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How Adding Color Can Change The Look Of An Outfit

I love adding color to my wardrobe, but I was shocked when I did my last try-on haul with Talbots. I wanted to do a try-on mix-and-match post showing a lot of different tops with one pair of white shorts. But, as I walked into the dressing room, a pair of pink pants caught my eye.

Unless I mention otherwise, everything fits in the size I’ve ordered. Each photo has the links underneath, including the size I’m wearing. For sizing reference, I’m 5’6″ tall, weigh between 150-155, and usually wear a size 8 in bottoms and between a medium and a large in tops.

This Cotton Button Front Shirt – Fanciful Paisley was the first item I saw when I walked into Talbots. Talbots is great at creating eye-catching prints, and I love the color combination of this shirt. A button front shirt is so versatile; check out this post on Six Ways To Style A White Button Up Shirt for more inspiration.

A medium fit me perfectly, and you can see the length of the shirt in this photo.

Here is a close-up photo so you can see the print better. This is a lightweight top, but I can’t see my white shorts underneath, so it isn’t see-through.

I love the Girlfriend Denim Shorts, and I think many of you will love the 9″ length. You can unroll the cuff to make the length 11 1/2″ if you want a longer length. These are also available in plus and petite sizes, so there is something for everyone.

Can you believe the difference in the outfit’s look once I added the Aurora Pink Perfect Crops? I was shocked when I looked back through my photos at the difference.

I’m wearing my usual size 8 in the crop pants, and I think they fit nicely. I read some reviews where they thought they fit and looked baggy, but the relaxed fit is in, so maybe that is the issue.

Gingham is always a fun spring and summer print, and I have several different gingham shirts. I love the diagonal pattern down the placket, and that detail and the slimming seams make the shirt stand out.

This top will look great by itself or under a sweater, cardigan, or jacket.

Black and pink are a great color combination, and I love how the pink crops change the vibe of this outfit.

Here is the look from the side so you can see the length of the top. Usually, I wear a size 10 in tops, but the store didn’t have a 10 in stock, so I tried a size 8 instead. I was pleasantly shocked that the top fit well and didn’t pull at the buttons.

As you can see from the photo, this is a very thin shirt. You can’t see my bra because I always wear nude undergarments, but you can plainly see the white shorts.

Since the top is so thin, I would probably use it as a layering top. Those who live in the hottest areas might find the thinness of the top a plus instead of a negative.

Here is an example of how I would wear the Non-Iron Sleeveless Perfect Shirt. This is a classic and preppy-looking outfit, and since the shirt is thin, it wouldn’t add a lot of extra warmth.

Ignore the dirty mirror and, instead, look at the gorgeous cable knit design of the sweater. I love this vest’s pink and white trim, and I think it looks great paired with the white button-front shirt. The fit is a tiny bit large, so if you want a tighter fit, you will need to size down from your regular size.

I like the relaxed fit of the vest and would probably stick to my normal size. I’m styling the vest without the collared shirt underneath to give you an idea of how it looks like that.

This sweater vest is such good quality, and even though it is heavier, I don’t think it would be too hot in the summer for many areas.

This Stained Glass Medallion Band Collar Popover is pretty, but it is beautiful when you see it up close. The top is lightweight and thin but not see-through so it will be great for summer.

I picked this top for the color, the print, and also because it has long sleeves. Many of you have commented that you don’t like showing your upper arms, and this top fixes that issue without burning you up.

The top has a nice curved hem, making walking and sitting easier when wearing it.

You can see the outline of my pink pants, but only barely. I thought the pink details on the top looked great with the Aurora Pink Perfect Crops.

This Smocked Cuff Blouse is dressier than the other tops. I loved how it fit and felt; the print is bold and gorgeous.

Here you can see the smocking detail at the cuffs. This top will also look great with dark denim jeans and would be perfect for a casual Friday at work look.

Do you think the pink crops give the blouse a casual vibe? I’m on the fence about the blouse and crops being worn together. The colors match great, but the blouse seems too dressy for the cotton twill crops. What do you think; would you wear it?

I tried to get a better photo of the blouse, especially the neckline. However, taking a photo with the phone makes capturing the details difficult, so you might have to reference the website for those details.

Now I’m interested in your thoughts. Which outfit(s) was your favorite(s)? Do you prefer the white shorts or pink crops?

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  1. I like the pink pants and the dressy blouse. I also have a thought on the toilet paper holder. If you have recently had elderly guests, they may have tried to use the holder as a grab bar. With so many homes having the stool in a private alcove, there is literally nothing a disabled person can use to help themselves up – no sink to hold on to, etc. That may be what happened at your house and those of us who are older ourselves or who have elderly guests should try to make sure our bathrooms accommodate their needs.

    1. No, we’ve not had any guests other than my brother, and we found it before he arrived.

  2. I love the cable vest! That little touch of pink at the neck really pops.

  3. MaryCarol says:

    I love the pink pants. ❤️❤️
    I tend to wear white crop pants and denim shorts all summer. Guess I need to step out of the box and try a pop of color.

  4. Wow! It is amazing how much different the blouses look by just adding a bit of color to the ensembles! I tend to get in a rut of just wearing white ankle pants in the summer—so this is a timely reminder to try a splash of color on the BOTTOM. Thanks!!

  5. Every top is nice and summery and I personally think every top looks great with the pink crops!!

  6. Leah Hagedorn says:

    My favorite look today is the Fanciful Paisley button front shirt with the Aurora Pink perfect crops. You are encouraging me to select a bolder choice! You look adorable in all the Aurora Pink crop options. I can’t believe what a difference the color makes and how much better it looks to me than the plain white look.

    1. I was surprised at the difference too.

  7. Perfect for capsule wardrobes

  8. Mariannee says:

    Nice to see some longer tops from Talbots! I’ve given up buying and returning their too short tops…I’m 5’7”.
    FYI…Not many of us in CA wear pink pants…we tend toward neutrals here…

  9. I like both the white shorts and pink crops equally. The tops you paired with the pink pants matched so beautifully. My favorite top is the blue medallion top. I think the past 20 years of skinny pants have made many people think that normal pants are too baggy. I say, “Bring back normal.”

  10. Carol Rittelmeyer says:

    I especially like the paisley top and white shorts. All the tops looked good with white shorts, except the white shirt looked best when you added the vest. The pink crops are cute, especially with the cascading blooms top. Thanks for sharing these cute outfits!

  11. Melissa Palmer says:

    I especially love the first top that you paired the pink pants with. (love the combo). I also really like that medallion top. I always gravitate toward blue in clothing! I’m not too keen on the black check top with the pink, or the all white combo. Although you look fabulous in it all. And your hair looks amazing by the way. 🙂

  12. Love the pink crops with all the top options.

  13. Your email mentions a NodPod but I can’t seem to find it….where should I be looking?

    1. Lauren, I add “daily finds” my emails. You need to scroll down the email to see those. If there is something you like, you just click on the photo and it will take you to the website. Here is the link for the NodPod. https://amzn.to/3FV1K8n

  14. Lisa Barnum says:

    Those pink pants are awesome. I would never even looked at them, but love their versatility! Love your ideas! Truly inspiring!

  15. I like the pink crops best, and the smocked cuffed cascading blooms blouse brings the crops up a level, so that combo is classy and very attractive.

  16. My favourite is the navy vest and black gingham top with the pink pants. I have a pair of pink capris and love wearing them with navy and black. It elevates the look!

  17. I love the pink crop pants with all the tips, but my favorite tip with them is the blue cable knit best

  18. You’re right about those pink pants, Tania! They are smashing and add interest to each outfit. I loved most of your choices today and have added several of these items to my Talbots wish list.

  19. Although all outfits were beautiful and white has its place , God created way to many colors for me to be a big fan of white. Therefore, bring on the color! Keep being beautifully YOU and thank you for the encouragement both in clothing and spiritual. It is deeply appreciated by me. God’s blessings on you are wished. Have a good day.

  20. You always look great in everything you wear but my favorite on you was the vest with pink pants.

  21. Tammy Roark says:

    I love the smocked top with pink pants!

  22. I love those pink crops! I prefer the dressier blouse with white but all other tops with the pink crops. Thoughts about the pink crops on a pear shaped figure?

  23. Mary Beth says:

    I love all of the tops with the pink pants, especially the vest with the pants. As usual, Tania, you have hit a home run with these outfits!

  24. definitely the pink crops!!

  25. My favorite is the black & white check blouse with the pink pants. Looks so pretty on you!

  26. Love, love, love the pink crops and would definitely wear them with the dressier blouse.
    Talbots is my favorite!

  27. I like the pink pants with the black vest and gingham shirt. Also I liked the white shorts with the black vest and gingham shirt. I’m not s fan of paisley ever since my granddaughter said it looked like for old people. Lol. I’m so glad I kept my black check gingham sleeveless shirt. I ordered it from Chadwick’s like 15 years ago. I have more ideas on how to style it. I may just not have to care about my armpits.

    Do you think a black gingham shirt would look good with green? I have green crop flare jeans.

    1. Black and white are both neutral colors, so you can pair them with almost anything. Green would work, so give it a try.

  28. The blue Talbots vest with the pink pants looks so cute!

  29. Ginger Hiller says:

    Just WOW! It is amazing how many outfits you created with the white shorts and pink cropped pants. If I had to pick a favorite bottom, I would pick the pink cropped pants because they can be worn to more places and they make me smile. I don’t think the bright floral top is too dressy for the cropped pants. While I like all of the tops with the pink pants, I think the vest is my favorite.

  30. I love the gingham shirt! It would be great for layering. Also love your daily posts!!

  31. Deanne Hope says:

    Love the pink pants. My favorite is the vest with them. I just purchased the ones you had on a post recently (from Walmart though).

  32. Oh WOW I was amazed when you went from white shorts to pink crops! It changed the look sooo much on all the tops. A definite way to get multiple looks. I do not own a vest. And am surprised that is what I liked the most. I actually liked all the tops you showed us though. Pink and blue are my main colors I wear, so all these outfits are right up my alley. I am not sure I would be brave enough to wear pink pants but after seeing how much it changed the look of things, I can see the value of them. I think several shirts looked completely different once the pink crops brought out different colors. Thank you for doing this post!

  33. Susan Weston says:

    Thanks for pointing out the white sleeveless top is thin. It is helpful to know before ordering!

  34. I love it all! So hard to decide! Thank you so much for the great post! Have a blessed day

  35. NYDJ has some nice pink crop Jeans. I bought them 2 weeks ago, was not sure about the color.
    After seeing the pink on you, I am so glad to have made the purchase . I buy tops from Talbots but their pants never fit me. Your entire post was great.

  36. Joyce Wonderly says:

    I usually stick with neutral colored pants but I might have to consider those pink crops. They are so pretty and versatile with all the tops you showed! Loved all of them!

  37. Theresa Timko says:

    The pink pants just scream spring and summer and being from Michigan, that cannot be screamed loud enough right now. These outfits were all adorable and so cute. Thanks for the suggestions.

  38. Diana VanWinkle says:

    I adore the pink crops and every shirt you tried on! Thanks for showing us the latest styles, which I can copy if I can’t always afford the brands you feature. I have found some excellent sales at Talbots, though. Last year I bought the lemon skirt you featured and I LOVE it!

  39. Colleen Cavalieri says:

    It is amazing the difference the pink crop pants make! They are very flattering on you-look great!

  40. Sue Jones says:

    Hi Tania,
    I do love the paisley blouse & pink crops together. This is my favorite!
    Styling the cute V Neck vest sweater with the pink crops was also exceptional.

  41. Love all the tops with the pink crops, but the vest is my favorite! I’m going to order the pants.

  42. Lisa Astor says:

    I love the sweater vest and pink pants. Also, the bright tops. Not really a fan of the checked top or the white shorts. Love seeing these modeled. We are similar in height & weight so it makes it easier to decide looks that I like.

  43. My two favorite looks were the navy cable vest and white shorts and the turquoise paisley blouse with pink pants.

  44. Love the pink crops with all the blouses. I’d skip buying that ultra thin white sleeveless shirt though. My favorite outfit of all is the pink crops with navy sweater vest.

  45. I love the pink pants with all the tops. I had my colors done several years ago and found out what colors were my colors and the brights always get compliments and they make me feel good. I’m 70 with white hair and bright blue eyes I need the color
    and only wear bright winter colors now. Thank you for all your posts!

  46. Pamela Sasa says:

    Super Choices Tania which looked great on you. I too am a lifelong client of Talbots, 25 years+, I adore their clothes. I do find you can mix and match with their line from the other stores you post. I couldn’t help but notice the Sam Edelman sandals, my husband was one of the founding executives of the company along with Sam and Libby Edelman. I share in your love of Sam Edelman shoes, the sandals looked great with the outfits posted today. Glad you are home safe, prayers do work!
    Pamela S.

  47. I love all of these combinations. I purchased two of the sleeveless white shirts…I use them for layering all the time.
    Some of Talbots blouses are so thin lately, I don’t think they hold their shapes very well.
    Also, I don’t like that they charge more for their larger sizes…..that is body shaming and they don’t give lesser prices for the petites….so, what’s up with that?
    I’ve gotten so many good ideas from your blog….keep it up.

  48. Cindy Phipps says:

    Love, love, love the pink crops!

  49. I like them all! The pink crops are cute and fun with any of the tops. I especially like the black/ white/ pink combo. the last top is great with the crops. The website pairs it with jeans, and the crops are step above!

  50. I loved the pink pants especially with the black and white checkered blouse! 🥰

  51. I prefer the pink. I am not a fan of white bottoms, in any form. It drives me nuts to get a little something on my clothes when I am out, so white is a lot of work. Also, white makes you look bigger.

    If you thought the last shirt was too dressy for the pink crop pants, wouldn’t it definitely be too dressy for shorts?? I didn’t like the black and white gingham with the pink.

    I love the navy and white vest- but I wouldn’t think of wearing it with a sleeveless top or alone. I would prefer a shirt with sleeves or polo type shirt for the ultimate preppy look. I have been eyeing it since it came out at Talbots in February. I bought the pink pants last year, so I am halfway there.

  52. Mary Kinard says:

    Pink is my favorite color so this post was perfect! Love the pink crops and I think they look great with the last blouse.

  53. Great inspiration, love both the white shorts and the pink crops. I understand how you were drawn to the pink crops. I bought a pair at Talbot’s about 2 weeks ago, I don’t wear much pink, don’t usually like it, but this shade is perfect for spring/summer and it goes with so many other items from Talbot’s. Thanks for all the work and inspiration. Have a blessed week.

  54. This is one of my fav posts you’ve done!! Love Talbot’s clothing!!! Thank you for showing what a pop of color can do! I’m going to check out the pants and the vest. All of the blouses look great on you!

  55. All the outfits and really pretty and say SPRING! I absolutely love the pink crops…is there any stretch in the fabric? I’m not a fan of Talbots’ shorts as they have almost no spandex and bag out and hang on me. My favorite white shorts are the Girlfriend “no-stain”from Chico’s. (Yes whatever is in their fabric is stain-resistant!😃)

  56. Tania,
    Being a life long Talbot’s gal, I love todays post. You look great in all the outfits, you’ve put together, janespecially the ones with the sweater vest. Gotta have those pink crops.

  57. I love all of these outfits on you. I haven’t been especially drawn to anything at Talbots in a while. I have been on the fence about the navy vest but seeing it with the pink pants I think I need both! Thanks for showing so many cute spring outfits!

  58. Anne-Marie Brunet says:

    Wow love the pink!!

  59. I like all the looks in this post except the last blouse – just too busy looking.
    I like the relaxed style in the pants. They all look great on you.

  60. That vest looks like it might match just about anything in one’s wardrobe, perfect pick!!

  61. Nancy Allen says:

    I love what you did in Talbots! It is amazing the outfits you can make with a few core pieces and the pink pants blew me away! They look fantastic with so many different tops/ different looks!

  62. Loved the pink crops with all of the tops.

  63. Susan Lybrand says:

    Great summer looks! They are very age appropriate and updated for women. Thanks for showing how to mix and match items. This would be a wonderful vacation wardrobe.

  64. Donna Ingalls says:

    Love the smocked cuff blouse. Super flattering
    Thanks for sharing your Talbots haul. It’s my favorite store.