A Rebel And A Renegade

DSC_0006How will you be spending your Christmas? Do you have any traditions? It is sad to say that at this time in my life, we don’t have any set tradition. When I was young we always went to my grandparents house, on my father’s side, on Christmas Eve. He is one of 6 children, so not a small family. They were a musical family, with most of my grandfathers brothers all playing  the fiddle and guitar. Also, my uncles play and sing. It was always so enjoyable as a child to gather together. However, I got married, and my husband’s family had their own tradition for Christmas Eve. So, we always celebrated with his mother. His mother however, passed away this past February, after a long struggle with Alzheimer’s, and we are still coming to terms with that.  Last year, because Christmas Eve fell on Wednesday and that is church night, my father’s side of the family decided to celebrate on Saturday after Christmas. It was the first time in over 25 years that I got to celebrate with all my family. Everyone had so much fun, we are going to celebrate again this year on Saturday the 26th. This may be a new tradition in the making.DSC_0015_3I love this vest. I bought it at the craft fair we had from one of the boutique shops. I really like that it is reversible to a solid print. I wore this vest with the solid side showing on my Keeping Up With The Joneses post.  Here is a similar vest, but I have never bought anything from this site, so I can’t vouch for them. I am wearing the vest over a chambray shirt that I bought at Old Navy. Because the vest and pants both were darker colored, I wanted a lighter shirt to brighten the look. And, if you look really close, you can see the necklace I am wearing. It is called the Rebel, and is from Stella & Dot.DSC_0005I have already introduced you to the Rebel, now for the Renegade. I have on the Renegade bracelet from Stella & Dot along with my Michael Kors watch, (a gift from the girls at work). I also have on a Michael Kors bangle with a tortoise print that I purchased at TJ Maxx. Here is a similar bangle. DSC_0010You can see my Tignanello purse, that I have been carrying lately, has an attachment. I thought I would share with you a great tip. A friend of mine was out shopping with me, and since I was driving, I was rummaging through my purse looking for my keys. She showed me her keys, which were on a carabiner clip. She said when you get out of your car, take the keys and attach them to the handle on your purse. You will always be able to find them that way. I have been carrying my keys this way ever since. Although, I usually let them hang to the inside, just in case a key was to fall off.DSC_0005_2These berry pants are from Maurices. They are a couple years old, and are not on their website any longer.DSC_0002I may not be a rebel and a renegade, but I can wear them thanks to Stella & Dot. If all goes well my next giveaway will be from Stella & Dot.

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  1. Love the leopard with the berry color. I’m going to wear that for sure. After having my keys on a ginormous key ring, I’m going to upgrade to the carabiner! Thanks for the great fashion & everyday tips! Merry Christmas!????

  2. The carbiner clip tip is awesome. I just need to have my car keys in my purse to unlock or start my car. So, when I need to grab my keys when I go to the office, I am always digging for them. I can’t tell you how excited I am to solve that problem now!!

  3. Wishing you and your family a very blessed Christmas Ms. Tania!

  4. I need that vest in my closet! Lol I have been using a carabiner clip for several years. It’s so much easier than digging to the bottom of my purse for my keys. Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!!

  5. I have been loving the purse. Thanks for the link….offer made, maybe I’ll get it for Christmas.

  6. Love the vest and the berry pants. Have to find some to make a similar outfit. Does the vest zip or close in any way? Thinking maybe I would make one…maybe… Enjoy your family on Boxing Day…we are getting together with my nieces and nephews on that day.

    1. Yes, the vest zips all the way closed. I wish I was talented enough to make clothing. I really want to thank all of you kind ladies for your thoughtful comments. My sister and I are always saying how nice and kind my readers are. You gurls ROCK!!!????????????

  7. Melanie W. says:

    I love your blog too!!! I look forward to it every day! You have great style sense and it’s been very helpful when I’ve been putting together outfits myself!!

  8. I always enjoy seeing your daily fashions. Love doing fashion posts myself, but laziness prevents me from doing it every day. I’m tired of all this rain and gloom… how about you?

    I need to do some sort of clip for my keys as well. I try to put them in the inside pocket but sometimes oooops, I miss the pocket and then they are hard to find. Perhaps a ‘clip shopping’ trip is in order for me soon.

    Have a super duper Christmas!

  9. I love your blog!! I’m in my mid 50’s and always looking for inspiration as I have no “natural” sense of fashion. (Chalk that up to growing up with 5 brothers!) You seem like a fun gal to “hang out” with as well.

  10. Patsy Holland says:

    Love the outfit. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

  11. Hi, love following your blog, love getting to know you and love your outfits. You are giving me courage to try some new things!

  12. I love your outfit! Thanks to you, I have shopped in my closet and put together some new outfits. It sounds like you will have a fun weekend with your family. I’m always up early and enjoy receiving your daily email! Merry Christmas!!