50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO MAKE A SHORT SLEEVE DRESS WORK FOR FALL | FASHION OVER 40I finally woke up with the feeling that I am on the mend. I can’t believe that I have let a silly cough get the best of me. If this had been Joe, I would have rolled my eyes and thought, “man cold.” But, I have been zapped of energy, probably because I couldn’t sleep at night for coughing. I also coughed so much at night that I think I pulled a muscle under my rib. I have had to hold a pillow to my stomach to cough, which has been continuously. Talk about a whiney baby. ?
50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO MAKE A SHORT SLEEVE DRESS WORK FOR FALL | FASHION OVER 40My brain has been foggy from the cough medicine, so I apologize if my last couple of blog posts haven’t been making sense. Lol! But, this morning, when I woke up, the first thought that popped in my mind was, “I feel okay.” Yes, I am still coughing, but the fog seems to have lessened, and I feel like getting dressed. Let me tell you that is a big improvement. I had to make myself get dressed on Saturday and take the pictures for this dress series. I wasn’t sure if my mind was going to be clear enough to come up with different ideas for the series, but I hope that you are enjoying it so far. Joe is sure glad to see some life back in me. He keeps his distance from me, though. Lol! I keep asking him if he wants a kiss, but he seems to be okay with blowing a kiss from across the room. Hahaha
50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO MAKE A SHORT SLEEVE DRESS WORK FOR FALL | FASHION OVER 40So, my theme for today is “fall.” The little black swing dress is a short sleeve dress, but that doesn’t stop us from wearing it all year round. My swing dress is from Old Navy, and it is 95% rayon and 5% spandex. It is very comfortable and easy to wear. The dress is machine washable and line dry, so it is very easy to care for. I have had this dress for over a year, and it still looks great. Here is the link to the dress at Old Navy.
50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO MAKE A SHORT SLEEVE DRESS WORK FOR FALL | FASHION OVER 40My monogrammed earrings are a pair that I have had for a while. I took a pair of leather earrings to my local guy, and he embroidered my initials on them for me. How cute is this??? This would make a great Christmas gift or a teacher’s present since they are so affordable. This pair is no longer available, but the Dakota is even cuter, and they are still online (here) and are only 12.00. My leather, multi-strand necklace is the Rhiannon. I love how long this necklace is, and all of the gold discs that create movement as you walk. My trio of bracelets is the Lucille, the Lelani, and the Ramona. I love wearing these three bracelets together; they are my go-to. 
Shut the front door!!! I hope you gurls were one of the lucky ones who bought this leopard print v-neck cardigan back when Nordstrom had their Anniversary Sale. I am not going to rub it in by telling you how soft and luxurious this is since it is already sold out. But, I am going to tell you to listen to me when I tell you that some things will sell out quickly. Lol! The good news is, even though this cardi is sold out, there are plenty of fish leopards in the sea. And, since leopard print is a huge trend, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a similar one. My cute booties are an older pair that I bought at Old Navy. I wear this pair all the time because of the color, and also because of the comfort level. I have worn these all day long, and they don’t hurt my feet. Here is a link to the booties.


When I first started using Rodan + Fields products, I tried my hardest to get Joe to use them also. He has sun damage on his face from playing golf with no hat, and he has some lines around his eyes. But, he refused because he said that he was pretty enough. Lol! One day at work, he said, “is that “roller thing” your using supposed to help get rid of lines and wrinkles?” I was thinking that he was going to make fun of me for believing that the roller would work, so I very cautiously told him, “yes, it is supposed to help with lines and wrinkles. Why are you asking about it?” That is when he told me that he had secretly been using the roller for about a week. He showed me his eyes and told me that he was shocked, but he could see a difference. I was thrilled and told him to keep using it, and I would buy me another one. But, he said no, he just wanted to see if it would work. What do you do with a man like that? Lol! The reason that I am telling you that story is because that “roller thing” can help you with lines and wrinkles, and it can also get you a free lip serum. Rodan + Fields just announced a great incentive, and that is only available until the end of the month. When you place an order for the AMP MD System, or a Regimen/AMP IT UP Special, then they are gifting you a FREE Lip Serum. When you buy the AMP IT UP special bundle, you are getting an extra 20% off of the purchase price if you had bought the AMP MD System by itself. Plus, when you become my Preferred Customer, you will get an extra 10% off. Gurls, that is some serious savings!!! Here is the link where you can find all of these specials. This special is available to all new OR existing Preferred Customers. Here is how you order: click on the link above, pick the products you want and put them in your cart. When you have added all the product(s), then you click on the shopping cart icon to go and checkout. You will see a small blue box that says Join PC Perks, and you need to check that. Then you fill out the billing and shipping information and hit continue until you get a confirmation number. Your products will arrive in 3-5 days, so you need to get a good picture taken. No makeup, hair pulled back, and good lighting will give you the best photo. I will stand in front of a window, but not in direct sunlight, and I let someone take my picture. The selfie camera doesn’t have as good of a camera as the rear-facing camera.

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    • Tania Reply

      It is so good to wake up feeling like you can accomplish something. Lol!

  1. Glad you are on the mend Tania don’t do too much you can think you are fine and then BAM ! you end up feeling worse ?love your animal print long cardigan will definitely keep an eye out for one here in Dublin have a good restful day ?

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks for the good advice, Bernie. I am going to run a couple of errands, but I will not do too much.

  2. Kimberly Kleinschmidt Reply

    I love the outfit but it is so hard for me to put a brown or neutral with black. I am 56 and brown and black to me do not go together in my mind. LOL Thank you for all the looks and suggestions. I am so happy I stumbled across your blog.
    I look forward to it each morning. Thank you.

    • Tania Reply

      Kimberly, I was like you for the longest time. Then, I got a Yorkie dog. It hit me that if black and brown go together in nature, then they can go together in fashion.

    • Yes, I agree! I would really struggle to put on brown shoes and/earrings with a black dress. Doesn’t go together in my mind either.

  3. Cathy Justice Reply

    Glad you’re on the mend, I love the cardigan! Your styles help me remember pieces in my closet!

    • Tania Reply

      I do feel better! I am glad that you are able to use my suggestions for yourself.

  4. I never comment, more of a stalker, haha. So glad you are feeling better. I think this is my favorite outfit so far and it looks wonderful on you. You have great taste!

  5. So glad you are feeling better! That outfit is again lovely! As you know, I love leopard print! But it was 111 degrees here Monday so no way I could be wearing a sweater now! I have loved the series of little black dresses! I’ve never used the roller and don’t know what it’s for, but maybe I should try it!

  6. Don’t laugh but I looked at the cardigan and thought wow she is wearing a cow print, isn’t that awesome. Oops it is a leopard print but not in the orange colour range that doesn’t suit me. Glad you are starting to perk up. I am loving this series!

  7. I love a good “how to” series & I love these long cardigans. They go from around the house to the store without changing. You look lovely in this particular outfit. Those boots are to die for! I hope you feel 100% soon.

  8. Wish I looked so good when I’m under the weather! Glad you’re better, and I love today’s outfit.

  9. Love your outfit! It will be hot here until the end of October and then it is still fairly warm in November!

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