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The Best Vacation Purses and Totes

I’ve been chatting a lot lately about the best accessories to pack for your next vacation. If you missed it, I recently shared Colorful Jewelry and Accessories for Vacation and Beyond and Comfortable Shoes You Need for a Beach Vacation. So, today, I’m continuing the vacation accessory trend today by sharing the best vacation purses and totes, including many of my personal favorites.

If you’re jet-setting somewhere sunny and tropical like me to Miami, these bags will be perfect paired with your vacation outfits. But, don’t worry if you’re not. These same bags will look great with your spring and summer outfits in just a few short weeks (or whenever spring makes its appearance!)

1. Large Hand-Woven Straw Hobo Bag

This Large Hand-Woven Straw Hobo Bag is a “must-have” style bag for summer. I saw this handbag style everywhere last year, and it is an excellent choice for summer. It is a great medium size, and the natural color goes with everything. This is a medium size bag, and it can hold everything you need for a gurl’s lunch date. It would also look adorable with a small scarf tied around the handle.

2. Mocha Straw Crossbody

I’m a big fan of this Mocha Straw Crossbody with leather accents and gold chain details. This handbag can be dressed up or down, and it is large enough to hold all of your essential items. This bag is also available in a version with black handles.

3. Woven Clutch Bag

This Woven Clutch Bag is smaller and can be worn as a crossbody. This cute clutch is smaller than the hobo bag above, but I like that you can carry it as a crossbody. I’m carrying the darker khaki color, but it is also available in a lighter beige.

4. Straw Clutch

Most of my beach totes are casual, but it wouldn’t be a best vacation purses roundup without a clutch for dinner. This straw clutch wrist purse is large enough to hold my phone, keys, and a small wallet. I love this straw clutch, and it will be great to carry with any outfit this spring and summer.

5. Large Straw Tote

I bought this tote bag when I went on my Biltmore trip. We didn’t even have a beach trip planned at that time, but I must have subconsciously been wanting to go. I can’t find the exact one to link anymore, but here is a very similar one! I love the modern style of this tote, and it is plenty big enough to carry everything I need to the pool or beach. Plus, it will look great with all your summer outfits since it is a neutral color.

6. Woven Crossbody

This Woven Vegan Crossbody Handbag is so lightweight and perfect for spring and summer. The bag can be carried as an evening bag with its chain-link handle, which I’ve removed in this photo. This is the White1 Color.

7. Vegan Woven Bag

I have had my eye on this super popular trending woven bag! I have it pictured in brown here, but I also really love it in the black and apricot which is a nice light tan color. If you don’t love neutrals and want to add a pop of color to your outfit this season, this bag also comes in some beautiful spring colors like sage, emerald, lime green, light blue, and light pink!

8. Beach Please

This heavyweight canvas tote bag is water resistant and has ample room for all of your beach essentials. It’s available in several other sayings like ‘Weekend Please’, which is great since it’s the perfect size for a weekend getaway!

9. Beach Bogg Waterproof Tote

These Bogg bags are the ultimate bags for taking with you to the lake, pool, beach, camping, the waterpark, etc. They are so roomy and lightweight. Plus, they are easy to clean and come in so many fun colors and patterns!

10. Bamboo Handbag

I bought this bamboo handbag several years ago. This style was all the rage because there was a Cult Gaia handbag that looked just like this but was crazy expensive. I found this one on Amazon, and it has a 5-star rating with almost 5,000 reviews. I don’t carry it a lot, but it is great to take on vacation, etc.

More Bags You’ll Love:

I hope you enjoyed today’s best vacation purses and totes post, and here are a few more that I’m sure you’ll love.

  • This mesh beach bag dries quickly and makes shaking out excess sand from the beach a breeze! You could also use it at the farmer’s market or to carry groceries!
  • I love these round rattan handbags that you can wear on your shoulder or as a crossbody.
  • If you are taking your kids or grandchildren to the pool or beach, this bag has plenty of room for beach toys, snacks, and towels for everyone!
  • I love the happy and bright colors on this woven handbag!

Shop More of the Best Vacation Purses and Totes:

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  1. Lynn Hoang says:

    Tania, Firstly, you look amazing on the beach! I’ve been reading your blogs for quite a few years before going on trips. I am very nervous for my upcoming beach trip. Me and my longtime girlfriend from college are going to a beach spa resort. I know we will have fun and relax and snorkel and shop. The clothes thing is nerve wracking to me!! I’ve found a few things to wear but still looking for a casual dress and fun tops. Do you have links for these dresses? Love your bags! I make bags from the years I spent quilting and sewing. I’m in the middle of making a woven type tote for the beach!! Thanks so much!! Lynn

  2. MaryCarol says:

    Nice collection of summer purses.
    I have a question for you. If you carry the straw clutch to lunch or dinner out where do you place it while eating? I always hang a shoulder strap purse on my chair or set it on the floor by my feet. Just never sure if it’s appropriate to set it on the table when eating out.

    1. Mary Carol, I love carrying a clutch to dinner. I usually lay it on my lap or beside me in the chair. I’ve left restaurants before with my bag still hanging on the chair. Thankfully, they’ve always been turned in with nothing missing, but I try not to put them on the back of my chair anymore.

  3. Robyn Staton says:

    Wow! You chose a great assortment of purses to choose from! The large straw tote is fantastic as well as the cute cross body mocha straw purse. Decisions….

  4. Where did you get the striped dress with all the bright colors and the gold sheen to it? You look smashing in it, and I would love to get one for myself! Love your blogs, and thank you!

    1. Annie, that was a coverup from last year, and it has already sold out.

  5. I have the first bag and do get lots of compliments on it every summer. Would you share details about the maxi dress you are wearing with it?

  6. Linda Anderson says:

    Where can I find the dresses??

  7. Janus Emory says:

    Thank you, Tania. I’ve been looking for the right straw bag with little results. I think at least 2 of these bags will I really appreciate your help. God Bless.

  8. Bags are fabulous. Dresses are gorgeous!

  9. Cute bags! Straw and rattan are fun!

  10. I love carrying a straw bag in the summer and do believe the the straw clutch would be wonderful addition to my summer wardrobe!

  11. Ginger Hiller says:

    Sounds like the trip got off to a great start last night. I ordered the Vegan Woven tote from Amazon and have the striped tote on hold. I always have a little tummy bulge, so I won’t think anything of yours.

  12. can’t remember what you said TTS was

  13. Maria A Kozan says:

    I love my bogg bag!! Thanks for the ideas:)

  14. Cathy Baird says:

    I LOVE the dress you’re wearing withe the clutch purse.

    1. Cathy, I’m going to put the dresses that are still available in tomorrow’s email. Make sure you’re a subscriber to get the links.

  15. carolyn H says:

    Great purses… but the dresses are lovely… can you post links to where you bought those ?

    1. I’m going to put the dresses that are still available in tomorrow’s email. Make sure you’re a subscriber to get the links.

  16. Marilyn Byrnside says:

    The bags are all wonderful, but bags are a weakness of mine, so my closet is filled up right now. I love that first dress though! It just screams vacation, relaxation and comfort. Are you posting a link later, or did I already miss one?

    1. Marilyn, that dress will be in tomorrow’s email. Look for it there.

  17. Love the looks
    I’d like them all!

  18. Oh my I think the striped sparkly dress is gorgeous! The straw clutch is my favorite of the purses as well.

  19. Love the Bogg bag! Enjoy Miami!🌞😎

  20. Great beach totes and purses! Love them! Now just need to get to some warmer weather!

  21. Lisa Clancy says:

    Need the first dress with the little flowers!!!

    1. Lisa, the dress will be in tomorrow’s email.

  22. I love the Beach Please tote!
    Enjoy your trip. We are celebrating the Chiefs win here in KC!

  23. I absolutely LOVE the bags! I hope you are going to do a post with the dresses in this post! Thanks!

    1. Sue, I’m going to put the dresses that are still available in tomorrow’s email. Make sure you’re a subscriber to get the links.

  24. Great post! I’m headed to Spain this summer — please tell me where your dresses in this post are coming from! Love them! Thanks!

    1. I’m going to put the dresses that are still available in tomorrow’s email. Make sure you’re a subscriber to get the links.

  25. Really cute purses. You styled them all so well.

    Enjoy the warmth in Florida!

  26. I felt like I was looking at your dresses and then was like “oh yes, go back and look at the purses and totes.” You of course look fab in each dress.

  27. Marla Hawkins says:

    Love that shimmering dress with the clutch bag!

  28. LeeAnn Barnard says:

    Love the vegan woven bag. I saw a similar one at Anthropologie. So cute and lightweight.

  29. The bags are very cute, but I LOVE the dresses!

  30. Carmen Cancel says:

    Good morning Tania,

    Thanks for all your emails and inspiring notes. Can you please email the links of the dresses that you are modeling with the purses in this post too. They are so pretty, great for a Caribbean vacation. 🙂


    1. Carmen, I’m going to put the dresses that are still available in tomorrow’s email. Make sure you’re a subscriber to get the links.

  31. Great article, thank you. Can you please share info for the fab dresses?

    1. I’m going to put the dresses that are still available in tomorrow’s email. Make sure you’re a subscriber to get the links.

  32. Rosalinda Salcedo says:

    Life is too short not to enjoy!! Thanks for sharing these beautiful purses and bags!! Have an amazing Monday!!

  33. Joan Henry says:

    Love the dresses!

  34. Charlotte Whetstone says:

    You covered all the possibilities! Thank you!

  35. I have a closet full of handbags and still desire all of these! I already have the bamboo one, the woven round one, the straw with pompoms, the bogg bag, and too many canvas totes…🤦‍♀️
    I love the clutch and will be ordering it today! Great style ideas, as usual!

  36. We all want to know where to get the dresses

    1. Lol, I didn’t even think to link them, but I’m going to put the dresses that are still available in tomorrow’s email. Make sure you’re a subscriber to get the links.

  37. Great selection of bags! May have missed, but info please on shoes (pictured with straw clutch, woven crossbody and bamboo handbag). Enjoy your posts!

    1. Faye, I’ll put everything that is available in tomorrow’s email.

  38. Jill Zimmerman says:

    LOOOOOVE my BOGG BAG for the pool … Scout Bags are the best to have in my gift stash too!

  39. Dana Smithmier says:

    i love woven purses-i would REALLY love the link to the dresses-especially the last one!

    1. Dana, that dress is no longer available. It was from a little boutique.

  40. Becky Kerwin says:

    These are all really cute, I just might have to buy one even though I won’t be going anywhere this year, just because you never know!

  41. Becky Kerwin says:

    Wow! They’re all so cute, maybe I should go on a vacation just to get one of these! Lol!

  42. Megan Bidwell says:

    Same comment as others. Cute purses, where can I get info on dress #4?

    1. Megan, if you are talking about the shimmer dress, it is a coverup, and it is no longer available.

  43. Becky Kerwin says:

    Wow! They’re all so cute, makes me want to go on vacation!

  44. Those are very cute bags but I would love more information on those dresses.

    1. I’m going to put the dresses that are still available in tomorrow’s email. Make sure you’re a subscriber to get the links.

  45. Those purses really go with anything. I love the dresses featured in this post too.

    1. Look in tomorrow’s email for them.

  46. good morning. where can I find the dress in #4? I love the whole outfit.

  47. I love the handwoven round rattan bag. I bought one last year. I have difficulty closing it with my I phone, small wallet and reading glasses in it! But I love the look, so I make it work!

  48. Regina Cocolin says:

    Such a beautiful post! But what about those dresses? They are adorable! Where can we find them.

    Thanks so much!

    1. I’m going to put the dresses that are still available in tomorrow’s email. Make sure you’re a subscriber to get the links.