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Spring and Summer 2024 Handbag Trends

Did you gurls know that one of my absolute favorite parts about fashion is accessorizing? Picking the perfect tote, clutch, or crossbody to go with an outfit is such a fun task, but with new styles and designs emerging every year, keeping up with the latest purse handbag trends can be challenging. In today’s post, I’m sharing some of the top handbag trends from the runway that I’m predicting we’ll be seeing for spring and summer 2024!

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There were so many different trends on the fashion runway that I could probably have made this into a two-part series, but here are a few of the big ones I am hearing about and seeing!

I’m sharing a mixture of handbags from Nordstrom and Amazon, so there are budget-friendly options as well as some designer investment pieces! If you love designer items but not the price tags, check out this post to find some designer inspired bags at a more affordable price point.

Floral print is always on trend for spring, but this year, floral handbags are blossoming into a major fashion statement! Whether it’s a bold and vibrant floral print or subtle, delicate embroidery, floral handbags are a surefire way to add a dash of springtime charm to your everyday look. I think they’re perfect for adding a pop of color and personality to your outfit!

Shop Floral Handbags:

If you haven’t jumped on the bucket bag wagon yet, this spring and summer are the time! Bucket bags are the ultimate blend of style and functionality. With their roomy interior and easy-to-access drawstring closure, they make carrying your essentials a breeze. Plus, they come in a wide range of materials, colors, and designs, so you can find one that matches your personal vibe perfectly.

Shop Bucket Bags:

Ladies, get ready to add a touch of sweetness to your style this season with handbags adorned with bows! Bows are totally stealing the spotlight in 2024. Whether it’s a dainty bow detail on a clutch or a statement bow on a backpack, these handbags are all about adding a playful and feminine touch to your outfit. They’re perfect for both casual daytime looks and elegant evening ensembles. These two bags just arrived, and you’ll be seeing them on the blog soon.

Shop Handbags with Bows:

Dare to be different with non-traditional handbag and purse shapes that are turning heads in 2024! Forget the classic totes and clutches; it’s all about thinking outside the box (or should I say, bag?). From geometric-inspired designs to quirky asymmetrical silhouettes, these unconventional handbags are making a bold statement. They’re not just accessories; they’re works of art. Embrace this trend by trying circular crossbody bags, triangular evening purses, or even heart shaped bags!

Shop Non-Traditional Handbag and Purse Shapes:

Clutches are no longer just reserved for nighttime outings! These versatile little gems are now a daytime staple, adding a touch of sophistication to your everyday look. With a variety of sizes and styles, clutches are perfect for carrying your essentials in a compact and stylish manner. I love bringing a clutch with me on dinner dates, but now this season I will be grabbing them for church and lunch outings as well!

Shop Clutches:

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  1. Connie Nunn says:

    Love the variety of bags

  2. Thank you for sharing this post. I’m a manager at a resale company and need to know what current styles are in. so thank you very much, these are adorable. I need to also know what pants and dresses are current! I am definitely showing these to my staff.

  3. I remember having an acrylic purse,like the one in the first pic, years ago. It also had flowers in the acrylic! And I’m also one of the girls of glory!

  4. Patt Dyal says:

    I love the selection of handbags! I have purchased three from the selection. Thank you for sharing!!

  5. Jennifer S says:

    Love all your choices of bags! Love seeing your posts and glad to see your Love bug is doing well!

  6. Susan.beatty@bex.net says:

    really loved looking at all these purses

    need to make up my mind !

  7. Nancy Goldberg says:

    thank you for do many options. you can never have enough purse to choose from

  8. Debbie Brown says:

    Get well Joe. Tonya, he needs a bell to ring! Lol
    Loved the handbags!
    Especially the heart one!!

    1. Don’t give him any ideas. Lol!

  9. Tammy Roark says:

    I live in Lynchburg va and we have a purse company here you should look at. I have a few. Plan a trip down here to the store and we can meet up and have lunch. The company is “meanwhile back on the farm”. They are made in Lynchburg!

    1. I’ve been to Lynchburg, it is such a cute place. I stayed in the Buster Brown shoe factory turned boutique hotel, and I LOVED it!

  10. Definitely some different purses in this post. The first floral was quite unusual.

  11. CyndeeKay🌻 says:

    I ordered a Brahmin clutch in ice blue for a special occasion event. I can’t wait to use it both formally & casually.

    1. Oooooh, I’ve been thinking about getting a clutch. You’ll have to let me know how you like it.

  12. Great selection of purses! You grandson is a cutie!

  13. sue koren says:

    Purses are my weakness!

    1. mine too. I’vehad a purse obsession since I was in the first grade. I’m now 67.

  14. Phyllis Martin says:

    Love the variety in style, color and price!

  15. Ginger Hiller says:

    I appreciate the research that you did to put this post together for us. I love having different handbags to use with my outfits, but I am picky about the style and size. While recently deciding on which spring handbags to order from Amazon, I actually considered one with flowers, but I decided that I would be limited with the outfits I could use it with. Cute picture of you and your grandson.

  16. Loving this post!!! I’m a purse girl for sure. Loved the black coach purse but it’s sold out😢 I love the black madewell bag also. I never have good luck with purses from Amazon. Some look and feel cheap but I’m willing to try some on this post. Your grandchildren are precious!

  17. Oh dear, I think I am going to have to order one of those bucket bags!!

    1. Elizabeth Clarkson says:

      I already did! I got the handwoven straw crochet bucket bag. Not usually a bucket bag Gal though I am a purse addict Bucket bags are what I like to call “digaround” bags meaning that because it’s only one section, everything is bumped into you have to dig around to find anything. So I became a lotsapockets chick. But I have an organizer that I think will fit inside this bag so for the price I’m going to try it I just hope it’s big enough because of my excitement. I clicked and bought it immediately on Amazon and did not pay close attention to the dimensions. Oops my bad film at 11 L O L.

  18. Garrett Laura says:

    Love all the handbags, especially those with bows. So fun. Thanks for your research!

  19. My daughter says sling bags are all the rage with the younger crowd.

  20. Cute picture with your grandson! Love the navy bow bag and the floral bags.

  21. Janice Gleisner says:

    Now you’ve done it…you’ve featured purses, which is truly my downfall. I love love love the clear floral purse. I will be purchasing one of those for my summer weddings and events. It’s too adorable to pass up. I say thank you, my husband my just groan.

    1. Janice, tell him it is very affordable, so he is actually saving money. You could have bought an expensive one instead. Lol!

  22. Cathy Carter says:

    Aren’t grandkids the best?! My two granddaughters fill my heart. ♥️. I like the floral handbags… so feminine!

  23. Tania, your face just lights up when you are with your grandchildren!!
    Loving the bags with bows. Truth is, I like bows on everything!!

  24. Love the bow bag and the flower bag! Fun post!

  25. Such cute choices – love the black bow one!!

  26. Crossovers are my favorite everyday bags. I would like a clutch for special occasions.v The Amazon clutch is so nice.

  27. I’m a sucker for a good bag for sure!!! That floral one is adorable! speaking of adorable, that youngest grandson of yours is too cute! I love the missing teeth!!! Happy Tuesday❤❤❤

  28. Great post, love handbags and all price points! Grands are sooo fun! Enjoy!

  29. I love the straw clutches! Thanks for showing them. I’ll be on the lookout for a cute one.

  30. Love the bow bags! So cute!

  31. Jann Hunter says:

    I look forward to your post every morning! It helps me visualize how my 68 year old self might look in various outfits, and how to put things together – new or items I already have. I really appreciate that! This gives me a confidence boost! Cute purses and bags! I love the lighter looks for spring and summer! Thank you!

  32. I love your post! I was wondering if you could share the details of your outfit… the blue dress, with cardigan. It’s the picture where you are holding the bucket bag. You look adorable as always. Thank you so much for all you do!

    1. Rhonda, if I don’t mention parts of my outfits, it is usually because they are items that I’ve had for awhile, and they are not available any longer. The shirt and skirt were from Loft, and I’m not even sure where I got the sweater.

  33. Susan Mckenzie says:

    Nice selection—- a purse for every occasion!!! All are so pretty.

  34. Love the Kate Spade floral they have a heart one for Valentine’s Day too

  35. Love the woven Amazon bag. ❤️

  36. Such a cute little guy! Don’t you love sleepovers? Purses and jewelry are my downfalls, because they always fit! I had a bucket bag in junior high and I loved it… it had a zip bottom that had a mirror in it! Funny how fashion repeats itself, it’s probably on its third time around for me!

    1. Fashion do repeat a lot.

  37. Patt Dyal says:

    Your grandson is adore and looks exactly like you!!! The handbags are so cute!! I bought a couple for Spring!!!
    Enjoy your Tuesday night sleep over!😉

  38. Jane Martin says:

    I really like floral handbags. Thanks