maybe it’s time to try a pair! Enjoy your weekend…stay well! ❤️

    1. At least I am not by myself in not seeing the elephant ?

  55. I so look forward to your daily posts. I think it’s not only because I enjoy seeing what fashion trends you are wearing, but because you are REAL! Your posts are funny, sincere and genuine. Thank you for the time spent choosing the outfits, taking the pictures as well as providing the links, and for the time spent composing each daily post. You always brighten my day.

    1. Donna, this makes my day. You have no idea how much time it takes to do everything for the blog. I was shocked at how much time needed to be invested.

  56. I can see the elephant…? Another great jean outfit. Do you have any Brighton jewelry? If not, you may want to check it out. ?

    1. No, I’ve never tried Brighton jewelry.

  57. Lezlie Davis says:

    I can see the elephant in my mind’s eye. I cannot imagine being unable to see it. I noticed the Welcome sign immediately. Happy Friday!❤️

    1. Isn’t it funny how all of us are wired differently?

  58. Christi Domingue says:

    Nope, I can’t see the elephant and didn’t know I was missing out. Strange, but explains why I struggle with decorating.

    1. I didn’t know that I was missing out either. ??‍♀️

  59. I could see the Elephant as you described it. I noticed the sign and think its a great addition to your porch. Have a great day!

    1. I loved the sign. I am glad that all of you seem to like it too.

  60. Gail Holmes says:

    I look forward to reading you posts. You are so classy! But I would love to know where you purchased your front door wreath. it’s beautiful.

    1. I bought that wreath a couple of years ago at a street fair.

  61. I can see the elephant 🙂 Thanks for being a bright spot in my day with your posts. I just recently found you and have enjoyed reading your archives.

    1. I am so glad that you found the blog, and that you are enjoying it. ?

  62. Monica Ercanbrack says:

    I can’t see it either, I also am like you I can only take so much of the news (i know i am an ostrich) plus I have this same welcome sign on my porch. And I also love clothes and fashion and jewelry and shoes.
    We could be twins. Lol
    Oh and I don’t really like to cook.
    I will just say you be you and i will too.

    1. It sounds like we might be lost sisters. ?

  63. Caroline Kramer says:

    Omg I can’t see the elephant, and I never realized this! It explains a lot, haha! Love your posts and outfits, I have found some of my favorite items on your blog…. but I do have a question! HOW do you tie the knot on your shirt so neatly?

    1. It blows my mind to think that some people can see the ? when I can’t. As for the shirt, I don’t button The last few buttons, and then I just do a tie.

  64. Ava Nickerson says:

    Can’t see the elephant – and you always brighten my day!

    1. I am glad that I help make your day s as little brighter.

  65. Yes I can see the elegant! Strange that you cant! We also live near the railroads and I know about the dust. Our windows are never clean!! Lol. Hope to see you on my Fancy Friday linkup party!

    1. I get what you mean. I think it is strange that you can. ?

  66. Kathryn Brown says:

    Yes, I can see your pink polka dotted elephant! And, I love your new sign! Your outfit is perfect for me, and looks fabulous on you! Keep up the great work and your continued success

    1. I am glad that you liked the sign. I thought it sent a great message also. Everyone is welcome here.

  67. Christine E Falk says:

    Hi Tania! I am one of the 97-98% that can see the elephant with the dots, the umbrella in the field of flowers (I think that’s what you said…now if there’s a test for memory, I probably will fail!) ? I noticed your welcome sign IMMEDIATELY! I love it so much! Thank you for still putting together posts for your blog. I look forward to it every day, even more so with all that is going on in the world!

    1. Jane Hibben says:

      Hi Tania – I can see the elephant – what color is the umbrella? LOL Your posts are really fun and uplifting – love your style!

    2. I am really jealous that you can visualize the elephant. ?