50 Is Not Old | Cashmere WrapThere are a lot of reasons that I like going to a woman’s club convention, but I am going to tell you one of my favorites. I get to dress up. Pure and simple, I like getting to dress up. Not dress up like going to work or church, but dress up like I am going out on a date. That is not something Joe and I do often, and when we do, Grundy does not offer a lot of dressing up opportunities.50 Is Not Old | Cashmere WrapWhen you are at a woman’s club convention, you go to a “fancy” dinner every night. That means that I get to play dress-up. It is just like when I was a young girl, I get to wear a dress, put on plenty of makeup, strap on lots of jewelry, and strut around in high heels. However, the one constant that I can depend on at these functions is that it will be cold as a freezer during the dinners.50 Is Not Old | Cashmere Wrap

I was contacted by Erin at the Purple Poppy in Cape Cod, a store that has been in business for over 25 years. She thought I might like to style a wrap from her shop. I knew I would be attending the woman’s club convention, and I thought a wrap would be perfect for those cold dinners. When I visited her shop, I had to pick my mouth up off my chest. They have such elegant and refined items, I thought for sure she must have emailed the wrong blogger. Lol!50 Is Not Old | Cashmere Wrap

I decided to quickly pick my wrap before she could figure out she might have emailed me by mistake. I knew the minute I laid my eyes on The Claudia Nicole Cashmere Dress Topper that was the one. I fell in love with the look, the color, and when it said cashmere; I said sign me up. Haha50 Is Not Old | Cashmere Wrap

I chose to wear a dress I have worn before, it is by Ann Taylor. I knew the color of the wrap would match one of the flowers in the dress. The dress is nice, and when I wore it with the linen jacket, it looked very professional and pretty. But, when I put the cashmere warp on with the dress, it went straight to ELEGANT!50 Is Not Old | Cashmere Wrap

I was nice and warm the entire dinner, which is not something many of the women in the room could say. Several of them came up to me, just to feel of the wrap. You can tell, just by looking at it, how nice it is. I know the wrap is a little higher priced than a lot of my items, but it IS cashmere, and it is less expensive than most of my purses. I do believe there are some items worth splurging on. ALSO, if you enter in the code POPPY, you will receive 10% off your order!!!50 Is Not Old | Cashmere WrapI have no idea what is sticking out of my purse, it would have been nice if I had zipped it before taking my pictures. I was in a hurry, still trying to take my photos without anyone noticing what I was doing.

50 Is Not Old | Cashmere WrapI like the Miche bag, but they are no longer in business. With this purse, the outer shell is magnetic and will just peel off, then you throw on another one. Go to Ebay if you are interested in their bags and shells. The Sole Society Gladiator shoes even look cute with a “dressy” outfit. I could have worn a pair of cream platform high heels, but I wanted the “edgy” look.

If you like to have at least one garment that you can put on and it make you feel like a “star”, then be sure to check out this cashmere wrap. If you want to pick out several nice quality items, then be sure to visit the Purple Poppy, and tell Erin I said hi. Don’t forget to use the code, POPPY, for a 10% discount.

I’m sure she meant to pick me, because we all know that the one thing I am is “Elegant!”50 Is Not Old | Cashmere Wrap

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  1. Great post. You look lovely as you always do! That cashmere wrap is fab! Just wondering how you think it would fall on a petite 5’2 frame?

    1. It would probably be fine for a petite frame. I am 5’6″, and the wrap is short for the most part, only longer on one end.

  2. How fun very good blog I always enjoy your stories

  3. The BEST pic is the LAST one! ROFL Lovely cashmere wrap. Cashmere is always worth the price, IMHO. It’s one of the classics that you can hang onto year after year.

  4. Gorgeous wrap! Love the color on you! Should be a very versatile addition!

  5. Sheree Ozier says:

    Tania… Love the outfit!!! Must have one of those wraps, so I’ll be checking out the Purple Poppy. I’ve never heard of a Woman’s Club Convention, but where can I sign up? Sounds like so much fun!!! I continue to look forward to your daily blog! Thanks again!

    1. Sheree, you need to join your local woman’s club. We do so much for our communities, and then we get to get together a couple times a year from all over the state.

    1. I am thinking that I ended up getting the sky blue.

  6. the sandals were a great choice! thanks for showing us how to wear the wrap/ponchos, especially with a spring/summer outfit !!! love, love, love this on you!!

  7. I was a miche rep and have lots in stock for cheaper than ebay! All 3 sizes

  8. Lisa C in Dallas says:

    I went to a wedding and reception on Saturday and froze – which leads me to wonder why there are so many sleeveless “nice” dresses out there and none that are short-sleeved? I do have a wrap (that I love) but I forgot it at home. You look lovely.

  9. Tania – You are a hoot! Beautiful wrap!

  10. Lynne Wherry says:

    Hi Tania,
    Your right woman’s club convention give us a reason to dress up a couple of times a year. You looked fabulous in your outfit that night. I absolutely love your wrap, may have to get my own.

    1. Thanks Lynne, it was good to see you this past weekend:)

  11. You look beautiful, and very chic. I love to dress up too. Even though I live in a larger city, there aren’t many occasions to really dress up as elegantly as you have. I absolutely love your wrap. It goes perfectly with your dress, and truly elevates your whole look. I also love your shoes. May I ask you about your earrings? I love them. You look so classy!

  12. Rose Ann Jacobs says:

    HI Tania. I love this dress along with the cashmere wrap and your shoes too. The one thing I would have changed would have been your purse. I like the purse but I think the print fights with the print of the dress and it’s a bit clunky for the outfit in a dressy situation. I think a small clutch would have elevated the outfit and added to the dressy look you were going for. Just my opinion.

    1. I agree Rose Ann, and if I had been home I would have chosen a different purse. Unfortunately I took a purse with me that I thought would easily go with multiple outfits, and never actually tried on those combinations. I am terrible when it comes to packing.

  13. Tania, I just love you!! You are real, and we need real. You give us humor and inspire and uplift us all while keeping it real. Thank you for being you. God bless you as you continue to serve Him. By the way, you look beautiful in this post!