50 Is Not Old | Pink and YellowDo you ever wonder, “where do inspirations come from?” You can be looking for an inspiration in writing, home decorations, or even meal planning. Most of you will answer the same way, Pinterest. Lol! Pink and yellow are not colors I wear often together, but they look great together.50 Is Not Old | Pink and YellowToday’s outfit came from an inspiration. I did not find it on Pinterest, instead I got it from twenty something fashion, a blog my daughter-in-law started. Her dress and accessories have stayed in the back of my mind since I saw the post.50 Is Not Old | Pink and Yellow

I loved the bright colors, (of course I would) of the yellow dress with the pink accessories. When I decided to wear this pink fringe cardigan, I immediately thought I need to find some yellow accessories. Since I have already worn two scarves this week, I knew I wanted to go in a different direction. I don’t want you gurls getting bored.50 Is Not Old | Pink and YellowEven though I have plenty of yellow jewelry, I wanted to use the silver. Go figure. That is not what I had in mind when I started the process, but I have learned to just “roll with the flow.” The white flowy tank top with the lace hem is by Karen Kane. I bought this from a little boutique in town at least a year or more ago. I love the romantic feel of this top. Here is a similar top by Karen Kane.50 Is Not Old | Pink and YellowThe hot pink cardigan is by Chelsea & Theodore. If the color wasn’t enough to make you want to buy this, they added fringe too. Alright, alright, just quit twisting my arm. Haha I wore this when I vey first started my blog, way back in September. I don’t think I even look like the same person. What do you think? This one is about the same color, but it is on last call so you better hurry. And here is a standard cardigan (up to 1X) in the same hot pink.50 Is Not Old | Pink and YellowThis purse was a gift from the ladies at work one year for my birthday. I think Sandy bought it when she was on a woman’s club trip to Arizona. It is by Nicole Lee, even though I didn’t find a yellow purse, here is a cute pink one. If you really like the yellow color, here is a purse for you.
50 Is Not Old | Pink and YellowI bought the gray check pants at TJ Maxx sometime back. I really like the softness of the gray, it is really the perfect color. This pair from JC Penny is a very similar color, just no check, and this pair is almost identical but the sizes are very limited. And this pair is plain gray and goes up to size 24.

I wear these yellow espadrilles by Michael Kors ALL THE TIME! Here is a similar pair. I searched through the blog (a little box at the beginning of the page) for yellow espadrilles. It will bring up each post where I mentioned wearing them, and in my very first post I have them on. How cool is that???
50 Is Not Old | Pink and YellowNow for the icing, the jewelry. I don’t own as much silver jewelry as I do gold, so my choices were limited. I pulled out this necklace, it is by Premier Designs, and I have worn it before. It has little rhinestones on the dangles, and it is called a “Girl’s Best Friend.” It is very pretty in person. My bracelets  and earrings are by Chloe & Isabel, please remember to type my name in the “Find a merchandiser” box.

I am off to do a 5K walk for Autism Awareness this morning, cross your fingers it doesn’t rain anymore. Also, please say a quick prayer for my sister who was on her way to a book signing in Alabama yesterday, and was involved in an accident. She thinks she is fine, but I’m betting she won’t be able to move this morning.


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I hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. I love the video showing how you get your photos done. I was wondering how you took so many different photos and aren’t late to work every day. And thanks for showing the back of your hair! I love your hairstyle so much -:)

  2. OOH, I LOVE this outfit! You & I dress alike & I love your style, beautiful lady!

  3. Beautiful outfit. But surely you are not doing the 5km walk with these shoes, are you??

  4. As usual you rocked it again! Love the outfit and all of your suggestions for buying. Hope your sister is doing well. And you look fabulous today as you did in the beginning. But maybe lost a little weight? You go gurl!

    1. Kaye Brown says:

      I just ordered the cardigan from your link also! I bought the black one! I look forward to reading your blog everyday. I’m usually awake when it posts at 1:00am but I try to wait until the next day to read it!

      1. I bet the black will be great! It will go with so many different things.

  5. Hope the weather stayed nice for your race and also wishing the best for your sister.
    I REALLY lucked out, i folliwed the link for the sweater on youre sept post and they still had the fringed sweater although only in black and grey. I picked up the up the grey. It is marked down to 13.00 .You can apply the coupon code they post , so it knocks it down even more. Although the shipping is as much as i am paying for the sweater, but, I still think i got quite the bargain,!

    1. It was cold and sprinkled almost the entire 5K, but Sandy, Bertha, and I still went. I hope you like the sweater, I love mine!!!

  6. You have really slimmed down. You are so pretty to me. Everyday once I look at your photos I think, wow, she is so cheery, bright and colorful. I really need to start adding some color to my life! I love these colors together.

  7. I am a new follower and I love ALL your outfits. I have used many clothes I already own in new and different ways. I’m an elementary teacher and everyone has been commenting about how great my outfits have been looking. They also say I look younger. THANK YOU! Your rock! I love your down to earth posts. I’m so happy I found you. BTW-I started shopping my local Red, White, and Blue Veterans Thrift store and have found amazing designer items dirt cheap. Thanks for the tip!

  8. Oh my goodness! You had me at that pink cardigan! Of course I immediately started looking all over the Internet for one! I did hit on one in the size I wear. It’s a Dana Buchman, from Kohls. Reasonable priced, but Large is sold out. It’s drapey & will work just fine! Now to find a top like that! Prayers going out to you on your charity walk & your sister! Have a blessed weekend! P.S. I love your videos, I think you should talk in them, I can’t help thinking you’d be a hoot! Your stories always make for great reading and you could write a book called the “Life & Times of Tania!” So glad to hear your blog is really going places!

  9. Julie from Michigan says:

    Prayer went up for your sister, and for weather cooperation for your walk. Looove the cardigan, so cheerful, and the lace top is great! I own a gorgeous lace top (old) and every time I wear it, I receive compliments. Have a blessed day!?

  10. I certainly enjoy your blog! Love the outfit today….you look so classy, and sophisticated! Never thought about
    combining the pink with yellow! You go gurl~ Prayers for your sister to be alright.

  11. I so enjoy your blogs/posts!! Look forward to them everyday. Thanks for the encouraging words and great outfit ideas for us women over 50. I live in Florida and have a bridal shower today and am thinking of using either yesterday’s or today’s outfit(as inspiration). Making some modifications with what I have in my closet that closely resembles.

    Have a great day!


  12. I have these same pants! I just bought from tj maxx a month ago! I love them! But I was wearing with pale pink for the pastel look! Love the darker pink! Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. Love the bright colours! Very Spring-like! Have a great walk and prayers to your sister. Hope she’s not hurting too much today.

  14. I love everything about this outfit! Especially those yellow shoes. They are right up my alley! You look super cute! I live in Virginia too and am 5 minutes from a fabulous outlet mall. I think a girls shopping weekend is in order. Of course, I’d put you to work styling all the outfits for me ?

  15. Good luck with the walk! What a good cause and great exercise, too.

    Prayers going out for your sister for continued healing from the accident. I hope it wasn’t too bad.

    The outfit is adorable. I have yet to purchase a long top with lace but am looking for just the right one to try. So many are too light weight and show all the lumps but you have me inspired to keep looking.

    Have a wonderful day.

  16. I really love the color combinations. Perfect for Spring. Saying a prayer for your sister. Hope she doing okay. Thanks for doing such an important walk today.

  17. This looks great on you! I love it! I really like the pants and the lace hem top. I think I could put some of my things together for a similar look. Thanks for the ideas! Exactly why I read your blog!!