50 Is Not Old | White On WhiteSo what is the first thing you see when you look at this photo? It is the beautiful tile mural? Is it my layered necklaces? Is it my cool shoes? Or, are you like me, and the first thing you see is the keys that I have forgot to take off my purse? I have told you before, how I use a carabiner to keep up with my keys. I would like to say this is the first time that I have forgotten to take my keys off my purse before a photo shoot, but you gurls know better. Haha50 Is Not Old | White On WhiteI bit the bullet and set up my tripod in the lobby of the hotel. I admit I felt like a complete fool, but nobody really paid my too much attention. A couple people looked at me, but at least nobody pointed or snickered. Lol! 50 Is Not Old | White On WhiteI love wearing white on white. I will probably go white, white and white next time. I love monochromatic dressing, even though I don’t wear it real often. If you are dressing monochromatic, you don’t have to worry if your items match. Haha50 Is Not Old | White On WhiteYou have seen my white boyfriend jacket before, and you will undoubtedly see it several more times before summer is over.  When Glamour Farms told me I could pick out an item or two, I am nobody’s fool, I picked an item I will get lots and lots of wear out of. This jacket is a great style, it fits perfectly, and it is terrific quality. In case you are wondering, this jacket is no longer available. I am sure it sold out because I styled it in April. Lol!

Jacket : Michael Kors | Amazon | Plus50 Is Not Old | White On WhiteMy lace trimmed tank top is by Karen Kane. I love this top, it is so feminine without being over-the-top. Here is where I styled the top before.

Tank Top: JC Penny | Neiman Marcus | Plus50 Is Not Old | White On WhiteThis is probably one of the first photos where you can see that my toes are painted bright pink. I actually told my nail salon that I wanted a french manicure on my toes, but I got busy talking to the lady in the chair beside me. When I looked down, I had bright pink toes. Lol! So, I just decided to paint my nails the same color and act like I meant to do that. Haha I bought these Elise Gladiator heeled shoes a couple weeks ago, they are by Sole Society. I like that they zip up the back to close, that is MUCH easier than trying to fasten the buckles on the side of the shoe.

ShoesNine West | Marc Fisher | 50 Is Not Old | White On WhiteThis is what happens when you are taking a picture in the lobby of a hotel. Some man decided to walk over and just stop and play on his phone right where I was taking pictures. Haha! I just moved my tripod over about 10 feet and started up again. This is where I discovered that my keys were hanging on my purse. A good photographer would have noticed that little fact.50 Is Not Old | White On WhiteMy necklace and earrings are part of the Atlas series by Chloe & Isabel. My bracelet is the Renegade by Stella & Dot. My other, very large, bracelet is from the Neck’d Ladies, a vendor here at the woman’s club convention. It is dogwood flowers, which is the Virginia State flower. I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of my outfits from my woman’s club convention. There are a few more still to come, so be sure to check back tomorrow.

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  1. I love the entire outfit, and was able to find the exact tank top and shoes on Ebay. I was wondering where your great purse is from??

  2. so funny – you look amazing and I love the lace top with a blazer – I sometimes feel when I put on something too lacy I feel like I’m in PJ (don’t know why I never owned lacy PJ’s) but I love lace and I’m going to try the tops I have with a blazer – great inspiration. To match the outfit I’ll get some keys too.

  3. I bet that guy in the lobby wanted to flirt with you, he was just acting like he was playing on his phone. You look beautiful as always. I’m liking 20 something fashion blog, too. I recognized your porch in her picture. Is she your daughter-in-law? She’s adorable, too.

  4. I noticed how great you look and nothing else! Your keys on your purse just make you all that much more relatable! I love your outfit, shoes, and jewelry- I will be trying to imitate with what I have! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. as a woman over 50 I am so glad to have discovered you, so much is geared to the younger woman!I love your style and your wit. Since I’m a plus size woman I appreciate the links to plus size clothes! Can’t wait for your next post!

  6. First thing I noticed was you …. looking great as always. Love this classic combo of black and white. I want to steal this look! And as always, love your humour!

  7. What a pretty outfit! Love the white/dark combo. So classically pretty! You look very stylish. THOSE SHOES! Must resist!! Must resist!!! love them! — What a great job you did setting up your pretty location pictures! Even the photo bomber didn’t take away (much)! lol! …and I like your pink toenails!

  8. Since I love lace, that was the first thing I noticed! Second thing was the Sole Society shoes… those as well. They have adorable shoes. Since I have learned more about color from your blog, I purchased a pair of turquoise suede flats by Sole Society, and absolutely love them! ?❤️?

  9. Look forward to your blog every morning with my coffee (after my devotion, of course)! You have become like a trusted friend! For the giveaway: I absolutely adore the tassel necklace!

  10. I can certainly relate to the humor in doing our own photography!! You always look amazing and I love how you wear white so well. It seems to “wash me out” when I wear white next to my face. I always need to add more color.

  11. Very cute. I noticed your leggings. Maybe that’s because I have been looking for some. Could you give any tips on picking out leggings and where you got yours? Thanks.

    1. Hi Sharon, they are pixie pants from Old Navy. They are the skinny version that has the stretch in them.

  12. Love the outfit! On a separate note, not sure where to leave a comet for entry into this month’s give a way?

  13. The lace trimmed top and jacket is the first things I notice! Both look great. Had you not mentioned the keys I would never have noticed. LOL Thanks for continuing to post while you were out of town!
    A great looking outfit.

  14. Hhhhhaa! You are a kick! Seriously, those shoes are killer!!! They make the outfit look so good!