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Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a button shirt, jeans, and clay colored heels

Having more style, more flair, and more pizazz is how I like to dress. I don’t want to look like a circus clown, even though that is a style and has plenty of flair and pizazz. Lol! Instead, I want more style that looks effortless and polished. If you are looking for that too, then you’ll love today’s post.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is standing on a bridge wearing a button shirt, jeans, and clay colored heels

But, first, let me tell you the hair-brained stunt that I pulled. You probably know that I have been trying to incorporate some new food habits into my life. Just small things to begin with since I am trying to develop a long-term habit. Well, I decided that I was going to up my game with exercise. I have been doing a little walking, so I decided that I would walk 80% of the time, and run the other 20%.

It looked like it was going to rain, so I didn’t want to venture far from the house, so I just walked back and forth, up and down my driveway. My driveway has a steep hill at the very top, so I got the bright idea that I would walk down the driveway, and walk back up the driveway until I got to the steep part. Then, I would run up the hill to the top and do the loop all over again.

The very last loop, I ran the entire way back up the driveway, which isn’t very long, but I want to start with baby steps. I was so proud of myself and I couldn’t wait to tell Joe that I had actually run a small amount. I told him, “if we ever get chased by a bear, you don’t have to worry, it will eat me first.” Yes, I was that slow and horrible at running.

Several hours after I did my little walk/run, I got up to go to the kitchen. The bottom of my foot was tender and hurt when I walked on it. By the end of the day, I could hardly walk on it, and I was miserable. In doing some research, it appears that I have irritated the plantar fascitis muscle that runs up the bottom of your foot.

Thankfully, this morning it feels better. It is still sore and tender, but I am babying it until it is all healed. Joe has teased me unmercifully and tells me that I am banned from walking for a while. He gave me the okay to use our recumbent stationary bicycle, but I hate that thing! Has anyone got any tips on how to get over this quicker???

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a pale blue button shirt by Time & Tru

Who doesn’t love a blue button-up shirt? When I met Joe, he always wore a white or blue button-up shirt every single day. I guess that just goes to show you that I must love a button-up shirt. Lol!

Although Joe looked very handsome in his button-up shirt, he could have used a little more style and variety in his dressing. Lol! This classic baby blue button-up shirt is a wardrobe essential! The reason that everyone needs this shirt, or one like it, is because it is a workhorse in your wardrobe. It can be worn casually, tucked in with dress pants for an office setting, under a blazer or cardigan, and with one of fall’s biggest trends – a sweater vest.

I am wearing my usual size large in this shirt. When I am wearing anything with buttons, I will usually order a large so that no gaps so between buttons. Also, this shirt is wrinkle-resistant and under $15.00!

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing Jag jeans and clay colored heels

I’ve worn these pants many times on the blog, and I will be wearing them many more times in the future. These are the Jag Jeans that are a pull-on style but don’t look like pull-on pants. These jeans are AMAZING!!! I absolutely love them, and I ripped the tags off of them the minute that I pulled them on. When I say “pulled” them on, I mean that they are pull-on jeans. I tried several times to unbutton and unzip them until I realized that they are pull-on. These are the best-looking pull-on jeans that I’ve ever seen. Plus, they fit like a dream and feel amazing.

The jeans have a 32″ inseam, so they are the usual length that I wear. The straight-leg style looks fabulous with flats, heels, and boots, so you will find this pair of jeans very versatile. I ordered my usual size 30 and also a size 31, just in case. The size 30 fits great, so I think these run true to size.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is sitting on steps wearing a button shirt, jeans, and looking at her Vera Bradley handbag

This “perfect for fall” multi-strap shoulder bag is so gorgeous and practical. It isn’t often that you find the combination of practical and gorgeous together. Lol! Normally, you have to choose one or the other, but, today you are getting both in this handbag.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is holding her Vera Bradley handbag

The multi-strap shoulder bag, c/o Vera Bradley, is made from quilted, sleek, water-repellent performance twill. I loved the colors for fall, but the durability of the material is also important. The medium size of the bag is great for every day, and I love all of the pockets and the zip closure. The handbag also comes in several other prints and colors including a gray that is really pretty. Use code TANIA at checkout to get 10% off your order!!!

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is sitting on steps wearing a button shirt, a boucle cardigan, jeans, and holding her Vera Bradley handbag

I know what you are thinking. You probably think that my heels are contributing to my foot issue, but it seems to be the opposite. Taking the pressure off of my heel seems to help some, but I am still wearing my tennis shoes in the house. However, when I am taking photos or going out to dinner, the heels are fine.

I absolutely am obsessed with these suede Southwest clay pumps! The color is beautiful, and you can’t find another color that looks more fallish! These pumps run true to size, and I am wearing my usual size 9. Here are a few other shoes that would be similar in a smaller heel.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is laughing while wearing a button shirt, and a boucle cardigan

You’ve probably heard me talk about my love for Barefoot Dreams cardigans. They are the softest cardigans that I own, and I would choose those over cashmere most times. The issue with Barefoot Dreams is that they are also very pricey. So, today, I am showing you an alternative that is waaaay more affordable. The softness is not the same as BD, but it is honestly very soft and comfy, especially for the price difference.

This boucle open-front cardigan is made from an acrylic and polyester blend, so it is machine washable. I am wearing a medium, and the cardigan fits me great.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is sitting on steps wearing a button up shirt, jeans, and holding her Vera Bradley handbag

For some reason, I have a lot of photos of this outfit. Lol! So, I’m going to share the rest of them with you, and maybe you will see a different angle that helps you judge the fit for yourself.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is sitting on steps wearing a button shirt, a boucle cardigan, jeans, clay heels, and holding her Vera Bradley handbag


Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is sitting on steps leaning on a bridge wearing a button shirt, jeans, and holding her Vera Bradley handbag


Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is sitting by steps wearing a button shirt, a boucle cardigan, jeans, and holding her Vera Bradley handbag

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  1. Christine says:

    I’ve been looking for a blue button-down shirt for years, and have ended up returning everything I tried for one reason or another, so I thought what the heck, I’ll give this Walmart shirt a try. It’s great!! Fabric was much nicer than I expected, shirt looks dressier than a oxford-cloth cotton. It’s polyester/nylon/spandex with a slight pattern in the cloth. I ordered both medium and large – medium was oh-so-slightly tight so I kept the large and perhaps it will shrink a little, but it’s not bad even without that.
    PF lessons learned from a bad case a number of years ago, many already mentioned: never go barefoot, stretch when getting out of bed in the morning, heels are better than flats, get some orthotics and wear in as many shoes as possible (some trim varieties are available that will fit dress shoes, and can use “beefier” types in athletic shoes and other less-dressy types).

  2. I like the straight leg jeans. I’m not feeling the flare legs, but I’m all in on straight legs. They look like a modern update on skinnies and a breath of fresh air. And what a find on the shirt!

  3. Staci Robison says:

    PF is the devil! Several times a day (every time you pass a wall) put your forearms against the wall, bend the knee opposite of the painful foot to support your weight and stretch your leg behind you. (Similar to a lunge) Hold for several seconds. I was given this advice by an orthopedic for PF treatment and it helps tremendously.

  4. Jackie Sticha says:

    I recently bought a Barefoot Dreams cardigan for the first time and now know what the hype was all about! I LOVE IT! I bought it on sale because of one of your posts! Thanks so much!

  5. I agree with what someone else has already mentioned. After dealing with PF for several months, Vionic flip flops made all the difference for me. I even wear them as house shoes. I have also bought several pairs of Vionic shoes and some tennis shoes.

  6. Maribeth Conklin says:

    I have had PF also. Try freezing a water bottle and rolling your foot over it! Also The podiatrist fitted me with custom orthotics. Foot exercises help also. Love the blue button down.

  7. Love the outfit with the cardigan, Tania. Effortless style! I love my Jag jeans but I didn’t know they have a pull on style. I’ll be ordering some soon. Thank you!

  8. Hi Tania,
    About PF…ugh! I had it a couple of years ago and so did my husband. His was gone quick. Mine lasted about a year. If I didn’t have Vionic flip flops I would not have been able to walk. I wore flip flops while in the house even during winter. They and some Vionic slippers, offered the most relief. Someone mentioned rolling your feet on tennis balls. That really helped, and also sitting on the bed, gripping a long towel in both hands and wrap it around the foot and pull the towel and stretch the foot. That provided relief too.
    It eventually just went away on its own. Just baby it.
    Good luck. I hope it goes away soon.

  9. You’re right about the heels feeling better than flats with plantar inflammation. For instant pain relief you can try some Kinesiology or “K tape.”
    2 pieces of tape and you’re good to go-there are instructional vids online.
    The tape is great to have on hand for all sorts of strains and I’m lazy so I buy the pre-cut strips.
    Hope it helps!

  10. Dorcas schale says:

    I hate you developed PF when you were trying to up your game!!
    I developed PF this summer. I looked on YouTube for some stretches and suggestions, also on Pinterest. The stretches for rolling your sole over a tennis ball provide some relieve. The one that provided almost immediate relieve was the stretch to point your toe and hold it.(This stretch was also on YouTube and recommended by a chiropractor.) Doesn’t seem like this is what will work but it did for me.
    Take care of your foot and get back out there when you can pain free. A healthy, fit body is an enduring gift to you and your family!!

  11. This is a gorgeous outfit and the shoes are a unexpected wowza. I do not wear heels at all anymore, but the way those set off this look makes me wanna. Thanks for showing it with the sweater. I was going to suggest showing this shirt in a series like you did the tan pants. Also, could we have some different pants other than jeans. I have many events that jeans are inappropriate. just need some trending ideas on the lower half that are not ripped, torn, faded, or whatever jeans. Love the scripture today.

  12. Tania I can sympathize with you getting PF. I did this summer and it’s much better but I found if I do the stretches and wear shoes with good arch support and cushiony soles helps tremendously. Of course they aren’t the most stylish but if you are going to be on your feet for quite awhile you’ll be glad you did. Keep us updated with your improvement. Tell us what works best for you. Oh and I love that cardigan with the light blue shirt. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  13. I developed plantar fasciitis a couple of years ago. I control it with stretching, only shoes with arch support and walking every second day.
    I used to be able to wear any shoe, but now it’s a challenge to find proper ones.
    No heels, points, or anything without an arch. Absolutely never go without shoes in the house. My podiatrist suggested crocks for indoors and they work well.

    Love the light blue shirt today and the shoes, but as I said no shoes like that for me anymore.
    Hope you get some relief soon.

  14. Never go barefoot. Wear arch supports/orthotics in your shoes. Give it time. The rolling on an ice bottle and splint at night are also tried and true remedies, but not ones that I’ve tried personally. PF hurts!!!

  15. Good morning Tania

    Love today’s outfit.
    The jeans look great on you.

    As for the plantar facitis, I have had this with PT and they had me pick up marbles with my toes and put them in a cup, or scrunch up a towel with your toes. You can also purchase foot supports that slip on your feet like socks especially for plantar facitis. Hope this helps. Also online exercises for this are available.

  16. Hi Tanya! I got planter fasciitis this summer from wearing a pair of new sandals. They were so comfortable, but somehow my foot just didn’t like them. I have spent a few weeks without going for walks, did the exercises that I found online, rolled a frozen water bottle under my foot to ice it, and took plenty of ibuprofen to get rid of the inflammation. I bought two pair of Skechers arch fit flip flops, which are the only shoe that is totally comfortable. I guess that all helped, but the craziest thing happened. We went on vacation to the Outer Banks and we just relaxed on the beach and contrary to advice, I walked barefoot in the sand. When I got home I realized I had hardly any heel pain left! Haha! So I guess you just need to get yourself to a beach and take a few leisurely walks and put your feet up and you will be all better! Thanks so much for all your fun fashion ideas and your less expensive alternatives. Being retired and not going out much, I can’t justify spending a lot to clean my house, garden and shovel the kitty litter in pricey fashions. But I still want to look my best for myself and my husband. Love your stories!

  17. I feel your pain and have been dealing with the same thing for over 2 year. You need to wear a good shoe – indoors- all the time- – and go and get some orthotics.

  18. For your foot – get a small piece of 2×4. Place your toes on the board with your heels hanging off. Lower your heels to the floor. Up and down about 10-15 times several times during the day. I like to have a counter to hang on to for stability. This is the quickest and easiest thing I have found. Good luck.

  19. Hi, Tania —
    I am a runner so allow me to help you out! Starting off by running hills is quite ambitious. After exercising, it’s important to remember to stretch. You have not been using those muscles in that way, and they are letting you know. It may be that your foot muscles are cramping. A good remedy for that would be to swipe one of Joe’s golf balls and, while you are sitting at the computer or watching TV, or while standing, roll that ball around under your bare foot. You can lean into it more or less to adjust the pressure. A stretching exercise for your foot would be to stand close to a wall, put your toes a few inches up the wall with your heel on the floor, and gently lean forward until you feel that stretch on the bottom of your foot. This is a stretch for your achilles tendon, but it will also stretch the muscles on the bottom of your foot. .
    You might start out running your 20% on the flat portion of your driveway. Keep it up! Doing something every day is the key. If you miss a day, start over!
    Thanks for all you do! xo Julia

  20. I have struggled with PF for a few years off and on. Stretch the back of your calf when getting up and down, especially after waking. Arch support in shoes are a must. And I went to a foot specialist who gave me a couple of injections in my foot that were a life changer. Downside: the injection hurts like the dickens when you are getting it😩. AFTER THE FACT, it is so worth it though!

  21. Hate to hear about your plantar fasciitis. I’ve been battling it for 14 months! I attribute mine to running as well. I’ve had cortisone shots, plasma injections, physical therapy…you name it. Plantar fasciitis is no joke. Prayers you recover quickly.

  22. There are various contraptions on Amazon that will help with your heel. I had this problem for 5 months and finally decided to try something…within a week, I was so much better and even played Pickleball.