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Fun and Funky Grandpa Sweaters You’re Sure to Love

Remember the Coastal Grandma aesthetic? Well, move over, Grandma, there’s a new game in town. Yes, it’s Grandpa’s turn to shine. The Grandpa sweater trend is real, and it’s happening. I blame Mr. Rogers. Just kidding, I’m happy with any fashion trend that features cozy clothes. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry. Today, I’m sharing some fun and funky Grandpa Sweaters you’re sure to love.

I bet you thought Grandpa Sweaters were all going to be dull and boring. Shame on you. Lol! Grandpa sweaters can be a shape, style, or print that you might see a grandpa wear. I love this bright colored cardigan sweater that is a relaxed style, exactly like what a grandpa would wear over his plaid shirt. He might not wear pink…but you never know. This sweater is also available in black and winter white.

I bought this boyfriend/grandpa sweater earlier this year, but it sold out before I could get it linked. I love this relaxed look, and you can wear it buttoned as a sweater or loose as a cardigan. This one is from Walmart, and I found several versions of it that I’ll list below.

Fun and Funky Grandpa Sweaters You’re Sure to Love – Oversized

The grandpa look is achieved by wearing a sweater that looks like you stole it from your grandpa. Wow, I really break these fashion trends down for you, don’t I? lol. Well, this is a sweater that I’d actually take from my grandpa’s closet and wear proudly. It would look great with leggings or jeans and booties. VERY comfy and cozy, which is the whole point.

The link description actually calls this sweater, “grunge”. Surely some of you remember the 90s? I told you it was making a comeback! This baggy sweater has a mock neck and elastic cuffs and it actually hits near the hips. It’s called baggy, but the reviewers say that it’s not oversized. There are several other options at the link including some cute checked patterns.

I told you that Walmart knows a thing or two about what grandpas wear. lol. This reminds me of a Fair Isle sweater which is a look that I always like. I love a sweater that’s machine-washable! This is a blend -50% Viscose, 28% Polyester, and 22% Nylon. It comes in several other options, including a slightly crazy purple rose version that I can’t imagine any grandpa wearing, lol.

Fun and Funky Grandpa Sweaters You’re Sure to Love – Cardigan

Now this is some stylish grandpa! I love the argyle pattern, and this black and green version is so chic. The reviews say that these run REALLY small, so you may want to go up one or even two sizes. It’s a cute sweater for around $25 dollars. You could dress this up or down!

This is one of my favorites in the Grandpa sweater category! I love the black and white stripes and the contrasting cuffs and placket. It’s boxy and will hit around the hip, so if you’re looking for a more fitted look around the midsection, this is probably not your sweater. It’s available in 7 other versions and around $50 dollars.

Old Navy comes through with a great version of the Grandpa sweater! I love this longer cardigan with the droopy front pockets. Can’t you just imagine gramps with one hand in the pocket and one hand on his pipe? I love the heather grey color, but it’s also available in off-white, black, and green. The description details say that it hits at the hip, but this is actually a little longer than that.

Is there anything more Grandpa than Houndstooth? I love this cardigan! It looks very vintage, but it’s still stylish. I guess that’s why Houndstooth is considered a classic. This cardigan is around $35 dollars but goes on sale all of the time. If you don’t love it, don’t worry. There are FORTY versions!

Fun and Funky Grandpa Sweaters You’re Sure to Love – Vests

Here’s another classic argyle version. If you can’t bring yourself to go full “Grandpa”, you’ll still be right on trend in this argyle vest. Where are my petite readers? This vest hits right at the top of the hip, so if you’re concerned that this trend might be too baggy for you, a vest could be a perfect way to make it work. Available in several other color combinations, it’s just $25 dollars.

Finally, a long, oversized sweater vest that’s more glamp than gramp. Ha! This would be so cute with leggings or jeans. It comes in just about any color you can imagine and is just $35 dollars. The photo shows the vest as quite baggy, but the reviews say it’s more fitted than it appears, so you’ll need to size up to get the oversized look.

Okay, gurls, what about it? Are you going to jump in on the grandpa sweater trend? You know I want to hear your thoughts on this!

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  1. I pray Joe recovers well. I had a TKR 3 years ago and I had nerve pain in my foot for 9 months. I was miserable. I had the minimal invasive surgery also. Now it is great with no pain and great movement.

  2. Jennifer S says:

    Nothing like a cozy sweater! All great choices!

  3. My prayers for your Joe for a speedy recovery. And prayers for rest and peace for both of you.
    God Bless

  4. I love the dress with the pink cardigan. Great colors and you look very pretty.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery for Joe.

  5. Speedy recovery for Joe and hoping he is a good patient for you! Have a great week.

  6. Susan Mckenzie says:

    I really like a good Grandpa sweater look, appropriate for so many occasions!! A smart look for any woman!!

  7. Love the peach color. One of my favorite!

  8. Hope Joe has a speedy recovery. Good luck to you in being his “nurse”!! I like the houndstooth cardigan from Amazon. It comes in so many colors.

  9. Once Joe recovers from his surgery, he’ll be glad he had it done. Ice is wonderful, even though it was minimally invasive surgery. I bought an ice machine, just to be sure I always had enough. And, as so many have already said, physical therapy. He’s lucky he has the best nurse.

  10. Sandra Roelike says:

    I just had a total knee replacement 5 months ago – the first 2 weeks are the worst just remember to do your exercises i was back to work 8 weeks after surgery. so hang in there
    best part is the pain is gone and i can walk normal again.

  11. Diane Holley says:

    Love the sweaters. I will keep both of you in my prayers!! Happy Valentines!

  12. Prayers for a speedy recovery for Joe (and also for the Hand-me-Give-me girl!).

  13. Prayers for you both & a speedy recovery. it’s amazing what the medical Drs can do now-to think he can be back golfing in 2 weeks!! I like the pink cardigan.

  14. The only one I like, is the feminine pink one! Hope Joe does well

  15. Donna Darty says:

    Get well soon Joe ! 🙏

  16. Gardeningmama says:

    A trend I can get behind! Love cosy oversized sweaters for these cool cloudy days (full Grandpa LOL!) 🙂

    Hope the knee recovery goes well, take some time for yrself!

  17. No prolly not jump to soon on grandpa sweater trend. I too will be getting a total knee replacement o 2/16/24. Course mine w I’ll be for my birthday 🥳 yippee. Hope mine heals fast so I can get out and about. I may hav to stay in hospital over nite and not looking forward to that.
    Tell Joe take care.

  18. Prayers going out for you and Joe today. I love the pink sweater ordered it just now Thank You! Just put him in front of the TV and keep the snacks coming lol If he gets cranky forget and leave the TV on TBN!! 😃

    1. Lol! That would be cruel!

  19. I’ll be praying for you both with your husband’s recovery and also for you as his caregiver during the recovery phase. I had a hip replaced January of 2023 at the age of 58, with the anterior method. It was a success thanks to the surgeon and with the wonderful physical therapists. I strongly suggest that he follows the therapy to a tee. I worked hard and it payed off. I have good range of motion and the pain is gone. Best of luck to Joe!

  20. Lynda Brown says:

    12yrs ago my hubby had BOTH knees replaced on the same day! He stayed one day in the hospital. He was his usual show off self and walked up and down those steps in the rehab room. Convinced the surgeon(his friend)to release him early. Sent this big baby home with me and I played Nurse Ratchet for a week, then he got himself back on his tractor and I collapsed. Have fun with those compression socks. Lol! I’ll be thinking of you.👩‍🍳⚘

    1. Yikes!!! That sounds horrible, I can’t imagine having both knees done at the same time.

  21. I love the pink sweater. I didn’t know any of my grandpas but my favorite uncle wore an argyle style vest all the time.

    Praying for a speedy recovery for Joe.

  22. Jenniffer Groski says:

    I have a few of these in the closet so I guess I’m on trend!!!

  23. Good luck with Joe, nurse Tania! He will be good if he follows the pt & keeps active. The first couple weeks are the hardest but gets better quickly… my husband got both knee replacements done at the same time, it was a a lot of leg lifting for this nurse! lol Love your posts!

  24. Victoria Lee Van Beek says:

    Give yourself some grace . .. .my husband also had knee replacement surgery 10 days ago and I’ve been his go to care giver and it’s a 24 7 labor of love . . . . he’s a bit crabby at times but I pray the outcome will be worth it!! Prayers for you and Joe’s healing. Hang in there sweet gurl!!!

    PS Of course I would miss not reading you and cracking up daily but we will all survivie and are with you 100% AND, loved the sweaters!!

    1. Victoria, Joe is crabby a lot, so I might not notice any change. Lol!!!

  25. Love the way you love your man!!!
    What a wonderful reminder of what Valentine’s Day is all about❤️

  26. I am not too much in anything too oversized except for lounging around the house. Right now I am wearing a Grandson hoodie. My grandson gave to me to donate where I volunteer. It’s a heavy real warm hoodie. I kept it for me to wear around the house. I’ve been wearing it the last few weeks. Wishing a speedy recovery for your husband. 🙏

  27. Donna Althouse says:

    I have worn grandpa sweaters forever whether they are i style or not at 90 yo I can wear whatever even purple!

  28. Happy Valentines to you and Joe! Praying for a speedy recovery for Joe and patience and stamina for you Tania as being a nurse is also hard work! You won’t believe this but my knee replacement with Dr Botero is scheduled for May 3. I bet we’ve all sat in the waiting room over on Weisgarber together as I’ve been a regular patient at that practice for years. I’ve already had two hip replacements so my advice to Joe is to stay on the meds as scheduled to stay ahead of the pain and really focus on the PT. Dr Botero was not kidding when he said you’d be back on the golf course in two weeks! Believe it!!

    1. Sonja, that is amazing! Dr. Botero is great, and the nurse said people travel from all over to get this procedure. Joe is doing fabulous this morning, and is able to bend his knee at a 90 degree angle. We even set an alarm in the night to make sure he stays on schedule with the pain meds.

  29. Lisa Tharp says:

    Best wishes and healing prayers for your hubby! Joint replacement surgery has come a long way over the past few years!! I love these grandpa sweaters! They tend to cover my body “imperfections”. Love the sweater vest from Amazon!!

  30. Love the pink cardigan. Sometimes I wear my husband’s sweaters so I guess I’m on trend! lol. Wishing Joe a speedy recovery. The more he moves the better. Also keeping ice on that knee while resting is good for recovery You both will be in my prayers.

  31. Praying for you and Joe. I’ve had both knees replaced and this new procedure sounds so much easier. I’m sure you’ll take good care of him.

  32. Hi Tania!
    I was set to buy some “ Grandpa” sweaters and Cardi’s but instead went through my husbands stuff and found a few!!!! lol!
    He looked at me and said it looked better on me than him!
    Keeping you and Joe in my prayers!

    1. Lol! I have some old Grandpa sweaters that I’ve worn for years, and I sometimes belt them for a slimmer look.

  33. Praying for your sweetie AND for you!! I know he is glad the surgery is behind him and the recovering begins. Take care of him and you and don’t worry about times of posting.

    I love that sweater vest and the pink sweater.

  34. sue ann koren says:

    My husband had the same procedure for his knee replacement a couple years ago – surgery in the am, then he walked up and down a flight of stairs and we were home by 3 pm. Because they don’t cut through the muscle, the surgery and the re hab are way easier.
    The next couple weeks will be rough – be sure Joe does his therapy – that is so important. My husband is a good as new now – and wishes he hadn’t waited so long.

  35. Wishing you and Joe a speedy recovery. It won’t be long before Joe will be chasing you all over the house!!
    Sorry, but a grandpa sweater is not for me. I am only 5′ tall and they look very frumpy on me.

  36. Please update us on Joe’s knee surgery. I need a total replacement and I’m terrified. Putting it off as long as possible. I love a pink or coral sweater!

    1. Right now, he is saying he wished he hadn’t waited so long. We’ll see how he feels at the end of the week.

  37. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your Love Bug! Sending good vibes for a speedy recovery.
    The Grandpa sweaters are awesome, thank you! This winter I’m craving their cozy, soft deliciousness.

  38. Elaine Haynes says:

    Never heard of the Grandpa trend, but some of these are so cute! Good luck to Joe (and you)! That new procedure sounds AMAZING!!!!! When my husband had his knee replaced 10 years ago, it was like having a newborn in the house, b/c they really do need help! LOL!

  39. Love these sweaters, especially the argyle ones. I love to wear comfy sweaters all year long!

  40. Rosie Molina says:

    Speedy Recovery!
    Absolutely love the slip dress with the pink sweater

  41. Carole from Canada says:

    Love these chunky sweaters.
    Is this a new procedure for a whole knee replacement….in and out the same day? Wishing you and Joe the best for a quick recovery.

    1. It is fairly new. It is called Minimally Invasive Knee Surgery. I don’t think every doctor does them, so you would have to do your research.

  42. Wishing Joe a speedy recovery! Love the Grandpa sweater trend, but just don’t wear sweaters very often.

  43. One year ago, I had my right knee replaced and three months later my right hip was replaced, both minimally invasive. I can say it was the best thing I’ve ever done; however, during recovery there were days I thought it was the biggest mistake of my life. Tell your Joe to hang in there….it takes patience, hard work in pt, and faith. Keep the faith….brighter days are on the horizon.

    1. Tina, he has been working his knee ever since we got home. He realizes that is the key to recovering faster.

  44. Karen Lyon says:

    Just recovering after total knee replacement on January 4th.
    Tell Joe to do his exercises! It hurts but the results are worth the effort. I have been able to walk with no cane for a couple of weeks now. The 6 rounds of physio have really helped too. Not being able to sleep well for the first few weeks was the worst!

    1. Karen, I’m glad to hear you are doing well. He goes today for his first therapy session, but he is feeling great this morning.

  45. The grandpa sweaters are okay, but I prefer them not too long or overly bulky. Happy Valentines Day to you and Joe and prayers for a speedy recovery for Joe! I’m thinking there could be a few good Tania nd Joe stories in future posts! These surgeries are always a challenge but praying all goes well.

    1. Lol! He says I use him all the time for my content. Hahaha!

  46. I love the darling slip dress and hot pink sweater! I will be ordering those! I hope Joe has a speedy recovery ❤️‍🩹

  47. Prayers for you and Joe !

  48. Prayers for You and Joe. I hope he has a speedy recovery! We all know he’s in good hands. Take care of yourself, too. ❤️

  49. Good morning, Tania! I’m happy to hear Joes surgery went well! I will keep both of you in my prayers! Today is not only Valentine’s Day, its also Ash Wednesday… this year , for Lent, I’m giving up unnecessary spending. That means…no shopping. I will continue to read and love your Blog while secretly drooling inside! Please take care of yourself while taking care of Joe🙏❤🙏

  50. Just received a beautiful lavender grandpa sweater from Madewell! Loved what you styled! Best to you and Joe during his recovery!❤️

  51. Grandpa cardigans & lady jackets I learn something new every time I read your blog! Sending prayers your way! Caregivers need rest too! 💘

  52. Love the chunky sweaters! The slip dress with pink cardigan is awesome. Speedy recovery.

  53. Donna Carpenter says:

    The Grandpa look certainly makes you want to dab some Old Spice behind your ears and hit the recliner 😄 Hope Joe is feeling better!

    1. Lol! Great comment, Donna.

  54. Prayers for swift healing for ‘Joe’.

  55. Pam Bowling says:

    I do love a good sweater worn with jeans. The fair isle and argyle versions are my favs.
    Wishing Joe and you a speedy recovery.

  56. Best of luck with the Knee Replacement recovery. My husband just had one and the first 2-3 weeks were the toughest for pain and sleep. Having to be Nurse, Cook, Dog Walker and Cleaning crew was not easy. Never mind all the pill dispensing! 😉

    1. We just went through the first round of pill dispensing. It is a LOT! I hope you and your husband are both doing well.

  57. Dottie Kinnaman says:

    Prayers for a speedy recovery for Joe. Thoughts and prayers are with both of you. ❤️

  58. Praying Joe’s recovery goes well; praying for you, because caregiving can be exhausting. If you have to miss a blog or 2, we all understand.❤️ (If I sent a picture of me dancing, Joe might well get a “sick” out of it.) Happy Valentine’s Day!

    1. Lol! He laughed when he read my email this morning. He said, “did you just call me a toddler?” Lol!

  59. Yes to the Grandpa sweaters! I love comfy, oversized and cozy. I am a knitter and have been wanting to knit a sweater … so now I will cast on! And prayers for a speedy recovery to your Love Bug❤️🙏❤️

  60. Donna Brown says:

    I love that u r showing these grandpa sweaters…. I have a few of them in my closet that I added to my wardrobe last fall and they are so cute and fun to wear. Also sounds like Joe and my husband Rich are in the same category as he also had her placement surgery on Monday same as Joe and doing well. Also like you said sleep like a baby…. sleep when they sleep. Thanks for all U do for us fashionistas….always great advice and sharing of fashion, etc! Happy Valentine’s Day!

    1. Good luck to you and Rich. I’m glad he is doing well too.

  61. Prayers that Joe heals quickly and physical therapy goes well. (You take care and get rest, too!) Love the sweaters.

  62. Jane Martin says:

    Ever since you posted the new trends for 2024 and said one trend was the Grandpa look, I have been seeing the look in stores like overalls.
    I do like an oversized cardigan; thanks for the preview.

    1. Yes, overalls are everywhere. I’m not a fan, so it isn’t for me, but others look cute in them.

  63. I pray for a speedy recovery and that everything will go well. Happy Valentine’s Day to you 💘

  64. Oh my gosh! Those sweaters are ADORABLE! I have 2 in the cart. Also – saying a prayer of quick healing for Joe and for you that you get rest! God bless you both!

    1. Thanks, Sunny. I’m hoping he keeps doing so good.

  65. Prayers for you and Joe for sure!! I like the Old Navy grandpa sweater, in fact I have that one in black and love it. Love sweaters many good ones here. Thanks.

  66. Great choices! Best wishes for Joe’s recovery!

  67. I don’t think the Grandpa sweater is the thing for this Grandma….lol. I do like the argyle vest and the rust colored one. I like the look a vest adds to an outfit. It helps to hide your jelly rolls without making you overly warm.

    1. I love everything argyle!

  68. Praying for you and Joe today. God is with you both.

    God bless!

  69. Debbie Goepper says:

    Prayers for a fast & complete recovery for your hubby. Hang in there , you are going to be a good nurse! Happy Valentine’s Day.❤️

  70. Phyllis Martin says:

    I am guessing these are not to be worn with the wide legged jeans or pants???

    1. I’m not a fan of the oversized sweaters with wide leg pants, but I’m seeing the younger girls are wearing them that way.

  71. Julie Lozano says:

    Wishing your hubs a speedy recovery! Prayers on way!

  72. Good luck to you and Joe. Quick healing

  73. Donna Wood says:

    Praying for a speedy, full recovery for your “love bug”. He sure is lucky to have such a wonderful caretaker! Happy Valentine’s Day, Tania <3

  74. Connie R. says:

    I have one that fits like a grandpa sweater. Very cozy! I want you to tell Joe to do all his physical therapy as told. That’s the key to recovery. I have had both knees replaced at different times. Might not think so now but it was the best decision I ever made. He will do great and be back on golf course before you know it. Happy Valentine’s Day to you both. My husband and I are celebrating 50 valentines together today. Hard to believe it. Enjoy every minute you two have!

    1. Connie, his doctor told him yesterday that he might be back on the golf course in a couple of weeks!

  75. Karen Daniel says:

    I realize I already have a grandpa sweater (grandpa sweater do do do do if you know the baby shark song). I look forward to wearing it this spring!

  76. Good morning and happy valentines day to you and Joe. So sorry to hear of his surgery but amazing how quickly you were on your way home. Wishing him a quick, little pain recovery. He is your first concern these next few weeks so anything you post we will be happy. Remember to take care of you too as the caregiver you need to be on your game.💕

    1. Thanks, Claudia. He starts his physical therapy today. I hope that all goes well, and he continues to feel good.

  77. Prayer for Joe and his caregiver.

  78. Wishing Joe a speedy recovery.

    1. Thanks! I appreciate that. 😊