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Fifteen Budget Friendly Fall Sweaters

I know you’ve heard me talking about this several times recently, but just in case you forgot…it’s almost SWEATER WEATHER!!! I love fall because sweaters are my favorite clothing item. I’m always cold, so a warm and cozy sweater is my love language. Buy me a sweater, and you’ll have my heart. Lol! Today, I’m showing fifteen budget friendly fall sweaters from Amazon, as well as a few from some of my other favorite brands and retailers.

Fifteen Budget Friendly Fall Sweaters

You gurls already know how much I love shopping at Amazon, and they have such a wide selection of affordable, great quality sweaters. If you’re shopping to update your autumn wardrobe, take a look at these fifteen budget friendly fall sweaters from Amazon. I think a try-on haul of some affordable Amazon sweaters may need to be in my future!

Fishermen Cable Sweater

I am a sucker for cable knit winter sweaters! The cable knit design is a classic pattern that is beautiful and stylish, and like many of you, I have been sporting them for decades. I’m wearing a medium, and it fits me great.

Soft Cable Longer Length Open-Front Cardigan Sweater 

A cozy cardigan is a great transitional item because you can wear it on chilly fall mornings, then take it off for the midday heat. You can wear a cardigan with a t-shirt for early fall and then over an Ultra-Soft Drawstring Hoodie Sweater like I’m wearing here. I’m wearing a medium in both sweaters and they fit great.

Soft Touch Crewneck Sweater

This Amazon Essentials sweater is so soft and comfy and comes in several different cute patterns. I’ve been a huge fan of FairIsle sweaters for years, and I love the shades of blue in this one. A FairIsle print is a classic print that screams Fall Is Here! I’m wearing a medium, and it fits me great.

I already have the sweaters above, but the rest of these are on my radar.

Puff Short Sleeve Sweater

We’ve been talking a lot about Barbiecore around here, and this pink puff sweater is the perfect way to bring the trend into the fall. I really like how they have this styled with black leather pants because leather is trending for fall!

Button Front Cardigan

How fun is the feminine touch that these faux pearl buttons bring to this button down cardigan!? You could wear this just like this, or open over a tank or blouse. I can’t make up my mind which color I should order this in; help me out by commenting which one you like the best.

Chunky Sweater

What do you think about this unique, chunky sweater? I think it’s soo cute, and I love this muted pink color! I think I would pair it with some flare jeans to balance out the oversized sleeve.

Open Front Kimono Cardigan

Here’s another great cardigan to add to your arsenal for fall and winter! I really like this feminine pink and purple combo, but it comes in several solid colors as well. What do you think about the gradient pink design?

Batwing Crewneck

This is the kind of cozy, oversized sweater that I love wearing around the house and running errands in! Sweaters are super versatile, so you could definitely dress it up with a great pair of pants and heeled boots.

Oversized V Neck Vest

I’ve really been into sweater vests for the last few years! They are a classic and chic layering piece, and they look wonderful worn over a button-up. This one comes in so many different colors and patterns! It’s extra long and would be great for wearing with leggings.

V Neck Cable Knit

This v-neck cable knit sweater has a preppy, vintage vibe, and I’m a big fan! Rust is such a great color for fall, but it comes in 9 other colors like beige, navy, and wine red. You can wear this sweater by itself or layer it over a button-down shirt.

Oversized Rib Knit Cardigan

This is another great Barbiecore option for fall! This would look so cute over a column of solid color, like a black top paired with black pants. This is available in several different color combinations in case you’re not into pink, pink, and more pink.

Crew Neck Ruffle Sweater

How cute are the feminine details on this gorgeous sweater? I love the ruffles at the neck and the pretty vintage-inspired buttons. It would be fun to find a similar earring to wear with it!

Lightweight Crew Neck Sweater

Basic tops like this classic crewneck sweater are the foundation of so many great outfits! They can be styled so many different ways, like under a blazer or denim jacket or with jeans or a skirt. This classic sweater comes in many colors, and make sure you check out the white cheetah print!

Collared Stripe Pullover

Here’s another preppy inspired piece that’s giving me vintage vibes, especially with the v-shaped neckline, polo collar, and rugby stripe. I love brown for fall, but I am also a big fan of the apricot color! This looks really oversized, so take that into consideration if ordering.

Textured Sleeve Cardigan

Texture always adds a lot of visual interest to an outfit, and boy, does this sweater have a lot of texture, LOL! I think this would be super cute over a basic tee with jeans and booties. The sleeves kind of remind me of an owl’s feathers or maybe fish scales. Hahaha!

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  1. Great sweaters. Thank you for all your hard work on finding us fun clothes.

  2. Alexia Maben says:

    A great bunch of sweaters to view.

  3. Thank you for so many choices. I think a lot of us are hoping to see cooler temps soon so we can try on some of these comfy sweaters. I really like the large puffy sleeve one but after taking a closer look the short cut wouldn’t do well covering up the tummy area. I still couldn’t go through with the owl looking design as much as I like it. Have a blessed day

  4. sue koren says:

    I never knew amazon had such cute clothes!

  5. I enjoy your posts , especially love the scriptures you share God Bless you !

  6. I love cardigans. Thanks for the info

  7. Love the sweaters you modeled. Amazon Essentials are the way to go!

    1. They are pretty consistent in having good quality items.

  8. I love these sweaters you shared! I just wish it wasn’t 104 at my home!

  9. Melba Smith says:

    Hard to believe that we are looking at sweaters! It is over a hundred degrees here and wil be in the next few days!
    I love all the new trends in sweaters and looking forward to shopping your links.

  10. Melba Smith says:

    Love your blog! It is refreshing to see fashion that I can actually wear . I also love following the happenings in your family and your life.

  11. My first time posting! You are a hard working gurl! Thanks for helping me look ahead for sweater weather!

    1. Yay! Lynette, I’m so glad that you decided to post.

  12. Those are some great sweaters! Like you, I live in them fall to late spring! I will check them out.

  13. I like the colors on the open front kimono cardigan, but I don’t like a cardigan that long.

  14. Jenniffer Groski says:

    I love that varsity sweaters are coming back!!!!

  15. I love sweater weather. Can’t wait to try some of these!

  16. Again, thank you for sharing more economical clothing for those of us on limited income.

  17. I love the Fair Isle sweater; so pretty on you. That pink chunky sweater caught my eye as well. I’m so looking forward to sweater weather since we’re in the muggy 90’s here in East Tennessee!

  18. Ooohh…such lovely choices. The lightweight crew neck sweaters are my favorite for most fall and winter days. Not too warm, but great for layering. These are a great price, too. Thanks for posting.

  19. Ginger Hiller says:

    Like you, I love sweater weather. Amazon does have some pretty options for us. I like the gradient pink cardigan, but I’m afraid that it would look dated too soon. Some of the longer chunky sweaters would look great paired with leggings.

  20. Of all of these sweaters, my favorite is the pink that fades to purple. I have quite a few sweaters, some rather old but in great shape still. Many are now the height of fashion…again! haha

  21. Ooh, the Barbicore and puff Sweaters are so pretty!!!

  22. Love the sweater. Thanks for all the variety of styles.

  23. Fall clothing is my favorite, and I love shopping for new clothes. The problem is that I already have a closet and several drawers full of perfectly good items, so it’s difficult to justify purchasing more. 😢

  24. Tania, do you have the link for the second cardigan? I love the rust color.

    1. Patti, I should have changed the colors, but all the items are linked by clicking the photo or the title. If your in a phone, you might have to double click the photo. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  25. Love the red vest from Loft and the brown sweaters from Amazon.

  26. Cheryll Sampson says:

    Can wait till it’s cool enough for sweaters again!

  27. Love the cozy feeling I get from sweaters. Still too hot in California to think about putting on another layer of clothing. Thanks for the ideas!

  28. Can’t wait to start wearing sweaters again! Love the button front cardigan in navy. Thanks, Tania for narrowing down the Amazon choices for us!

  29. The ruffle neck sweater is cute.

    1. Patricia Jubin says:

      Love all the sweaters but unfortunately where I live there’s little chance of getting to wear them.

  30. I really love the Fairisle sweater choices; the blu really looks great on you. I’m torn between a Fairisle or the asymmetric button and ruffle sweater though. Now that I’m back in San Diego though I don’t have to think about sweaters just yet. Thanks for posting such a variety of styles, you put so much work into your posts.

    1. I am glad that you enjoyed this post! Thanks for commenting. ☺️

  31. Love the faux button cardigan in red. Bring on Fall!:)

  32. Christal Yowell says:

    I’m wishing summer would stay a little bit longer. When autumn breezes blow I love cardigans. The variety of colors and lengths you shared is exciting.

  33. Tania, Years ago I was introduced to a product called ‘Stop Pain’ by a nurse where we worked. I absolutely love it in the roll on (mess free hands) to use on my neck and knee. Highly recommend! I have always had neck issues too and tend to carry my stress there as well. Give it a try.

    1. Cindy, I’ll Google that and check it out.

  34. ❤️❤️❤️ sweaters!

  35. v neck sweater vest looks heat nit would I wear it?

  36. I love sweater weather but with temps above 100, sweater weather seems far away. Right now it’s just “sweat” weather.
    I know a lame joke.
    Thank you for all the suggestions.

  37. Donna Ingalls says:

    That kimono cardigan is calling my name. It’s still so hot here though.
    Anxiously awaiting sweater season.

  38. Angela Dixon says:

    Amazon is overwhelming to me. I am glad you have the time to shop and give us the scoop! I don’t have much time since I work full-time and part-time (that’s what they say, but it is full time).
    I love sweaters and probably have too many. Thanks for all you do for us gurls!!!

    1. I am glad that you enjoyed this post! Thank you for commenting. ❤️

  39. I really like the button front cardigan. The brown or navy are so classic and I really think the pearl-like buttons set that cardigan apart. I put the brown I my cart. Amazon…what did we do without it!😇 I do still love shopping my favs too.

    1. I am glad that you enjoyed this post! Thanks for commenting. ☺️

  40. Pamela Marvin says:

    I enjoyed the post today on sweaters, I like all the different designs and colors. Thanks for sharing.

  41. Love all these sweater! Need some cool weater.

  42. It’s still pretty warm in California, too early to be thinking of sweaters. This is a great selection of sweaters.

    1. I am glad that you enjoyed this post! Thanks for commenting. ☺️

  43. Susan Nothwehr says:

    Some cute looks. 102 degrees here in the Midwest today. Too hot to look at sweaters seriously.

  44. Thanks for sharing the cream l will give it a try 😀

  45. Thanks for all of the great cardigan choices. I love the texture cardigan as well as the kimono and cable knit. Our company is making us go back to the office so even in the summer in the 100 degree Texas heat I have to plan my wardrobe with a sweater!

    1. I’m like that too, Laura. I went to the esthetician the other day, and they had to find me a blanket since I forgot my sweater. Lol!

  46. Thanks for all the sweater ideas! 💕

  47. Donna Robinson says:

    Love the short sleeve pink from Amazon! All the ideas are beautiful. Thank you for the gift card from Amazon. I know know what I am fixing to buy.
    Thank you so much.

    1. I am glad that you enjoyed this post! Thanks for commenting. ☺️

  48. Dana Smithmier says:

    I LOVE sweater season!!!

  49. I have a weak spot for cardigans. Love the caramel and rust-colored ones you showed in your post. I started using Blue Emu on my achy knee months ago. It seems to take the edge off of my pain.

    1. I am glad that you enjoyed this post! Thank you for commenting. 😊

  50. Patricia Konze says:

    Love sweater weather, too!

  51. I am not a fan of most of the Amazon sweaters, the oversize sweaters just look sloppy to me. I like a tailored look. I do like longer cardigans, but not oversize sleeves, etc. The Talbots sweaters at the bottom of post are more to my liking. As I type, my phone is blowing up with text alerts for all of my Talbots packages arriving today. Summer Clearance Sale shopping! My go to for my aches and pains is Aspercreme, it doesn’t stink like some other analgesic rubs. Feel better!

    1. Teresa, I love the oversized look, but not the WIDE look. I like my oversized items to be long and a little loose, but I don’t want them to be wide and bulky.

  52. Suzonne Johnson says:

    Sooooo ready for sweater weather! It’s been 105 -107 here in Texas last week!

  53. Joyce Reardon says:

    I can’t wait for fall. Do you think the oversized sweaters make you look larger?

    1. Joyce, it depends on the shape of the sweater. I prefer my oversized sweaters to be long, not so much wide. I want a loose look, not a wide and bulky look.

  54. Mary Kinard says:

    Great sweater options! Thanks!

  55. As a summer girl, I guess I have to resign myself to the fact that sweater weather is coming! there are some cute ones here.

  56. Love the pink for fall!

  57. This is my favorite time of year, awaiting cooler sweater weather! Great selection of inexpensive, cozy sweaters. I can’t wait to try some!

  58. Mornings are sweter weather once again!

  59. Karrie Knutson says:

    I like the longer length cardigans, as I think they can help create a longer profile. Also help cover up problem areas for women over 50.

  60. Oh so many pretty sweaters! Great post. I too have neck pain and I found cbd cream rubbed on the area has helped me a lot.

  61. I like all the longer duster style sweaters..they give us a little drama.

  62. All the sweaters are beautiful! Very nice selection!

  63. Great sweater selection in todays post. Good price points as well. I have my eye on a few. Thanks.

  64. Karen Daniel says:

    I think you should get the pink houndstooth pattern cardigan since you said you love that pink color. I think it will look great on you! I will probably get the navy as I’m really into navy this year.

  65. Love the classic styles

  66. These are all so cute. I especially like the lightweight crew neck.

  67. Love all the sweater options, Tania! Thank you!