7 Bras Every Woman Over 50 Should Own

I share a lot of clothing options on a day-to-day basis, but let’s face it, ladies… you need the right foundation beneath your clothing, or your outfit is going to fall flat. Different styles of tops and dresses call for a variety of bras depending on their neckline, what material they are made out of, how low the neckline goes, and a whole list of other factors. Today, we are talking about seven different kinds of bras every woman over 50 should own, and the ones I keep in my rotation so that I can start the day with the proper foundation under every outfit.

You might also enjoy this post where I talk about how to measure yourself for a bra at home and see some photos of me trying on popular bras (under a t-shirt).

Bras Every Woman Over 50 Need For A Complete Wardrobe

1. T-Shirt Bra: Warner’s No Side Effects

This bra does an excellent job with side and back coverage, plus the cups are lined well for “no-show” issues. You also can’t see the bra under my shirt, so it is great for wearing under a t-shirt or top that fits tight. There is hardly any back bulge with this bra, and that is not an easy feat. The website says that the straps are convertible, but I honestly haven’t even noticed that or tried it to see. I have the Butterscotch color, and I love this color. Depending on your size, this bra will run between $28 to $51, so you will have to put in your size to see the exact price.

2. Wireless Bra: Spanx Wireless Bralellujah

This is my go-to bra for everyday wear! I swear by the bra-llelujah from Spanx because it fits great, has wide straps, and does a great job of controlling my back fat. I have it in nude, so I can wear it under my white tops. Plus, the front closure makes getting it on and off a breeze. If you have a larger chest or are just a fan of underwire, this bra also comes in an underwire version.

3. Strapless Bra: Spanx Strapless

 For the occasions when you are going to be wearing a halter, one-shoulder, or strapless top or dress (like the ones I shared on Monday), you’ll need a comfortable strapless bra that stays put! Because I loved my everyday bra by SPANX, I decided to try the strapless one also. I find that it is as comfortable as a strapless bra can be and doesn’t slip or slide, even in hot weather when I’m sweating.

4. Lounging Bra: True and Co Triangle Convertible

As much as I’d love to go braless on my days at home, I wouldn’t feel comfortable opening the door to greet a delivery driver or a neighbor coming to say hello without any coverage at all! Insert this buttery soft lounge bra by True and Co. that’s so comfy you barely feel like you’re wearing a bra.

5. Sports Bra: FITTIN Racerback

This racerback sports bra will hold the girls in place while offering full coverage during your daily workout or walk. They are medium support, so I wouldn’t recommend them for high-intensity running and workouts with lots of jumping, but they are great for walking, hiking, yoga, pilates, Zumba, etc. On top of support, they are flattering without the flattening aspect that most sports bras give, and you cannot beat the affordable price (4 for under $40!).

6. Front Closure/Post Surgery Bras: Fruit of the Loom

If you have ever had an operation done, you know how uncomfortable life can be for the days and weeks following surgery. This bra comes highly recommended as they are soft, breathable, and easy to put on using the front hook and eye closures.

7. Petals: Hollywood Fashion Secrets

While these are not technically a bra, they’re still a must in my undergarment list! They are amazing for when your outfit won’t allow you to wear a bra (like a top or dress with a low back), but you still want the modesty. I’ve tried many brands, but these are the best that I’ve found. You can even put them under your swimsuit if you want for a little extra coverage.

There you have it, the top seven bras every woman over 50 should own. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these, or what bra you like instead.

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  1. Thank you for the post on bras ! Such a tricky undergarment for me . This post was very helpful. I didn’t know Spanx provided such nice bras .

  2. A brand I found several years ago and love is Ruby Ribbon. They have tank bras that support even the bustiest of us (which I am one of). No underwire. No back clasp (or front). Just pull on and you are supported all day long. Lots of colors and styles too.

  3. Front closures!! I don’t know if I need them or just prefer them, but that is what I look for as I am shopping for bras.

  4. I started wearing EBY bras recently. They are so comfortable – I’m never going back to a traditional bra. I tried the True & Co bra but I feel that EBY bras give better support and shape.

    PS – I’m an office manager for a construction company and have to do W2’s and 1099’s too. For some reason they stress me out every year – even though the software does all the work.

  5. Thank you or taking the time to put this together. I think the petals (maybe) and the sports bras are the only ones that might fit me. I’m used to bra manufacturers not making my size, but your title is a little off putting when you then list bra after bra that start 2 and 3 sizes too large.

  6. Thank you for your posts. I look forward to reading them daily!!! This article was interesting. I’m going to check these out!

  7. Thank you for this oh so important post of beautiful bras, Tania, but alas…
    The only bra for me is a Lillyette Minimizer underwire bra in a 38G…expensive but worth it. I have to order them because no stores near me carry my size.

  8. Thank you! Found you on Pinterest and try to read your posts every day. Great information and always fun! I avoid bra shopping -almost as bad as swimsuit shopping! Thank you for these tips.

  9. I have these racerback sports bras and LOVE them. They do have the removeable pads but I have no problem with that. Great price too!

  10. This post could not have come at a better time for me because I need to purchase a couple of bras. I am definitely going to try two of the ones you suggested, after reading your post on doing at-home measurements. Thank you!

  11. Ty. I have a very hard time getting a bra that the straps stay put.! My shoulders are narrow and they want to slide down . Very annoying. Thinking a racer back could work. Not always wanting that much coverage though.

  12. Hello! On your recommendation, I got the SPANX Brallehlujah— on sale. I had to make an exchange because the straps were too long and not adjustable.
    SPANX went out of their way to make that exchange easy and cost-free to me, including making sure I still got the sale price.
    I LOVE the bra, and will go back for more. I do want to try the Warners one you posted. ( and maybe the sports bras!)

  13. So glad you did a post on bras! Trying to find a new size, brand and style is always a nightmare. I’ll definitely be trying a few of them. If you have any ideas on finding a swimsuit with a supportive bra, or even some type of insert or bra to wear with swimsuits, I would love to hear about it! We appreciate you!

  14. I have tried so many bras and have been so disappointed. I have finally found luck with Soma bras. But I need a good strapless bra. So glad you recommend the SPANX. I’ll be trying that out! Thank you.

  15. I have such a difficult time finding bras that are comfortable that I’ve considered making my own. You really get an idea of how different ours bodies are from each others when you see how many different types of bras there are.

  16. I can vouch for the Fruit of the Loom front close bras. I wore them after breast surgery and they were great. Comfy and easy to get on and off.

  17. Great options! I’m gonna try the Spanx brand strapless. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than a stiff strapless bra! I’m a huge fan of the lounging bras for around the house especially on cleaning days. I also wear Soma vanishing back bras with front closure. It provides total support, smoothness & coverage.
    Thanks for putting these great posts together! Tax time!!!! Yuck!

  18. Thank you, it is not a pleasant task finding a good bra anymore! I’ve already got a couple of these in my shopping cart!!

  19. I’m going to check on the no side effects bra. I hope that means the sides are very wide. Have you ever tried the camisole bras that totally smooth the midriff?

  20. I really need to do some bra shopping. I just hate going to the store and having to try on so many styles. I am adding that first one you listed as one I want to try.