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2023 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Try-On Haul, Pt. 1

Every year, I head to Atlanta to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. My sister lives near Atlanta, so this has become an annual trip for us. If you’ve never shopped at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, you’ll need to check out my Getting Ready for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale post. Today I’m doing a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale try-on haul. I’ve broken this into two posts because I tried on a LOT of clothing. Turn up the air-conditioner, grab an ice-cold drink, and get ready for some fall clothing.

For Sizing Reference, I’m 5’6″ tall, and I usually wear between an 8-10 in jeans, a medium or a large in tops, and a size 12 in dresses.

For the most part, I chose casual outfits. I do have a few dressier looks, but they will be in part 2 or even part 3. When shopping at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I usually purchase clothing or handbags that I normally wouldn’t pay full price for. I love splurge/luxury items, but I hate paying full price. These Frame jeans are a prime example. They fit soooo nice, and make my legs look a mile long. They are a stretch at the discounted price, but once a year I splurge. *these jeans are very long, I’m having mine hemmed.

I added the AirEssentials Cocoon Cardigan to the look, and I love the way it turned out. This is how I love to dress; it is casual and very soft and cozy. I took home both the jeans and the cardigan, but the funnel neck sweater stayed at the store.

I already own the AirEssentials Jumpsuit, and that is what I wore to Nordstrom. Here is where I wrote about the jumpsuit and how it fits. If you’ve never tried the AirEssentials line, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Last year I bought a pair of wide leg faux leather pants, so I tried on these straight-leg ones this time. I liked the pants, but they didn’t look great with the sweater or the mules. This is a case of liking the individual pieces, but not liking how they looked together. The result was that they all stayed at the store.

This outfit all came home with me! It was one of my favorite looks for the day. I have a couple of pair of Good American Jeans, and they fit me really well. I like the wide hem on the jeans, and they have a nice amount of stretch to them.

I’ve been looking for a beige leather jacket, and I loved this one. It looked great with the leopard print top, and I’ll be able to wear the top with lots of different bottoms. The print is somewhat muted, and I love that it isn’t the usual color of leopard print tops.

I changed out the leopard print for a blue plaid button-up shirt.

Here is a better look at the plaid shirt which I thought was too dressy for the jeans. However, once I tried it on, I loved the look.

I have had my eye on these Mother wide-leg jeans for a while, but I ended up leaving them in the store. Some of the other jeans looked better on me, so this pair didn’t make the cut. However, I did buy a pair of Mother jeans, and I’ll show those to you tomorrow.

It was a loooong day, and it is after midnight, so, I’m heading to bed. Tomorrow will be just as busy, so I’m hoping for a good night’s sleep.

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  1. Any man who loves for his wife to shop at Talbots is a winner in my book!

  2. I’m always excited to see what you’re showcasing next! Love these looks and you! I’ve been following you for about 5 years now. I’d probably give Joe a break on the forgetting your birthdate, unless it happened day off- then, NOPE! LOL!

  3. Sue Weston says:

    Love those jeans from Nordstroms! Extra long, too!

  4. Nordstrom is one of my favorite stores! Love these outfits!

  5. Reading from Ridgefield, Washington. Like your styles and colorful summer choices.

  6. Tania,
    I look forward to your posts. I love how you put your outfits together and are a good example of a Godly woman to the world of readers

    I’m from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

  7. Dressy tops with dark jeans are a classic look! Love it!

  8. Love the jeans! Always look forward to reading your posts!

  9. Hi! I’m from the “Bootheel” of Missouri.

  10. No Nordstroms nearby but I love the looks.

  11. Cara MacNinch says:

    Hi Tania,

    I’m from Albuquerque, New Mexico! I love your blog.

    The dressy blue shirt is gorgeous and looks fabulous on you.

    Have a great day!

  12. Hey There from a neighbor in Southwest VA. I enjoy you posts (pics and posts). Keep up the good work!

  13. Good morning; I am from Missouri. I look forward to your posts. Please keep them coming. Being 70+ and not wanting to look frumpy; I appreciate your fashion input! Thank you!

  14. Cute outfits…I especially liked the moto jacket. The dark button down shirt with the wide hem jeans looked fantastic on you…that one column of color is very flattering..now on to check out part 2…😊

  15. Cynthia Powers says:

    I love all these looks. Just wish they carried more petites. I’m 5’2 and weigh 130, so it is hard to get any regular size to fit. Tops and pants are always too long. I love Nordstrom for quality and prices are not bad.

  16. Newport Beach CA. Three(!) Nordstrom stores very close. I can’t imagine having to “travel” to get to them, but well worth it. Love your blog.

  17. Cindy Howard says:

    I live in Arlington, Texas. Interesting… I’m in Atlanta now visiting family. ❤️ I love following you!

  18. I’m from southern Illinois, near St Louis.
    Those Good American jeans look fantastic on you!

    1. Heather Sinnett says:

      I live in NW Iowa – came here from Western Nebraska. I’m a jailer and feel like I’m always in uniform so I love getting to dress up. You’re blog always gives me great ideas!

  19. Forgot to say I’m from Hilliard Ohio, a suburb of Columbus !!

  20. So many cute looks! You have to be exhausted!!! Thanks for all the info!!!
    Enjoy the shopping!!!!!

  21. California… Native. Love living near Nordstrom-my favorite store

  22. Go LSU tigers! I am originally from Louisiana but have made St. Pete Florida my home for over twenty five years.

  23. Love several of those outfits on you, especially the Le High jeans!!!
    I’m in North Carolina and I love visiting Abingdon at least once a year. Rain is a favorite. And if you haven’t had the martini flight at Pepper Mill, you must. Enjoy Atlanta!!!

  24. What a fun post! I loved the faux leather jeans & that color! As you know, I’m in Roswell, NM. I’m sure Virginia is a whole lot prettier! How do you like living there & what made you move away from your son’s family?

  25. Hi Tania! Love the previews.
    After living most of my life on the west coast, I moved just outside Knoxville, TN last October and have never been happier. It’s so beautiful here!

  26. Mary O'Grady says:

    Hello from Maryland. I’m actually a native Floridian who has been stuck 14 miles from the nation’s capital for the last 24 years. I don’t recommend it. 😉

  27. Thank you for doing all the work for us! I really like the navy plaid shirt.

  28. Sweltering in California. Nordstrom sale looks good this year!

  29. Louisville, KY (originally from Chicago)

  30. Hi, I am from Alabama but have lived in Mississippi for 35 years this October.
    Love the blog!

  31. Hi Tania, I live in the small town of Marianna, Florida. That is situated in the Florida Panhandle. We live in a beautiful area, close to beaches, lakes, and rivers. ❤

  32. LouAnn Norton says:

    I live in Omaha, Nebraska and we don’t have as many stores as I would like. So love your posts. I see things I like and can order. I lived in Dallas for 30 so miss Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack.

  33. DEIDRE OLIVER says:

    Thank you for pre-shopping the Nordstrom sale as well as Amazon Prime Days. I am impressed by all your technology skills! Pictures, different posts, favorites, decorating, etc….gurl, you do it all!

    I live in Utah.

  34. Hi my name is Stefanie from Germany. I am living in the beautyful town of Hamburg and I am a daily reader for over a year. lovely greetings to All Ladys in this community.

  35. I grew up in IN but now live in IL. Love the light colored bomber.

  36. Love the first outfit I could so see myself wearing it. By the way I’m from Central Florida about 45 minutes from Disney

  37. Hi Tania, I am from Zollicoffer, TN

  38. Hi beautiful! I live in Tennessee but my heart belongs to Michigan. ♥️

  39. Hi from Omaha, Nebraska!

  40. Christina Janvrin says:

    Hi my name is Christina I live in the great state of no sales tax! New Hampshire🎉

    1. Hi beautiful! I live in Tennessee but my heart belongs to Michigan. ♥️

  41. I love the try on sessions. Thank you…. You make it easy for us.

  42. Sharon Neff says:

    I’m from Tennessee, but have lived in Mississippi for 48 years.
    I love the try-on blogs!

  43. Georgann Whitley says:

    I live in Georgetown, TX &
    I really enjoy your content!!

  44. Carrie wilcox says:

    Thanks for all the great finds you suggest !

  45. Hello from Northern Utah!

  46. Chris Falk says:

    Hi Tania! I’m happy to see you tried on some of the things on my list! I get to shop tonight at 11:00 CT and am crossing my fingers my items are still left. Thanks for all your hard work trying on everything! I’m from Lakeville, Minnesota, via Michigan, Missouri, and Wisconsin! 🤪

  47. Holly Porter says:

    I grew up in Southern California, now living in Beaverton, Oregon. Love the plaid shirt & dark denim outfit on you. Very slimming, very flattering!

  48. I love the two shirts! I’m from Washington state.

  49. St. Louis, Missouri my whole life! I especially like when you do the classy, simple looks expensive blogs.

  50. JoAnn Parrish says:

    Hi Tania!
    I met you and your sweet sister a few years ago during the Nordstrom sale.
    I wasn’t able to make the sale in person this year but I will be shopping online.
    I am originally from PA but I now live in AL.

    Hugs 🤗

  51. I’m originally from Michigan but now call Ohio home. Love your blog, Tania!!

  52. Oops and we live in Fargo, ND. We moved here from the Twin Cities a few years ago.

  53. I love your style! I’d love to start blogging some day. How did you start? It seems overwhelming.
    Thanks for being a beautiful lady over 50 and giving us some fun encouragement and ideas!

  54. Live in Trussville, AL.

  55. Lori Gorenflo says:

    I am from Tyler Texas and love your blog. Have fun in Atlanta.

  56. Veronica Huskins says:

    I’m from the UK but have lived in Erwin TN many years now.

  57. Bernadine says:

    I might not comment on your posts but I read every one of them ! I’m from Massachusetts and now live in Florida.

  58. Susan Herman says:

    Illinois checking in! Love your blog❤️

  59. Marge Doss says:

    I started Pinterest as a hobby as I’m an elderly shut-in in MN. I love many of your fashions and pin them to my boards. Looking forward to seeing you next time.

  60. Hi Tonia,
    Thanks for taking one for the team and shopping til you “almost” drop! Former teacher who always shopped the N. sale, currently retired 60 year old Washingtonian until yesterday when I moved to southern idaho on the day my divorce was final after 33 years of marriage. (hubs had affair for 10+ years😳) You are always a bright spot for me and I enjoy your down to earth comments and your love of family and fashion. Also chuckle at the Joe stories because I can tell how much you love one another! Keep shopping, keep laughing and may the Lord continue to bless you!

  61. CyndeeKay🌻 says:

    Tania, Enjoy your shopping spree! I love reading your blog everyday. I was born & raised in Miami, FL, but now reside up the road a bit in Jupiter, Fl. I love to look at the fall/winter styles, but it’s only spring/summer weather here year round😎

  62. Hey! I’m from Ohio, moved to Connecticut, moved again to the beach in N Carolina but moved back to CT…missed my family. Enjoy starting my day with your blog!

  63. I watch for your emails every morning! I live in Las Vegas, Nevada

  64. love those 2 button flare jeans!

  65. I’m from Minnetonka,MN. I love your try-on posts.

  66. I’m from Morgan Hill, CA (near San Jose).

  67. Hello from South Dakota!

  68. I live in High Point, N.C.

  69. Tammy Gravis says:

    I live in beautiful North Carolina!

  70. I live in St. Joseph, MO.

  71. Susan Esper says:

    Susan from SE Michigan. Love that Moto Jacket!

  72. I live in Wesley Chapel, NC. Originally from Virginia.
    Love the white Moto jacket and the white sweater.
    Can you tell I love white, off white. lol!

  73. I’m originally from NJ but live in upstate NY now. I enjoy your shopping hauls to help me not be so overwhelmed with all of the choices.

  74. Gay Craig says:

    Sweet Home Alabama girl 🍑

  75. Native Texan, from Dallas, Big D!

  76. Patricia Schutrop says:

    I love your posts. I’m from Minnesota!

  77. Here goes: born in Nebraska. Lived in
    And back to Florida

  78. Michele Behme says:

    Thanks for all the shopping try ons you share! Looking forward to some of your new features in your blogs e.g. petite
    Please select me so I can keep supporting you on your sites🤭

  79. That moto jacket looks great on you! I live in El Paso, Texas, where we are on day 27 of over 100 degrees.🔥

  80. I live in Plattsmouth, NE.

  81. SandhillJane says:

    Thanks for all of your hard work! Get some rest! It’s hard to look at fall clothing – but I’m glad you choose the leather jacket. It’s a winner.

  82. Ginger Hiller says:

    I am a Georgia native and have lived in the state all of my life. I lived in the metro ATL area until the fall of 2016, when we moved to our 2nd home in the south central part of the state. I bet you were exhausted last night and I hope that you had a restful night. I appreciate you sending out multiple posts with what you tried on at Nordstrom.

  83. Following from Massachusetts…I’m a New England girl!!!

  84. Karen Daniel says:

    Hi from Raleigh NC! Moved here two years ago from Nashville TN. I still sometimes say Nashville by mistake!

  85. I love the motto jacket with the dark plaid shirt and bootcut jeans. I enjoy your blog from Wisconsin.

  86. I am from Midlothian VA. Born and raised in VA. Lived in Brentwood, TN for 12 years.
    thanks for your blog~!

  87. I live on Cape Ann, MA which is north of Boston.

  88. Susan Koren says:

    I’m from a suburb of Chicago

  89. Melissa T. says:

    Born in Arkansas, but I’ve been in East Texas since 1974 🙂

  90. sue koren says:

    I’m from a suburb of Chicago

  91. Elizabeth says:

    Really love the gold, faux-leather pants! I live in Greensboro, NC.

  92. I Love Nordstroms. I’m hoping to find a designer hand bag on sale today. I m going to put the good American jeans in my cart. I have had my eyes on them and love the price drop. Tania I love all your posts. You help me with complete outfit inspirations. I Love to shop!!! I live in Baltimore Maryland . Home to the Orioles and steamed crabs!!!

  93. I live in Niceville, FL. It is located just north of Destin, FL.

  94. Margaret McCloskey says:

    Grew up in Virginia, lived all over the US, now live in Maryland, currently vacationing in San Francisco!

  95. I’m a Native Texan, lived my whole life in Dallas, Big D! 🤠

  96. Tania, I enjoy your blog! You are like a girlfriend in my inbox😂 I am from Ohio!
    Thanks for all of the outfit ideas, humor, and bible verses!

  97. I too liked your moto jacket outfit the best. I really love to read your try-on haul posts. You and I have similar figure types, though I am shorter at 5’4″. Seeing clothing on you really does give me a pretty good idea of how things will look on me. By the way, I am from Kentucky, but my youngest daughter and son-in-law live in Alexandria, VA.

  98. I live in the beautiful mountains of Clayton Ga.
    Love starting the day reading your post, thanks for all you offer to us!

  99. I’m a Native Texan, lived my whole life in Dallas, Big D! 🤠

  100. Love your blog! I am from Pennsylvania!

  101. Peggy Muncy says:

    Hey Tania, I’m Peggy from central Arkansas. I love your posts! I’m not much of a shopper because I’m easily overwhelmed by so many choices. Your style is much like mine and we are about the same size. I’m older (66) but feel more like 50 so I’m gonna keep trying to look my best! Thanks!

  102. Kellie Johnson says:

    I was born and raised in the Great State of Ohio, but live in Virginia.

  103. My daughters love the Good American brand. I will have to try it. You seem to be trying mostly flares on (which look great). Do you feel the wide legged trend is sailing into the sunset?

  104. Lee from Maple Grove, MN

  105. I’m in Memphis Tennessee and moved here from Virginia. I’m loving that beige leather jacket!!

  106. Hello-
    I live in Cincinnati, OH. I am originally from Madison, WI. I love fashion and enjoy your picks.

  107. I’m Lee. Have lived in Minnesota (land of Lakes) all my life. I currently reside in Maple Grove, MN – a northern suburb of Minneapolis.

  108. I am a NY girl, in a Alabama world. Who loves to shop and loves your fashion ideas.

  109. Donna Serafini says:

    Cocoa Florida

  110. Good morning! I was born and raised in Atlanta and lived there until retiring to Santa Rosa Beach, Florida (30A). At times like this I really miss having a Nordstrom around, so I love seeing what you share. Thank you!

  111. I’m Mary from Elk Grove, California.

  112. Laura Garrett says:

    Love your choices. I’m from Cleburne, Texas! Have a great day.

  113. From Cali, now live in northern Texas

  114. Kim Shannon says:

    Born and raised in central Kentucky. Married and moved with military few years until had two kids and wanted to be settled so came back to KY to raise them. Now have 4 grandkids too. Life is good!!
    Love your blog!

  115. I’m from Temple TX. I discovered your blog thru Jo-Lynn. I’m glad I did.

  116. Thanks for sharing your preliminary try ons. I get to shop tomorrow and hope some of my picks are still available.

  117. I live in northeast Georgia.

  118. Good morning,
    Born and lived here all my 69 years
    Crossville, Tennessee

  119. Julie Wood says:

    I am from Lewisburg, WV. You give me so many great tips! Thank you!

  120. I live in Austin Texas. The one thing I really wanted for Prime Days was a robot vacuum, but the one I wanted sold out. 🙁

  121. Love your blog! I am in Ashland, Virginia.

  122. Lisa Gurule says:

    I’m Lisa, from Albuquerque, NM

  123. I was born and raised in Louisville Kentucky but now I live in Shelbyville Kentucky.

  124. Hi Tania,
    I’m loving your blog especially the inspiration outfits! I live in Bakersfield, CA!

  125. I am from Marylands Eastern Shore and have settled in Virginia Beach, Va.

  126. Doris Mitchell says:

    I’m Doris, I live in Mississippi – born and raised in the South !!

  127. Great info!

    Admire your due diligence in maintaining a fun and informative blog.

  128. I was born in Virginia and I live in Pennsylvania. I really like the good american jeans on you..long and lean look.

  129. Hey Tania! Loved the try ons! I am from Louisiana but have made Florida my home since 2002. 🌴

  130. Pat DeLong says:

    I’m Patricia from Fresno California

    1. Hi Pat! I’m from Oakdale 🤠
      We’re going to be 🥵 🥵🥵!!

    2. Hi! I am originally from Ohio and now live in Clearwater Florida.🌞🌴🌺Moved here many years ago with my family of seven. Love reading your posts and seeing your styles. I agree-love the leather jacket and leopard outfit!❤

  131. Angela Dixon says:

    I am from Kentucky and live in Kentucky!

  132. Nancy fraze says:

    Thank you for this post as I’m shopping tonight at 9:01 pm. These photos and your comments will help a lot! It’s hard to think about flannel and sweaters in 104 heat but it’s only a few short weeks away. Can you comment on color trends you saw in store?

    As to the question of the day, I’m a native Californian.

    1. Pretty much like every fall as far as color. Lots of black, navy, camel, and burgundy.

  133. Patricia DeLong says:

    Hi, I’m from Fresno, California

    1. Hi Pat! I’m in Oakdale 🤠
      We’re going to be 🥵 🥵🥵

  134. Cindy Volpa says:

    I live in Fresno, CA!

  135. Hello,
    I was born in Oklahoma and now live in Cypress, CA.
    One of my daughter’s saw your post and said, “Mom this lady reminds me of how you dress. I think you will love her site.” I am an early riser like you and have always read my emails around 4:00 a.m. (the hours I used to wake for work) and love every outfit you try on! I am 5’4″ and wear an 8-10. I dress in a very similar style, layering with tanks under nice blouses. When I am going on a trip I love to look on here for colors and styles. I recently purchased the jean jacket you wear in many photos from Amazon, so did my daughter, my friend and my niece. My daughter was right, I LOVE your style.

    1. Give your daughter a BIG hug from me!

      1. I live in OHIO. Go Bucks! ❤️love your posts

  136. Sounds like a fun day.
    I’m from PA. Glad I found you!

  137. Good morning Tania,
    You look wonderful in everything!!! Thanks for all you do!
    I’m a Bama Gurl :_)
    Happy shopping

  138. Loved the navy on navy plaid top

  139. Following from Windsor, CO. Thanks for sharing! (Love the leather jacket!)

  140. Debby Roth says:

    Enjoying your post from Iowa

  141. I was born in Georgia, my true home, but am currently living in South Carolina.

  142. Love the looks! I live in Illinois, near St. Louis. Can’t wait for the next post!

  143. Great looks! I live in Illinois, near St. Louis. Can’t wait for the next post!

  144. Melissa Palmer says:

    Those 2 button flare jeans look amazing. So many nice options. Greetings from Connecticut!!

  145. Rheana Corirossi says:

    WOW that was A LOT! thank you from Alpine California 😁

  146. Nancy Ingalsbe says:

    Hi Tania!
    Love seeing all the options I can have in style. You bring great inspiration to my inbox!
    I’m reading your daily inbox finds in style from little ‘ol Moreau, NY (Just north of the Saratoga Horse Race Track and just south of beautiful Lake George).

  147. Loving your blog from Frisco, Texas!

  148. Ruth Dolle says:

    Tania, I read and enjoy your posts every day. I live in Shady Side, MD, which is about 25 miles south of Annapolis and off the beaten path. Your posts help keep me in touch with what’s current in the fashion world. Thank you!! I am also one of your R&F customers. I have just one question for you: when do you wear all the clothes you buy?! Do you change several times a day?!

    1. Ruth, a lot of my outfits are put on for photos, and then I wear them later in my real life.

  149. Debbie Goepper from Cape Coral, Florida says:

    Love reading about all of your great finds in clothing and other items! Amazing! Thank you for the blog.

  150. Love love love the tonal plaid blouse, it looks great with jeans. I am from Missouri the show me state, and you do show us lots of great items everyday! Thank you for your work you put into your blog everyday! Missouri loves Tania!

  151. I love the funnel neck top! Also the tonal blue shirt is lovely with the jeans. It looks ‘dressy casual’ and is very nice. I have to find some pretty shirts for fall, so glad you are showing some now.

  152. KAREN H Wieliczka says:

    Those jeans look great on you! I’m from Wisconsin!

  153. Can’t wait for part 2 & 3!

  154. Take care of yourself Tania, with all the shopping you have to do! I get tired just reading about all you have to do! LOL BTW, I was born and still live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania!

  155. Linda Shearer says:

    Hi I’m from Tulsa Oklahoma. Love these looks. Especially the moto jacket! But the blue plaid shirt is really nice too! Thank You for showing these looks. Im a little taller than you but the same sizes and your picks give me an idea of what they would look like on me and what size to order. I recently lost alot of weight and I’m really clueless about fashion so your posts really help me pick out stylish clothes.

  156. Karen Lyon says:

    Hi Tania:
    I have been following your posts for some time now and really enjoy them. I live in Baden, Ontario, Canada which is about a 20 minute drive from the famous Stratford Festival city. We are about a 30 minute drive from Toronto. I have to go to Toronto to shop Talbots. Online shopping for Talbots isn’t great because there is considerable duty charged on top of the exchange and taxes. Chicos uses a system called Border Free, so no duty.
    Unfortunately, both Chicos and Nordstrom have closed in Toronto. I am just under 5’5″ and weigh 150. I wear the same sizes as you do! Bye for now! It’s a letter L after my name in my email (not a number 1)

  157. Dana Smithmier says:

    tania i LOVE the leather jacket-thanks for sharing!! im from arkansas-i could wear it all winter!

  158. Love your blog! Can’t miss the stories about Joe, etc.! I’m a proud Iowan who has lived in Texas for over 30 years!

  159. Mary Anne Merritt says:

    Love your posts! I am from Winston Salem NC!❤️

  160. Connie Gudowicz says:

    I love today’s post. I always need help with what to wear or ideas on what to purchase to add to my wardrobe

  161. Martine Benzio says:

    Thanks for your Nordstrom try on haul! I love the jacket and the blouses. I follow you from Ocean City, New Jersey!

  162. Debra Cates says:

    Good morning and welcome to Georgia! I live in Dawsonville, GA about an hour north of Atlanta. Love your style; we have VERY similar tastes.

  163. Connie Gudowicz says:

    I love today’s post. Great ideas for jeans .

  164. Connie Gudowicz says:

    I love it when you show how to wear different tops with jeans , like today. It helps to give me ideas.

  165. Roxann McHodgkins says:

    I’m from Hammond, Louisiana. I love the try-on haul. It is so helpful, as we are the same size. I know if it looks good on you, it will look good on me.

  166. I’m from Minnesota, but lived in Virginia for about 7 years when we first got married. I love your state!

  167. Jan Padgett says:

    I enjoy your blog so much! You’d be a fun friend to shop with! I’m from northeast Alabama originally, but now live in south Alabama. Yes it’s hot here!

  168. Love your outfits and you always look so put together!

  169. Bridget H says:

    Love the looks. I went to my closet to see the shirt I have similar to the Tonal Plaid Jacquard Button-up shirt that I have never worn (tags still on). Wasn’t sure what to wear it with. Now I see simple looks will be just fine with it.

  170. Hi. Originally from Pittsburgh, PA but now enjoying my everyday in Ormond-by-the- Sea, Florida.

  171. Love all the styles you put together. I have two pieces of the air essentials by spanx and will probably get the cocoon sweater. They are softer than anything I’ve ever worn. Love the leather jacket and jeans too. Thanks for doing this Tania

  172. I was born in Chicago and now live in Central Florida, Groveland to be exact.

  173. Peggy Eaton says:

    Loving the longer length of your hair. I’m from Indianapolis, IN.


  174. Love all the styles you put together. I have two pieces of the air essentials by spanx and will probably get the cocoon sweater. They are softer than anything I’ve ever worn. Love the leather jacket and jeans too. Thanks for helping me with my shopping Tania

  175. Amy Schulke says:

    Indianapolis IN !

  176. Sherre Vaughn says:

    Love that cocoon cardigan! Nice change from the traditional blocky cardigan! I am from Kingsport, Tennessee!

  177. Renee Hoard says:

    I enjoy your posts! I am from Ohio, but currently live in Newnan, GA! We are SW of Atlanta! Love this beautiful city!

  178. Joanne Fisher says:

    I am from Omaha, NE.
    All jeans make your legs look so long!

  179. Love , love the Moro jacket
    Would wear this a lot!

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