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Six Ways To Style A White Button Up Shirt

Our wardrobes are comprised of a lot of different items. That is the fun of fashion; we can tailor them to our individual tastes. No matter your style or taste, most of our wardrobes will contain a few basics that are the workhorses. Today we are looking at a classic item that is so versatile, and most of us will probably already have one or two of these hanging in our closets. Here are SIX different looks on ways to style a white button up shirt.

I recently did a Classic White Button Down Shirts for Women Over 50 post that showed several white shirts up might like. If you need to update your white shirt, then you might find one you like in that post.

A Classic White Button Up Shirt

Before we work on ways to style a white button up shirt, we have to FIND the shirt. There are so many choices of shirts to choose from; tunic, no-iron, satin, etc., but today I’m styling a classic oxford shirt.

#1. Button Up Shirt With Boyfriend Jeans

Let’s start off with the basics. A button up shirt and a pair of jeans is a classic look that most of us can recreate right now. There is nothing fancy about this look, but it is how all looks start. A top, a bottom, and then you add complementary pieces and accessories.

I’ve worn a Button-up oxford shirt since I was in my 20s. This style is classic, and the fabric is a nice weight. If finding a white button up shirt that isn’t see-through is a struggle, you should be happy with this one.

The seaming on the shirt helps it to fit closer to the body and not be too loose and boxy. If I want a large oversized shirt, then I would choose one of these from Talbots or Loft. The shirt is the perfect length to wearing with leggings since it covers you from the front and back.

I love these Sam Edelman Slide Sandals! They are a great natural color that will go with anything, and they can be dressed up or down. The design on the sandal is eye-catching, and I love the attention to detail. The color just matches my Woven Vegan Leather Tote Bag so I know this will be a combination I’ll carry a lot this summer.

#2. A Striped Poncho, Button Up Shirt, and Boyfriend Jeans

When it comes to ways to style a button up shirt, it doesn’t have to be that hard. Adding this Camel Striped poncho completely changed the look of the outfit, but all we did was add one more item. Adding a third piece, or a completer piece changes the look and makes it look more thought out and polished. Even though this is still a casual look, it is now an elevated casual look.

The relaxed boyfriend jeans fit true to size. I’m wearing my usual size 29, so these fit TTS. These relaxed jeans are loose, but not baggy, so I like the way they fit.

#3. A Floral Kimono, Button Up Shirt, and Jean Shorts

This looks so different from the previous outfits, but I’m following the same formula. A top, a bottom, a complimentary piece, and accessories. This formula is how I create almost all outfits, and you can use the formula too.

I love this kimono since it creates a lot of visual interest. I’m wearing the print, summer painting, but the kimono is available in many other prints. You can wear this as a swimsuit cover-up also, which will help you get more wear from your purchase. The kimono is under $30, and that’s a good deal in my book.

These high rise jeans shorts are super cute, and I love the raw frayed hem. The inseam is probably 3.5″ – 4″, and since many of you prefer longer shorts, I’ll link to others below. I’m wearing my usual size 8, and the shorts fit me perfectly. I added a Straw Tote Handbag I just purchased and a pair of slide sandals with a large buckle.

#4. A Navy Blazer, Button Up Shirt, and Trouser Jeans

Since all of the other outfits have been casual looking, I’m showing a slightly dressier option here. When looking for ways to style a white button up shirt, I stuck with jeans since my shirt was more casual. But, if your button up is satin, then you might want to pair it with dress pants instead.

It is amazing how adding a blazer to your outfit changes everything. Adding a cardigan should give you the same look, but it doesn’t. A cardigan can still look casual, but a blazer will usually elevate the look so much more. This Navy schoolboy blazer is a classic style, so it is one you can wear for years. I’m wearing my usual size 10, and it fits great.

All jeans are not created equal. Trouser Jeans are dressier than other styles of jeans, and they look great with a blazer. These jeans are high waisted and have a large cuff at the hem. I’m wearing a size 8, so these fit true to size.

I’ve been carrying this Ivory shoulder bag for a while, and I like the latch detail. You can also choose to carry this as a shoulder bag, a crossbody, or double the chain and carry it by the handle. It is a medium-sized bag and has enough room to carry pretty much all your essentials.

#5. A Button Up Shirt, a Graphic Tee, and Boyfriend Jeans

Maybe it is because I work from home, but I find myself styling a lot of casual outfits. Here is another casual look, and it is using the button up shirt as a jacket.

I love a good graphic t-shirt, and I especially like ones that are pretty. You can’t get much prettier than this Allover Graphic T-shirt by Nicole Wittenberg. This tee is limited in size, but there are several tees by this artist that are still available, and I’ll link to those below.

I’ve been wearing my Nike Air Max Dawn sneakers a lot lately. I wore them to Miami, to Scottsdale, and I’ve been walking in them each morning. They are super comfortable, and they have a lot of cushioning. I’m wearing my usual size 9, so they run TTS.

#6. A Tie Front Button Up Shirt, a White Shell Sweater, and Black Wash Girlfriend Jeans

It’s time for the last look. I couldn’t show ways to style a white button up shirt without doing a tie front style.

I wear my button up shirts tied in the front a lot, especially in the summer months. If your shirt is boxy or oversized, this helps to create a waistline and look more fitted. Sometimes, I’ll have the shirt buttoned up, but today I’m leaving it open and wearing a white Shell sweater under it. If I had worn a different color shell sweater, you could have seen better that the shirt was open.

When you tie the shirt in the front, it does tend to shorten the length of the shirt. Remember that if you plan on wearing leggings. The Girlfriend Jeans in Washed Black Wash are super soft, and I love the faded color that looks like a well-loved pair of jeans. I wear black jeans a lot in the summer, and I think they look fantastic with just a white t-shirt. These run true to size; I’m wearing my usual size 29.

I’ve already gotten my money’s worth from the Quilted Crossbody Bag. The bag is on sale right now, and it was already a great deal. This holds my phone, my wallet, glasses, etc., and looks similar to a St Laurent Lou camera bag, but at a HUGE discount.

Which of the six ways to style a white button up shirt did you like the best?

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  1. Barbara Young says:

    Hi, are you using special laces in the Nike sneakers or are you tying them in a special way on the sides? Does this allow them to be slip ons?

    Love your blog and suggestions!

    1. Barbara, I just have each of the laces tied to itself. That does let me slip them on and off.

  2. Debbie Titus says:

    You have given me so many ideas for outfits! Thank you!!

  3. Karen Lunde says:

    Love the verse of the day! Thanks for the great ideas with the white button down. Love classic looks.

  4. ElizabethPatrick says:

    LOVE your verse of the day!

  5. I am having a hard time picking just one favorite. They are all great looks. I love the white oxford with the tan poncho, navy blazer and tied with the black jeans!

  6. Thank you for providing me with options for a button down white shirt. I wouldn’t have thought of wearing it over a tee. Brilliant!

    I must reply to the comment about the wide legged pants. I think you could have used a different phrase then would you did. Perhaps “the wide legged jeans don’t flatter you as much as the skinny jeans”. Personally I like the wide leg jeans on you. I believe we, as women need to be supportive of one another, instead of using derogatory comments. Comments like this, especially to young girls create an image issue, which could lead to eating disorders. I know from experience, my MIL did it to my daughter. Be kind!

  7. Styled with the Navy blazer was my favorite, but the kimono look gave me some ideas, too. Thanks! One morning the winter I put on a white shirt with a navy pullover sweater and the look was so flattering! It’s hard to beat traditional preppy.

  8. Great outfits with the white button up shirts. Also, love the look of the Nike Air Max Dawn sneakers. Enjoy Arizona!🌞

  9. Mary Kinard says:

    I struggle to find a white button down that isn’t see-through. Sadly this one is sood out in petite.

  10. Ginger Hiller says:

    Getting our husbands to not wear their nice tees when they are doing certain tasks is a real challenge. I find it very frustrating when Larry ends up with grease spots, etc., on his good shirts. Tide pins do come in handy! It sounds like the four of you are having a very nice trip. I have a nice white button up shirt in my closet that I need to start wearing. Thanks for all of these options!

  11. Vikki Andrews says:

    Too hot to wear in Florida.

    You are adorable but these clothes make me hot just looking at the pictures.

    I don’t like the wide legged pants. It makes you look fat.

    Give me tight fitting jeans.

  12. I had no idea you could wear a white shirt so many ways. Thanks for the tips.

  13. Love the painted kimono! Great price too. I really like that you feature reasonably priced fashions.

  14. Thank you for all the ideas. I want trouser jeans. Which are less wide, the Chico jeans or JCrew jeans? I’m petite and love wide leg but not overly wide. I had to return two Loft wide legs because they were just too wide.

    1. Terri, they are about the same. Pick the one that you like the color the best.

      1. Thank you Tania for your response. I appreciate your help.

      2. Thank you for your response Tania.

  15. Love how different you can make that shirt look! wow! I really like the last section where you have it tied.

  16. Love the look of the white button down shirt. Looks so clean and crisp. Casual but classic.

  17. Glada St. Clair says:

    I like the white shirt with the blazer and jeans.

    1. I love the woven tote, can you carry it on your shoulder?

  18. Thinking about which is my favorite was hard for me to illuminate it to one. I was really impressed with the poncho look. But the look that I would wear the most is the shorts and kimono. I actually bought a poncho years ago and never wore it. I ended up donating it when we moved a few years ago. But seeing the one you showed my problem might have been I just didn’t find one that was pretty, it was just warm. I like to feel pretty and put together. I so agree a completer piece really adds to an outfit.thanks for the different ways to wear one thing! I love these type of posts.

  19. MaryCarol says:

    I have a white button down and need to try styling it for an outfit like you’ve done. They all look great and my favorite is the denim shorts outfit. I procrastinate when it comes to trying on clothes.

  20. MaryCarol says:

    You make all of them look fantastic.
    I need to try on what I have in my closet…I’m procrastinating about it.

  21. My white button up from Chico’s was a little boxy and now that I’ve lost some weight even more so. I’m going to try tying it!

  22. My golfer son is a huge Johnny O fan, Joe will love the shirts. Great post today on versatility of a shirt.

  23. Judy Buckner Thomas says:

    Love the blue pillows with the popcorn stitch…where do I find them?

    1. I bought those last year from Lowes…I think.