Colorful Outdoor Rugs to Upgrade Your Patio

While I have a deep love and appreciation for all things fashion, there’s more to a gurl than just clothes, right? Like cute home goods, lol! Today I’m branching out and bringing you some colorful outdoor rugs to upgrade your patio. With summer finally here, that’s what I’ve been doing lately so I thought some of you may be thinking the same way.

Waverly Starry Eyed Rug

This is colorful without being too bright for those of you who prefer a more subtle touch. The blues and greens would look great outside where there’s a good view of greenery and bring a very peaceful feel to a patio or porch.

Bold Geometric

Another subtle and tasteful approach. I’m starting you off slow. lol.

Really Bold Geometric

Now we’re talking! I love the pinwheel design and the beautiful colors in this rug. Talk about a showstopper!

Fab Habitat Outdoor Rug

Isn’t this one gorgeous?! This is a plastic weave, so not super soft, but waterproof and oh, so pretty!

Bright and Cheerful

Same as above and waterproof! This would upgrade any patio.

Mellow Yellow

Colorful doesn’t have to mean the rainbow. This yellow is bright and cheerful without being overwhelming.

Artwork For The Ground

I can’t do a post on colorful outdoor rugs to upgrade your patio without getting one for myself. My absolute favorite! I’m thinking about ordering this ASAP. It looks like a beautiful painting for the floor.

Half-Round Boho Rug

How cheerful is this?! Throw away that old Welcome mat and put some WOW on your doorstep.

Hope you enjoyed this post. If you order one, please send photos of your upgraded patio. I’d love to see what you do with your space.

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  1. Laura Strumpf says:

    Your husband should not be in the dog house! He is just like every other man for the most part! As women, soooo used it!! Don’t sweat the small stuff!!

  2. These are beautiful! What a great way to add a vibrant pop of color to my patio!

  3. Love the bright vibrant rugs for summer! Thank you

  4. Karen Lunde says:

    Love the colors ! So pretty. I have one sibling- an older brother. He’s the biggest tease. We talk to each other almost every day!!

  5. Suzonne Johnson says:

    Love the Nordstrom things! I live in Tyler, TX and I have to go to Dallas or Houston to go to a Nordstrom, but it’s always worth it!! Thank you for your daily Bible verses and inspiring me to dress nice even though I’m retired!
    Suzonne Johnson

  6. sue koren says:

    Love the idea of an outdoor rug!

  7. Thank you! So many great options. It can be so inexpensive to change the entire look of a patio! I have 3 brothers (in another state) and we stay in constant contact via group texts.

  8. Would love to get an outdoor rug but…the water drainage runs right through the area I would like to have it. Beautiful rugs

  9. I think I need a rug on my patio now!

  10. I love the door mat! So welcoming. I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers and we’re always giving each other grief🤣 We don’t live near each other, but through texting (often group) we keep one another in line. When we do get together, it’s like we were never apart.

  11. I lean toward the more muted ones, but I do like some color. Great options here.

    I’m almost 15 years older than my only sibling. My mom wasn’t supposed to be able to have more, and we all talked about adopting. I said I wanted a little brother to pick on. God gave me one and I fulfilled that–while loving on him too. He’s now 37 and “blesses us” with his dry sense of humor and sarcastic wit.

  12. Patti McDonald says:

    I’m enjoying your new additions of home decor ideas. Outdoor rugs was perfect timing. I seem to be in the casual dress mode as you these days but have as much fun updating my home! Please continue this feature.

  13. Sherre Vaughn says:

    Love outdoor rugs….and the brighter the better for me!

  14. SandhillJane says:

    I love the bright colors! My current outdoor rug is dated looking with the neutral tones. Time for a colorful upgrade! Thanks for sharing these great choices!

  15. Linda Shearer says:

    I think I’ll venture out of my color comfort zone and get the boho welcome mat! It’s beautiful! The Mellow Yellow rug is beautiful too!

  16. Cindy DeLon says:

    Love the bright colors in these rugs. Looking for a bright colored rug for the inside of my house!

  17. I never thought about putting WOW on my doorstep! I really like the idea of the boho colorful half-round rug as a welcome to my family and friends. Would definitely give us something to talk about!

  18. Now that will add some color to your outdoor space! Love them! I have siblings, brothers, but live too far away from each other. Always wanted a sister though, no sister, daughter or granddaughter dang! Love your stories , you are so funny, a joy to read your blog everyday.

  19. Love, love the outdoor colorful rugs. And the prices too!