50 IS NOT OLD | BLACK AND BLUE FOR A SPRING STYLE | FASHION OVER 40Tuesday night, I was sitting at the table, and Joe walked through and asked me if I wanted to go with him to look at the house next door. I said, no, and then back to writing. In about 30 more minutes, Joe walked back in and asked me if I wanted to run up the road with him to look at some property he had bought. We have looked at this a thousand times, so once again, I said no and went back to writing. But, this time, he wasn’t going to take no for an answer.
50 IS NOT OLD | BLACK AND BLUE FOR A SPRING STYLE | FASHION OVER 40He said, get your shoes on, you’re going with me. I looked up somewhat confused because there was no reason for me to go. Plus, I was trying to finish my blog post because on Tuesday nights, we have a team ZOOM call, and I wanted to be finished with the blog before the call. And, if that wasn’t enough, I was also trying to cook dinner so that we could eat. He said, “you’ve been in this house for days (because I have not felt good) and you need to do something. There was NO getting out of going, so we drove up the road and glanced at the property. That was it. Then we came back to the house and went next door. He wanted to measure for an opening for a new refrigerator in his mom’s house. We left there and drove a circle through Grundy and then came right back to the house. He was happy as a lark that he had got me out of the house for 30 minutes. Lol! I guess it is the little things that make them happy. Somehow dinner was cooked, the blog was written, and the ZOOM call happened at 9:00 just like planned. Don’t tell Joe…but I am glad that I went. Lol!
50 IS NOT OLD | BLACK AND BLUE FOR A SPRING STYLE | FASHION OVER 40Someone asked me yesterday about the size of the swing dress that I am wearing. I had forgotten to mention one of the most important details about the dress, which is the sizing. I am wearing a medium, and it fits great. I also have a large in this style dress, and other than being a little bigger under the arms, I can’t tell much difference in them. So, today makes day four in the swing dress series. My thought for today was to style the dress for spring since I styled for fall yesterday. I also had a couple of ladies who had trouble wearing black and brown together. I hear you, ladies because I was once in the same boat. But, I looked at my Yorkie dog, who was black and tan, and it struck me that if nature puts the two colors together, then who was I to question the look? Since then, I wear black and brown together a lot. I love wearing a pair of khaki pants and a black sweater. Try it; you will love the look.
50 IS NOT OLD | BLACK AND BLUE FOR A SPRING STYLE | FASHION OVER 40I love today’s jewelry. I am starting at the top with these silver and turquoise earrings. These are the Remington silver hoop earrings with turquoise dangles. They are a medium size earring, with a 2.25″ drop. My necklace was c/o Chico’s Off The Rack. They were so sweet to ask me to do a sponsored post, (here) and the necklace was what I chose to match the outfit that I picked out. It is no longer on the website, but there are a lot of beautiful items still available. My cross cuff bracelet is called the Edine. It has been sold out for a while, and they finally got it back in stock. But, if this is something that you like, then you better click here and move swiftly because it is already showing low stock.
50 IS NOT OLD | BLACK AND BLUE FOR A SPRING STYLE | FASHION OVER 40It was very easy to style my black swing dress for spring. I added a beautiful long blue cardigan that I purchased at Target earlier this summer. It is a robin blue, which is perfect for spring. And, because spring can be chilly in the mornings, the long sleeves work out perfect. I love scrunching my sleeves up to make a 3/4 look; I find them much more flattering.

50 IS NOT OLD | BLACK AND BLUE FOR A SPRING STYLE | FASHION OVER 40I shared my daughter’s acne story on Facebook yesterday. She struggled with acne as a senior in high school, which left her with scars on her face. The dermatologist wanted to do laser treatments on her to try and help with the scarring. If your skin detects distress, then it sends collagen to try to repair itself. Collagen will plump and heal the problem. Our skin is amazing!!! Those treatments were PAINFUL, ? and they didn’t help that much. Now, she uses the AMP MD Roller and the Intensive Renewing Serum. She puts her skin in mild, (non-painful) distress for 1-minute, three times a week, and her skin is looking amazing!!! ?  You can bring out the best in your skin also, collagen is your friend. Look how beautiful her skin looks now!

If you purchase the AMP MD Roller before the 31st of this month, you can also get a 60-day supply of lip renewing serum as a gift from R+F.

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  1. Blue is so your color. I just bought a dark grey and a cream in these long cardigans and hopefully can keep wearing them all through the fall and next spring here on the Coast. Now I want a robins egg blue. I love the clutch too. I have one similar and it just adds the right punch to some outfits. Your daughter is lovely.

    • Tania Reply

      I love wearing blue. It makes my eyes pop! Joe bought me that clutch when we went to Cancun. I love all the bright colors.

  2. Today outfit is so slimming on you! Looks great! How much for the AMP roller?

    • Tania Reply

      I think that a long cardigan is slimming. That is the reason that I love wearing them. I message you about the AMP roller.

  3. My sister refuses to wear black & brown together but I watched enough episodes of “what not to wear” to know that black, brown, gray, white & navy are all considered neutrals and will match anything. Including each other.. Plus leopard is my favorite print so……

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