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Fantastic Retro Sneakers To Buy Now

If I had my way, I’d wear sneakers every day. Let’s be honest, they are so comfortable. Sure, I’m a fan of heels and boots, but tennis shoes are my go-to when I want something relaxed. While there are many great brands to choose from, I am old school. Today, I’m sharing some fantastic retro sneakers to buy now.

Fantastic Retro Sneakers To Buy Now – Reebok

Let’s start with the classic walking shoes from Reebok. These feature a soft leather upper for full-foot support and a comfortable terry lining on the tongue top and heel. As nice as all that is, it’s the woven vintage Reebok label that I love. 100% leather and available in several other color combinations.

You can’t go wrong with a classic leather sneaker! This is the iconic version from Reebok that I remember from the 80s. Was it just me, or did everyone stomp on their sneakers so they wouldn’t look brand new? Well, no more. The key to styling these is to keep them super bright!

Fantastic Retro Sneakers To Buy Now – Adidas

Speaking of iconic, check out these tennis shoes from Adidas. There are 17 different versions at the link, but I don’t think anything is more retro than these black stripes. These would look very fashionable with anything – jeans, skirts or maxi dresses.

Fantastic Retro Sneakers To Buy Now – Vans

Vans have been around since 1966! When I think of them, it’s usually the checkerboard pattern that I remember most, but I figured you’d get more use out of the classic white slip-ons. One of the reviewers mentioned that they hadn’t worn them since high school but they are just as comfortable as they remember. I love a good slip-on, especially when they’re comfy and trendy.

Fantastic Retro Sneakers To Buy Now – Converse

I’m starting with Leather Converse because it’s probably not how you remember them. At least I didn’t! (You’ll actually find the regular canvas ones also at the link, so never fear.) This is one of the two classic silhouettes I associate most with Converse. This low-profile, lace-up sneaker is one of my favorites, and I would love to have them in every color – white, red, and black to start!

I got my first pair of high-top Converse sneakers in 8th grade. They were part of the basketball uniform. They are a definite style choice these days. I’d wear these like I wear ankle boots. Wear them with a cute pair of jeans a skirt, or even leggings. Of course, they are available in a wide range of colors – over 30!

These are the lowest profile Converse I could find. I am always happy to wear a slip-on shoe. Is there an easier shoe to get on and off? Flip-flops don’t count, lol. There are several colors available in this style, but I don’t think you can go wrong with the classics such as red, white, and navy.

Fantastic Retro Sneakers To Buy Now –

I had to include Tretorns because these were THE SHOE to own when I was in high school. All of the popular girls wore these. Spoiler alert: I was not one of the popular ones. I don’t even know where they got them. There wasn’t a shoestore in town that sold them, and we didn’t have the internet. I bet they drove 1.5 hours to Nashville to get them. Wow! That was like another universe. No wonder I didn’t own any, lol. Well, now is my (and your) chance!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the trip down sneaker memory lane. Let me know which ones you’re buying and which ones you used to own!

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  1. I am considering getting a pair of the classic Tretorns. I wasn’t one of the popular girls either, but I sure wore them a lot in high school! We wore uniforms at my school and those Tretorns looked awfully cute with our plaid skirts : )

    By the way, I lived in Nashville and yes those girls from your school probably bought their Tretorns at Green Hills Mall in Nashville ; )

    I actually bought a pair of Tretorn Rawlins in white a couple of weeks ago. They are more “athletic” looking and are super cute! I tried to link them, but Amazon wasn’t cooperating with me today.

    I faithfully read your blog and I love it!

  2. Keep watching for those bright lights in the sky! Stay safe!

  3. Susan Mitchell says:

    Love the wide selection of tennis shoes. They are all great choices!

  4. Dawn Rudd says:

    Great ideas!! Thanks so much! Have a blessed weekend!

  5. I like Puma and fan of Adidas too. I need good pair of sneakers running after two grandkids. But after reading your post I think I’ll buy a pair of white Rebocks to wear with dress

  6. Great selections. I have been wearing a pair of Cole Hahn white leather sneaks for years! They don’t wear out but I want a new spiffy pair. These are reasonably price as I can’t bring myself to do end $200-500 for a pair of sneakers.🥴

  7. I’m always casual, cute green top & jeans!

  8. Julie Hecker says:

    I love the retro shoes! I had the Club C Reeboks and Tretorns when I was younger. Would love some Vans😊

  9. I love tennis shoes and also wear a lot of loafers too

  10. sue koren says:

    lots of nice options!

  11. Alexia Maben says:

    Those bring back memories. My daughter loves the high top converses wearing them with everything.

  12. I bought white court Adidas with a platform. The platform isn’t real high just slightly. I couldn’t resist the sale price at Academy.

  13. Ginger Hiller says:

    What a great post! I’m happy that so many different brands have jumped on the bandwagon of retro sneakers. I have a new pair of light pink high top Keds that I can’t wait to wear. And they have arch support!

  14. Great Post. Love all the tennis shoes. I used to wear tretorns when I was in junior high. I used to love them. Did not know they still made them. Maybe I will get a pair.

  15. Currently I own retro New Balance. But…! I’ve got my eyes on a black Addidas pair. Back in the early 70’s I sported a green pair of Converse. So popular then. I adored them, my mom loathed them and forbid me to wear them in the house because of the dirt they tracked in! 🤣

  16. I have the Reebok Club C Vintage tennis shoes with the green logo. They are not pure white, but I love them! I also think the pink/lilac suit is beautiful!!

  17. II have the low top Chucks in white, and wear them all the time with dresses (in the summer) I see the Adidas in my future! Happy Friday❤❤❤

  18. The sign is great!😂🤣

  19. Louise Logan says:

    So cute!! Brings back memories of old time tennis!

  20. I have a lot of those shoes and I love them.

  21. The Reebok Princess style was my choice for years. It’s nice to see the updated version. They were the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.

  22. Reeboks and keds love them.

  23. Mary Winslow says:

    Thank you for the walk down Memory Lane! I am so happy we can wear them again and not just with jeans… they all look so cute with dresses and skirts! Since I am a bit older than you I would have added some Keds…. I love your blog! Joe sounds like an OK “keepa” guy…despite all his Trouble! Hahaha! Keep up the great work!

    1. Mary, I still wear Keds too!

  24. I am definitely a sneaker girl!! Love these. I’ve seen so many wearing sneakers even with a dress.

    1. Yes, I wear sneakers with dresses in the summer.

      1. I love the look with summer dresses too!!

  25. Susan Mckenzie says:

    And, I TOTALLY LOVE all the retro sneakers!! I want them all!! I recently thrifted a great pair of Converse Chuck Taylor’s!!! Thanks for a great post!!

  26. I struggle with tennis shoes. I have “chicken legs” and I always feel that they look like a big lump at the end of my leg. I love Vionic beach sneakers, they are the kindest to my feet and don’t look ridiculous. Chicken legs still at 63!!

    1. Teresa your comments make me laugh. I got chicken legs when I got older. I felt the same about white sneakers because white shoes can make your feet look bigger. This year I began to warm up to the Adidas Samba. I tried a similar Adidas court sneaker. They made my small feet look smaller. I decided to buy the all white Adidas court platform. Now that I like white sneakers I hope they stay in style. Try some white sneakers. No one is looking at your feet. 🙂

  27. Accept for the high tops I love all of these sneakers. I have three of the ones you mentioned in the post and I’m in my 60’s!