Can you believe that it is Friday already? I am ready for the weekend and my Saturday night date night with Joe. I have begun to look forward to this night, and I’ve been checking out new places for us to go to eat. The Tavern is the restaurant that I am leaning toward,  and since they serve Oysters Rockefeller, I’m pretty sure that I can talk Joe into eating there. Since corduroy is trending this year, I was thinking about wearing this outfit Saturday night.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been a huge fan of corduroy for as long as I can remember. I love the gentle swish it makes when you walk as your legs rub together. Lol! I seem to go more toward the thin wale variety, but I love the wide-wale look on men. The last time that I remember seeing Joe wear corduroy was when we first started dating. He had some daisy duke shorts that were thin wale corduroy. Lol! Now you know why I married him.

You know that I love my animal print, especially when I can get a different version or print. I get tired of seeing the same leopard print color all of the time, so a snow leopard, or gray leopard, is a nice alternative. This sweater also has a large banded bottom, and I love that look since it hugs my hips and creates a lovely drape over my belly. This is a great tummy hiding sweater, so it gets a big checkmark in that department.

I also like that the sweater features a balloon sleeve, but they aren’t oversized and instead only balloon around the wrist. This is a nice weight sweater, and the material is soft. I think the sweater runs true to size, and I am wearing a medium for sizing reference.

I’m sure you are getting tired of seeing me carrying my Tory Burch McGraw handbag, but it is so versatile and perfect for fall. This color is sold out, but a claret color is still available. However, I’ll see if I can find some similar options for you that are more affordable. Even though my corduroy pants are black, it still looks great with this handbag.

These black Land’s End straight-leg corduroy pants are pretty dang sharp looking! Because they are straight-leg pants, they have more room in the thigh area and are a tad bit loose. Black corduroy looks elegant, which is funny since corduroy is more of a casual style. However, I can see myself wearing these with large chunky sweaters around the holidays, and I’ll get lots of wear from them. I am wearing my usual size 10 with a 32″ inseam. They are a little loose on me, so I might need to size down one size.

Lifestride shoes are comfortable, so I pick them a lot. I know the brand, and I know what to expect from the shoes. Of course, I always want style, so that is why I chose these mixed media pumps. I love the shiny and the matte contrast in the material, and I think it is a great detail. These pumps run true to size, and I am wearing my usual size 9. For those who can’t wear heels, here are some other options.

Someone mentioned that I wasn’t wearing as much jewelry lately and wondered why. Truthfully, the biggest reason is that half of my things are in Grundy and half in Abingdon. I never seem to have the jewelry that I need when taking photos, so I have to utilize whatever I have on hand. Whew! Living between two homes is a pain in the rumpus!

The jewelry I have on is my AVI large hoop earrings, my 18kt gold vermeil cross necklace ((these two items go with me no matter which house I am at), the fallyn cuff bracelet, and I think they all look great with the casual look of the corduroy pants.

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  1. Laura Mary Garreck says:

    love your style I’m 78 and live in Canada so don’t get out shopping often now but I’ve always loved clothes The one problem here as alot of the stores we don’t have in the area and places like Wal Mart Target (when it was here )we get the left overs which are cheaper subpar items from yours but I still look at your posts on pinterest with much enjoyment

    1. I know it is a struggle there. Can you purchase the same things from Amazon?

  2. I am new to your blog and I am loving it. I am 78 and still like to look good and stay in the know. Great way to stay up what is trending since I don’t get out as much when I worked.

  3. What a helpful post, thanks! I have learned a lot and know it will help as I make the switch from Blogger to WordPress. Pinned this to have it close at hand to read again!

  4. Gaye Speaks Mize says:

    Enjoying your site and love your sharing of scripture. Thank you.

  5. Gara Doll says:

    Thank you for including your devotional thoughts along with the fashion ideas..😍

  6. Carrie Martens says:

    I love how you include scripture in your IG stories 💙

  7. You always look amazing!! I really enjoy your posts and I LOVE your hair!!

  8. You always look great and thanks for all the ideas and help putting myself together.

  9. Well Tanya you and Lucy Lu are adorable each in your own way!
    I look forward to your daily blog and you put spirit and fun into fashion. You go girl fight that wind and rain and keep on blogging ! Happy 6 year celebration.

  10. I derive great strength from your Bible verses! Thanks for sharing your faith,…I think it gives you an extra glow in your eyes/face,…and your fashion advice is spot on as usual!

  11. Vickie Stewart says:

    I so appreciate the Bible verses and devotionals! Thanks for keeping me up-to-date I in the style department!

  12. Your doggie is so sweet, and I love the outfit.

  13. I love those black cords! I haven’t considered corduroy in a while but will have to this year! I think they can have a dressy look like velvet.

  14. Love little Lucy Lu 💕

  15. Debbie Brown says:

    Love the outfit.

  16. Linda Johnson says:

    I love your outfit suggestions that hide the belly bulge!

  17. Julie S Checco says:

    Thank you for another cute outfit inspo! I love Lucy Lu, she’s just darling!

  18. a great date night outfit. I love the cords

  19. Cara MacNinch says:

    Love your outfit! You look great. I think black cords really elevate an outfit. Love Lucy Lu, she’s a cutie. Have fun on your date night.

  20. Aimee Spencer says:

    I just bought the Animal Print Sweater at Kohls! Thank you for modeling this outfit today. I have new Gloria Vanderbilt Black Jeans so I can’t get the Cords. I love that sweater because of the length and the way it fitted you is “Perfect”! Can’t wait to pick it up at store!

  21. I love corduroy. Lived in it in college. Only have 1 or 2 now in neutral colors. Also love a good cord. skirt.
    Yay for date night.

  22. Love reading your posts . Ordered the camel pullover from a post a day or so ago.

  23. What a precious little dog!

  24. Love the be outfit. Corduroy reminds me of being a child and wearing skirts my mom had made out of colorful narrow wale corduroy. I have corduroy pants hanging in my closet but am not sure I can fit in them since retiring!

  25. GAYLE M DAVIS says:

    “My help comes from the Lord.” These words have taken on a new meaning for me since September 25. My sweet hubby of 51 years passed away very suddenly. My precious Lord has been with me every step of the way since that day. Thank you for sharing this verse!

  26. Katherine says:

    Hi Tania,
    Love the sweater on you, look adorable just like you.
    Enjoyed your video, and your colorful top or dress.
    Where did you purchase that?

  27. My help comes from the lord, what beautiful words to remember💕

  28. Thank you for the Corduroy Post….reminds me to get on it and order mine before they are sold out

  29. Kathy Whitaker says:

    This outfit looks fabulous on you!

  30. Catherine Bonenberger says:

    I always look forward to your daily emails. Thanks for keeping us all in style!

  31. Debbie Wade says:

    I’m so glad to see courduroy! I have always been a fan!

  32. Marilyn Estes says:

    Love the black cordorys, they look like velvet.Really pretty shoes too.

  33. Sharon E Burkhardt says:

    I love the leopard sweater which looks great on you. Thanks for including BIble verses on your blog. parcicularly like Psalms.

  34. I like this good for work. Your dog is so cute!

  35. You look spectacular!

  36. Jan Peterson says:

    Love those black corduroy pants! So glad corduroy is making a comeback. Maybe LucyLu needs a corduroy sweater? 🙂

  37. For some reason the corduroy pants looked like a dark purple or aubergine color. Which would look terrific with the gray sweater! Nice to see Lucy Lu!

  38. Elizabeth says:

    Love the outfit and you are right, the pants look very dressy. Did you coordinate the colors of your outfit to match your cute pups fur, lol!,

  39. Andrea Messina says:

    Love your date outfit, you rock it 🥰

  40. Pamela Pappas says:

    This is a nice outfit I would definitely wear. I too am a corduroy fan and am glad to see them back. Lucy Lu is adorable, thanks for sharing.

  41. Melesa Garrison says:

    Enjoy your date night with Joe. I love this outfit on you. I thought the pants had a purple hue to them, but was probably just me.

  42. I too love corduroy. The black ones you are wearing do look dressier.
    Your story of Joe and his shorts, back in the day, made me laugh. 😂. My husband had some too!
    …And one of the reasons he got a second look from me!😂

  43. Love these corduroy pants and your blog!

  44. Donna Asbill says:

    Thanks for listing a scripture on each post!

  45. Thanks so much for always including a scripture verse with your posts! To God goes the glory is a wonderful daily reminder of who
    is in charge!

  46. Cynthia Creps says:

    Your dog is sooooo cute!

  47. I loved the sweater on you and immediately went to order it. I am a big animal print fan as well. Perfect timing for it since I had something else ready to order from Kohl’s. You look so much nicer in the sweater than the model. Enjoy your dinner out with Joe! That outfit will look perfect for the night out.

  48. GardeningMama says:

    I have an old pair of LE straight cords in chocolate brown which are great for Fall, but that black looks sharp! 🙂

  49. Love the outfit today.

  50. Marilyn Comstock says:

    I was looking through a catalog that just came and saw cords. Thought I might try them then said no. Now I see your black ones and definitely want to try them.

  51. Tracy Abraham says:

    I love corduroy! Glad it is that time of year again!

  52. I love corduroy too. They’re a nice change from my usual jeans.

  53. The last cords I bought did not go swoosh when I walked. No, they went SWOOSH! so I’m a little hesitant to buy again. But a black pair? I’d love that. Cute sweater. Cute furry friend.

  54. Love corduroy and the sweater! Have a fun date night. Temps here are still mimicking summer so corduroy is not an option for me yet.

  55. I love corduroy too! When I was teaching school we couldn’t wear denim jeans but corduroy jeans were acceptable! I had every color!!

  56. I love Lands End-they’re always so comfortable. And I enjoy your Joe stories!

  57. Sharon R Aho says:

    I love, love those black corduroy pants… Hoping that they come in petite sizes so I can get the best fit. Thank you for all your style Webster and time you put in to these blogs. I was feeling old and did not know how to style my aging. You have helped me so much and give me confidence to try new things. Kitties to you Tania 👍

  58. You are the first one I’ve heard from about the corderoy (though one other featured a cord jacket). I’m glad I didn’t get rid of my cords. I’ve been a straight leg lover for years, so that works!

  59. I haven’t worn corduroy in a long time, but these pants look great. I might have to get a pair for fall. They look comfortable and classy.

  60. Chicki Atwell says:

    I love corduroy also. Takes me back to my childhood.

  61. You look fantastic in this outfit. LOVE the sweater but unfortunately only medium left when I checked. A+ on this outfit!!

  62. Love the sweater. Also love your Instagram posts.

  63. I haven’t worn in corduroy in years! But those black pants do look very elegant! Might be time to give them a try. Have a fun date night!

  64. Since I live in Canada, the corduroy pants are a wintertime favorite.

  65. monique dickerson says:

    Have been one of the gurls for a while now but lately have been loving the posts even more! Keep up the great work, friend ❤️

  66. Love the sweater. Have always been a corduroy girl.

  67. Linda DeLeo says:

    Especially love the pants! I also love corduroy. This is NOT a criticism but I like that you’re wearing less jewelry because it doesn’t compete with your outfits. I think you and I both wear earrings at all times – I’d feel naked without them.

  68. Joan Frenzel says:

    You look great in that outfit!

  69. You look elegant
    In your outfit. You’ll knock Joe out.

  70. Christine Simpson says:

    Love the sweater!!

  71. Love the sweater, very elegant outfit. Enjoy your date night.

  72. Elaine F. Luman says:

    This is the cutest outfit ever! I love corduroy as well, but here in central Texas there are few days cold enough to wear it. Lucy is an adorable pup. What breed is she?

  73. Kellie johnson says:

    Love this sweater. I bought the nine west t-shirts and the cardigans you styled recently. Love those also. Thanks

  74. The sweater looked better on you than the model !

  75. When I first starting following your blog you showed or recommended items from Chadwicks. Do you still shop from them? Have you tried their cords? I am looking for new cords and was wondering which might be better. Lucy Lu is such a cutie! And so photogenic!

  76. I look forward to,your daily posts, both on the blog and on Insta and it is the first thing I read with my morning coffee! Have bought lots of items you have recommended since discovering you a few months ago. Thank you!

  77. Sherry L Jackson says:

    I am not a fan of corduroy, it seems to attract lint & I don’t need a reminder that my thighs are rubbing together !! lol They look great on you though, as always !!

  78. Paige Price says:

    I love your sweater! I also love cords! I really enjoy your posts!

  79. Where’s the sweater from? Super cute!

  80. I love corduroy as well- takes me back to fall when I was in junior high! I may need some in my life this year!

  81. Lucy Lu is such a cute part of your blog. I can tell she is your shadow , just a doll Baby for sure! I ove the leopard sweater.Both pair of cords look so nice on you. this was a great blog today. Have a great weekend and a fun date night.

  82. Georgia LaBudie says:

    Love this look. Could you get a close up of your nails. I would love to see what design you have on them. Your Lucy Lu is darling.

  83. Janet Harrison says:

    Hi Lucy Lu! Hi to you too Tania! Love the grey tone animal print!

  84. You look fabulous, tiny waist! Joe will be drooling 😊

  85. Marla Campbell says:

    I love following your blog it helps me so much with shopping.

  86. Great story on Joe. I love remembering the fashions that were popular when I met my man and how he rocked those styles, the early 70s were great😂. Cut off blue jeans and tank tops. That snow leopard print sweater is so pretty.

  87. Teresa Kraft says:

    I Love this outfit!

  88. Colleen Ann Freedman says:

    LOVE that outfit!

  89. I love corduroy too! Glad to see it making a comeback. You look beautiful as iin the outfit ♥️

  90. DoxyLover says:

    I also love cords! Lucy Lu is a cutie! Enjoy your date night! 😃

  91. Kim Little says:

    Lucy Lu is so cute!

  92. I really enjoy your blog. Got me out of my yoga pants and helped me realize I can still look nice and put together even if working from home! Thank you!!

  93. I love corduroy pants! Used to wear them a lot. I don’t even own a pair right now. Love yours. I’ll have to try to find some!

  94. I love that sweater and the black corduroy pants! I haven’t had a pair of corduroys in years. I might have to get me a pair.

  95. I love the outfit, and look forward to your daily blog.

  96. Judy Moore says:

    Love reading your blog!

  97. Happy to hear corduroy is back!

  98. Love this outfit!! So classy yet casual! I so enjoy your blog!!

  99. Meredith Wiggins says:

    I love that sweater on you!! Very slimming with the pants!

  100. Love corduroy pants, too! That a pretty sweater to wear with them!

  101. Kathi McNew says:

    I really appreciate your blog and always look forward to reading it! I thank you for all the hard work you put into making the blog so informative and entertaining!! Blessings to you & yours!

  102. Linda Engbers says:

    Love seeing you on Facebook and reading your blog. Hey to Lucy Lu!!

  103. I LOVE this look on you,,,slimming and classy. I want to purchase the sweater and cords but when I click on the link for the sweater it takes me to your blog from Aug 18th. HELP, can you send the link for this sweater. Thank You

  104. Diane Schulert says:

    Wow, I never thought I’d be shopping for corderoy!
    Thanks for the cute outfits!

  105. Love your blog! It’s nice to be motivated to dress in something other than yoga pants again!

  106. Love that you honor Jesus on your site! Super cute outfit!

  107. A great outfit. You look so good!!!

  108. Diane Williams says:

    Your corduroy pants look great! Nothing beats them on a really cold winter day, in my opinion.

  109. I’m thinking I need a pair of cordory pants in my closet. These look like they fit really good so will look into them. Your outfit will be very cute for date-night!

  110. Sheila Dieterich says:

    I really enjoy your blog! I am a retired Nana and you keep me on track for looking younger and in style!

  111. Love, love, love this sweater! I have also pared down the amount of jewelry I wear. And I love my Kendra Scott. Less just seems to be more lately. Hope you enjoy date night!

  112. Sheryl Podey says:

    When balloon sleeves balloon @ the waist does that tend to make your waist look larger or smaller or no effect? I have been tending away from the balloon sleeve thinking it will make my waist looker larger which I don’t need any extra help there! LOL

  113. Sue Gregg says:

    Hi Tania,
    Glad to read that you highlighted corduroy in today’s post! I think it truly is a staple for the fall season.

  114. Tania, this outfit looks lovely on you I really like the pants. I haven’t worn corduroy for years, though. Maybe I’ll give it a try this year.

  115. Just signed up a couple of weeks ago and LOVE every post! You have similar height and weight as me but your pants are all so nice and long. Everything I try on hits my ankle.

    I know I’m long limbed but what a difference! You look super nice in every photo.

    I’d try Long but often the size is posted but they don’t really have them. I hardly buy pants anymore. I feel like all my pants are too short.

  116. I love corduroy! I’m looking for some new pants. My favorite lite weight coat is corduroy too. I’ve been looking for a replacement for years with no luck. Maybe this will be the year!

  117. Can you send the link for the animal print sweater? I did not see it in this email

  118. Janet Brooks says:

    I have always loved corduroy. Love the pants and the sweater!

  119. I can’t find a link for the sweater…..

  120. You may have changed my mind on trying corduroy.

  121. Love your blog and style!

  122. Sylvia Whitaker says:

    I love your style and laid back funny personality! I have followed you for years.

  123. Great outfit..perfect for date night…I especially love the sweater but didn’t see a link for it…
    Have a nice evening!

  124. Marcie W. says:

    Beautiful sweater. I like the entire outfit. It’s definitely something I would wear.

  125. Sally Kirk says:

    Love the outfit! Love corduroy slacks, especially in the cold winter months!

  126. Linda Scott says:

    Love the look of the corduroy pants. Hope you have a fun date night.

  127. Rebecca Littlepage says:

    I really enjoy your blog. You keep it fashionable without trying to look like one of the young girls. Love
    your sense of humor and your faith. Side note, you are adorable

  128. LOVE all your posts! I love your style and the fact that you share the sales with us too! Keep up the great work!
    Love the verse at the bottom of the post too 🙂

  129. Catherine K says:

    I bought my first pair of “cords” since, well let’s go with this century. They are so comfortable, always liked the look but they always seemed stiff now they have stretch, just a little. Now to figure out how to keep the grey cat hair off them!

  130. Love the black corduroys,going to Kohls today to get a pair. Great for the holidays!!!!

  131. Jody Edwards says:

    Love the corduroy!

  132. I really enjoy your outfits and told my friends about your blog. You write such a personal account!

  133. Love your outfits!! Lots of my closet has come from styles you have posted!!

  134. Kim Waddle says:

    I love the black and leopard. It looks very elegant.

  135. Vicki Parker says:

    Love this outfit. Looks very polished and comfortable.

  136. Love this outfit today! Haven’t worn corduroy for years but these pants might make me change that, very dressy but comfortable looking! Enjoy your date night!!!

  137. I’m a new follower and am enjoying your posts. It’s nice to have found someone closer in age than the other influencers that I follow. I love the fact that all the fashion is affordable! Plus you give the glory to God!
    Congratulations on 6 years 🍾

  138. You both look great! When I unpack my corduroy pants, I’ll see what I have. These look great. Still in shorts here in North Carolina.

  139. Thank you for helping me look stylish and put together. I appreciate all your hard work, stories and your daily scriptures.

  140. Love this look! Have a great day!

  141. Cheryl Tollefson says:

    That’s super cute! Was the sweater from Lands End also?

  142. This is probably random question, but I’d really like to know if the collagen was really good for your nails because they look beautiful or do you have acrylic on again?
    Thank you

    1. Darlene, the collagen really helped my nails. Now I am going to the salon again, but no tips. They put a clear coat gel on them to give them extra strength now that they are longer.

  143. Jennifer Stoicovy says:

    Tania, can you send a link to the sweater you wore with the black cords?! It’s so chic on you! Thanks so much!

  144. Christine F says:

    Lucy Lu and my Chloe Ann would get along great . They both look about the same size

  145. Great looking outfit. Very flattering!

  146. Sally Norton says:

    I absolutely love your style and have purchased many things over the last year or two. I need a bigger closet! Lol