50 IS NOT OLD | COOL MORNINGS OF SPRINGHappy Hump Day to everyone! When Wednesday comes around that means it is time to start planning the weekend. Now that it is spring/summer we can start doing more outdoor activities. I hate cleaning house but I could work outdoor all day long. I won’t, but I could. Lol! I know the greenhouses are probably bare because Mother’s Day was last weekend, but I still might make the trek and see if I can find a pot or two to put out on my back porch.50 IS NOT OLD | COOL MORNINGS OF SPRINGIt is also time for me to go and buy some ferns for the front porch. I am tired of this poor little shrub that I take my pictures with every day. Here is the problem, I hate watering and feeding plants. I like buying and planting plants but I am not great on the upkeep. I usually buy Coleus plants for the back porch and just ferns for the front because of the ease of care. Yes, I am lazy! (aka busy)50 IS NOT OLD | COOL MORNINGS OF SPRINGI know some of you get frustrated when I wear items on the blog that are not available in stores. I am sorry but I am just like you in that I wear my items more than once and I keep them for years. I would love to be able to have Nordstrom send me a different outfit every day (at no charge of course) so that I could wear them and just send them back. Lol! Until that happens, I will just keep trying to find a similar item for you. Today’s shirt is one that was c/o Purple Poppy. Here is where I wore it last but it looks so different with jeans. This top is still available (here) and it is called the Whimsy Rose Abigail Tunic Desert Bloom Blush. Whew, that was a mouthful! Lol! It is a lightweight tunic/tee and it is perfect for these cooler mornings and nights.

50 IS NOT OLD | COOL MORNINGS OF SPRING Today’s jewelry is this month’s Posse. This is a beautiful statement waterfall necklace in antiqued bronze and the matching earrings. The Posse is always 25.00 and can be from 1 to 3 items. You can enroll for free and the item of the month will be sent to you. If you don’t like the item that month then you cancel the service (no charge) and you can re-enroll the next time an item catches your fancy. I use these for presents for birthdays and Christmas because they are a great deal. 50 IS NOT OLD | COOL MORNINGS OF SPRING I chose a bracelet called Barbara to match it. It is a basketweave design in the same antiqued gold. When I first glanced at this bracelet in the catalog I thought it was a gun metal color. I had a nice surprise when I opened my package. I also decided to wear the Selma since it is set in the same antique gold color. I like how their jewelry will mix and match easily. I have a party opened for those who would like to make a purchase.  50 IS NOT OLD | COOL MORNINGS OF SPRING Old as the hills. I have had these shoes for sooooo long. They are a pair of Kathy Von Zeeland and I love them but they are starting to look ratty. I have looked for a replacement pair but I have such a hard time finding cute flat shoes. These are a snakeskin print with a rhinestone chain across the top. You just don’t find those everywhere.

50 IS NOT OLD | COOL MORNINGS OF SPRINGI don’t really like these jeans. True confessions time. I thought I would and bought two pairs when I bought them, a dark pair and a lighter pair. These are the Boyfriend Jeans from Old Navy and I just find them overall too baggy. I saw my DIL wear them once and asked her if she had lost weight. She just laughed and told me that they were the boyfriend jeans. If you want people to think you have lost weight, then these are the pants for you. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | COOL MORNINGS OF SPRINGOn cooler days in the springs and even on some summer days, I like to wear a cardigan. I love cardigans for their warmth and also because they make me appear thinner. Both are really good reasons. Hahaha
50 IS NOT OLD | COOL MORNINGS OF SPRING A BIG thanks to all of you who follow my blog. It is a labor of love and one that I really enjoy. I hope that it helps you to know you have a friend in Virginia. I had a reader tell me how this blog helped her during the loss of her father. She said she was staying with her mother and would lay awake at night and wait for the next day’s post. It gave her something else to think about for just a little time of the day. That literally brought me to tears. I had hoped to help some with my fashion (whether it was good or what not to do) and I had hoped to inspire some with my Sunday posts, but I never thought that it could mean something more to someone. Thanks for letting me be a part of your life. ?

Do you know what my number one referrer page is? It is Pinterest! I truly appreciate every time you “pin” a picture. Heck, pin ALL the pictures if you want. Lol! Also, if you would like to share my posts on Facebook or Twitter, I would appreciate that. It helps get my blog out to more people, and I am sure you just want to spread the entertaining sayings I have. Lol! The comment section is at the end of the post, so keep scrolling. I look forward to reading all the comments, they make my day.

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  1. That story about the lady waiting for your next post brought tears to my eyes. What a blessing you are to people! I adore you too and I’m in Kingsport. I’d love to treat you to lunch one day!

    1. I love that pattern. It is so pretty. It would look great with a light blue jean or even a white jacket.

  2. I think your wardrobe is very extensive and that you must use every closet in the house or perhaps you have taken in a bedroom as your closet. Either way, you have a huge wardrobe or you turn around a lot of clothing and I too wondered if you had clothing donated to you.

  3. I have a question on the boyfriend jean. Do they run big or order regular size?

    1. Lori, I bought my normal size but they are just made to be roomy and baggy.

      1. Thanks. Gonna order a pair now. Ha

  4. I’m joining in with the other comments as I look forward to your posts everyday! I ‘shop’ in my closet and can put together similar outfits. I use colors I hadn’t thought of before thanks to you. I’m retired and in the morning when I come out dressed with makeup and hair done, my husband always asks if I’m going somewhere lol! You’ve shown me how to be ‘put together’ without spending a fortune. Thanks Tania

  5. recordsmom says:

    Love that top! This month’s Posse goes really well with that neckline! 🙂

  6. Tania, you are a treasure! It makes me so happy to know you’ve been a source of comfort and friendship to so many. It’s a plus that this blog has also brought you some success. I’ve said before, people like you because you are “real.” You are just who you show yourself to be. I hope we actually meet in person some day.

  7. Today is the day: I want to say a HUGE thank you for helping me to “get my groove back”. Until two years ago I dressed in business casual, hair done, makeup, the whole deal, to work in an office. And then I semi-retired. I work two days a week as a landscaper, which is a filthy dirty job. Without even realizing it, I was started to dress worse and worse, even on my days off. One day I stumbled onto your blog and I had an “ah hah” moment. We are the same age, and I saw how lovely and put together you looked every day and I realized that I needed to make changes. Now, I look forward to your blog every day, and I can say that other than on my work days, I do my hair, put makeup on, and pay attention to the casual items I wear. So, thank you so much for giving me the kick in the pants I so richly deserved!!! Have a great day!

  8. Charlcy Green says:

    Tania, I can’t tell you how many of those times your blog has helped me thru! From dreading going to work after a horrendous berating by my boss, to a sleepless night after the murder of a friend, to extreme sadness over the fading relationship with my precious daughter your blog has given me something to look forward to each day! Thank you for becoming my friend!! And the way you styled this tunic, cardigan and boyfriend jeans is so cute! Plus your hair looks fabulous today!! ?

  9. Although I do like your style and Sunday posts, I have to agree with the other comment about your lashes. They look AMAZING. My daughter sells R&F and I have been thinking about pulling the trigger and getting the lash boost. I love all R&F products I have tried. Thanks for your honesty.

  10. Linda Lenard says:

    I have enjoyed your blog over the past months it has given me ideas of how to put different outfits together and enjoy my wardrobe.

  11. Susan Stancliff says:

    Tania, as usual you look fabulous today! I too love cardigans especially the long ones. My gardening this year consist of 3 tomato plants. I counted this AM and I have 46 little tomatoes! Also my hydrangeas and gardenias and magnolia trees are all blooming. Have a wonderful day. Keep up your wonderful blog. As one reader said you are like a best friend. I love hearing from you every day

    1. How sweet, Susan! I might could handle 3 plants but not much more.

  12. Well, it’s snowing here in Montana this morning! I’ve probably lost my tomato plants, darn it. I’m retired & most often hang out in jeans & tees. Your blog has inspired me to get out of my rut & buy some cute tops for summer – five so far! Thanks for the encouragement from afar!!

  13. Maxine Bower says:

    Really like the style with the long cardigan. Cute!

  14. Hi Tania
    Love love love your outfit today!! You look amazing as always 🙂
    I can relate to your comments about the reader that looked forward to your posts as a way to help ease the pain of losing a loved one. In the last 3 years I have lost both of my siblings to the HORRIBLE “C” word. Both the same age when they passed, the latter one burried on the first ones birthday. You always have that great smile on your face, and your words make me smile and give me strength. Thank you for what you do, and know that not only are you helping people with fashion advice, but also are a ray of sunshine to those who are hurting.

    God Bless You

    1. Brenda, I am so sorry for your loss. Those words do not begin to tell you how bad I feel for you. I cannot even imagine losing a sibling much less two. You turned on the tears again today. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your life.

  15. Love your blog & fashion. I love having your “saves” to try and copy what to wear. I look forward to see what you will have on each day.

  16. So how Les this Posse work? I don’t quite understand it but I love your things!

    1. The Posse is a subscription service like Birchbox or Ipsy. You sign up and you will receive the Posse from that month. The day you sign up is the day your next shipment will ship out. By signing up later in the month you will have plenty of time to see what the Posse for the month will be. You can go in and cancel your subscription if you don’t like the item. When next months comes out you can easily sign back up if you want that one.

  17. Sondra Koons says:

    I look forward to your blog every single day…no pressure meant here, haha….not just for the clothes, but the ‘conversation’ you have with your readers! It’s more like talking to my best friend on the phone, what’s going on in her life and what she’s wearing that day! You will be keeping me lots of company too as I’m having back surgery soon and have to wear a brace 3 months, 24/7. I get inspiration from what you wear, NOT that I have to own just that!! Love your Sunday posts as well. ?

    1. Sondra, back surgery does not sound like fun. I hope you have a speedy recovery.

  18. Bonnie Henderson says:

    As another Virginian I love your comments about the weather, even though I am a few hours away I feel like you are my neighbor. As for gardening the only thing I seem to have luck with is herbs and they look great in pretty pots. I leave all the other gardening to my husband. You are so real! We all have to wear our clothes over and over. That is why we look to you for inspiration. On any given day I can look in my closet and recreate your look for that day. I also like the fact that the clothes you wear are so affordable. Thank you, Bonnie

    1. It is going to be beautiful here today, Bonnie. I am glad that you use my outfits as “inspirations” and can recreate the look from your closet. 🙂

  19. Tania, I seem to regularly comment on your outfits because I enjoy seeing your combinations. However, today I am commenting on your makeup, hair and those lashes….your face is glowing. You look so vibrant my friend!!!! ~Lisa~

    1. WOW!!! That could be a commercial for Rodan and Fields. Hahaha!!!

  20. You always look terrific! Love your stories as well as your fashion. Although I have lots of jewelry, I don’t wear a lot. But I’ve acquired a small bracelet wardrobe…thanks to seeing what you wear. One of my favorites has a small “believe” charm & one that says “my story isn’t done yet”,,,to remind my kids that I may be retired but I still have lots of dreams to fulfill & things to do!!!

    1. BELIEVE is my word of the year. There are days when it believing is hard but I shake it off and go back at it. I love the “my story isn’t done yet” that is very cool.

  21. Oh you’ve just reminded me of my own garden – only I decided to get my plants once I come back from visiting my Mum in NZ as otherwise there’s a high risk of them dying in the interim…

    Have posted today about the Home and Away outfit – you might like the read, plus you get to see a little of my garden 😉

    xxx Yvonne