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Some Of The Best Pullover Sweaters For Women Over 50

Is it finally sweater weather where you are? If not, it will be here before you know it! I wear a lot of cardigans during spring and fall, but as the temperatures begin to drop, I am all about the pullover. If you’re beginning to change out your summer wardrobe for thicker weight options, this post is for you. Today I’m sharing some of the best pullover sweaters for women over 50.

Some Of The Best Pullover Sweaters for Women over 50 from Nordstrom

This is such a soft sweater, and I love the pointelle stitching. It is lightweight and on the thin side. You might want to wear a cami under the sweater or wear the sweater over a button-up shirt. This pink color is sold out, but the sweater is still available in a blue/green color.

Every year, I purchase at least one cashmere sweater from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. This year, I bought this beige sweater since I know it will go with anything. I normally buy a v-neck, but I think the crewneck looks more classic.

I love this amethyst sweater from Nordstrom. It’s a great weight to start off the season, and I love rounded hem in the back. I’m a fan of this color, but it also comes in yellow and grey. Madewell is one of my favorite brands, and I’m always happy with the quality.

The lattice pattern is a nice unique detail on this sweater. It also comes in antique white, which I like, but the pattern wasn’t as apparent in the photo. You can never go wrong with Vince Camuto! Camel is a wonderful neutral color, and this would look great paired with black as pictured, or even a nice winter white.

Some Of The Best Pullover Sweaters for Women over 50 from Boston Proper

Even paired with a simple pair of jeans, this sweater looks chic and elegant. I like the half-zip sweater neckline and the gorgeous lilac color, although it’s just as pretty in bright red. All this needs is a statement necklace, and WOW.

Say it with me – DETAILS. This studded turtleneck sweater is stunning. This gives a bit of an edge to jeans, or you could dress it up with a skirt and heels. Added bonus, it has a hidden back zipper to make it easier to wear.

Some Of The Best Pullover Sweaters for Women over 50 from Amazon

I bought this turtleneck sweater last year in Olive, which was much lighter than this Army Green one. I prefer this color best, but I would have called in Olive. Lol! I’m wearing a large, which is a tad big on me, but the medium seemed to be slightly tight. This sweater is sooo soft, and it comes in a ton of colors.

I love this classic v-neck sweater! It fits me perfectly, and it is a basic layering piece that everyone needs in their wardrobe. The sweater is lightweight, so it is perfect to layer under a jacket or blazer.

This is another soft sweater! I bought it to check out the “cashmere feel” statement, and I think it is a great alternative to cashmere since I bought the 2-pack (a mustard one was also included) for under $20! The sweaters run small, I bought them in large first, but I had to send them back for an XL.

This is a perfect pullover for casual fall events! Wear this to ballgames, running errands or sitting on a patio with friends and enjoying the evening. This comes in several different color combinations such as tan, black, and navy. The best part? It’s just $30 dollars!

Ah, my favorite! I love a fisherman cable knit sweater. 🙂 Like usual with Amazon, it comes in a ton of colors. Lots of people have found this sweater and been happy with the results. It has over 7000 reviews and a rating of 4.5 stars. It’s also priced at an affordable $35 dollars!

This sweater looks so expensive to me! I love the oversized cowl neck and the tunic length. This would look chic with a pair of jeans or a great pair of leggings and heeled boots. The reviews say that the back is longer than the front – perfect for covering the rear “booty”, lol. Gotta love the price – $29 dollars.

Some Of The Best Pullover Sweaters for Women

This cable-knit sweater is NOT lightweight. It is a substantial weight sweater and feels like great quality. I’m a sucker for a cable-knit design, and this one is gorgeous! I’m wearing a medium, and I was actually surprised that it fit. Sometimes this kind of sweaters run small, but this one seems true to size.

An oversized tunic sweater is a great staple for fall/winter. The V-neck is good for you apple-shaped folks who don’t like to wear boxy sweaters. If you prefer a more fitted look, you’ll want to size down as this is meant to fit loosely. This comes in several other colors, all of them pastels.

Hooray for cobalt blue! I love this color, so I’m happy that it’s trending for 2023. This is soft and light, which means you can wear it as is or put it over a collared shirt for layering. If the blue is not your fave, it comes in several other colors and is 100% merino wool. Even so, it’s priced at a modest $39 dollars. I have this sweater is another color, and I think it runs small. I ended up having to order an XL to get the fit I wanted.

Well? Are you ready for sweater weather?! I think it’s pretty clear where these two stand. lol

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  1. Love the turtleneck oversized sweater! So many pretty choices…

  2. Donna Nunnelley says:

    Thank you for the great sweater post. I loveall the sweaters on this post.
    you make 50’s look Good. I am 59 yesterday and was feeling old until I read this week’s blog.I plan on ageing gracefully.

    1. Donna, I started the blog when I was 55, but I’m now 63! Wow! The time sure flew by quickly!

  3. Love the Boston Proper studded sweater! Hope it goes on sale.

  4. sue koren says:

    The half zip ones are so cute!

  5. Jenniffer says:

    Sweater obsessed!!!

  6. Purisima Fossas says:

    Hi Tania, beautiful sweaters, love every single color to style with a multicolor scarfs, hard to decide which one to get.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Have a Blessed Day.

    1. You’re welcome! Happy shopping. 😀

  7. Thanks for all the great options! I grew up in the North Carolina mountains and have always loved sweaters. I live just north of Charlotte now so it takes a little longer for cool weather to show up but it’s getting there! Fall is my favorite season!!!

  8. Can’t wait for sweater weather! Love your picks. I’ve picked a few of my own from your list. Thanks so much.

  9. Leah Hagedorn says:

    Tania, thanks for sharing your favorite Fall sweaters. As a Fall child, this is absolutely my time of year. Bonfires, football games, s’mores, falling colorful leaves, chill in the crisp, cold air and sweaters!

  10. Lovely. It’s getting cooler here, only 88 today. I’ll be needing sweaters in a month or so. Great ideas here.

    1. It was 67 here this morning.

  11. Debbie Moore says:

    Love love love the cowl neck tunic sweater! Been looking for a good one. Thanks for the links

    1. You’re welcome! Enjoy. 🙂

  12. so many pretty sweaters. you look great in the ones you modeled.

  13. Cute sweaters! It’s still in the 80’s here so I’m looking forward to cool temps.

  14. Pam Bowling says:

    I love sweaters!! You showed us some beautiful ones. Sweaters are such a good choice for the Fall and Winter. You can dress them up or down. I loved the tunic length sweaters.

  15. Ginger Hiller says:

    Joe is a great guy! We are enjoying lows in the 50’s this week but it’s getting up in the 80’s, so it’s not quite sweater weather. I do love sweater/ sweatshirt weather! You shared several I’d like to buy, but until I unpack my fall clothes, I better refrain.

    1. I hope the weather stays cool soon. It’s hard to dress when the temperatures are so up and down. 🙂

  16. Very cute sweaters especially the lilac ones.

  17. Chris Falk says:

    I do love the sweaters! It always reminds me of back to school time and I loved wearing them in the past, both as a student and a teacher. Ever since menopause I have not been able to wear much more than a lightweight cardigan. But I do love looking at them! I do have a question about the planters in your opening blog post. Where did you find them? I have a similar one that I bought from Ballard Designs but they are pricey and I’m disappointed that after only a few years, the outer coating is peeling around the edge of the planter. I was hoping maybe where you bought yours the planter is better made. Thank you!


    1. Chris, I bought this 10-15 years ago for my mother. They were in a home decor store, and I bought them for her. A couple of years ago, she decided to change up things, so she gave them back to me and I love them.

  18. Love the ladies “sweater weather”

  19. All the Sweaters are hits although it will be quite a while before it get enough to wear them where I live!

    1. Hoping for cooler weathers soon! 🙂

  20. Great sweater options! Thank you!

  21. Sweater weather is my favorite time of year! Great post!

  22. Being a hot natured gurl, I don’t wear very many sweaters, but if I did, some of these just might hop in my cart!!

  23. Everyone who knows me knows I believe there’s no such thing as too many sweaters! As a northerner living in the south I am anxiously awaiting it to cool down and start wearing them. You have some great choices here. All decorated for Fall at our house. 🍁

    1. Fingers crossed that cooler weather is just around the corner! 🙂

  24. I love cable knit, too!

  25. Love these sweater choices! Also what a sweet Bible verse!

  26. Love the sweater line up.
    What is the name of the mock cashmere sweater you mentioned. I can not wear cashmere 😏

  27. I love the fitted v-neck sweater…always elegant.

  28. Love the pink v neck sweater. Looks very soft

  29. I live in Colorado in the mtns and love when the leaves are changing and it’s to dig out my sweaters! You’ve given me lots of ideas to add to mine 🍂🍁

    1. Awesome! Colorado sounds lovely. 🙂

  30. I loved the half zip striped sweater. I will have to look for one like that for this winter. Thank you for your Bible verse today! A wonderful way to start my day!

    1. Thanks, Ann! I’m glad you enjoy the Bible verses. ❤️

  31. Barbara Craze says:

    Enjoyed the array of sweaters. It gives me hope that cool weather is coming. It’s just on a delay to Texas!

  32. Janice Nagle says:

    I love sweaters, and live in them from fall to spring! I found the Amazon merino wool sweater available in all colors in medium. what an astonishing price! I don’t think of amazon when I’m shopping for clothing. you have opened my eyes!

    1. I buy so much from Amazon! Glad you found something you liked, Janice.

  33. Love the look of a sweater for fall!🍂
    Living in Florida we don’t have many opportunities to wear them.😣

  34. I am looking forward to cooler temperatures and being able to wear sweaters. We have had a hot very dry summer, I am so over summer and would welcome snow just for the moisture.

    You have provided your readers with some great options. Thank you.

    1. Same! Thanks for commenting, Lorie.

  35. I love a v-neck sweater . May have to get that soft pullover that’s longer in length. Looks so cozy. Thanks for today’s post.

  36. I love sweaters but can’t wear many of them because I get waaay too hot.

  37. Stella Gustafson says:

    I probably only own about 5 sweaters and those are for my hen I go to Arkansas to visit my daughter and grandkids. Florida weather you pretty much in short sleeves all year round

    1. That’s sounds nice, Stella. I’m sure I’ll be having Florida envy around December. lol

  38. Great choices when the weather changes. It is suppose to be 85 today.

  39. I love a bunch of these. Especially the one from Boston Proper. Good thread.

  40. Oh my goodness at the cute sweater choices!! I am definitely saving several of these ideas for when it FINALLY gets cold here in MS! I love cozy sweaters – thank you as always for wonderful ideas!

    1. You’re welcome, Landy! Have a great day.

  41. This pale redhead LOVES sweater weather, and long pants too! My favorite is the olive green, but I also love a cableknit.

  42. I love fall and sweater weather. I especially liked the cream color vertical cable pattern sweater the best. It’s so classic and pretty.
    Have a blessed day!

    1. Thanks, Susanna. Same to you! ❤️

  43. Makes me ready for “sweater weather” – if only the weather would cooperate!

  44. Love the sweater weather video!

  45. I love sweaters! In fact, one of the best things about fall and you have selected some amazing styles.

  46. Laura Gray says:

    Thank you for such a nice variety of sweaters! I’m so glad you show what they look like on. it makes a huge difference!

  47. Karrie Knutson says:

    I love Cashmere sweaters. I also live a cable knit sweater. I wish there were more sweaters that are 100% cotton. I am disappointed that so many sweaters include acrylic and polyester. I find sweaters that are acrylic and polyester pill and ball.

    1. Finding anything that is 100% cotton is sooo hard.

  48. Not sweater weather yet here

  49. Woke up to a cool house this morning and put on my favorite pullover sweater. Your post was so timely. Thanks Tania!

  50. What a great selection of sweaters! Thinking of ordering one of the V-necks from Amazon. One of the things about Amazon that I love is their selection of colors and prints in the items. You just can’t always find that selection when you shop in some stores. Thanks for all the info!

    1. You’re welcome, Cindy! Have a great day. ❤️

  51. Linda Shearer says:

    Cute sweaters. So many choices and colors. .

  52. Melissa Griffith says:

    I love sweaters. However, living in Florida, my husband thinks I’m nuts if I get a sweater🤷‍♀️(but I think I can sneak buy some anyway 😏😏)

    1. Blame it on the cold restaurant A/C! 🙂

  53. Jean kern says:

    Loved the sweater post
    My kind of dressing
    Loved the affordable cashmere, I wear cashmere year round!

  54. The pink is my favorite. I look forward to your post every morning. (Very cool 52 here.)
    Thank you.

  55. The pink is my favorite. I look forward to your post every morning.
    Thank you.

  56. I have been anxiously waiting for sweater weather! It’s 42 here this morning, so I’m ready to pull out my sweaters!

  57. Dana Smithmier says:

    i love sweater weather!!!

  58. These are all such cute sweaters! I think my favorite is the v-neck cable pull over sweater. Thank you!

  59. My favorite is the Madewell Alpaca in pink. Unfortunately only green is left. Thank you for giving us many beautiful options to choose from.

  60. Patricia Konze says:

    Lots of great options. Decisions, decisions.

  61. Nancy Ingalsbe says:

    Love options of zipper fronts for sweaters! These come in handy when the nasty hot flash decides to pay a visit!

    1. A benefit I hadn’t thought of, lol. Thanks for commenting.

  62. Love the Amazon turtleneck and the fisherman crew neck! Have purchased them in multiple colors and they are all gorgeous, wash up and flat dry beautifully, are super soft and have a consistent fit! Also for great prices for their high quality.

    1. Thanks for the review! I’ve always been happy with my purchases, too.

  63. Love, love, love me some sweaters! Great choices.

  64. Janice Wooldridge says:

    I like the pink one !!!

  65. Love sweater weather! All great options you styled. I especially love the cashmere and cable knit. I’m starting to get out my lightweight ones now that the daytime temps here in the Hudson Valley of upstate New York are usually in the 60’s.

  66. It is 56 degrees this morning, in Spartanburg, SC. I love it. My house is fully decorated for fall, did that just after Labor Day. Why…..because I will decorate for Christmas the day after Halloween. We have a lot of travel and plans during the holiday season and I love Christmas. The Turtleneck and the Fisherman cable sweaters are fabulous. I like the long tunic style too. Amazon may just have to visit my house this week.

    1. I love that you’re fully decorated for fall! And I agree, it’s never too early to decorate for Christmas. 🙂

  67. Karen Daniel says:

    So glad it’s sweater weather! I love your suggestions and you look especially great in the pink sweater at the beginning of this post. I also love the zip striped sweater. Recently after just trying on shoes in a store and ending up a sweaty hot mess I realized how hard you must work, ordering and trying on and photographing these outfits day after day. Exhausting! Thanks so much, we really appreciate it!

    1. Haha. It’s true. I can look like a hot and sweaty mess by the time I’m done. I don’t show those photos, lol!

  68. I told myself that I didn’t need any more sweaters this year…but a couple are too tempting to pass on!

  69. Janell Bontekoe says:

    so ready for sweater weather! Thanks for showing such great options. Now if the South would just cool down a little….

    1. It was 67 this morning when I went outside. I needed a jacket. 😳

      1. It was 44 at 6am in Michigan! 🌻

  70. So many great options!

  71. The lavender ones are a great color love the zip one!

  72. Alicia Wilson says:

    Which one is your favorite sweater?

  73. Louise Logan says:

    Love that electric blue!!

  74. Love Sweater Wearher🩷