Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a racy pink cardigan from Walmart with a colorful pair of short by Lilly Pulitzer I took these pictures the other day, and the colors inspired me to go out and buy some nail polish. When I was looking at the photos, I noticed how long and pretty that my nails had become, but they were pretty much void of color. Since I have been using the Nailtiques 2 nail polish (here) and taking a 500 mg Biotin pill (here) every day, my nails are not only growing longer, but they are actually stronger. For the first time that I can remember, my nails don’t bend, flake, or split when you look at them.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a racy pink cardigan from Walmart with a pair of shorts by Lilly Pulitzer So, I went to Walmart and picked out a few nail polishes and one strong topcoat (here). I bought one that is coral (here) and one that was bright pink. (here) The bright pink in this sweater is about the color of the new nail polish that I bought. I have an inherited muscle condition that makes me shake, so painting my nails is not easy. Finally, I got up the nerve to paint them, and I was thrilled with the results. I was so excited, that I had to share my photo of them.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a pink cardigan from Walmart Racy pink is the color of this cardigan. Vroom, vroom. Lol! I am a sucker for pink, and the brighter, the better in my book. I bought this cardigan in a pale blue color (here), and I liked it so much that I bought it in racy pink, rose blush, and red light. When I find something that I like, and I know that I will wear over and over again, I will buy multiple colors. It does help that the cardigan is under $10.00. Lol! Bright yellow was a color that I wanted in this cardigan, but I let that color get sold out before I made my purchases. The relaxed fit of the cardigan and the lightweight material is perfect for spring and summer. I wore it buttoned up today as a top, but most of the time, I will have it hanging open with a camisole underneath. I am wearing a medium in this top, and it fits great! Here is the link to the sweater.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a bright pink cardigan from Walmart I added some of my favorite Kendra Scott items to this outfit. I am wearing the triple strand Elisa (HERE) with an Ivory Mother of Pearl small drop pendant. I also added two of my favorite Kendra Scott bracelets, the Fallyn cuff (HERE), and the Maggie Bangle (HERE). My large Maggie filigree hoops have been a favorite of mine because you can wear them with dresses or with jeans. HERE is the link to the hoop earrings.Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a colorful pair of short by Lilly Pulitzer and gold mules by Sam Edelman The gold mules are Sam Edelman, and I bought them last year. I am just now becoming a fan of mules. I used to kick them across the room when I would wear them. Lol! These mules are still on the website but are very limited in sizes. I am wearing my usual size 9 in these, and they fit perfectly. HERE is the link to these, and HERE is a pair that is very similar that is from Target.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a racy pink cardigan from Walmart, a colorful pair of short by Lilly Pulitzer, and gold mules The shorts that I am wearing are a 5″ Callahan short from Lilly Pulitizer. I bet that I didn’t even have to tell you that it was by Lilly Pulitizer, the gorgeous colors and print give it away. I was thrilled that the shorts fit me so well, and I love that they have pockets. Pockets are something I am obsessed with; I love them for some reason. I ordered a size 10 in the shorts, and they fit me perfectly. These shorts are a Ponte knit with a zip fly and a center front button closure. Most important to me is that the care instructions are: Machine Wash Cold. Separately. Delicate Cycle. Here is the link to these gorgeous shorts.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a hot pink cardigan from Walmart with a colorful pair of shorts by Lilly Pulitzer Because I’ve had a couple of people message me about my new doormat that I posted about that (HERE), I thought I would mention it for a few days. I bought this at Frontgate, and it is so nice and very thick. In fact, I have been known to stub my toe when I am taking pictures since I am not used to its height. Lol! HERE is the link to this incredible doormat.Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a racy pink cardigan from Walmart with a colorful pair of shorts by Lilly Pulitzer How many of you mentioned that pink was one of your favorite colors? Then, I know that you loved this post featuring different shades of pink. Those that said green, keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming post that you will love.

Also, I am interested to hear what you ladies have been doing since the nail salons had been closed. Have you been doing your own nails, or have you just given up altogether?

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  1. Gayle wrote:

    I have just let my nails go bare since the salons closed. They have opened back up recently in NC so I’ll be going soon after the initial rush dies down. Can’t wait!

    Posted 5.28.20Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Gayle, I think that they have opened here also. I know that our local salon purchased plexiglass to hang at each station as a cough and sneeze guards. I had decided to take off the gel polish back in November or December, so it has been a process.

      Posted 5.28.20Reply
  2. Denise wrote:

    Tania, your nails look absolutely beautiful! I’ve never had acrylic nails, as I have a sister in law who had them for over 10 years and tried to have them removed. Her natural nails were in such bad shape, she immediately had the acrylics put back on! I was just never interested in the cost and upkeep. After seeing how yours have grown, I ordered the Biotin! You look great in shorts, but I no longer feel comfortable wearing them, and opt for capri lightweight pants instead.

    Posted 5.28.20Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Denise, my nails have always been brittle and thin. That was the reason that I started going to the nail salons in the first place. But, I just didn’t have time for the upkeep. It has been a long process, but they are finally stronger.

      Posted 5.28.20Reply
  3. Beth wrote:

    Those Lilly shorts are pretty! Would you share what kind of self tanner you use?

    Posted 5.28.20Reply
  4. Michele wrote:

    I’ve had acrylic nails for years and when everything shut down, I just soaked them off and left them alone basically…. I wanted them to “breathe” for a while. Now that I can get them done again, I have had a new set of nails put on. Thankfully I go to a private salon where I am the only one there during my appointment…masks must still be worn by me and my manicurist but it feels so great to do something normal.

    Posted 5.28.20Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      That is how it is with my hairstylist. SHe only works on one person at a time, and I have an appointment for June 4th!

      Posted 5.28.20Reply
  5. Kathryn wrote:

    Tania your nails look beautiful! I’ve had artificial nails for 30 years; acrylic, dipped, and gel so needless to say my nails are not in the best shape. I feel this has been healthy for both my nails and toes to go natural for awhile, but I’m ready for some polish. Salons are still closed in my area so I’ll be doing it myself. This should be interesting ?.

    Posted 5.28.20Reply
  6. tbhope wrote:

    What color is the nail polish in this picture? You look amazing.

    Posted 5.28.20Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      If you click on the highlighted text, it will take you straight to the polish. It is called Hot Hand.

      Posted 5.28.20Reply
  7. Laurie wrote:

    Love this outfit! I TRIED to give myself a pedi and cut the nail on one of my big toes too short, so I had to wait a month for it to grow out! When it finally grew, I went to paint my toes a beautiful bright pink, but after four attempts and realizing I was worse than a 4 year old that couldn’t color in between the lines, I opted for a light rose color. I can’t wait to get a pedi and have pretty toes again!

    Posted 5.28.20Reply
  8. ragain1 wrote:

    I love those colors in the Lily Pulitizer shorts! I removed my acrylic nails about 10 years ago when I was helping my mom. Best thing I ever did. Took about 7 months and I now have very strong nails that don’t bend or peal. I keep them neatly filed and polished and wouldn’t go back to a nail salon again! Your nails look great! Love those colors on you!

    Posted 5.28.20Reply
  9. Lynn wrote:

    I’ve gone back to buffing my nails with a shammy buffer. It makes them smooth and shiny. Love your pink nails!

    Posted 5.28.20Reply
  10. Liane wrote:

    Your nails look great. Adjacent county has hair salons now open. According to our wonderful governor nail salons spread covid19. Can you believe it? I bought some Dermelect product after letting my dip grow out. I’m keeping them short for now. Speaking of shorts, if my gams looked as great as yours do, I’d be wearing shorts. It’s been over 100° all week. Unfortunately the years have not been kind to my legs. I have horrible lumpy veins, and loose flabby skin in my inner thigh area after intermittent fasting. I’m happy for the weight loss but at over 70 my legs don’t see the light of day.

    Love those Lily. Happy you can rock them!

    Posted 5.28.20Reply
  11. Eve wrote:

    I’ve never had a professional manicure. I’ve always done my own. I am into pottery, handmade, doing crafts, gardening, so I usually keep them short. I think it depends on your lifestyle. I love the look but the upkeep is not worth it to me. I told my husband I was probably the most low maintenance woman he knew.
    Yes, pink. I love it in bold colors. No pastels for me. I feel the same way about blue or green. No, deep dark, no pastel. If you gonna wear color, do it. LOL…you look georgeous in every color. You rock!

    Posted 5.28.20Reply
  12. Sher wrote:

    Love the outfits. Did the same as you and grew out nails. One correction…your Biotin is 5,000 mugs, not 500…I use the same brand. ?

    Posted 5.28.20Reply
  13. I’ve loved most of the fashions you’ve shared Tania!! I even purchased the jumpsuit! I too am in my 60’s and found Bermuda shorts work best for me. Covers all the jiggles, lol.

    Posted 5.28.20Reply
  14. kristin greene wrote:

    I love color in my outfits. I tend to buy lots of items with color and I don’t always know how to wear them. But I have loved reading your blog because you too love color and are soooo good at putting outfits together! I can do my toe nails and love to have happy feet (because they have a color on the nails) but I have never gotten into doing my fingers. I do my own toes so for me the closer of nail places hasn’t effected my toes.

    Posted 5.28.20Reply
  15. Diane S. wrote:

    Oh! Tania, you are JUST SO ADORABLE!! Love the shorts!!

    Posted 5.28.20Reply
  16. Pam wrote:

    Please get well! I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite!

    Posted 5.29.20Reply
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