Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a light blue cardigan and a white v-neck t-shirt with a pair of distressed jeans and slip on sneakers Yay!!! So far, the reviews of the new website seem positive, and that makes me happy. Change is hard on everyone. It is hard on me trying to figure out new technology, and it is hard for you to figure out how to navigate and find things. But, hopefully, we will be able to weather the “change” storm and find bluer skies on the horizon. There are a couple more features that I want to incorporate, but I haven’t had time to sit down and figure out how those work. I’ll let you know when I get those up and running. If you haven’t checked out the new blog theme, then go to the home page. Click HERE, or on my logo at the top of this page, and you will be redirected to the home page. Be sure to check out the added feature of the SHOP MY POST items at the bottom of each post, and also on each post on the home page.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a light blue cardigan and a white t-shirt with a pair of distressed jeans and slip on sneakers I wanted to tell all of you that I had a wonderful birthday. My daughter laughed when I told her about my presents from Joe. She told me that she could tell that I was 60 by what my requests were. I asked to have all of the switch and outlet covers installed in my new office. When the gentleman painted my office, he got called away to another job that had an emergency, so the covers had never been put back on. I could have put them on myself, except that I couldn’t find the covers, and I had looked everywhere. Joe messaged the guy, went and picked up covers, and then put them on. That was present number one. The next present that I asked for was a cuss-free day. Joe is known to have a fierce temper, and his tongue can get pretty carried away. So, I wanted a day of no cussing, and it went well…until the last hour or so. Haha! I told him that he owes me a few more hours, and he has agreed to continue biting his tongue. THEN, he gave me a gift of cleaning off the patio. Maybe I am getting older since those gifts thrilled me. Lol!
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a light blue cardigan and a white t-shirt Today it is supposed to be gorgeous outside, so I am going to get some much-needed vitamin D. I plan on getting some flowers planted, outdoor cushions cleaned, and making my newly washed patio more inviting. So, I’ll be wearing my t-shirt and distressed jeans for my casual summer look, with the added cardigan while it is cool in the morning. Later, the jeans might give way to some shorts, but for now, I am trying to stay warm since I will be working with dirt and water.

My cardigan looks gorgeous, but it is not expensive. The beautiful blue cardigan is lightweight and perfect for this spring. I love the baby blue color, and I love the relaxed fit of the cardigan. I am wearing a medium, and you can see that it is plenty roomy on me. This cardigan is a fine gauge knit with a ribbed hem and cuffs. It is rayon and polyester, and it is machine washable. The cardigan comes in a lot of other colors, including a bright pink that I think I am also going to order. Since the cardigan is less than 10.00, I believe that I’ll also order the red and pale pink ones too. LOL! HERE is the link to the sweater.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a baby blue cardigan and a white v-neck t-shirt I don’t have on any jewelry to show you today, other than my rings that I never take off, and two Tiffany bracelets that were gifts because of my R+F business. I saw that someone asked me about my rings, so I thought that I would tell you about them. My engagement ring is a vintage ring that was Joe’s mom’s. It was one that she had purchased at an estate sale, and then we had it reset in gold. The green ring is not emeralds, but instead, it is black opal. Joe bought this ring for me for my 10th wedding anniversary from a jewelry shop in Philadelphia that sells on eBay. They still have this version available, and HERE is the link to the listing.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a pair of distressed jeans and slip on sneakers I love these slip-on sneakers!!! The neutral color is fabulous to wear with anything, but they also come in several other colors, as well as a leopard print version. These are so lightweight, and the no-tie laces make them super easy to slip on and take off. I ordered my usual size 9, and they fit me great. They are comfortable to putter around in all day, and they look super stylish as well. They are also priced under 23.00, so be sure to grab you a pair of maybe even TWO. Lol! HERE is the link to the sneakers.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a blue cardigan and a white v-neck t-shirt with a pair of distressed jeans and slip on sneakers Distressed jeans are not everyone’s cup of tea, but I like them! They look casual and relaxed, which is the look that I love. I’ve also worn these jeans in a dressier version (HERE), so these jeans are more versatile than you might think. If you can get past the part where there are holes and worn spots, you will like these jeans. This pair is by Scoop from Walmart, and I love the straight leg look. I am wearing my usual size 10, and they fit great. HERE is the link to the jeans.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a light blue cardigan and a white t-shirt with a pair of distressed jeans and sneakers Adding a white v-neck t-shirt to my look completed the outfit. What is better than wearing a white t-shirt and jeans? I like the simple look, and you can wear it for almost any occasion. Just don’t show up to a wedding with this on, but a bbq would be perfect. The v-neck shirt is part of a 2-pack that I bought from Walmart, and they are nice, especially for the price. I think of these as “throw-away” items, which means that I know that I’ll probably be replacing them yearly or by-yearly, so I don’t want a high-dollar version. I am wearing a size large in the shirts since I want them to fit loose. HERE is the link to the t-shirts.
Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a light blue cardigan and a white v-neck t-shirt, distressed jeans and slip on sneakers

This week I will have enjoyed doing a giveaway each day. Today is the last day for the giveaways so, make sure that you sign up for my email subscription, and leave a comment about the topic of the day.

Today’s topic is positivity and mindset. I am a huge believer that your mind controls almost everything in your life. Keeping a positive outlook is so important, but it is not easy for some. SO, comment on your best practices for maintaining a positive outlook on life. I do my daily devotions, listen to self-development books, and always try to list at least three things that I am grateful for each night as I close my eyes. Every day is not a good day, but a new day will be here before you know it.

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Psalm 139:15-16

15 My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place, when I was woven together in the depths of the earth. 16 Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.

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  1. Caroline wrote:

    There is a parable about the two wolves inside of us: one dark and angry, one calm and curious. The one that we we feed becomes part of us. So I feed myself carefully- our thoughts are formed by what is in our mind. I’m mindful of what I watch on tv, I don’t spend much time on politics, and I stay away from negative people the best I can. Two wonderful movies I watch over and over are Milton’s Secret and The Shift. I listen to good uplifting music, write down my gratitudes, study the Bible, get outdoors and walk. My latest discovery is audiobooks! Listening to books while walking is fantastic! I find myself smiling or laughing, and never get bored.
    P.s. I love those sneakers!!

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  2. Brenda Young wrote:

    I like your casual outfit and your topic of being positive. 🙂 I also loved Carolines comment and I agree with her. I read the Bible, and take walks. I need to write down what I’m thankful for. I also try to uplift others.

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
    • Debbie Dawson wrote:

      I have started to meditate for 10 minutes everyday and I pray continually everyday.

      Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  3. Mary Lou wrote:

    I start everyday with a bible verse & a hot cup of tea. I watch Joyce Meyer while I get ready. I listen to worship music and uplifting podcasts during the day. It’s my way of praying without ceasing. : ) I love your blue sweater and your generous heart!

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  4. Angie Whitley wrote:

    Hi Tania! Happy Birthday and … wow!! 60 looks great on you!! ?
    I pray- a lot, especially these days when things are so uncertain but I also think you just have to look on the bright side and realize that things could be worse. You have to count your blessings no matter how ‘small’ they may seem and keep a positive outlook
    And trust that God is in control! Take care!❤️

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  5. Karen wrote:

    Look for the blessings! We will always have times of ups and downs in life. I always try to remember the blessings received. Especially during prayer time and being thankful. Love listening to music as well.
    Thanks for your posts everyday!

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  6. Tami Lewis wrote:

    Be joyful and look for the positive in every situation. Sometimes you’ll surprise yourself and find the bright side that no one else sees.

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  7. Connie r. wrote:

    I try to realize the moment when I have negative thoughts. Thinking about now . Not tomorrow and not yesterday. I love being outdoors and walking to say my daily prayers. I also enjoy my bird-feeders and listening to birdsong. They make me realize even the smallest creatures are wonderfully made like us. As others have said prayers are powerful now more so than ever. Continue to enjoy your birthday. I think you have realized at 60 it’s the small gifts in life from family that really matter. Love to read you daily.

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  8. Patti wrote:

    Praying always so calming and relaxing for me. I pray many times a day even if it’s just one sentence. Tania, blue is you #1 color. You look beautiful.

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
    • Cheryl Meyer wrote:

      I try to create a positive atmosphere and avoid drama and negativity. I pray while driving as that is alone time. I realize that there are silver linings and God is in control. And I am so glad I found this blog as you are a great example to follow for so many reasons.

      Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  9. Jana Muery wrote:

    One of my favorite sayings is “I choose JOY”. I try to pay attention to details. God speaks to us constantly in the details whether it’s a song, a flower, a person or maybe a sunset. Life is too short to be a negative nanny!

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  10. Jeanna wrote:

    I try to walk everyday and workout. I also Love to listen to self improvement podcasts. Their are so many that I love. Those are my positivity things I do.

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
    • Carrie wrote:

      I have to be careful to think about what I’m thinking about! Prayer and spending time with God helps me to focus on what He has for me. Thanks for your posts; you always make me smile. Choosing joy is something that we can all do when we think of our many blessings! Happy Birthday!

      Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  11. Michelle wrote:

    There are a couple of things that I do to turn my attitude around. One is to remind myself that tings could be worse. The second is to put my issue on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being death. Most of the things you are annoyed or angry with are going to be lower than 5 so it puts things in perspective and snaps me out of it.

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  12. Ann H Pavlicek wrote:

    God is good! Believe that and you can stay positive.

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  13. Barb wrote:

    Love the outfit. Wish we could get same in ?? Walmart’s! Interesting thought, what do I do to stay positive. Like all things, wishing so doesn’t make it happen. Yet I don’t think I put a lot of effort into working at that. I do try and wake up and be grateful for all I have. Right now it is that we are retired and don’t have to go out in the world. We can stay home safe and out of everyone’s way. Like the lifeguards at the pool called all of us out of the baby pool so they didn’t worry about us and could concentrate on the lady needing rescuing.

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  14. rbr272 wrote:

    You look great as usual! Glad you had a wonderful Birthday. I love the new “Shop my Post” as I usually do check out most everything you wear and most recently bought some shoes from Target you wore. Have a great weekend.

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  15. Michele wrote:

    I enjoy reading my daily devotional from the “Jesus Calling” book…it never ceases to amaze me how the daily verse will work for whatever is going on in life at the time. It’s a great way to start my day knowing He has my back. I have no idea if I am the MIchele who won the lash boost, but if I am, please don’t enter me into today’s giveaway. I want someone else to experience the fun of receiving a gift for your birthday. Your posts are so full of positivity and I look forward to them so much.

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  16. Kathy wrote:

    I try to have something to look forward to. A date night, garage sales day, a good old black and white movie. I also find keeping my house in order helps! Talking to friends.

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  17. Kathy wrote:

    I try and see the bright side of life and to roll my cares onto the Lord. I think having a sense of humor and not letting problems stick to you are important, I have learned how to be more positive by watching my daughter in law. I pray, read the Bible, watch and listen to wholesome things, I also enjoy watching nature and going on walks.

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  18. Kathryn wrote:

    Prayer, reading the Word, daily devotionals and I love morning walks listening to praise and worship music.

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  19. Kim wrote:

    I try to think positively mist of the time, but it is hard. I think about my blessings and thank God for them as I lay my head down. So many have struggles that they deal with every day, which helps to put it all in perspective.

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  20. Kim wrote:

    I love that you can look cute, trendy and stylish, with items from target and Walmart! ?

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  21. Kaynella wrote:

    I do struggle with being positive sometimes. But I count my blessings and give myself a “gentle” kick in the butt and feel much better! ?

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  22. Jackie wrote:

    Love your posts !

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  23. Beth wrote:

    I think often of something my mom used to say – this too shall pass – when my mind starts going down Negative Nancy Lane. If we choose to look for something positive, however small, we can feed those thoughts instead of the negative ones.

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  24. Julie Wychor wrote:

    My positive thinking inspiration comes right from the mouth of Jesus: “As you think, so you become.” True!

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  25. kristin greene wrote:

    I will be doing the same thing today! Out on my back deck and planting. I bought some tomatoes and hardy fushias and they need to be planted. What do I do to stay positive? I look for the silver lining in things. I talk with God. I surround myself with good friends. Sometimes I take a nap because I need a recharge!

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  26. Brenda Summersgill wrote:

    I recently gave up social media! It was making me anxious and angry. I love to commune with God in nature. It helps me see the bigger picture and know that there’s someone bigger than me controlling this thing and I’m POSITIVE He can handle it all. BTW will the link from the email eventually direct us to the new site?

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  27. Janice wrote:

    Happy Birthday week! I find that getting enough sleep has a big impact on being positive. When we are too tired it is easy to be negative. Also music can lift me up! And praying out my concerns to God and then leaving them there! ??

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  28. Gayle wrote:

    I lost my son 9 years ago so being positive is extremely challenging to say the least. However, I have a daughter with whom I have a great relationship with and is my world. I decided a long time ago that I’m not going to lay around and be depressed because that is not what my son would have wanted. I dug deep inside my inner soul and made a decision to be positive and live my life to its fullest no matter what cards I am dealt. I choose to be positive and upbeat on a daily basis and never regret it.

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  29. Susan Simmons wrote:

    I am so glad to see that someone (besides me) can mix and match cute things from Walmart! I love this look. I teach and worked with 4th graders this year. We shared something we were grateful for everyday before classes started. It’s important, and it makes a difference. <3

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  30. Ginger Jackson wrote:

    I became a widow at 67, and missed our 50th anniversary by 2 weeks. We had a very close relationship and because of these things, I’ve worked hard to stay positive. I already was into quilting and had a nice circle of likeminded friends. Every day I thank God for all my blessings, 2 wonderful sons, 2 greater than great grandchildren and one precious and beautiful great granddaughter I keep my mind busy with my quilting and friends, not dwelling on what could have been and has been lost. Every day, your post is another positive I look forward to reading and admiring your fashionista self!

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  31. Cindy wrote:

    It’s all about mindset—- Today is a Good Day for a Good Day ?.
    Have a Good Day!!!

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  32. Kathy L wrote:

    I talk to God almost everyday, out loud. I keep thinking of what I am grateful, even if it is just one thing. Sometimes I write it down.

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  33. Angie wrote:

    It really is what you put your mind to. I’m a ‘cup half full’ person. I just act like I’m having a good day and before you know it, I am having a good day!

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  34. Diana wrote:

    Hello Tania

    Happy 60th birthday.
    You don’t look 60.

    I enjoy the style that you post each day. I am more of a casual dresser so the casual look fits me best.
    I also enjoy the daily Bible verses. They are always encouraging.
    I also agree with Caroline’s comment.

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  35. Jo Lynn Kegler wrote:

    Wow! People posting on here are so insightful.
    I get up each morning, get ready and come downstairs and do yoga. As I sit on my mat I choose to have a great day! That’s it it’s your choice.
    You make your own path. If you are not happy with something you need to back up an change the road you are on. Get rid of what is not making you happy
    and take action to change.
    I could go on, but that’s pretty much it.
    Oh I love those slip on shoes!
    Go out and make it a good one!!

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  36. Hi Tania! Love the jeans and sneakers. Yes, staying positive is so important. I start the day with an uplifting devotional, pray, and consider my blessings. I also walk by the ocean, smell the salt air, and bask in the wonder of our big God. He’s the one in control, and that gives me peace.

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  37. Joanne W. wrote:

    I choose Joy! However, when “life” gets in the way and tries to take my joy, I turn to God and pray. I try to live each day with gratitude!

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
    • Kristen wrote:

      I try to spread positivity by smiling at people. It’s a little harder with the mask on, but I try to make my eyes smile. Sometimes that’s all it takes to make someone’s day a little better!

      Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  38. Nadine Waslosky wrote:

    My engagement ring is also a vintage ring and now my daughter’s boyfriend is asking if he can give it to her. I love sentimentality – we wouldn’t be God’s creation if we didn’t appreciate our past and the beautiful future that lies ahead. Thank you for keeping us in the word!

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  39. Joan wrote:

    Every day, I look for three things in nature that make me smile and make me grateful for the world around me. It helps me remember that I’m not in control, I don’t have to be in control, and that there is so much beauty and joy in the simple things that are around us every day.

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  40. Julie wrote:

    I like your casual outfit. I always try and remember my glass is half full.

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  41. Gayla Greer wrote:

    I am so glad I found your blog! You are so sweet and inspiring! I love all of your outfits and jewelry, and your positive Christian influence. I start every day with my Psalms and Proverbs women’s devotional and a cup of coffee. It keeps my mind set on heavenly things when life brings me unexpected surprises. To keep me feeling relaxed, I listen to Pandora’s relaxing music radio and zoom meetings with my Fashion Meets Faith friends. Happy Belated Birthday!

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  42. Sandra wrote:

    Perfect outfit for a Saturday. Comfy, casual, and cute. I love light weight sweaters with jeans. Happy Birthday week.

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  43. Gayle wrote:

    I find that as long as I keep my mind focused on God, I can stay more positive. It’s when I wander away from God that I have problems!!

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  44. Susan wrote:

    I’ve been interested in the theme word and theme phrase for the year movement — this year my theme has been “let it go”. I’m letting go of negativity, stress, and things that are out of my control. So far, so good.

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  45. Karen wrote:

    I remember these 2 Bible verses:
    And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. – Romans 8:28

    Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. – Philippians 4:6

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  46. Paty wrote:

    You look stunning in this baby blue color! I, too, appreciate that you shop at inexpensive stores and can still look like a million bucks!

    I kept a gratitude journal for a long time and I still continue to appreciate all of the blessings and know that Jesus has said he will carry my burdens and He has. We are also told not to complain, and I really make a point of that. I also have been doing yoga almost every morning since the lockdown began, and I have noticed it helps to keep me calm.

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  47. sandy1264 wrote:

    Love your blog! Nice to see outfits on a real person! Some of the items I would like to get but there is no shipping to Canada or our stores don’t carry the brand eg Walmart. Hope you have a great birthday week and stay well!

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  48. Robin wrote:

    I pray every day and do a devotional reading.

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  49. evegpt wrote:

    If someone in the grocery line is rude, I try to be understanding. I don’t know what happened in that persons life today. They may be dealing with a lot. I just smile and hope they smile back. It might lighten their burden. There’s a lot less standing in line these days but it can also apply online. Be nice and kind to each other. If someone ask for prayer, take the time to pray. Think on the good things.

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  50. Arna wrote:

    Positivity? I think of my daughter and her outlook on life. She is a 2 time cancer survivor at the age of 30 and 34 weeks pregnant with a miracle baby. She has such a wonderful positive attitude. She is truly my hero and role model, and she makes me a better person in so many ways.

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  51. Jeanne wrote:

    You do look comfortable, and I like the outfit. You never know what you have in your closet, until you see the same thing on someone else. And you think, I have that in my closet. LOL Have a super day!!

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  52. Pam Brewer wrote:

    I love those jeans. I’m not sure if I could wear a sweater. It gets too warm in Georgia. But I love that color blue.

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  53. Mireille wrote:

    I try to end my day with prayer and count my blessings for that dsy. If I can in the morning, I have a little time to myself on the porch to start the day in a peaceful manner. Lots discourage time also helps with positivity!

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
    • Joy M. wrote:

      I try to find something positive about any situation I encounter. Even though times have been very stressful lately, there have still been some good things. I have really enjoyed spending more time at home, cooking and eating in more, getting some cleaning and projects done around the house, reading more, watching more movies, the list goes on and on. My daughters and I agree that we want to embrace a slower paced lifestyle even in the future.

      Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  54. Mildred wrote:

    I love it I’m a Jean lover to

    Posted 5.16.20 Reply
  55. A smile is infectious. Pass it on. 🙂

    Posted 5.17.20 Reply
  56. Kathy L wrote:

    I have been staring at your ring from afar, hoping I would find out information on a beautiful piece. Opal is my birth stone I love the color of Australian Opal. Now I understand why you never take it off. Have a blessed weekend.

    Posted 5.17.20 Reply
  57. Terrylee wrote:

    Meditation with Louise May has been very helpful to a positive outlook, especially her healing meditation I listened to for months prior to my surgery. Also trying to find the positive in any situation is something I always try to do.

    Posted 5.17.20 Reply
  58. Michelle Williams wrote:

    Everyday is a positive thought, positive comment and positive action to someone I come into contact with during my day. I have found the more I do that, it becomes a habit rather than having to think about it. Small things add up.
    Thank you for all the positive posts and beautiful outfits you share.

    Posted 5.17.20 Reply
  59. Deborah wrote:

    I try to think positive and do my best to do my daily devotions. The bracelet is beautiful!

    Posted 5.18.20 Reply
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